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Jonathan Rhys Meyers: New 'Tudors' Episode This Sunday!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: New 'Tudors' Episode This Sunday!

Jonathan Rhys Meyers and his girlfriend, Reena Hammer, touch down at LAX airport on Thursday (April 29).

The 32-year-old Irish actor pushed his luggage out to the curb before taking a cancer stick break.

A new episode of The Tudors will air this Sunday (May 2) at 9/8c!

Showtime‘s synopsis reads, “The king’s warm welcome in the North reinvigorates him, but his queen’s past catches up to her when a former lover appears with threats of blackmail.”

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  • stellartes

    oh my my!

  • http://www. Fred

    Hate this obnoxious doooouche

  • W T F LOL

    GIRLFRIEND?? I thought he was gay!?????

  • Sexythang

    LOL @ these comments.

    Gay /Straight

    Douche whatever

    He’s hot as hell.

  • megan

    @W T F LOL: if he’s gay he’s closeted lol

  • Lorena

    I hate his skinny little legs. They look awful.

  • NO

    @Sexythang: Eww lol. What part of hm is hot? His face is fug and he can’t dress and his personality stinks.

  • Tom

    Has he sobered up or…?

  • Ellie

    why is his face that color :(

  • sacha m.

    leave my baby alone you haters <3! love you j hope everything’s good…

  • mimi78

    I bet people think smoking makes them look sexy. It really doesn’t. It’s disgusting, truly.

  • Mmm

    Ugh, he’s still with her!

    Hot as ever.

    Loving this season already!!

  • Regina

    JRM is really handsome and a very talented actor

  • Goldeneye

    I think Jonny looks good there…..definitely healthier and not so thin. He is fabulous in season four of The Tudors. Can’t wait to see him on the Tavis Smiley show Tuesday night!!

  • nicole

    Ummm can you say drugs much!!

  • Gina

    I’ve booked all you Jonny bashers eye tests hah

    He looks mighty fine on my computer – it’s not his first girlfriend he’s had a few and if you knew anything about him you’d know he wasn’t gay – as if it mattered anyway – jeez the fella’s just arriving at an airport leave him alone :))

  • Cora

    He’s soooo good in the Tudors.
    I love him & he was great in, “Mathcpoint”
    and he was awesome playing Elvis.

    He looks sober & he is not gay.

  • T

    I love him and he’s hot, but man does he ever look rough in these shots.

  • sexythang

    Obviously he’s been on a long international flight and is probably exhuasted. Of course he looks rough. They both do. These are candid shots. Its not like he’s at a photoshoot.

  • sexythang

    Well we’ll just have to disagree on that. Not a crime.

  • Celia

    I love the Tudors!!

  • sexythang


    Long live King Sexy

  • sexythang


    Amen, lol.

  • Juno

    He looks like total hell. Please clean up, Jonny. I don’t want you to die, too.

  • mailey

    he’s hot. tudors is such a good show.

  • athena

    He looks tired. I don’t get the impression that he’s gay….Sometimes it seems a bit easy to pick up the gaydar….He’s been with his girlfriend Reena for years….If he were gay, I think he wouldn’t always have her as his travel and show awards companion of choice.

  • athena

    @athena: I’m just speaking from my experiences with my gay friends.

  • neil

    He looks sleep deprived, I recognize this look. I get up very early everyday and have trouble falling asleep. When I am too sleep deprived I have this spacy look.
    BTW, I love love love JRM. He was outstanding in Matchpoint.
    JRM is a sex GOD.

  • QR…

    Its been a long flight for him and I’m sure he is tired..who wouldn’t be…give the guy a break!
    He is looking fabulous and fit in the pictures. It will be great to hear what he has to say on the PBS Tavis Smiley show May 4th …absolutely can’t wait!! Welcome home Jonny!!

  • the truth

    Love him in tudors. and he is very fine actor indeed. And he is fine! what a lucky girl she is!

  • muchlove

    JRM is one of the top ten sexiest men on the planet!
    He looks yummy! Also a pretty good actor.

  • Jessie

    Love tudors

  • Anon

    He always seems to stand on this tippy toes to appear taller in pictures.

  • jasmine

    His girlfriend is ugly – he could do so much better!

  • Sheigh

    Rena , stay away from this man, he is a crazy bi****!
    You was a beautiful and now look at you, you seem like a old drug addict woman!

