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Katherine Heigl is a Katsuya Kat

Katherine Heigl is a Katsuya Kat

Katherine Heigl and new hubby Josh Kelley spend a night out and about in Hollywood to celebrate Josh‘s 28th birthday on Tuesday.

The happy couple started off with dinner at Katsuya where Kat pulled out her usual cancer sticks. She also signed a few autographs for fans. What a sweetie! They capped off the evening at S-Bar before taking a cab home.

Earlier in the day Kat and Josh took the pets to the vets and did some additional home furnishing.

30+ pics of Katherine Heigl, the Katsuya Kat…

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katherine heigl katsuya 01
katherine heigl katsuya 02
katherine heigl katsuya 03
katherine heigl katsuya 04
katherine heigl katsuya 05
katherine heigl katsuya 06
katherine heigl katsuya 07
katherine heigl katsuya 08
katherine heigl katsuya 09
katherine heigl katsuya 10
katherine heigl katsuya 11
katherine heigl katsuya 12
katherine heigl katsuya 13
katherine heigl katsuya 14
katherine heigl katsuya 15
katherine heigl katsuya 16
katherine heigl katsuya 17
katherine heigl katsuya 18
katherine heigl katsuya 19
katherine heigl katsuya 20
katherine heigl katsuya 21
katherine heigl katsuya 22
katherine heigl katsuya 23
katherine heigl katsuya 24
katherine heigl katsuya 25
katherine heigl katsuya 26
katherine heigl katsuya 27
katherine heigl katsuya 28
katherine heigl katsuya 29
katherine heigl katsuya 30
katherine heigl katsuya 31
katherine heigl katsuya 32

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  • suz.

    wow she’s wearing a lot of make-up.

  • Diama

    she’s pretty

  • Rosalia

    I don’t no I love Grey’s and all but I can’t stand Katherine Heigl. She just seems really fake and Grey’s is a big player in her success really. The rest of the cast is the best… It’s just something about her… Ok Im done venting that out!

  • sharene

    i hate her, theres just something about her that is totally unlikeable

  • Kamelia

    I like her a lot, I think she’s one of the most beautiful girls out there and she’s always acted properly. Don’t know why many people don’t like her, honestly.

  • the DQ

    Probably what you don’t like about her, sharene, is that she’s arrogant. That turns off A LOT of people.

    Besides that, mormons aren’t supposed to drink or smoke and she does both.

  • jaimie

    I usually like her fashion sense, but this outfit is horrible!! The cancer stick doesn’t do much for it either!

  • fresh

    katsuya is the new hotspot. brad and angie went there a few week back.

  • Tompika

    I love it when she smokes.She smokes so what.Leave her alone!

  • trish

    she’s gross and looks like she’s flabby, bound to chub up one of these days. why and when did this girl become such a big deal?



  • Scarlet.R

    She looks so pregnant lately. Her double chins only go further to prove my point.

  • poobear

    Plain jane and not much sizzle.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    Leave her alone

  • rachelle

    awesome. that’s freaking down the street from my apt. i wonder how good the food is. i might have to try it.

  • Belinda

    I note that she more and more annoys people, I used to like her but now it’s too much, I’ve this impression to live with her, knowing every detail of her life!!!!
    Now the threads about her get less and less comments and most are not very pleasant.

  • Anna

    I like the girl. She speaks her mind & that is refreshing in Hollywood.

    Greys has given her a launching pad for a movie career. Doubt she’ll stay on the show much longer now she can command millions for movies (that & Greys is now crap !). Good on her.

  • Louis

    The paps only follow her cos she is popular. It’s not as if shes paying them to follows her. Paps only take pics of people they can sell. End of.

    Katherine is the most marketable Greys star & the only one who has found success outside the show. Her movie takings in the opening weekend were double the expectations of the studio. She can now open movies on her name alone.

  • http://d johhnythecarzymothafucka

    she is so beautiful, smart, and classy, all the haters fuck you!

  • Meg

    I know she’s not the most likable person, but I love her acting. I’ve yet to see her play in a role where I didn’t like the character. I want her to do more stuff.

    Bad outfit, though.

  • JuLIA

    Hey Grey’s FANS!!!

    let’s keep up the good work


  • lindia

    When Roswell ended, we did hear about her, if only she could leave GA so we don’t talk about her again!!!
    A lot of actors from success tv show didn’t make it afterwards! (PD is a good example)!!

