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Katie Holmes is a Penta Water Woman

Katie Holmes is a Penta Water Woman

Katie Holmes visits a friend’s home in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles on Friday morning (April 10).

The 30-year-old actress, who donned a Wren sweater and Prps boyfriend jeans in silver painted, was seen carrying around two bottles of ultra-purified Penta water, which supposedly increase antioxidant activity in your body.

Katie will and her All My Sons costar Dianne Wiest will read a veteran’s personal story at the annual Memorial Day concert, which will be hosted by actors Gary Sinise and Joe Mantegna. CSI star Laurence Fishburne and Idol‘s Katharine McPhee are also expected to make appearances.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes, the Penta water woman…

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katie holmes penta water 01
katie holmes penta water 02
katie holmes penta water 03
katie holmes penta water 04
katie holmes penta water 05
katie holmes penta water 06
katie holmes penta water 07
katie holmes penta water 08
katie holmes penta water 09
katie holmes penta water 10
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Photos: INFdaily, GSI Media
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  • Marina

    She can read?

  • janel

    pretty lady

  • 2009

    She is lovely and cant wait for the Memorial concert!

  • Annie

    Take the bottled water, dump it over your head, add shampoo…..scrub and rinse. Repeat everyday.

  • observer

    Holmes really has the look of
    Jackie O especially with her stylish sunglasses

  • larry

    she’s hawt :)

  • g78

    A true talent,amazing personality,complete package. A natural beauty and great to all those around her.

  • decency

    PRETTY AS EVER!!!!!!

  • ade

    She looks like crap

  • dundies



  • tim

    She looks constipated!

  • Ceanna

    greasy hair, sloppy clothes, sunglasses to cover bags under eyes – a walking advertisement for what not got look like. Guess that’s why we always have to be reminded that she’s only 30.

  • listenup

    Get ready for the Cruise family photo Ops this weekend to show just how happy and perfect they are not.

  • slambang

    Why does she always look like crap?

  • heebie jeebies

    She looks like an idiot with those huge sunglasses on. I guess she knows she’s fugly and she’s trying to cover her face.


  • u r kidding?

    Katie is going to READ at a Memorial event??? Give me a break. This high school dropout can’t even read one sentence off a teleprompter without sounding like the biggest bimbo that ever walked the earth.

    I’m certain she’ll make a mess of it, just like everything else she attempts.

  • golddigger

    Jackie O? Not! More like Ms. Sags or Ms. Cankles or Ms. Non-talent and lastly Ms. Golddigger.

  • golddigger

    Jackie O? Not! More like Ms. Sags or Ms. Cankles or Ms. Non-talent and lastly Ms. Golddigger.

  • golddigger

    Jackie O? Not! More like Ms. Sags or Ms. Cankles or Ms. Non-talent and lastly Ms. Golddigger.

  • Sal

    Jackie O? Jackie O would NEVER have gone out in public looking like such a unkept, filthy mess…….She had class. Something being married to a cult leader does not qualify you for.

    Remember, you can put Jackie O sunglasses on a pig, and it’s still a pig.

  • gOBBLE

    Looks like Katie’s doing the “turkey baster strut”….lmao. Why is she walking like that?

  • jane


  • golddigger

    Sorry for the multiples, but if the shoe fits — one must wear it.

  • circus act

    Oh snap, I haven’t seen Homely with Tommygurl lately! Are they heading for a breakup?

  • What

    Little Miss Piggy. and where is you little Piglet today?HAVE A SHOWER ALREADY PLEASE

  • Paul

    Where is your little Miss Piggy today? Have a shower please

  • pr person

    A friends house? She doesn’t have any friends.

    Ewwwwwww!! Doesn’t she ever wash her hair?! Disgusting!

  • Ann

    Why does anyone take photos of this strange weird chick. She is even passing the weirdness on to her daughter, other celeb children look so happy and free.

  • Sal

    #13, How right you are……..It’s a holiday, get the cameras!!

    Then again, they are Scientology cult members, do they celebrate Easter?? No Alien that I know of died on a cross for our sins.

  • Annie

    How nice, out strolling with her husband…Oops! What I meant to say was, out all ALONE again….. There, thats better.

  • Karon

    Disgusting mess…..I’m sure Tom has a big weekend planned for the photo-ops!!! Where IS Tom anyway???????

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    tom needs to upgrade now. ‘kate’ stay looking like death. it’s time tom gets suri a new mommy like he did cool-connor & isabella.

  • SISI

    Another photo of the idiot bimbo Katie, who has the brain the size of a pea. Wonder why she isn’t pimpin the kid today?

  • lars

    Katie should’nt even be allowed on the same stage as the wonderful Dianne Wiest. Can you say major PR move by Katie. Totally using Dianne. I wasn’t aware Katie could even read.

  • dabu

    observer @ 04/10/2009 at 2:13 pm

    Jackie O? Puh-leez. Jackie would never have gone out looking this unkempt and unstylish. Nor did she EVER pimp her kids out the way this media w*h*ore does.

