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Johnny Depp & Gwyneth Paltrow Star in First Trailer for 'Mortdecai' - Watch Now!

Johnny Depp & Gwyneth Paltrow Star in First Trailer for 'Mortdecai' - Watch Now!

Johnny Depp stars as a kooky man in the brand new trailer for Mortdecai.

The film, which also stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Aubrey Plaza, Ewan McGregor, and more, is about an art dealer Charles Mortdecai searches for a stolen painting that’s reportedly linked to a lost bank account filled with Nazi gold.

The trailer doesn’t give us much plot, but does give us a look at the characters in the film.

Mortdecai will hit theaters on February 6 of next year. Be sure to check it out and watch the trailer below!

Mortdecai Trailer
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  • Lizzie

    Umm I think you mean Olivia Munn, not Aubrey Plaza :)

  • Lizzie

    Oh nope I’m wrong, I guess Aubrey Plaza is in it! My bad!!

  • CC

    What a clunker.

  • Mejay

    “The trailer doesn’t give us much plot..” That usually means that the movie isn’t good, and judging from the looks of this trailer…. Lets hope I’m wrong

  • Me

    @Mejay: WTF!! this is a teaser, not the trailer and it’s just to introduce the main character to the people…there’s plenty of time for the real trailer

  • Mejay

    I’m just going by what the post says friend.

  • Lol

    @Mejay: So did you actually watch the TEASER trailer or not? It showed what a TEASER trailer is supposed to show. Let’s not just try to assume the worst, it looks good and fun.

  • Lol

    @CC: Yes, what a clunker you are! The movie looks pretty original and fresh and we’ve never seen something quite like it before.

  • Lol

    @Lizzie: Yeah they are both in it!

  • !WOW!

    Looks pretty great. Looking forward to see it.

  • Mejay

    Yeah I saw it- meh. Did you read the post? Usually when it is a teaser trailer it will specify that it is in fact a “teaser trailer” this did not which let to my comment based on the post. You should read the post.

    What’s with all the fangirling? Its ok for people to have differing opinions, you don’t have to get so upset.

  • @

    @Mejay: it last 1.20 seconds, do you really need a clarify about this being a teaser? Then you are a lot less experienced about movies as you try to make it looks like. Because “usually” the real trailers are all about 2.30 minutes and only released a couple of months before the movie. In this case the movie it’s over six months away

  • Sofia

    Very funny. I loved it

  • teri

    “Johnny Depp stars as a kooky man” . . .


  • lol

    Teaser or not, it still looks like shit.

  • Fail

    This looks even worse than The Tourist.

  • Mejay

    You said: ” it last 1.20 seconds, do you really need a clarify about this being a teaser? Then you are a lot less experienced about movies as you try to make it looks like.”

    I never claimed to be the movie expert, by saying that something “usually” happens a certain way is not claiming experience or expertise, it’s identifying patterns.
    Anyone who knows anything about the movie business, knows that February is where bad movies go to die. It is the worst month for movie sales. If a studio really likes a movie and expects a movie to be a huge hit, it will not be released in February. Also with most movies that studios consider to be bad, the trailers are edited in such a way to disguise just how bad the movie is. The trailers tend to be short, because the movie is lacking in plot and/ or good content.
    Again I’m not claiming to be an expert in any way, I just love movies, read about them, and know how to identify patterns. I am also not a fangirl blindly approving of every Johnny Depp movie no mater how horrible it looks. I like him as an actor, I hope I’m wrong and this movie is great and does really well, but based on the February release date and the “teaser” it’s not looking good- Sorry

  • Jane

    #14 , #15 , #16 = same troll ?

  • Jane

    @lol: @Fail: Lol stop saying the same thing from different usernames! So pathetic

  • JDF

    @lol: Your face looks like shit , the movie looks great and fun.

  • JDF

    @Fail: You wish it did but it doesn’t! It looks better than all of his recent movies and it will be a big hit.

  • JDF

    @teri: Yes surprising since he mostly plays straight guys in movies like Donnie Brasco, Blow, Chocolat, Finding Neverland, Public Enemies and The Rum Diary

  • Eon

    It’s the same tired old crap Johnny Depp has been putting out these last few years. Plus, it has Olivia Munn in it and Gwyneth Paltrow doing a bad British accent.

    So, yeah, it’s probably is as shitty as it looks.

  • Eon

    @Jane: More like !WOW!, Me, Lol, @, Sofia, Jane & JDF are all the same troll. Seriously, how many names do you have? IS Johnny Depp paying your to harass people who don’t like this trailer, teaser clip or whatever you want to call it?

  • Lol

    I changed my mind. This movie sucks monkey balls!

  • Kat

    @Mejay: lego movie and even silent of the lambs were released in february too ;)

  • Mejay


    Just because a studio has no faith in a movie and releases it in February doesn’t mean that it wont get a great reception from the public. The Lego Movie wasn’t expected to do as well as it did, it was a surprise hit. I don’t know about Silence of the Lambs, it was released over 20 years ago, studio practices were probably different.

  • Jo

    I prefer this funny Mordecaï to Black Mass. A character without seduction is dangerous for the box office of Johnny ! Oudini will certainly be a good caracter for him !

  • @ stupid person of no interest

    I hope it sucks cos they do . I will never forgive Depps – & he knows wh@t I t@lkin @bout?! – you Depps r me@n , selfish , ins@nly ‘ stuck up like her’;you h@ve @ sneer too – hello to Bill & Tom

  • NNN

    @@ stupid person of no interest: LOL! as if he cares for your “forgiveness”! ahahahaha loser!

  • Can’t wait

    @Lol: You mean you changed your username!

  • Can’t wait

    @Lol: A movie you haven’t even seen sucks monkey balls?

  • Can’t wait

    @Eon: Are you sure you’ve actually watched the movies he did in the last few years? Because he didn’t do anything like this, this is nothing like anything he’s done before. It is fresh and exciting.

    The movie will most likely be as great as it looks.