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Britney Spears: Best-Selling Female Artist of the Decade!

Britney Spears: Best-Selling Female Artist of the Decade!

Britney Spears picks up a few household items from Crate & Barrel on Tuesday (July 20) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The Recording Industry Association of America just certified Britney for selling more than 100 million records and is thus the best-selling female artist of the 2000s. Congrats, Brit!

On Monday (July 19), the 28-year-old singer went on a shopping spree at the Westfield shopping center in Woodland Hills.

10+ pictures of Britney Spears‘ shopping spree at Crate & Barrel…

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britney spears shops crate and barrel 01
britney spears shops crate and barrel 02
britney spears shops crate and barrel 03
britney spears shops crate and barrel 04
britney spears shops crate and barrel 05
britney spears shops crate and barrel 06
britney spears shops crate and barrel 07
britney spears shops crate and barrel 08
britney spears shops crate and barrel 09
britney spears shops crate and barrel 10
britney spears shops crate and barrel 11
britney spears shops crate and barrel 12
britney spears shops crate and barrel 13

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  • Kaz


  • Kaz


  • Kaz

    She cano’t live without man

  • Kaz

    She has more mony why not buy anderclothe

  • jim

    Britney is the absolute pop queen!
    12 years of career and more than 85million album sales and 75 million singles sales!!!!she has also sold more than 850million fragrances!she is a living legend!love u brit

  • ka-blamo


  • Kaz

    Fat Boy

  • anon

    It gets worse. I just saw some other pictures at Lainey Gossip and see the rear view…

  • Kaz

    She needs makeup

  • me

    That selling 100 million albums is made up. Probably by a fan. There is no press release or any info except for some obscure blog saying this. And now people are picking this up as fact. It’s not. The RIAA (Record Industry Association of America) has Britney’s total sales at 32 million. And they do not do worldwide certs. Only US. It’s on their website, if you don’t believe me.

  • Kaz

    I going ba*******

  • Dooley

    People look at the last photo.Her Hair OMG!!!

  • In The Know

    Thats’s f_ckg nuts. She can’t sing, is a stiff and unnatural dancer and hasn’t been cute since 1999.

    …And people wonder why the music industry no longer exists in any viable form!

  • sayuri

    GO Britney. =) Não poderia ser diferente. =DD

  • Audrey

    OMG, Her hair is sooo disgusting!!!!
    I gotta vomit when I see her :S
    And Britney as the best selling of our decade?:S This woman has no talent she’s just a lipsyncing puppet, by who her managers and parnets need to make money..

  • movie news

    why does she go out like that? its a bit too casual and with that hair?!?

  • Y

    Congrats Brit!
    Your fans love you!
    Keep it up 4ever and ever!!

  • Y

    Congrats Brit!
    Your fans love you!
    Keep it up 4ever and ever!!

  • Dana

    Jared the last photo should be the Cover Shot that’s the story here…Britney needs to see this her people just let her walk around like that..SO SAD : (

  • Rao

    Congrats! No matter what people say about her body, talent, clothes and mind she always on top. It must suck being a Britney hater.
    I mean, look at her hair , its a f. c. k.n.g mess, she is multi-milionaire and just don’t care if someone will take a pic of this! This is some punk *idontgiveadamn* attitude.So it does not matter if you are going to say mean things about Brit, she does not give a sh*t. LOL

  • Dana

    This has nothing to do with being Punk she has Hygiene problems that goes alone with her Mental issues.

  • Bs

    i love her she is the best forever

    her hair and body are not perfect but no one ist perfect
    she is my HEROO

  • Wtf??

    People check her ‘hair’ on the last photo!!! G.R.O.S.S.

  • Dominic

    Britney! Your HAIR!!!!!! Get help for that. The shit is coming out!

  • Butter_Fly

    Wow. I’m speechless regarding her hair (the last pic). I’m not being a hater but that is just nasty.

  • Anonymous

    She is not a model, she’s an entertainer dont expect her to look like a model.
    & she can not look like she did before she had kids becuse the body changes after having kids!!

  • Sexy

    She’s like a man!!!

  • change

    Agreed with all the early comments,that last pic is really nasty

  • Aonsonsy


  • Bella Coola

    This is proof that there are a lot of people out there with poor taste.

    This hag has ZERO talent and is butt ugly. Let’s not forget she’s brain dead, too.

  • NGC-7293


  • gestapo

    at this point i wonder if it’s her medication that’s keeping her hair from growing – cause medications can affect the body in weird ways. Dunno, I’m just looking for a reason because it’s just not normal to have hair like that… It should have grown to be much longer than that already right?

  • slambang

    Nice hair. LOL! She can’t sing, she can barely dance anymore, and she looks like a smelly crazy person.

  • Milo

    WOW!!! These comments just prove how obsessed the haters are w/ Britney! There more obsessed w/ her than us- the fans! U people r pathetic, truly sad! Luv u Britney, can’t wait for new #1 album!!!

  • Nati

    She is the best selling female artist of the decade, the 5th best earning artist, 5 of 6 of her albums are nr 1 except for blackout nr 2.
    And you haters come and say that she isnt talented? haha if she werent she wont be this succesfull.

    Keep on talking you cant change the facts! Shes the Pop Princess s s s

  • TT




  • NGC-7293



    That goes double for me!

  • Sohooot

    Keep it up what? That doesn’t impress me much…. Coz she released her shiiiit muzik like her career is going to end without considering the quality … Even she sells more than that, i never respect this talentless dancer

  • yo sista

    She looks a HOT MESS but she’s pretty, i mean anyone would look bad with their hair like that. But she’s absolutely untouchable when it comes to being a Pop Legend.

  • the_boyfriend

    goddess, icon, etc.

  • Lala

    @me: Um…I think you’re forgetting that RIAA also certifies singles as well…I’m sure Britney has many multi-platinum singles over her career. She has sold 32 million albums, the rest is singles and videos.

  • yo sista

    lol at the haters hating :D

    stay mad