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Jennifer Aniston Rocks Cabo Bikini Body

Jennifer Aniston Rocks Cabo Bikini Body

Jennifer Aniston and Friends BFF Courteney Cox enjoy the New Year together, spending a day on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Friday (January 2).

The pair was accompanied by Courtney‘s husband David Arquette and their 4-year-old daughter Coco. They also were joined by pals Sheryl Crow (and son Wyatt, 1 1/2) and Laura Dern (and musician husband Ben Harper).

The group had rented a private villa together in the Mexican resort, which had staff deliver food to their beach gathering (including smartwater, which Aniston is a spokesperson for). Jen‘s boyfriend John Mayer rented a house nearby and he reportedly left earlier in the day before this beach get-together.

And good news for Jen again! Her latest film, Marley & Me, was #1 at the box office again, pulling in another $24 million.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston rocking out her Cabo bikini body…

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jennifer aniston cabo bikini 01
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 02
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 03
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 04
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 05
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 06
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 07
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 08
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 09
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 10
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 11
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 12
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 13
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 14
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 15
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 16
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 17
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 18
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 19
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 20
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 21
jennifer aniston cabo bikini 22

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  • nina bella

    let’s see some angie pics already.

  • nina bella

    i am # 1! Angie rocks!

  • Frankie

    Love Jen’s hat! She looks fantastic. And congrads to Jen and Owen on Marley and Me! After 11 days, it has grossed $106 Million and still at number 1……Jen, you Rock!!!!

  • npa

    Aniston is man crazy and looks manly!!!

  • Cynda

    Jenn looks like she’s enjoying herself!

  • Ms. Marla

  • ha!

    Ms. Maria: So true, considering Dern told everyone that Billy Bob cheated on her with Angie..However, everyone has moved on since and seem to be very happy so it’s all good. Love Jen’s bod, her face not so much.

  • Ms. Marla

  • mandy

    aww.. coco it’s soo cutee!! and courteney cox ROCKSS!!! congrats to jen!!

  • Ms. Marla


  • http://israel lisa rose

    leonardo dicaprio and tuby with his wife jennifer also was there with them in Cabo San Lucas, where their pix?
    they more interesting then them!!!!!!!!!!

    please jared i’m a big fan of your site, please put the pix of the love of my life- leonardo dicaprio!!!!!!!!!!! (;

  • ava verhaal

    Can you take some sun when you have botox?

  • anonymous

    ha! @ 01/04/2009 at 2:06 pm

    . . .Dern told everyone that Billy Bob cheated on her


    Please. Laura Dern is a liar. Billy Bob said that they broke off their engagement and relationship BEFORE she went on location. Of course this enabled Laura to break up Ben Harper’s relationship when he still had a few months old baby. Laura Dern is not a good example for anything except delusional drama queens.

  • exotic

    Well done to the idiots who went to see her movie. Obviously, there is not much ging on in your lives than making this selfish, sun-tanned cow richer and more famous than she bloody must be. Well done

  • mimi

    Looks miserable to me, no smiling and no JM —- strange considering the fact everyone else has a partner except her. May be JM is tired of being used as a 2nd best in the B/triangle.

  • http://justjared jennifer fan

    Love Jennifer she looks sooooooooooo good and I am happy she Courteney are still friends .


    Jen looks great, no doubt about it (she certainly works hard at it). But it must still be a drag to piggyback onto your friend’s families during vacations, everybody has somebody there but her. She has all the success she seemed to desperately want but still seems lonely, hanging with friends is fun, but at the end of the day, everybody goes home together, to warmth and love and family and she still goes home alone. A #1 movie doesn’t keep you cosy asnd warm at night, love and family does at, so I feel sorry for her, not envy her (despite her good bod!).

  • mkly

    what has happened to miley cyrus and selena gomez! I haven’t heard from them in a while. I mean really, it’s been months;the last time “justjared” had a post on each one of them was on November. this only forshadows that these two teens are close to an end with their fame on the near future.(oh well)

  • http://justjared @1

    If you like Angelina why are you here? Crazy

  • mkly

    who ever agrees with me, post a comment so that i can read! thanks

  • angel

    she’s beautiful and i saw the movie it was awesome and she was beautiful in it , loved it and i recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet , i saw it twice already, she is fantastic in it ican’t wait to see her next movie (i’m not in to you ) which i was planning to only see that but i’m so glad i got to see this one , i didn’t know is going to be that good.

  • Anonymous

    FACT : Mayer and Aniston are friends creating a CAA showmance until movie promotion wraps and she marries someone else soon…..

  • smellycat

    Cloris Leachman could have played Owen’s wife in the movie, it will still come in at number 1! The book was a best-seller, so what do you expect? I would say that 70% of those who watched this dog-flick loved the book so it would only make sense for them to be interested in the movie and that doesn’t necessarily mean they are JA fans. I will stop doubting her if she can manage to come out on top with one of her movies where she’s the LEAD – no dogs involved, no vince vaughn, no jim carrey, no ben stiller. Once she’s done that – I will rest my case against jennifer aniston and her ‘range’ as an actress..

