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Halle Berry: Westfield with Nahla!

Halle Berry: Westfield with Nahla!

Halle Berry and her 3-year-old daughter Nahla walk around Westfield Century City on Tuesday (July 26) in Century City, Calif.

The 44-year-old actress dropped off her car with the valet, before doing some shopping at the outdoor mall.

The day before, Halle picked up Nahla from preschool and took home a dreamcatcher that she made with yarn and feathers.

Halle can next be seen in the comedy, The Skank Robbers, and the thriller, Dark Tide, opposite her real-life beau, Olivier Martinez.

FYI: Halle is wearing an Aqua maxi dress, available exclusively at Bloomingdale’s, and carrying the CC Skye “Rich Gypsy” bag. Nahla is wearing GapKids and Crocs Keeleys.

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry and Nahla shopping in Century City…

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  • cutie

    aww, what a cutie…Nahla is so pretty!!

  • Rolling with it

    mother and daughter look great…there is something about halle i cannot stand though

  • A

    Say what you will about Halle, but she is gorgeous! and her daughter is so cute!

  • sweet

    Halle looks gorgeous nahla looks cute with her pigtails.

  • YAYA

    Both are so beautiful.

  • Lilakoi

    Nahla is dressed SO cute. LOVE her black dress. Her hair is beautiful. She’s SO pretty =)

  • janie

    wish there were more pictures with her daddyyy!

  • treyc

    Halle has a receding hairline and she needs to wear a dress because she is starting to look like a man. Serves her right for losing her looks because she is a disguating human being.

  • colette

    Not to be mean but are mongrel babies “de rigueur” right now, because I like to stay ahead of trends and if they are then I really have to think about getting impregnated by a Nigerian or something.

  • Jo

    Colette, you need to get a life and an education.
    You are a pathetic DEGENERATE

  • maggy

    dont you guys wished u were also referred to as africans.africans come with different skin colours,height,looks etc,.. my point is that nahla is a beatiful african american woman, we can see that in her looks and complexion.i am a brown african person and i always state on here that nahla is our beautiful african princess and yes she is.nahla aubry does not appear to be pink or pale so she cant be referred to as white or cassian.all people who are not cassian and mixed with cassian are africans.obama,mariah carey,nahla aubry are one of us.we love u african princess nahla aubry.from a brown african lady

  • Garner

    Yeah coltette, but Ben didn’t want half PuertoRican babies with JLO so get over it.

  • Garner

    Yeah coltette, but Ben didn’t want half PuertoRican babies with JLO so get over it.

  • bill

    I follow on here to a degree….to monitor….there is something going on with celebrity infringement and it appears she is doing nothing about it…it will all come out in court and of course that will tell if she was complicit…true beauty is from within, if you got it on the outside too that’s just icing on the cake!!

  • mwannirs
  • barbie


    As Africans comes in all shades (e.g. west african-primarily negroid, east african-mixture of arab, nubian, etc), so do Caucasians. Caucasians, can be different shades of brown/olive (e.g. Indians, Mediterranean), pink, etc. Therefore, to say that Nahla is an African American is very wrong. She is a mixed-race child, with features that reflect her ethnicity (one quarter African-African, three-quarters Caucasian). Her skins looks to be an olive tone (similar to Arabs or Southern European) and her hair is dark blonde and curly (similar again to many Southern Europeans, just check out women in Sicily). My point is that Nahla should be proud of her mixed background, and should not need to (like Halle felt the need) to consider herself black just because her skin is not white or pink.

  • maggy

    @barbie:corrections – nahlas hair is not appearing to be dark blonde actually .her hair is sandy/honey blonde in colour actually .her eyes colour changes all the point was that this child is a mixture of black and white and yes she has mixed skin colour,therefore she should be classified as black/african.i am a brown skin african, .Afro African come in different colours, yellow,brown,dark brown,black and we all fall under the same umbrella [black].afro mixed with cassians are also black people like obama,nahla,mariah carey.i was not refering to arabs mixed etc.

  • sami

    @barbie – Thank you so much for your comment. Nahla is not African-American, she is mixed and has more White in her than Black. F* that one drop rule!! African-Americans (who seem to be the only ones) love to say that Africans(?)/Blacks/African-American’s come in all shades. Well HELLO, so do Whites, Asians, Indians, etc. Some of them have white/very light skin while others have a dark brown color that may be darker than some pure Africans!

    Everyone whose skin isn’t snow white isn’t African descended or Black!

  • The One

    HUMANS come in all shades/colors. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS RACE! It is simply the categorizing of humans, and it has been used for economical/political reasons. The sooner we all realize that the difference in our looks is no different than the difference in the looks of any other animals, the sooner we can let racism DIE!

    Let us marvel at our differences and celebrate them, for we all make up the beautiful tapestry that is the HUMAN RACE. Free your minds. Peace.

    ‘Black girl – born, conditioned, and unconditioned in the US of A’

  • stella
  • frankii

    does anyone know the name os the shades that halle is wearing

  • Chanel Desiree

    I really don’t understand the point of arguing. Everyone’s wasting their time with this. The girl is mixed. It doesn’t matter if she’s more of one race than another. At the end of the day, she’s mixed and she’s a child that doesn’t need people arguing over her race. WHat she needs is for people to say she’s adorable, so she could get on with her life and be raised by her MOTHER. She’s not any of you guys’ child. So, stop it.