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Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: Grocery Shopping!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Blake Lively: Grocery Shopping!

Leonardo DiCaprio and his rumored girlfriend Blake Lively go for a stroll together in Los Angeles on Sunday (August 7).

The 36-year-old actor and the 23-year-old actress checked out a flier for an upcoming Bon Iver concert!

The day before, Blake and Leo stocked up on tons of groceries at a supermarket.

Later in the evening, Blake looked stunning as she walked the blue carpet at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards.

Blake has been on the west coast filming her show Gossip Girl.

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Credit: Premiere3/Rocstar3/RR3; Photos: Flynet Pictures
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  • Claire

    It’s love!

  • creed

    ughhh. ive lost some respect for Leo after he started dating Blake.
    What happened to always wanting to hide and lie low? Guess that all changed now, I mean its not like they’re gonna get married or anything.

  • blue

    so cute. i hope leo married her.

  • Stephanie

    Hot couple alert!

  • kiss

    more like love to screw.

  • blue

    it’s love alright. leo is very private and his open for a paps with blake is telling people how serious he is. i hope leo marry her.

  • evie

    Go Lively!

  • loveit

    they look really cute, hope it lasts :)

  • Issy


  • lucyhalerox

    im so happy 4 leo, blake is so lovely and amazing, something tells its their destiny to be together :33

  • shimmy

    I’m still on the fence whether I like this coupling or not but I admit it’s looking like this is his next long term relationship, I mean that’s his pattern right? He never willingly shows himself with flings or girls he’s not serious about, unless he gets caught

  • Elena

    yeah, this whole situation still seems quite odd. like i was reading a story like half an hour ago about how bl and ld were photographed at a grocery store, but abandoned their cart and left out the back to dodge them, and it showed pics of bl and fuzzy leo in the background. and now they’re just walking down the street, and he’s not even hiding his face which he does ALWAYS? just seems to get stranger and stranger.

  • pinkfeva

    id just like to say that its not fair to be as hott as blake, i wish she could give me half of her hottness, even with half id still look hott. xD

  • Issy

    if they are actually together then why dont they EVER hold hands in public?

  • Allison

    I have respect for Leo as an actor, but when it comes to his personal life it just seems that he doesn’t live up to those romantic characters that he has played so well over the years.

  • anon

    I still think they are kinda of an odd couple.. but whatever its their lives.. people need to stop hating so much on other peoples decisions.

  • IKR!

    yeah dont we all? lol i personally would love to have her legs, theyre heavenlyyyyyyy… too bad i have bad knees, she has one of the hottest legs ever .. well along with haley reinhart of course :D

  • Issy

    @Elena: what site you been going on? i now of zimbio and info plz hehe


    I feel so bad for the pathetic people who thinks this is a real relationship.
    If it were Leo would be trying to hide it like he always does… this is hollywood, 2 PR agents rub their iphones together and promote their clients and Leo and Blake get paid to take those staged pictures to sell in tabloids.

  • Casey

    i love her casual style but hate her red carpet style

  • Marie

    I’m in love with them. sooooo cute !

  • explain2meplz

    i dont get ppl saying theyre an odd couple? i dont think they are.. maybe unexpected, but thats all to say the least. maybe theyre just mean to be together.

  • Casey


    because if they did people would say they are just looking for attention

  • shimmy


    Leo seems to have an aversion to hand holding. Pretty much never held Bar’s…

  • enuff

    @HI GUISE:
    enough with all this none sense, all this speculation. you dont know that, you are just jealous and trying to make your mind deny their relationship because you are in love with leo. all you are saying is conspiratorial. nobody is actually listening to your PR bullshit, hope you one day realize.

  • Elena

    @Issy: sorry my comment is awaiting moderation, possibly because i put in a link? but anyways it’s a link i found on bellazon, they have quite a few pictures there too.

  • Roiy

    @creed: He is still lying low. Remember WE are the ones on a gossip site looking at pictures taken of him without his permission.

  • myview

    perhaps this is one of those more serious relationships, and they are trying not to rush things. leo probably realizes she is a gem, and doesnt want to mess things up this time. so he is keeping it private, thus why you dont see any hand holding action. just my two cents. besides that, they are a wonderful couple. <3

  • Jimmy

    @HI GUISE:
    really though! how can people be this oblivious.

  • L.O.V.E



    I havent seen a Dicaprio movie since catch me if you can.. hes overated if you need my opinion. And yes, you need to be an idiot to think this is real.. why the hell do you think PR reps exist anyways, Leo was getting all that bull for dumping Bar and his reputation was sinking and when Blake read for “Great Gatby” everyone freaked out and thought they were dating….
    1+1=2.. my friend

  • Domino

    She’s disgusting. Clearly the people saying she’s hot are either blind or stupid. If that’s hot then I could be a supermodel. It’s sad to see people who believe this is a real relationship. This is only PR. Leo DOES hold hands with girlfriends. In fact he was super sweet and affectionate with Gisele and even Bar when they were still doing fine. It’s clear how uncomfortable he is with this famew*ore, he cares so little he doesn’t even attempt to hide. It’s clearly a PR stunt, which really disappoints me coming from Leo, but ah well. It will end. I just hope he gets a real woman one day, or a model with a brain.