  • Stepdep

    Shelter was gone before it came and From Paris With Love lost money. He better get another soft p*rn cable show fast. He is aging losing his looks (every misdeed is now showing on his face) and his GF will go to a letter opening with him so she can position herself as the next lifestyle expert….NOT….. He is short (5’7″) and the only reason he dates her is she makes him look tall being that she is very short at 5’2″. I am waiting for one of them to have a nose bleed or damage an ankle from falling off their elevator/platform shoes. These two are total camp. She thinks that Louboutins are total sophistication….they are not…they are total street walker. I vote them CAMPIEST COUPLE OF THE YEAR!1!!!! Any campier and they would have a reality show!

  • duple

    Why you see Gay men everywhere ?
    An actor just has to be beautiful that at once he is suspected of being Gay !
    You mean that the heterosexual men are all ugly ???

  • Aylin

    What happened to that girl Reena’s lips? Maybe she had something done on them cause her lips look weird.

  • Gina

    oh how easy it is to type such cruel words sat anonymous at your computer eh – self appointed critics of someones looks – I do so hope you’re looker yourself Jasmine :))

    .. and my my people’s gaydar seems to be working overtime :))

    He’s one gorgeous talented Irishman and they’ve both just flown about 5,000 miles – I look a bit bedraggled after about 20 mins on the underground in rush hour think they look fine :))

    Enjoy him in the States – US friends – but make sure you send him back to us in the UK soon :)

  • Sassy

    LOVE The Tudors! I cannot belive JRM has not won an Emmy yet. He plays King Henry with perfection! GF looks frumpy, I’m surprised he’s not with a Supermodel. And good looking? Yeah, but HENRY CAVILL takes first place on The Tudors! MEEEEOOOOW!

  • RLW

    JRM looks super cool in those pics. I can’t wait to see the new episodes of the Tudors. In this season he’s simply marvelous.

  • trix

    Love him. He is looking very good. Great actor too.

  • Stepdep

    Oh my look at thepic with the side of his sneakers showing …..he has elevators in his sneakers now! Oh gross…. and sad….

  • fran

    Actually, Stepdep, what’s sad is that someone would be so jealous of a beautiful and talented actor that he/she would spend time posting nonsense to try to feel better about yourself.

  • RLW

    Fran, be compassionate: everybody has the right to have a hobby! Some people find their only gratification in hating or bashing celebrities on the various internet forum……. Maybe it’s sad, surely it’s mean, but if it’s the only way to feel better…….. poor little losers

  • Gina

    they’re standard trainers it’s not like he had them made especially they sell em in shops n’ everything :S

  • Stepdep

    Whatever the sneakers are they have lifts in them look at them in the side shot…. He is short 5’7″ and his GF is 5’2″ why can’t they just be honest about it. She likes to staggering along in five inch streetwalker Louboutins and he wears three inch heels, with lifts in the shoes and standing on his toes in every pic….come on people be real for for a minute… one of them will break an ankle or get a nosebleed I am telling you…and everyone thinks that, that type of phoney behavior is fine…jeeze just because he is an actor he can do no wrong…can we say fanatics. These are the same people who critize Heidi Montaug for getting plastic surgery….if these two are great then no one can say anything about what she did because it is more of the same thing…

  • fran

    Well first of all he is 5’10″. That’s factual. And he has a strutting way about him when he walks and it’s true he often does land on his toes. It’s his Velvet Goldmine walk, it’s the way he always has walked and he’s had it since he was in his late teens and starting in films. I for one think it’s sexy.
    You make a comment about him dating someone because she is shorter than him. Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound? Are you really suggesting someone would date someone else and spend most of their time with that person for five years because she is shorter than him? Think about how YOU come across.
    As for the sneakers, they are sneakers, nothing more. He has worn lifts in his shoes on the film set when necessary in comparison with other actors but that’s what acting is all about.

  • sexythang



    Hammer please don’t hurt him, lol.

  • Stepdep

    If he is 5’10″ I am 6’4″. Please lie to me but for gods sake don’t lie to yourselves he is only about 5’7″. I can’t believe there are so many fanatics out there that would lie to themselves about this…Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzze people spare me……. and if he is vain enough to spend most of his time on his toes in pictures than yes…..he is vain enough to date someone short that would make him appear taller…..not a stretch (no pun intended) and those sneakers have lifts in them…look at how deep they are on the side…a male friend of mine wore lifts in all his shoes and that is what the shoes look like unnaturally high or deep in the heel….he also wears a lot of boots because you dont notice that as much in boots….