  • mimi

    The woman looks damn ugly, just look at her tummy and legs close up, she has more wrinkles than madonna and she hasn’t had children yet.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks ok, that towel ruined these photos =[
    i honestly think now that john and jen will breakup soon
    they always seem so distant on days they should be together
    maybe the next guy jen =[
    team aniston, sorta…

  • angel

    btw i saw CC OF BB it was very long i got tired half way into the movie , and there was some parts that should have been deleted which made it even more boring (the part that he kept saying , if she would n’t have done this and that and so on… the accident wouldn’t happened , if the man didn’t do this , that wouldn’t happened it was not necessary) , there wasn’t anything special about their acting just a back ward growing of a child , it was all fiction movie, i didn’t enjoy it .

  • smellycat

    Let me just get this out of my system…

    I don’t think Aniston looks horrendous. She’s not ugly, she’s not drop-dead gorgeous either. She’s alright – an average looking girl, nothing more than that. The problem with her is that she tries so hard to be sultry and sexy when the whole world knows she’s not. She should just embrace who she is and stop trying to be someone she’s obviously not. The more Aniston forces herself to be the sex goddess, the more pathetic she becomes.

  • queenkimba

    Courtney is hot for her age! aniston looks gross with that ridiculous tan and skinny -smoke- body

  • just saying

    anon.. don’t you ever quit? The movie promotion has ended.

  • Frankie

    Dear SmellyCat #23,

    Name an actress who can have a successfully finanical film on her name alone? All actresses today need a male co-star for the film to be successful.

  • ivermom

    Jen looks awesome! Glad she is enjoying life and having a good time. I have heard nothing but good things about the movie from friends!

  • mayerfan

    Anonymous #22, isn’t movie promotion done for ‘Marley and Me’? I’m curious as to why there have been no photos of her and John the entire time. They were supposed to be staying so close to one another while in town.

  • smellycat

    -Tina Fey did it with Baby Mama
    - Angelina Jolie with the first Tomb Raider
    - Streep and Hathaway with The Devil Wears Prada ( but again, that’s a book)
    - Witherspoon (legally blonde)

  • mayerfan

    And, John reportedly left earlier that day? Where is that info coming from?

  • bandit

    I think Courteney looks better, especially considering she’s had a kid. Always did think she was the prettier Friend (but she doesn’t have the Brad angle for publicity). Jennifer and Sheryl Crow look like they could be sisters, Sheryl is just as attractive as Jennifer (but again, she doesn’t have the Brad angle). Both are in great shape, but not gorgeous or sexy. Jennifer only gets attention because of who she was married to, but her body is better than her face. Many women look as good or better than she does, she’s really nothing extra-special, she doesn’t have the “it factor (any role she plays, any actress could have played it).

  • jillyro

    Why doesn’t she not look happy though? Unless she’s doing the rounds promoting herself and her body, talking blah-blah about herself she looks like she’s not happy, she never seems really really happy. Often looks like she’s annoyed. I don’t get it, she chose career over marriage/family yet she still seems disastisfied, despite having a #1 movie, yep she still looks down. No wonder she has a a hard time in relationships, she is likely never happy and hard to please, exhausting for any guy to be around all the time. Maybe the only person who can handle her 24/7 is Courteney!

  • missy

    Amen to Bandit, i thought i was the only one who thought this. Courteney is really pretty, i love her face too a lot more then jen’s. and you deffo wouldn’t say she has has a kid, she could easily be in her thirties. Plus i like cc’s personality a lot more, i met them both a long time ago outside a restaurant in Malibu and i must say that courteney is much easier to talk to, Jennifer doesn’t seem to want contact with anyone else but her friends.

  • just saying

    No. 35… would you consider Angelina to be beautiful? And if so, why? What makes her beautiful to you?

  • Paula Abdul Multimedia

    she looks GREAT :)

  • Gds

    Julia Roberts opens with box office success.

  • minx

    Doesn’t anyone find it interesting that John supposedly left “just” before the photos were taken? The same John who just LOVES the paps and can’t get enough attention? And no pictures of him in Cabo at all? Is he breaking free or just got a week off from this “relationship”?
    Nothing will change the fact that Jennifer will be mainly known for marrying and beind dumped by Brad Pitt (once her body is no longer attracting much attention.. let’s say in 5 years), not for her movie career, charitable works, beauty or personality. BTW, Laura Dern broke up Harper’s marriage when his kid was tiny. I always find it interesting that Jennifer fans are not offended by the fact that their “next door” Jen is BF with a homewrecker. I guess Laura is average enough not to offend fans of average Jennifer.

  • Julia

    She is gorgeous. Love it keep them coming.

  • unkown

    I guess people still want to see that “BITCH.”

  • Chris

    Marley made the movie, not dog face Aniston, quit giving her credit for a # 1 movie, this woman is ugly and can’t act.

  • wonder

    For her next movie, she will remove the tie and pose naked in Playboy.
    Then for her next next movie, JA will pose naked and spread eagle for Penthouse. so on so on and so on….

  • Anonymous

    #41 : WELL SPOTTED !!!!! …CAA are controlling this. The Showmance ends soon, they are winding it down.

  • just saying

    so then Anon.. what happens next? She has another movie coming out soon.

  • LJ

    wow..all haters again. They all looks great. Nice that movie is success.

  • d.kay

    Frankie @ 01/04/2009 at 2:58 pm
    Dear SmellyCat #23,

    Name an actress who can have a successfully finanical film on her name alone? All actresses today need a male co-star for the film to be successful.


  • bet

    The number 1 boxoffice and number 2 boxoffice success women are in the picture.

    is that wondefull to see so many women together, with out hate, backstabing. just injoying and loveing life. strong independent women together .