  • CrazyDaisy

    she looks disgusting when she smokes.

  • wateva

    trish @ 01/30/2008 at 4:20 pm
    bound to chub up one of these days. why and when did this girl become such a big deal?

    i agree with you. exactly why and when did she become such a big deal indeed. Anway, i think this girl has some big fat chubby days in her future, as soon as she stops smoking.

    Maybe this is why she smokes like a chimney. Thats so uncool, btw. Smoking helps some people to keep the weight off but as soon as they stop, the fat just burst right out.

    If she smokes so heavily and is still so chubby-looking now, i’m really sorry for her.

    This is why people shouldnt be envious of celebs and other people who appear to have life so much better than the rest of us. Because they also have their demons to deal with.

  • Nora

    Yikes…. she freaks me out more and more, and her days of fame and fortune will last as long as her next cigarette…..

  • D

    I dont liker her! The smoking sucks

  • cf

    A lot of celebs smoke, I don’t know why people make such a big deal and single her out.

  • Tompika

    She is hot when she smokes.

  • Amanda

    dang she looks hot!

  • Regina


  • lola

    Fab outfit and makeup…not-so-fab smoking habit. Ugh.

    – read my blog at

  • TheTabloidsChic

    Oh! She looks pretty for once!

  • Aussie chick

    I like her but hat that out fit!

  • hmm

    I think she smokes to help control her weight because if you remember her from Roswell she was quite a bit heavier. She just always looks like she’s trying way too hard.

  • no way girl

    she has a fat face

  • Sushi

    She has very pretty and very funny black, charred lungs.

    So sexy.

  • Carlisle

    #36 I agree.

  • Dr Jube

    This woman seems to love having her photo taken around the place. She just comes across as so…cheesy. I find her annoying.

  • ………

    Wow, she’s hot in these photos. Sounds like the party was smash for Josh, and I don’t think she is that arrogant. I think she has confidence, and to come from a beautiful woman who is confident about herself and what she wants people think she is arrogant. I know many people who met her on set and on the street and they rave about her. She’s really down to earth for a what a celeb is *nods*. She has always been grateful for GA and Roswell, but that doesn’t mean one has to idling sit by and not disagree with what a boss does about your job. Everyone complained on the set on Roswell, and many of the ones who cause problems on the set were never Heigl actually. However, that’s of the past.

    The paps hound her because she is the most popular. Even if you hate you all you are doing is increase her popularity. Popularity is both hate and love….with a bit of indifference. In the end no matter the GA castmembet I see haters for every single one of them. In the end Heigl and Knight are honestly my two favorite peeps, and Knight was there last night according to People.


    okay..question. why does she always have to smoke CONSTANTLY.
    shes signing damn autographs and she cant put that cancer stick down for one second.

  • [~F a m o u s~]

    ugly ass fish faced bish. horrible makeup (like always) and even worse outfit.

    that lung-cancer needs to hurry up and kick her ass.

  • Alwayslearning

    I know it is an addiction but for me a cigarette messes up the look

  • !

    The smoking is so digusting, YUCK, gross. Totally takes away from her beauty. You see her first and think, ‘oh pretty’ and then you see the cigarette and it’s YUCK! SMOKING IS DISGUSTING!

  • bosie

    awesome…seen her aroudn LA before, she is nice. I like the fact she still smokes and doesnt give a flying rat what peeps say. who cares if she is arrogant? who cares if she is pretty? cant we stop being such little hipocritical babies in america??? can we? we say we hate this and that but look at us on here …..

  • audrey

    I like that dress. It’s Diane von Furstenberg.

  • Madonna

    Ew, she looks 45.

  • Isabella

    Why has she become such a big deal? There are thousands of girls like that working at 7/11s across the country. She is so plain, so average and she smokes! The least she could do is quit since there are so many young people looking up to her.

  • mason

    I agree with #49 and the many others who’ve said it, i don’t get why, she’s such a big deal. she’s plain and looks like millions of other girls. sometimes in movies and print they do her hair and makeup well enough to make her look pretty but i’ve seen too many everyday pics of this girl to believe she’s anything special.
    the smoking s nasty, she looks like a haggard/beat down kind of lady when she does it. smoking is always nasty but she looks extra truckstop hoochy nasty doing it.
    she’s got a size 16 calling her name and is clutching her ciggies to try and stay away from it.