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North West Makes Her Modeling Debut at Age 1 - See the Photo!

North West Makes Her Modeling Debut at Age 1 - See the Photo!

North West, 13 months, has just made her modeling debut for the Fall issue of the CR Fashion Book.

The daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is the youngest subject to ever be photographed for the publication. North was styled by the book’s founder and editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld.

In the photo, North can be seen posing with a Chanel bag, with quotes next to her head that read, “‘It’s never too early to care about fashion,’ Karl Lagerfeld.”

Kim recently discussed North‘s modeling faces.

“Every time there is a camera out and paparazzi … she does this either mean angry Kanye face or a pose,” Kim said on the Today show earlier this week. “She’ll be cracking up and then the second the camera comes on she [makes the pose.]”

Bigger picture inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
north west makes her modeling debut 01

Credit: CR Fashion Book
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  • go go

    Being pimped out already, this family is gross

  • zippy12

    Blue Ivy Carter only wishes! Eat your heart out blue! All hail Queen Nori West!

  • go go

    Being pimped out already, this family is gross, as if nobody knew already

  • scarlett

    She’s a beautiful baby. No shade.

  • Xoxo

    Queen of all babies….haters will seethe, weep and deal

  • Well

    They swore up and down they’d keep the kid out of the media- UNLESS THERE IS MONEY TO BE HAD.

  • Mylene – Montreal

    U can see how she is hypocrite again… she say her daughter will not featuring in the media !!! ….. Poor child …

  • Sweetness

    The King and Queen of Exploitation hit the jack pot with their adorable baby. Kim and Kanye are going to exploit their daughter for as much $$$$ money as humanly possible that can be made off a child.

    North West = Ka-ch$ng!

  • lol

    sucks she has Kim and Kanye for parents :(

  • Harlow

    Oh, I thought Kanye West was pissed off at the fact that the paps( Which they call) are “dying’( not really) for pics of this baby, yet her pics are platered all over instagram,twitter,facebook and now they got her a modelling gig at age 1. Pathetic people! They know their fame wont last so they will make as much money off of this kid as possible! Sure she will be a model. Just like Kims loser sister Kendel or whoever is a ‘model’ lol!

  • courtney

    why is it shocking that these two sociopaths would do this to their kid before she can make the choice for herself it’s different when a kid is older and expresses interest in following in their parents footsteps like for example during a few of Tim McGraw’s shows on his summer tour this year his youngest daughter Audrey Caroline sang on stage with him granted she and her older sisters had previously sang back up on the last refrain of his 2007 hit single Last Dollar Fly Away

  • Harlow

    @zippy12: Yes, Hail the ‘Queen’ whose mother is famous for being a sex tape slut and a dumb delusinoal rapper who think he is God.
    Don’t call the child of a sex tape slut and dumb rapper a Queen. She is not royalty . Just a created when Kims fame is going down. This child was just created cos Kims was pissed at the amount of attention Kate Middleton got when she was pregnant with Prince George!

  • jamine

    BOYCOTT Kartrashian BOYCOTT Chanel. Lets face it Chanel only makes money off people like us. We work for a living to make ends meet and on special occasions or to splurge on ourselves we buy something from Chanel. Meanwhile, Kartrashian’s get FREEBEE’S from Chanel, paid by Chanel and expect us to follow them. Please parents, speak to your kids. You do realize that young girls actually believe the BS this family says. Young girls (I know because I over heard my daughter and her friends) think if they make a porno they’ll have the life of a Kartrashian. Paid millions, free stuff like clothes, sunglasses, private plane rides to exotic places, cars, furniture, paid to tweet, paid to show up at places, paid when seen holding anything, etc… BOYCOTT!!!! I’ll never buy anything from Chanel!!! Shame on Chanel

  • danies

    Ewwww! Why is Chanel using a Katrashian as a model!? They should be ashamed of themselves!
    Thanks to Kanye West, his untalented wife, sister-in-laws and now his ugly bitch baby are considred ‘fashionistas’ or something!
    Why doesn’t Chanel use Victoria Beckhams daughter as a model? Atleast she is pretty and the daughter of 2 A listers? Why not Suri Cruise? Shiloh Jolie-Pitt? They are atleast kids of talented people!

  • Red

    There are cuter babies that could be on the cover…feel free to call me a hater, but it’s still a fact…

  • Mary

    Well it certainly didn’t take Kayne long to get neutered.

