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Jude Law & Sienna Miller: Maxfield Mates

Jude Law & Sienna Miller: Maxfield Mates

Jude Law keeps it casual with a suit and flip-flops as he goes out to Maxfield’s for some evening shopping with Sienna Miller in Los Angeles on Monday (April 19).

Jude, 37, and Sienna, 28, later grabbed dinner together at Cecconi’s in Beverly Hills.

The pair is reportedly stuck in LA due to the recent Icelandic volcanic ash after returning from a trip to Thailand. But it looks like they’ll get a chance to get back home to London today, as some new flights to Europe are being allowed back in the air.

10+ pictures inside of Jude Law and Sienna Miller enjoying a day of shopping…

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  • Anon

    2 Cheaters who deserve one another.

  • dolorescraegt

    what a gorgeous couple. jude looks so happy. we wish you well….enjoy each other….everyone deserves happiness.

  • tal

    love them! HOT COUPLE !

  • i-i

    Them being back together is actually a blessing in disguise, despite the fact they are both immature irresponsible individuals. Being together (hopefully!) keeps Jude from having unprotected one night stands with random women and that result in the fathering of children who will grow up without a father present. And secondly, them being together also keeps Sienna from home-wrecking and destroying marriages and families. Either way – with these two engrossed in one another, the world can sleep a little easier at night.

  • yo sista


  • eww

    she is still a s*** watch siennas naked tape:

  • Josie

    I wonder why she is with him….not talking about superficial things such as looks because Sienna is mediocre/average looking woman to me.
    But she is with a man who has like 5 kids, 4 of them from a previous marriage and one from a one night stand…plus he doesn’t seem to want anymore children and Sienna is in her childbearing years, so i really do wonder…all i can think of is status, Jude has had a succesful acting career and he is still getting work.

  • meg

    I agree with Josie that she is with him because he’s successful and she is hoping that she’ll be able to get her career back on track. It’s a status thing for her. She’s in the limelight and the media pays attention to her, because she’s with him. She is mediocre/average looking. She wears tons of make-up to look good. I don’t think she’s glamorous.

    Sad for her!!!

  • Clowns

    Laughingstock. LOL

  • nativenyker
  • Clowns

    DOesnt’ he have a bunch of kids and a newborn baby somewhere in FL?!? Un****ingbelievable!

  • Clowns

    What if he is now with her just to keep his -hey I’m really a straight guy- charade in play. And as a bonus, fortunately for him, she cannot have children.

  • http://verysexy sharyllee

    jude is so beautiful!! and very happy. its very important that he is is Sienna beautiful too and happy.

  • Katsaridoula

    she must be really desperate for a s.h.a.g…. HE: an arrogant idiot full of himself, SHE: a chica desperada with no self- respect, TOGETHER : two clowns

  • Sweet Annie

    Oh, Jude. So beautiful. He looks very happy and relaxed.

  • Caroline

    if you twist your step, stumble over a something,you can get a serious compond fracture.
    Who the heck designs these dangerous shoes for women?
    I dare men to wear them!

    Don’t wear them girls! You’ll regret it later or when you get into a cast.

  • There’s a picture of them

    in encyclopedia. With a signature: White. Trash.

  • Bzar

    it seems, since that cheater-f uckhead heterosexual-wannabe became a father for fourth time, it’s his turn to go on a ‘world f uckfest with SM’ ))

    meanwhile, SM’s dressed up for Baltazar and anxiously looking around for the signs of him.
    who knows, maybe his wife was just around the corner, waiting for her, with a baseball bat. )

  • Felicity

    suit and flip flops… only jude can pull that off!!
    gorgeous, gorgeous couple!!
    I want them to stay together for life and have lots and lots of little judies ;) ha

  • Felicity

    sorry for posting that twice! didn’t mean to! :)

  • Bzar

    ^ clowns can pull that off too, you should know!! )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • charlotte


  • vale

    whats happen with jude he looks horrible and sienna OMG worst ever
    jude was a hottie but now i mean he looks old =(

  • Jessie

    They look good. All that matters is if they’re happy, not whether or not a few “I don’t have a life” mouthbreathers disapprove.