  • samoria

    I’m sure Tiny-Tom and Katie are gearing Suri up for an all-out “perfect” family photo blitz this weekend. I can see them now all fake and phony. Robot grins on their overly botoxed faces with an iron clad scienctology-grip on the poor suffering children.
    Yep family photo time for the Tomkats!!! YE-HAW!!!!

  • lezzlee

    First – Katie will NEVER have the class of Jackie-O. Never gunna happen.
    Second – Jackie never used her children as Katie does on a daily basis.
    Third – The Kennedy/Onassis were RICHER THEN GOD!! Yet Jackie managed a career and a family. Teaching her children to give back and raising them RIGHT, as much OUT of the spotlight as possible.

    Completely OPPOSITE of the attention seeking Tiny-TOM and money hungry media-ho Katie..

  • Marion

    Jackie-O had class right up to the day she died.
    Katie wouldn’t know class if it bit her in flat saggy butt.

  • april

    how dare you sick people katie has done nothing to anyone she has more class in her little finger than yall have in your whole body katie is sweet kind down to earth she does not have to be glamed up when shes out as for being a media whore they take pictures of them and you are media whores you dont have to look when has katie pimped her and to kids out they mind their biz they are not staying in the house to make yall happy shr must be doing something right because yall are so jealous you cant stand it katie has never done anything wrong but love her family her kids and held her head up with pure class even when attacked for nothing its a honor to see a young actress that has her stuff together and is repected by people who said she would fail she would leave tom and her kids but she has proved the haters wrong so katie keep doing what you are doing bring allthose haters to the yard ha ha

  • stella

    Next PR step for Katie is a naked spread just like her role model the used up Jennifer Aniston.

  • jennie

    Sciencetology Trolls are working overtime again on Katie’s ” class issues”. LOL Take a chill pill April. Oh sorry, not allowed. LOL

  • take over plain katie..

    What happened to going to the dance studio .. Every time we see her
    she is going to the dance studio… with her greasy hair and bland
    outfits… Wow and I bet when they do the reading they will only announce Katie’s name when promoting it too..
    She is bigger than Gary Sinse and Mr. L Fishbourne, and the Oscar winning actress Diane Wiest NEVER WILL BE BIGGER THAN ANY OF THEM .DIANE WIEST did not get any publicity for her play just plain Katie that is who…Will there be dancing since she was taking dance lessons.!!

  • leeanna

    # 39 needs to cut down on some of those sciencetology meetings.
    You are one wacked out chick Katie, I mean April. Ha Ha Ha

  • No Class
  • fugly hag

    Why isn’t mother pimp using her baby for publicity today? I guess today is brainwashing day at the cult center which also means “mommie dearest’s day out”…LOL

    While the chucky girl is being brainwashed, mama pimp calls the paparazzi to let them know her whereabouts so they can photograph Mrs. s*kank at her usual ritual of doing nothing productive with her life. What a waste and a joke she is. Does Mrs. Homely not contribute anything meaningful to society?

  • shay shmay

    Jackie O fiercely protected the privacy of her kids. She would never, ever, have exposed her kids to the media circus like that.


    AGREE, ” APRIL “…..LOL,,,LOL,,, But, i think it is numbers, # 41 and # 43, that need to ‘ CHILL “….LOL…and learn not to hate so much….
    I believe her ” greasy hair ” is WET hair, probably just air drying after a shower. Katie made a remark once in Vanity Fair magazine, that she lets her hair ” air dry alot when she can.”…….It would be hard to believe that she would NOT take a shower or bath and shampoo or hair……You guys are just grasping to find things to gripe about, from the same stupid, stupid, stupid old sentence about ” PIMPING OUT HER KIDS “, ( BUT OTHER CELEBRITIES CAN BE SEEN OUT WITH THEIRS, AND YOU DO NOT READ THAT STUPID, STUPID TERM ),,,,
    And doing nothing ” productive with her life “?..baawwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….. Obviously you don’t read anything about her. What do you do or anyone out there does?….without making up crap…Sounds like a jealousy problem to me……NOW, you are worried because Katie does NOT have Suri with her and your’e gripping….LOL…
    A ” chucky girl “?….LOL>>LOL>>>What do you or your children look like?…” CHUCKY GIRL”???? What in hell is that?…Now, you are getting desperate….YOU ALL, need to chill a little…Katie’s life is stressing yours out, don’t you think?

  • jackO

    If anything, Katie is morphing into Jack-O, not Jackie O.

    She looks just like Michael Jackson. Put some red lipstick, a glittery glove on one hand, and some white bobbie socks on her feet and she’d pass for Jack-O’s long lost twin, Whack-O.

    How many nose jobs has Homely had recently? Looks like she’s been going to Michael J’s plastic surgeon.

    With all due respect to Michael Jackson……Sorry, Michael….Homely is trying to look like you.

  • ???

    Where is Chuckie girl, I mean Suri?

  • just askin

    Victoria….are you a les*bo? You seem to have a hard-on for Katie. LOL