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Natalie Portman Speaks Out on 'Eating Animals'

Natalie Portman Speaks Out on 'Eating Animals'

Natalie Portman takes to the Huffington Post to write about how author Jonathan Safran Foer (Everything Is Illuminated) and his book Eating Animals changed her already strict vegetarian habits to go even more extreme.

Now, the 28-year-old actress writes, she’s a vegan activist: “[T]his book reminded me that some things are just wrong. Perhaps others disagree with me that animals have personalities, but the highly documented torture of animals is unacceptable, and the human cost Foer describes in his book, of which I was previously unaware, is universally compelling.”

Natalie, who has been voted the World’s Sexiest Vegetarian by PETA, refuses to wear leather or fur and is a huge animal rights advocate.

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  • amanda

    Eating animals offends her, but dirty old directors who rape 13-year-olds are okay? KTHX, Nattie.

  • rick

    Not just eating animals but hurting and torturing them is wrong. That is what she is talking about.

    As to Polanski, ask Harrison Ford and others why they signed that petition. They obviously know something we don’t yet.

  • postwatcher

    Natalie basically no longer has a career so she does all this for pr.

    She is also balding which really limits her leading actress viability.

    Her head looks exactly like her father’s….

  • Say it like it is

    Eating animals offends her.Fine.don’t eat them. Wearing hides of animals in fur, wool,leather does too. Fine don’t wear them.

    What offends me is that peoole go extreme and put their resources way out left field instead of taking their hearts,using good commmon sense and doing something good and not wasting their time. Fight for animal abuse. Animals should be used for food,medical research, but not abused.
    Why don’t these people put a stop to citisens not taking care of pets. Stop dog fights.Set up free palces in ctiites where people can get pets spayed and neutered.
    Educate the public about proper pet care,cost before people take on a pet.

    BTW,if one like Pam Anderson,StellaMcCartney,Paul McCartney, Natlaie Portman,andrest are so vegan,well, do without meds-birth control,cold medications,cancer treatments that Linda McCartney had, etc..
    Meds are tested on animals.Make-up to even if it says it is not.Maybe it,thatbrand isnot,butthe indgredients eleswhere were already tested.

  • ganymede30324

    Who read the book to her?

  • me

    currently she has 10 movies in the works and her forehead is a sign of intelligence, i find her perfect looking and extremely successful, how many 28 year olds have 10 films in the pipe line at once

  • Natlie Baldman

    Needs some protein to grow some hair on her head!

  • pfarmar#1

    that is right torturing animals are wrong. nat is not pring! so kill that noise! she is a fine actress. so lay off !!

  • fresh

    I’ve disliked her for a while without a good reason BUT now i have one. GO AWAY NATALIE. Your so full of yourself.

  • j

    i love her. im also a vegetarian so that makes me respect her even more.

  • me

    another large forehead of the most intelligent and beautiful woman in HW.

  • me

    and another large forehead, this woman has brains and talent and education and she cares about others

    Natalie is not far behind her

  • Sabrina

    She’s absolutely right! Love her – I think she’s a great person.

  • thank you

    thank you jj for posting something interesting, informative and substantive for a change, it would be interesting to read that book

    some of us would much rather see posts on Natalie Portman and what she says and does instead of other typical HW airheads who only eat and shop all the time

  • She better move out of NYC

    So is the little activist going to protest all the New York City Delis?

  • N.S

    I love t when celebrities speak out on animal cruelty – so many people (including many of the commenters here) seem to have no idea about it – so it’s really important to spread the message.

  • @15 @16

    she is not the only one who signed the petition, leave Polanski out of it until there is more information on him

    she is not protesting anything and she is not telling anyone what to do, she is merely explaining her believes and makes ppl aware of cruelty to animals, are you for torture of animals? I am sure you are not, so what are you bitching for?

  • @17

    You are right, most ppl don’t know or even think about it, as neither did she, that is why she mentions the book.

  • my take

    If the way animals are mass produced by the big companies is bad to you, then why not by from small local farmers who grain/grass feed their animals. It does not mean you have to go all vegan, which is not always the healthier alternative. I never understood the I don’t like the way my steak was acquired so I’m never gonna eat meat of any kind again. There are other choices besies going cold turkey, because no matter what as long as these big slaughter house suppliers are making money their ways are not going to change but yours can by supporting organic farmers and natural grain/grass fed farms to acquire your meat, pork, poultry and etc.

  • @20

    Small farmers are no solution either bc there will be so many of them to substitute the big onces that there will be no way to check on them, you need a lot inspectors. I really know nothing about it but find it interesting, at least she introduces “food for thought”. She usually does.

  • memei

    Its fine to have your beliefs. But just don’t try to force it on other people i.e. that horrible organisation PETA. Don’t know how they away with some of the things they do. They do more harm than good.

