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LeAnn Rimes: Yacht Ride With Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes: Yacht Ride With Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes gets off a yacht with husband Eddie Cibrian on Tuesday (December 20) in Los Cabos, Mexico.

“I’m up doing the ’5 More Days Til Christmas’ dance & Eddie‘s looking at me like I’ve lost my mind HA,” the 29-year-old singer tweeted earlier in the morning.

“The whale watching from our balcony in insane. They are so close….what beautiful creatures,” LeAnn wrote in another tweet. “Wow, horseback riding on the sand was magical! Gorgeous day already. Very spiritual morning.”

The day before, LeAnn showed off her bikini bod while soaking up the sun with Eddie.

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  • dobbi

    Horseback riding? In her case, wouldn’t that be a horse riding a horse?

  • noelle

    my english vocabulary is not adequate enough to express how much i despise and hate these people!!!

  • shannon

    A very self centered woman. I hope for her sake her money doesn’t run out…. because when that happens so will Eddie!

  • kel

    jj must be there with them. free vacay to post their every move.

  • Deanne

    First of all, another pathetic, we pay the paps photo op. Secondly, if she values her marriage and her happiness, she should learn to keep them private. Tweeting every 5 seconds and telling everyone, everything that they do and everything that she feels, has opened her up to a lot of criticism and negativity from the public. People who are in fulfilling relationships that they feel secure in, tend to want to keep that part of their lives private and certainly don’t feel the need to report on the relationship on a minute by minute basis. How can you be really experiencing everything and engaging those around you if you are constantly reporting it to the masses? It completely reinforces the Insecure and immature label she has been pegged with. Only she can change that and closing her Twitter account would be a good start.

  • lucia237

    oh gosh, her seems to be so easy…

  • Nikki

    Wow I am stuck in hospital waiting for a transplant and I get to hear that LeAnn and her douche bag husband has gone on another vaccation and hearing what her every move is wow honey your life is so hard I feel for you..Not.

    Usually I am not one to dislike people and trying to get on with them and take their faults as part of them but I cannot stand her or him with a passion!.

    Everyone wants to know LeAnn that Eddie and you are riding horses or watching whales that are right out side the door of your hotel!! because we all love you and think you deserve all these nice things to happen just for you and we are happy to sit back read and dream we had your life…sorry that was sarcasm if you could not grasp it honey.

  • icefire

    these two never work, right?

  • Lina

    Everything she says sounds so fake. She’s making a fool of herself. That relationship doesn’t go good of course.

  • jaded

    I vote for them as most uber annoying couple of 2011. Congrats, famewhores!

  • calla

    Now this I would believe she didn’t setup, it’s what normal stalkerazzi photos of celebs look like, when they’re not staged and setup. Though the staged ones could be coming…LOL.

    Deanne, yes, she will not likely ever improve her career or reputation until she closes the Twitter account. It exposes how fake and narcissistic, delusional and mean she is. It also exposes how much of a lie her life is.

    She seems to be ranking up there with Kardashians and Lohans as “celebs” who people really dislike and wish would go away. I’m not sure she cares though. She either thinks it’s just a few who dislike her, or, any publicity is good publicity. Not sure.

  • jj

    Next post “Leanne Rimes: Takes a poop!”


    LeAnn’s “winning” the battle for “Mom” against Brandi because she knows Mason and Jake are just like their dad and are easily bought. Brandi tries to “play fair” and that’s why she’ll lose! LeAnn has no morality or empathy and will win because she “follows her hearts desire” and laughs at those that limit themselves to living by societies rules! Case in Point :

  • dani


    The amusing thing about her twitter account is that over the last year she has lost a few hundred or thousand fans. She hovers in the low 200,000′s. So it certainly isn’t gaining her any additional fans.

  • hey777

    you mean edie is looking at you like, “whata heck did i get myself into”.

  • Mari

    I just wish she would either just concentrate on her music…because she does have a good voice after all or just disappear at all. Every time she opens her mouth *or her twitter for that matter* I and probably a lot of other people as well, get a very bad feeling about her.

    The thing is, that I have the feeling that, even though she is probably not the nicest of people, Eddie is really the villain here. She seems to be very insecure and he plainly just goes for her money. As soon that the money is spent, he definitely will find a reason to leave her. He has got the vibes of a serious scumbag.

  • Annie

    I agree Mari, she’s very insecure, needy for attention and male adulation and emotionally about 10 years younger than her years (seriously, all this business of trying to morph into some silly Playboy fantasy – I almost pity her) . He is a manipulative creeper so of course she attracted him like flies to sh*t. As soon as Eddie secures what he wants (assets, the right contacts in the biz, another kid or two) he’ll leave her and she’ll be a total trainwreck.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Ok, I am going to get banned, but so wat cos’ I will give you all a good laugh. I’ll be classclown here.

    dobbi @ 12/21/2011 at 7:08 am +11

    Horseback riding? In her case, wouldn’t that be a horse riding a horse?

    No dobbi, that would be Eddie riding her,LeAnn.

  • calla

    Dani – I don’t know. I think she gains them, because people like to watch a trainwreck. I’ve seen such statements in her mentions, at least. LOL.

    To what a few others mentioned….I don’t think she’ll run out of money. She’s worth millions. Even with her album and movies being a flop, she gets paid. And she does appearances and such, sells her pap photos, etc. So I doubt that’s a concern. So I don’t think EC will leave her for that. He’ll just get caught cheating first…one can only keep up a masquerade for so long.