    Guess he cried “but the drones, the drones” for nothin’. How embarrassing to be the whipping boy of trash like the Kardashians.

  • @ danies

    Because they couldn’t get those kids. They have parents who actually care, are emotionally secure, and don’t need to exploit their children for profit.

  • CD

    @zippy12: All babies are cute, but poor NW is going to need a lot of plastic surgery and make up to look decent when she grows up. She looks too much like Kanye. Same with Blue Ivy, but Beyonce is way more beautiful that KK and has a better figure, so Blue may grow into her looks when she’s older. NW looking like Kanye and with Kim’s cows hips, is a disaster in the making.

  • Leia

    @CD: North will look like Nicki Minaj. She already looks like she could be Nicki’s daughter. lol


    @Leia: Nah, she will look like Black chyna. hahahah!!!


    The kartrashians have no shame. Exploiting a poor baby like that. They are the worst. That’s why they keep reproducing like rabbits to make money out of their brood like Kris Jenner does.

  • truth

    You wonder why other races don’t like most black people. All they care about is money and once they get even a little bit of it their ego has grown into thinking they’re God. Call me a racist if you will it’s not my fault most black people live up to their stereotypes.

  • poo

    why does this baby never smile?

  • Tara

    @truth: I disagree. It has nothing to do with race. It’s part of human nature. Having less education and family and moral values also plays a role in it.
    It should be illegal to put children that young to work. That poor baby doesn’t understand what’s going on. She looks lost and a little sad. I feel very sorry for poor rich baby North.

  • Harvey

    @LOLOLOL: Thanks for the laugh guys! lol. I can totally picture 12 yr old North saying “Auntie Chyna you’re so beautiful. I want to look like you” and Blac Chyna “Of cour you do hun. I am so happy you went with 8 gallon butt implants like me, instead of the 7 gallon implants your mom has. Now you look just like your auntie Chyna”. Hahhahahaha!

  • mean

    About time kim starts beening a mom to that kid. The hole family is gross. North is going to grow up like her f mother. Lots of surgery on the body parts.

  • Tyla

    Gorgeous child. Too bad she had to be born into such a terrible family of wh0res.

  • Yakasuri

    It’s starting…

  • commonsense

    Remember when they claimed they wanted to raise their daughter in peace and that as a child she didn’t ask to be a celebrity? They are full of $hit.

  • Lena


    I’m with you on the boycott. But why Chanel? No one can afford Chanel. Doesn’t Kardashian have other products to BOYCOTT? What would be great would be something on the Petition site. I don’t follow her to know what products to BOYCOTT, but if anyone wants to start a petition, I will sign with my real (as opposed to my moniker name Lena) and pass it on. I’m with you on that. I just think a BOYCOTT of Chanel is useless. Nail polish is like $30. Purses like $1000. Most people can’t afford…but if people sign. Petition vowing to BOYCOTT other products maybe that would be better….???

  • Leneya

    Oh please my daughter would have made a better model she actually has hair that flows in the wind.

  • Anon

    Both she and BeyoncĂ© totally read their press. After BeyoncĂ© was criticized for not doing her kid’s hair, Blue Ivy started to show up with neater hairdos. Kim knows everyone talks about how North never smiles. I don’t buy that she turns it on for photographers and if she does, it’s sad a 1 year old would be that affected.

  • Traci

    Oh my gosh! How could anyone get on here and down grade this beatiful chlld and her parents. That baby is out of this world gourgeous! And, so are her parents. Congrats!

  • Yakasuri


    No body is downgrading North…only her “smart” parents…North is body should ever say bad things towards a baby no matter who the parents are..but her so called smart parents…are not so privacy for North now…

  • Casey

    Oh you are really a hater!! Don’t hate on that beautiful little girl because you don’t like her parents. North looks like Kim and whether you like Kim or not she is a very beautiful woman.

  • TataToothy

    @truth: I’m black and you are right. Of course, not every black person acts that way but many do! Once they get a little change in their pocket, they act crazy! They act like Nene Leakes! Like we never had anything.

  • http://yahoo olivia

    She will be like Bobby Christina Brown UGLY (Whitney Houston daughter) looking more like the dad.

  • http://yahoo olivia

    She will be like Bobbie Cristina Brown UGLY ( Whitney Houston daughter ) looking more like the father.

  • ZIMI

    So good to start early.