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Ashley Tisdale's Bikini Scream

Ashley Tisdale's Bikini Scream

Ashley Tisdale and her gal pal paddler take a kayak into the ocean and ride the waves in Malibu on Tuesday. The pair nearly capsized on multiple occasions!

The High School Musical star wore a textured white Salinas Swimwear bikini with rainbow straps.

Don’t miss the Tizz‘s appearances on Thursday, August 2 — Good Morning America, Live With Regis & Kelly and Fuse’s The Sauce.

The entire HSM2 soundtrack will also premieres August 11th @ 7PM ET/PT on Radio Disney. HSM2 premieres on the Disney Channel on August 17th.

15+ pictures inside of bikini-clad Ashley kayaking…

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ashley tisdale bikini kayak 01
ashley tisdale bikini kayak 02
ashley tisdale bikini kayak 03
ashley tisdale bikini kayak 04
ashley tisdale bikini kayak 05
ashley tisdale bikini kayak 06
ashley tisdale bikini kayak 07
ashley tisdale bikini kayak 08
ashley tisdale bikini kayak 09
ashley tisdale bikini kayak 10
ashley tisdale bikini kayak 11
ashley tisdale bikini kayak 12
ashley tisdale bikini kayak 13
ashley tisdale bikini kayak 14
ashley tisdale bikini kayak 15

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    is it just me or does she look a bit better? compared to her last bikini pictures

  • Bianca

    damn, Ashley’s just all over the place this week huh? lol thanks Jared!

  • chay

    she looks good; i guess she got tired of the other bikini…

  • Christina

    I guess so Chay. Or she thought that one would work better for kayaking. lol. Thanks for the pics Jared. :)

  • kate.

    EEEEEEEEEEEE. i cant waitttttt for

  • Man

    she needs a nosejob

  • Angelina

    she looks happy and good, just like everyone should when its summer!

  • Shaun

    LOLS, I wonder what she’s saying to that guy..

  • Daisy

    She looks so pretty in these pictures! Her expressions are priceless. She looks like she had a lot of fun!

  • Natalie

    She has a major case of DUCK FACE.



  • Nikki

    Aw These Pix Are Too Cutee

  • Nikki

    We Need More Vanessa Hudgens Updates Please

  • Dirty Cougar

    Nice flattering swimsuit. I like the style of it.

  • paula

    Did her weave extensions fall out? I’ve always been curious how they stay in place. Time for root control. She is just to plain with a stick figure,a few sit ups can fix that tummy.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

  • clara

    Can’t stand her.

  • Pam

    This girl is so annoying. She has a fug nose.

  • Kaycee

    She looks a lot better in these pics compared to her other bikini pics, bt of course Vanessa hudgens is lyk a million times prettier.And tbh, i dnt care about Ashley is doing, shez a 22 or 23 yr old that acts lyk shez 15..i mean give me a break. I want more Vanessa pics

  • Madi

    I like Ashley and all, but I wish there were more Vanessa candids.

  • Jake

    alright. quit posting about this ugly twat.

  • toolip

    She’s just so unfortunate looking-I don’t get the hype. DEAR GIRL HAS TO WEAR MAKE-UP in the water to get press and photos.

  • heather

    Aww Ashley looks fantastic in these picturres
    But um no offnese to Vanessa fans vut i think vanessa is kinda ugly if you compare ashley to vanesa ashley is so much more prettier.
    Butthats my opipnion.But these are hella cute and i love them

  • AshleyIsBetter


    AND she is way prettier than vanessa hdgens i mean please.

    Ahsley is amazing!!

  • http://- joanna [poland]

    i love her. she’s so funny, talented, pretty & stylish.

  • chay

    i still don’t understand why people feel the need to compare Ashley to Vanessa and vice versa.

    THEY.ARE.TWO.DIFFERENT.PEOPLE! apples and oranges!!!

  • gigi

    i wish there were more vanessa candids too.
    i mean of course ashley people know of ashley more than vanessa
    cuz ashley’s break throug role was in SUITE LIFE 4rm disney channel,even though she’s like 22 now
    & vanessa break through role was HSM, she’s only 18

    ashley looks good in that swimsuit,but she’s too boring.

    Vanessa is full of spunk and has that fierce sassy yet classy personality
    i honestly think god must have spent a little more time on vanessa hudgens, i mean she’s too good to be true & kickn ass in the buisness more then ever now

  • prison break fanatic

    why does everyone feel the need to always compare someone with someone else vanessa and ashley are teo different people. and why is it always women bitching about how ugly someone is or how her body is not toned or what eva. becuase i bet you look like a supermodel. ashley tisdale did not ask to be photographed. why cant you people just leave her alone to enjoy her life. she is young just like hayden panettiere and they have time to live their life and make mistakes now rather than later. can someone also exaplain to me why women especially are becoming more callous? this is why men have the uppa hand. you dont see them bitching about each other.