  • Lelo

    R you kidding me 100 dollars a week in allowance. What would a 8 year old need a 100 dollars for. Leann rimes you hav lost your frigg mind. Leann you need to teach thoses kids value of a money. You won’t be rich all yr life. Haha I bet the 8 year old will give his mom the money. Eddie will leave you. We all know hollywood marriages don’t last. every actor in hollywood has ended their marriage 90 % of them do. Tom, nicole. Reece an ryan the list are endless.

  • Lelo

    trust me her money will run out. She bank rolls Eddie’s every move. He has drained a few million from her already. And will continue to do so for another ten years. You have to remember. Her album sales are low. She is forever cancelling shows. How many paps shots will she continue to sell 20000 a photo op . I can’t see the public staying interest in Leann Rimes for to long. I have never bought a magazine when she is featured. Her music comes on the radio and I immediately turn it off. Alot of multi millions hav lost their money living Leann new life style. This is the part she is heading. This is why her blogs R litterd w/ her hopes of winning her old fans back. she has lose millions because of Eddie. Made for tv movies don’t pay that much. the most she ranked in I’m guessing 15000 to 30000 per a movie or less. Her movies are not block buster people. Guess tv spots 5000 Look at danelle harris zombie godess she onced got paid 5 000 for her made for tv movie.

  • Sharon

    He married cos she have the money..Who u think payed for her vacation..he not working and have 2 kids to feed..She have a good body most probably work hard for that body..she still have that ugly face.

  • antiLeann

    people Constrate on Leann more then Eddie simply because she will not Stfu.She wants to pretend that Eddie and herself got together. Under normal circumstances. And their relationship. Is so honest. Eddie has already cheated on Leann, with his ex-mistress S,C. And ex-wife, if she would just live her dam life instead of Tweeting lies to innocent fans. I think people would concerate less on the homewrecker. I wonder what eddie’s boys would think if they found out Leann, that you were the one that broke up their happy home. Stalked their dad. Moved in to their neighborhood. Had sex with their dad. While mason mom was pregnant with his little brother. harass eddie via phone/email. So much that he decided to change his phone number. How u continuly cried on the phone to him begging to give you another chance. While he was still very much married to B.g. He only married you out of desperation, because his wife wouldn’t take him back. I wonder how mason and jake would feel if they knew, that you were the reason they lost their home. That you Leann single white female brandi, even now every chance you get, from boobs jobs, to loosing weight, to same wardrobe, same designer clothes, and even brandi’s Tweets. Are recycled on Leann rimes twitter page. And Leann always plays victim claiming that she doesn’t know why the public can’t move on. Yet miss famewhorrre is busy copying his ex. Trying to make herself in to a brandi clone. Leann you disgust me. You don’t have psosaries. You have mild pimple condition on yr face . You have freaken flawless skin. playing victim again. Some one with psosaries would have blocthy un even skin. With horrible scaring Always. There are no if or but about this. No money in world can cure this disease, and judging from Leann barely there swimsuits, sun worshiping and alcohol behavior she Definatly does not have this skin condition. There is no magical cure for this skin disease. Leann Rimes fakes a skin disease to gain sympathy, from the public. And again a liar who does not hav psosaries at all. Or her skin would show it. Go to youtube and see videos with ppl who actually hav psosaries. Then go and look at the thousands of pics of Leann and c for yourself.

  • Christina G

    You know, Leanne actually looks kind of sweet and innocent in these photos, very child like actually. Now, I know she isn’t sweet and innocent based on her actions for going on 3 years now but I can’t help but feel a little pity for her. She thinks she has everything she wants in a man with Eddie. I think this is because although Dean was a good husband and certainly not gay in my opinion as some have said, that is was not a passionate union for either of them. So here comes Eddie and hot sex and Leanne just lost her mind. She is still fairly young and one day I do think she will regret throwing away her good, steady marriage with Dean, passion or not, and I think as a more mature woman in her late 30′s and 40′s she will look back and regret the way she treated Brandi Glanville in regards to her marriage and children. I’m sure Brandi hasn’t been easy to deal with and had probably done some bad things towards Leanne as well, but it was her marriage and children first, so Brandi has the right to be as upset as she was or maybe still is. I also believe Leanne will regret being on twitter so much and giving so many interviews about a situation that should have never been so public to begin with. By the time she has all these revelations, sadly, the damage is done. I don’t think Leanne and Eddie will stay married more than 5-10 years, max, and I think he will leave her as an emotional wreck because she clearly adores. Adores him to the point that she is not the woman she used to be or could have been. She became that “other woman” that all loving wives fear. She became someone who most other women do not want to befriend. She became someone who fans do not respect anymore. She’s become a joke and she doesn’t even see it. Worst of all and finally, she became an easy target for a man like Eddie Cibrian – someone who wanted a little piece on the side but to stay with his wife – evidenced my his initial denial of the affair and attempt at counseling with Brandi. And when that plan didn’t work out for him, he saw how desperate Leanne was to keep him and has been living off her financially and emotionally ever since. She is being used and she cannot even see the writing on the wall. Sad, and I can’t believe I am typing this but I actually feel bad for her. Eddie will leave her in shambles emotionally and quite possibly with a lot less money unless she tied that up legally before the wedding and at this point she has no one to blame but herself. Her parents are someone that really loves her should get involved her, they have to see it too.

  • Abigail

    Looks like Leann has put on a bit of weight. Good for her, she needed a few extra pounds, looks super now. Healthy and sexy.

  • Abigail

    @Christina G:

    and I must say I agree with everything you said. I am a big Leann fan still but am disappointed by some of her actions. I think Eddie is using her too and the day will come when she is left heartbroken.