  • Shakira

    I love her. She is gorgeous and seems so smart. I like the fact that she’s vegetarian. I respect vegetarians. My cousin is. But I am not HAaaa but I think it’s great! No to animal abuse…..Btw I agree with #4! It’s sad that everything from meds to make up is tested first on animals. How shameful.

  • Leila

    Hmmmmm…. better go check on that chicken in the oven

  • @22

    I don’t know what you are talking about, I have never been contacted by PETA or have ever been told by them what to do. There is nothing wrong with PETA informing the population if something wrong in society takes place especially torture of animals.

  • Viper

    IF Harrison Ford signed it along with seveal other big name celebraties now question is are these Natalie haters going to nail these other actors for the same issue. Why beat a dead horse over why she signed a damn petition leave her alone as you do HF and the other celebs.

    If she doesn’t want to eat meat where is that offensive to people that is on her. At least she is not a hypocrite about it she doesn’t profess to be something she isn’t. If you read what she said she read from this book which I saw the interview about it when she did Mr. Mangoruim promo’s one of the Today shows husband gave her the book, which she said opened her eyes to many of the issues with dairy and animals. Mid eastern cultures are vegans or vegetarians are people chasing them down b/c of their beliefs.

  • Celia

    Animals definitely have personalities and anyone who thinks differently is just plain ignorant. I’m working on becoming a vegetarian. I love animals and we don’t have the right to torture and kill them. America is already too fat and meat is one of the main reasons.

  • @27

    No Celia overeating is the main problem for America. Oversized/double portions, all you can eat buffetts and not saying “no” to too much food is America’s problem.

    This country was not overweight like it is today before the 70′s when fast food was almost non-existent. You did not have one on every corner like you do now. Mom’s cooked back then and McDonald’s were not your child’s 3 course meal everyday, a home cooked meal was. Everything was proper portions back then. Meat is not what made people fat it is gluttony and mom’s that don’t know how to cook or those who are just too lazy to cook.

  • black

    Ermmm…………….well……………….I enjoy eating animals (MC´Donalds anyone?) and I´m sure a fair share of them would enjoy eating me as well.
    Why are those vegetarians always making such a fuss?
    Say whatever you want, but meat is the better way.
    Sheep, chicken, cows…………I´ll have them all somehow!

  • lexy

    If Natalie doesn’t want to eat meat – that’s fine. If she supports Polanski that’s fine too. She’s an American, she has the same rights that we do. Just like people can make racial or homophobic remarks – she too can say what she wants and support who she wants. IF YOU DON’T SUPPORT POLANSKI WRITE YOUR LOCAL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS AND COMPLAIN TO THEM! At the end of the day it’s THEM who will handle the Polanski case – NOT Natalie Portman.

    I find it refreshing to see a young, talented woman with an actual brain in her head who’s not afraid to speak out on what she believes in and knows about something other than shopping and clothes. That’s what I like about Katherine Hiegel – she’s talented and sassy – like Natalie!

    Again, this is America, Natalie pays taxes here so she’s entitled to her opinion. I think the PETA folks are idiots but clearly Nat supports them but that’s fine!

  • Anna

    Since when is she a vegan? Just a couple of weeks ago, she told Jake Gyllenhaal in that interview they made, her favorite icecream cake- non vegan. I’d definitely support her opinion, as I have the same, but she should finally come clean and state if she’s a vegan or a vegetarian, now she sounds biased. And yes, vegan vs. vegetarian is a HUGE difference.

  • @31

    Whatever Natalie does or says it is certainly more than shopping, eating and doing nothing else. I have a world of respect for her, she is a true role model.




  • Ashley

    She is such a smart and talented woman. So strong!

  • #28

    So the woman wants to be a vegan at least she stands behind what she believes in. If others what to eat meat and FYI yes meat has hormons and steroids in it that is found to cause weight gain and unhealthy eating, reason fast food places are under attack. Yes ppl can refuse to eat the endless buffet but all things on there are full of sodium. Meat is the main thing that has endless salt content even organics if your not carefull is also full of salt which is attributed to weigh gain.

    Many well known people are starting to see this and are eating better some will turn vegetarian others might go organic. I’m sure she does cook for her non vegan friends such as Jake who possibly isn’t Vegan and will eat meat and dairy. It’s one thing to jump all over her for what she believes in but, those who are bitching about what she signed are you boycotting Harrison Ford or the other names who are on that list. Bet you won’t.

    We don’t see Natalie spending her day shopping at the local malls 6 out of 7 days a week, We don’t see her endlessly at the markets, parading her family or BFF’s around to get more attention. She has proven she doesn’t need to do that. There are no retainers hired to get her media attention. She is limited in the press she works on charities along with producing, directing and screen writing.