  • Jack

    These two idiots take more freaking vacations than they work. This is why Jude doesn’t have time to spend his daughter? The world would be better off without consumptive selfish crapheads like this. There’s no justice when evil people like this who treat people like they do get to live like this when decent honest people are losing their homes

  • http://verysexy sharyllee

    Sophia is his daughter but Samantha is not his girl friend!! He will visit Sophia whenever anytime. stop complaining.. Sienna is now his girl friend.

  • sue

    oh, come on!
    let’s be honest and keep the record straight: they look happy together and make a beautiful couple.
    i’m not a fan of sienna’s acting or actions, but don’t be mean and don’t lie. she’s gorgeous, if you’re asking me, much better looking than jude.
    i just don’t like that dude, full of himself to the top.
    they are both no icons, but at least tell the truth: they make a good looking match!

  • Jack

    It’s not a complaint as a point of fact that Jude Law is a complete loser ass for not taking care of the child he helped to create. I’ve never liked him, but now I think he is a horrible human being.

    Sienna may be georgeous, but that is all. She’s stupid, she’s evil, she’s a tramp and a liar. Plus, she can’t act. When her beauty goes, she’ll have frick-all to make a living. Maybe that deadbeat worthless douche of a man will take care of her.

  • Jack


    thanks for clearing up that looking good is the only thing that matters.

    And why is it a character flaw to have bad sinuses? I would think it would be worse to be a complete moron, such as yourself.

  • http://none Faith

    I can hardly believe the ignorance I read here ! That’s what it is : utter ignorance. The things you are saying about him are so untrue–they are just plain lies ! Why do you choose to think such negative and ugly thoughts about him ? You just love to find someone to look down on –it gives you that superior feeling , doesn’t it ? Instead of looking at Jude and accussing him of all those things, you should look at yourselves and ask where you got your information. Do you know the facts or are you just thinking the worst to make yourselves feel good ? ALL THE STUFF YOU ACUSE HIM OF ARE LIES. And it is truly sad that he gets slandered so by ignorant people like you. It is wrong and ugly of you to belittle and insult others according to what you imagine or what you read in some muckraking tabloid or magazine etc. He is NOTHING LIKE THE PERSON YOU MAKE HIM OUT TO BE . He’s a nice decent, non-arrogant, very talented , hard working modest person. He is also a very loving and attentive responsible father. And he is still the best looking man in Hollywood. He’s got 3 movies coming up next year also. Learn the facts before you shoot off your mouth and think such evil thoughts. He gives a lot to charity also . BTW .

  • http://none Faith


    JACK : It is NOT “a point of fact that Jude is a complete loser-ass for not taking care of the child he helped create ” Where the hell do you get your “FACTS” ? Or are you just thinking what you enjoy thinking ? You know what brother ? YOU don’t know the “facts” . Here are the REAL FACTS : 1- he is NOT a womanizer, a playboy, an “Alfie” type of person. He made one big mistake, when it comes to women, and that’s it. You can’t call him a ruthless person just because he got a divorce–that would be stupid. And that woman who had his baby , Samantha Burke, had every oportunity to say “NO” to him , or to at least insisted on “protection “, but no, she wanted that baby and knew if she had his kid she would get money for the next 18 years. She GOT what she wanted, now she gets $5000.00 a month more than she would had she not romanced him with open arms. Why in the world does the man get all the blame ?? Do you know what a “shake-down ” is ? That’s what it was–like I said- that manipulating woman got just what she wanted, so quit blaming him. And he is a good father to ALL of his kids–including that baby girl. One of the biggest and rottenist lies ever told about him is that he is not a good father. That is pure crap- -evil lies ! He’s a wonderful father. and I wish that SLANDER would stop !! Learn the facts before you think such negative thoughts.