  • Ida

    Looks like fun!

  • suzy

    she looks like she is having fun, good 4 her!
    But i want more vanessa hudgens pictures the girl is flawless she is stunning and that is a FACT!

  • vanessa

    Does anyone know the brand of the bikini she’s wearing?

  • Anastasia

    Her bathing suits comparable to one of a three year old.
    She needs a nose job, and braces.
    Make-up really does her good, without it she looks like my deceased grandmother.
    I Googled Vanessa Hudgens, because I’m that lame and people seem too continuously mention her. And damn, has she got Ashley beat. Hot boyfriend, she’s absolutely stunning. Ashley could surely learn a lesson or… a bajillion from Vanessa. Yeah, yeah, I get it. They’re two different people. It’s just that Ashley’s ugly and Vanessa’s gorgeous. Sure I don’t know either of them, but it doesn’t matter. I’m going by looks and Vanessa wins.

  • sed

    When she doesn’t smile, she looks just like Brittany Murphy.

  • liz

    omg it looks like she had fun!! i wish i can go canoing.nd again ppl stop bashing on her.nd btw she doesnt wear extensions anymore.pretty pics.i love vanessa nd all but ashley has better fashion style nd i love her music.ashley rocks

  • Nadia

    she’s so ugly when her hair is wet

  • Ady!

    Simplismente linda, maravilhosa encantadora…
    amei demais linda perfeita!

  • http://hsm Enrique

    hola primero que nada quiero decir que me encanta ashley ella es mi idolo yo la adoro… jeje pero bueh las fotos estan buenas 1era vez que entro en este foro me parece muy bueno sigan así saludos… chau*******

  • Amber

    that is a verrry cute bathing suite! omgi love it its soo cute! Rainbow

  • http://nOthing **Diana**

    Shes the best!!! nO mOree shess the best!!

    ashleyrockzz pleasee post me!

  • **Diana**

    shes the best!!

    ashsleyrockzz… baii

  • Juliie Tisdale

    i love you so much ashley and you is parfect!! *-*
    i live in brasil
    so, peace!!

  • michy

    ashley u rock.ur r the best nd ur my looks like she had lots of fun.she is the best!!!!!!!

  • LORI

    yea she looks good. and yea we do need some more vanessa. vanessa rocks. she is the best

  • Dan

    DAMN ashley is fugly as hell……Vanessa is a million times more gorgeous, thats a fact!!!!!!!!!

  • rupz

    I really NEED MORE VANESSAS UPDATES!!!!!! c0me 0n!!

    always ashley ashley.. b0Ring…

  • Emma

    omg all of you suht up she is amazing and so much better then fake venessa hudgens!! she is gorgeous and beats venessa anyday!

  • Terry

    ASHLEY TISDALE ROCKKKSSS she is my heroo!!

  • Kristine

    I dont get it. Im only 14 and Im more mature than this. Personally i think both artist are amazing. I like both of them but im tired of people compairing them to each other. They are two different people! Stop campairing them two each other! For those who think Ashley is better thats great same with Vanessa. Some people say Ashley is a horrible actress or vise versa with Vanessa but if they are horrible why did they get the part? Just stop hating and get a life.

  • Becky

    She’s too cute!!!!

  • Tina

    Gigi, commentary 24, don`t compare Ash and Vanessa, because even if they`re totally different, they`re both talented, can sing, and beautiful, and if Vanessa is more “spicy” is because in her pics she always puts the same side-face-lips-out-pose. and Ash i think is more Natural. Anyways, the thing is like this:
    Ashley: More Natural, more funny, she enjoys even if there is 5000 paparazzi`s near. She doesn`t care what other people say, and even if a lotta people say she needs a nose job, does she do it? like Ashley Simpson sayed she wouldn`t and did? No. She loves the way she is, and she isn`t going to change for stupid commentary, if she is going to change is because she wants.

    Vanessa: Yes, she is beautiful, and talented, but have you noticed she always makes the same poses? i don`t have NOTHING versus her, she is very talented, but, just saying, she is confident too, and she and Ash are bff, so if someone bugs Ash, she would totally defend her too.

    Why are they Bff in conclusion?: Because they`re both confident, have different opinions and different personalities, but don`t care, they know they`re different and they still don`t care about each other flaws. And the would never let someone destroy each other`s self confidence. So gigi, go bug someone else and STOP comparing, because, if you compare, is because you`re being compared.

  • Tina

    Arg, if you like Vanessa SO much, why don`t YOU make a blog about HER and kiss her every day and make a sanctuary? Give me a break. Is not like she is a PERFECT GODDESS because no one is perfect! Stop COMPARING.