  • Gasol16

    This Polanski thing happened so long ago and the sex was mutual between both parties. It was not a rape. Leave the old man alone already.

    Besides, half of HW signed the petition anyway for Polanski. So.Are you going to scrutinize all of HW now? It is the jealous a$$holes out their that hate Natalie.

    Good for Natalie on her vegetarian beliefs. She must be doing something right in her diet. She is so slim and does not have those awful saddlebags Bilpoo has! SO HA HA back you a$$es!

  • Fed

    Vegans rule the world.

  • ck

    “..leave Polanski out of it until there is more information on him”

    Perhaps the single funniest thing ever written on the internet.

  • reba

    Her self-righteousness is a HUGE turn-off. She gives Sean Penn a run for his money, for sure.

  • @38 and 39

    Hey, stupid A$$hole, do you have access to court records and confidential client attorney privileged records. So shut the f up. Go attack Harrison Ford and others.

    Sean and Natalie are both academy award worthy, talented actors, directors, judges. Go to the Bilson and Lohan thread, this is too much for you.

  • lexy

    Reba were you down in New Orleans literally dragging people to safety like Sean Penn?? If not put a sock in it. He can be as righteous as he wants. I think it’s awesome that not only does he put his money where his mouth is but he literally went into a disaster area while others were trying to leave and assisted trained professionals in helping save lives. I don’t recall any other celebs doing that!

    There’s nothing wrong with having an opinion about something other than designer clothes. Again, it’s certainly refreshing to see a celeb her age speaking out about some important issues instead of how she can’t decide what PJ’s to wear at night or pretending to be f ashion expert. Again, I may not agree with Natalie but it’s nice that in addition to her career she’s actually aware of current events in our world.

    It’s great that the haters have NOTHING on Natalie so they harp on this Polansky thing or claim she’s had tons of plastic surgery. When Natalie runs for political office then I might concern myself with her feelings on criminals and rapists but until then she’s entitled to her opinion.

  • rosie

    Woah so one minute you’re talking about animals having personalities, then you’re talking about torture? Thought you went to Harvard? That’s not a logical progression. Few people would disagree that animals have personalities or, I might add, feelings. But not all meatwork places TORTURE these animals. That’s such an extreme. Oh I 100% agree that some practices are so bad that they could qualify for torture. I admire vegetarians in that respect, because they’re able to stand up for their beliefs and cut out all meat. But just because you eat meat doesn’t mean that all of it comes from some cow that got tortured from birth until death. Bloody high-and-mighty b*tch.

  • wtf

    “reminded me that some things are just wrong.”

    Yes. Drugging and raping children is also wrong you stupid twit.

  • @ 43

    It was called consensual both of them agreed to the affair DAMN ppl it was far from rape the only reason the man got nailed for this was b/c the girl who conscented to this was under 18 yrs old. Did RP murder anyone NO, if you want to believe it was rape then go for it a good majority of famous ppl signed that petition. LET IT ALL GO for god sakes. It’s a done deal attack the rest of the petitioners who signed it as well, ,including directors, producers I don’t feel the box office will suffer b/c certain celebrities signed a petition. You know how many under age girls are having sex with over 18 to over 30 year old men and they conscent to it. Most of the HS girls are already lost their virginity and good chance it was to someone over 18.

  • Oceane

    I’ve been a vegan for years and I can’t stand these ‘born again’ vegans who think it’s their right to preach to the world. peTa are hypocrites and I don’t support anything they compaigin Choosing to be vegan should be a personal descision and not to boost a failing movie career..

  • J

    I don’t know why people go all “oh if you’re a vegetarian/vegan/animal activist, why do you do this and that and that and that?” it’s not about cutting out everything in your life. People do what feels right for them to do and everybody has limits. Obviously one has to draw a line somewhere even when it comes to being an animal activist. She’s not going to live in the middle of the jungle with a treehouse and everything. But she’s doing what she can do, and maybe all she’s asking for others is to do the same, doing as much as one can do.

    Just because you disagree doesn’t mean that you have to get all personal and insecure about somebody. It only shows that bringing someone down doesn’t make you feel any better.

  • christine

    I stopped eating meat and went down to 96lbs and wasnt active cause of my preparation for an upcoming advanced exam for my job. But I also got extremely better at absorbing my studies and aced the exam w/ only 1 question wrong (which I knew I probably would).
    I have friends who are vegan/vegetarian and they seem to b exceptionally smart, attractive & thin. The guys are tall too.

  • Sunglasses
  • haters

    I don’t agree with her either, but calling names only shows you can’t make your point, especially when she made hers so eloquently.

  • Domino

    I adore her. She’s perfect.

  • You are an imbecile

    @@ 43:

    Your comments are ridiculous. Maybe you should just bend over and assume the position alongside Portman and the Pig Polanski can give it to both of you.