  • April

    @HI GUISE: If Leo wanted to promote himself, he would’ve found a much more classic and respected lady, trust me, nobody that has his status would want to be linked to Blake Lively for promotion. So I say it’s pretty real.

  • WAlterBisho[

    I wonder if he already made love to her, cause he seems to be courting her for something (we all know for what) while she (surprisingly) plays a smart girl and seems to be intriguing him even more. May be that is the reason why they are not holding hands. Perhaps, it’s lust that turns into a genuine interet in the girl. However, I really liked blake during her penn badley period. Now I don’t seem to find her engaging anymore. Leo, well, Leo, Leo,Leo…I don’t think he’s the best actor ever – he shouts a lot and tries hard to make a serious face. Look at Keanu Reeves – he’s expression is although always the same it has some inner light to it whereas Yours is only about showing off. Working with famous directors doesn’t necessarily make you an outstanding actor. He has never played in indie movies or anything like that. He is all about big names and big movies. he is always the same. Even De Niro knows how to play comedy roles. Blake – go back to Penn, otherwise Your relationship with Leo bring You no good – even though he is not the greatest actor, he’s more talented which only shows how much less talented You are and You are indeed less talented. Leo go find Yourself a classier woman/actress – Kate fo instance. She is equal in talent to You if not more talented… The way he acts with Kate is always charming. Why then dating with a woman who says she is all shy and that and who brings out the cheapness from Yourself and a woman that You in turn make look cheaper than she is.

  • Elena

    look, these threads seem divided between bl lovers and haters. and i’ll admit it, i lean much more towards hater than lover, but it’s not because i’m jealous, believe me i’m not so delusional that i think if leo wasn’t dating her he would be dating me. i disliked her before she started dating leo. but let’s get real, these things seem incredibly photo-op-ish. and it is hella weird that one minute they are dodging cameras like crazy and the next they are letting themselves be photographed. obviously leo is helping her get a lot of exposure, and who knows whether it’s because of some pr agreement or he is just crazy about her. but seriously, a guy who goes so far out of his way to avoid pictures seems to be mighty camera friendly all of a sudden, and that is quite weird. and @Roiy, sorry but he is not trying to lie low. i have to say i live in la, and there are hardly any paparazzi around anywhere except for a few select places. and leo is famous enough to be followed by photographers sometimes, but honestly people are lying to themselves if they think celebrities don’t court this kind of attention. any of them could just as easily go to a supermarket outside of hollywood where they won’t be followed. what strikes me as so strange is that leo is that guy who goes out of his way to avoid being photographed, i mean seriously he is insanely famous and can go like 2 months without a post on jj, and all of a sudden he’s all over the place. this is obviously intentional, but the motive behind it is still a mystery.

  • enuff

    @HI GUISE:
    wtf did you just say? .. honestly if you hate him, answer me this.. WHY ARE YOU HERE? why are you on this thread, trying to BULLDIZE their relationship? .. uhm, i think youre the idoit here. my friend, 1+1=2 doesnt prove anything, dont know where you were trying to go with that one.. :S

  • sarah

    blake is beautiful

  • isee

    @HI GUISE:
    cool, you find leo overrated.. now go home. ;)

  • Domino

    @WAlterBisho[: Are you f*cking kidding me? I am sure this b*itch puts out before saying hello.

    @myview: She’s a gem? LMFAO Sorry that’s just too funny.

  • uuhuh

    id like to see a pic of you then.. a real woman? haha, like someone like you? jesus, this delusional dumb betches.. o.o


    lmao.. “bulldize”
    I hardly doubt that BL and Leo are even on this site… they are out and about spending the money they sold their pics to sites like JJ, Perez, Us weekly and more… I dont hate leo… btw, I think hes cute just overrated as an actor. I actually love Blake, she is all over my tumblr.

  • Domino

    Unlike you I’m not 12. If I wished it was me then I would say it. But no, I respect Leo as an actor but judging by his personal life I don’t think he’s the best person to date. I have a brain, also unlike you. Now go play with your dolls.

  • enuff

    cl@HI GUISE:
    you need to set your mind straight. haha, leo is an amazing actor, you honestly think that he would “sell their pics to sites like JJ, Perez, US weekly and more” .. seriousness, just gonna go with that. youre pathetic.


    everyone is so effing crazy about all this.. calm the eff down. seriously, ALL the comments on here are so rude, either to the “couple” or to each other.

  • uuhuh

    hmm.. i think you just might be, if not then .. dang, you are one dumb delusional betch. :)

  • Domino

    @JESUS CHRIST: LOL, you’re so cute.

  • BLLD


  • kooks

    its just fun poking at people who oppose their relationship, we blake lovers just sticking up for her and leo.

  • kooks

    btw . HI EVERYONE! ,
    i like blake and leo a lot. but together, omg. i love them even more… need to take a cold shower now. excuse.

  • ..

    “now go with your dolls” .. >.< lol good one, yeah shes 12.