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Orlando Bloom: 'Three Musketeers' On DVD Tuesday!

Orlando Bloom: 'Three Musketeers' On DVD Tuesday!

Orlando Bloom flashes a smile as he rushes through LAX Airport on Friday night (March 9) in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actor made a dash to his car after his long flight.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Orlando Bloom

Orlando‘s film The Three Musketeers will soon be available on DVD and Blu-ray! The action packed adventure, which also stars Milla Jovovich, Luke Evans, and Logan Lerman, will arrive in stores on March 13.

Also pictured inside: Orlando shopping in Paris on Tuesday (March 6).

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom rushing through LAX Airport…

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orlando bloom rushes through lax 01
orlando bloom rushes through lax 02
orlando bloom rushes through lax 03
orlando bloom rushes through lax 04
orlando bloom rushes through lax 05
orlando bloom rushes through lax 06
orlando bloom rushes through lax 07
orlando bloom rushes through lax 08
orlando bloom rushes through lax 09
orlando bloom rushes through lax 10
orlando bloom rushes through lax 11

Photos: AKM-GSI, Bauergriffinonline
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  • Sandy

    I am excited to get three musketeers on DVD. I also am getting sympathy for delicious and main street. I am excited about his upcoming movie roles like cities and Zulu. Also very interested in seeing the good doctor once it hits theatres and the hobbit. Orlando must be exhausted traveling so much. He looks tired but also still looks handsome.

  • Mya

    What. A. Great. Story.

    Any other movies coming out on video next week?

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    This was one of the weakest movies I saw last summer. Orlando Bloom also played a dual role – confusing.

  • Isis lara

    Based on recent pics, his body mass and face looks similar to someone on the verge of becoming a heavy drinker.

  • @3

    He didn’t play a dual role. He only played the Duke of Buckingham.
    The guy that like him was Luke Evans as Aramis. Luke also got mistaken a lot for Orlando by people who went to see Immortals.
    Poor Luke. Can’t even make a mark for himself in films. He looks too much like an older Orlando.
    IMO, the movie would have been better if they hadn’t tried to make Milady into an action star. That took a lot away from the story, and made it more unbelievable. But I thought that Orlando was a hoot as the Duke. You could tell that he had a great time chewing the scenery.
    I’m buying the blue-ray for his performance alone.

  • @Sandy

    Loved Sympathy for Delicious. Orlando was fantastic as The Stain. Main Street was OK. The ending could have been a lot better. But Orlando was again, impressive. I liked that a lot of people from north Carolina have commented about how Orlando nailed the accent.

  • No Way

    I thought he was good in Sympathy. I’m looking forward to seeing Main Street. I like the other actors in it besides him.

  • @4

    LOL! Frozoid? Is that you? Since you always feel the need to post the same thing in EVERY Orlando thread, I figured that this was you.

  • eek

    D O U B L E C H I N

  • gross

    He has awful double chin and he looks so short and stumpy overall.

  • please

    Orlando please lose some weights, or you would look like a FAT PIG by the side of your slender wife. Look into the mirror, your face is bloated like a soccer ball and keeps getting bigger and bigger.

  • please …

    Oh wait I just realise something, maybe it’s not about how his face getting bloated, but his neck. It becomes so thick and therefore gives him a double chin look. Could it be hypothyroidism? Because the rest of his body looks like that as well…chubby.

  • YAY!

    The sockpuppet has arrived!
    What took you so long???
    We’ve missed you!

  • Eve

    I know a long fly is tiresome and may cause you to have a bloated face because of edema. But he used to fly a lot without looking bloated like how he looks here. To me, Orlando is never ugly but is not that beautiful as fans claim to be. He’s just normal, and yes, he’s aging normally compared to us but is not aging well compared to fellow celebrities. Johnny Depp is almost 50, but still looks younger and better than him. Brad was also looking much better when he was in his mid thirties. I’m not blaming Orlando for this because it’s his own choice and sometimes genes affect aging as well which is not something he can change. It’s just kind of disappointed as I’ve always expected him to look younger than his real age. Seems like I was completely wrong.

  • @14

    How can you say that he looks old for his age when he looks younger than other guys five-six years his junior?
    Everyone has their own opinions, and mine is that he looks gorgeous!

  • Eve

    @15 Are you going to tell me Luke Evans (many of you bring his name quite often and I don’t get why)? Or maybe you can offer me some other examples because Mr. Evans always looks bad to me :)

  • sofia

    @Isis lara:
    hahahaha i agree

  • nah

    Judging from most of his bad photos taken recently, you can easily see how much he’s aging. I don’t get why fans try to hard to deny it. I know he’s not ugly, but nowhere near beautiful as he once was. Is such fact too sad to be seen?

  • ta

    So you haters are claiming that in the pics of him shopping in Paris he looks fat, old and bloated? Even though he looks trim and handsome.
    Surely he must, because you guys won’t admit that camera angles can make all the difference.
    I just think that some of you still expect him to look 25. Do you look like you did 10 years ago? No? Then why do you expect him to?
    And if you DO think that he looks horrible, why do you still follow every single move he makes? That seems a bit off to me.

  • @18

    Brad Pitt is no where near as beautiful as he once was. Nor is Johnny Depp. Or Leo DiCaprio. Or Tom Cruise. Or Robert Redford. Or even Robert Pattinson.
    None of us will be as beautiful as we were 10-15 years ago. Is Orlando supposed to be the exception to the rule, and you hate him because he’s not?
    IMO, I like the older Orlando. He’s lost some of the boyish ‘prettiness’ that gave him that soft and sweet look. I like the mature Orlando (who looks 30, not 35) very much.

  • @Eve

    See, when you ask for some examples and pathetic shippers fail to give you anything. Their logic is just smaller than a peanut since they are brainless. Don’t expect them to tell you anyone, because there are none. “He looks younger than other guys five-six years his junior”???! Who are you referring to? His dog?

  • nah

    No I don’t hate him and I never said that either. All I try to say is he’s just normal. Why are you fans so desperate to make him saint like as if he were never aging?

  • Oh dear

    @@18: Saying Robert Pattinson looks older than Orlando Bloom just showed how crazy you are. That’s absolutely nonsense. And claiming that Pitt, Depp, or even Cruise are less beautiful than him? Well it’s just you. Bear this in mind, the majority of people will never agree with you. Go get a look outside JJ and listen to what people say about them. I’m not lying nor joking.

  • @20

    I think what Eve said is that Brad looked younger than Orlando when both in their mid thirties, not that he always looks beautiful and not aging.

  • @23

    Reading comprehension is a good thing. Try it sometime.
    I SAID that they were examples of people who are not as beautiful as they ONCE WERE.
    NONE of them, whether you consider them more beautiful than Orlando or not, are not as beautiful as THEY WERE 10 years ago, Robert included,
    I guess that you haters have become intentionally dense so that you can avoid the truth.
    Or have you always been this stupid?

  • @22

    Again….didn’t I just say that I liked the older Orlando? How can you say that we think that he never ages.
    Twisting my words, like the idiot at #23 said just makes you look ignorant.

  • Oh dear

    Sorry for my misunderstanding. I agree that everyone ages, but some age well while some don’t. And serisouly I don’t think Orlando is the aging-well type of person.

  • Eve

    @@20: Thank you. That’s exactly what I mean :)

  • @21

    Not #15, but OK, you asked for it….
    James Franco – only a year younger, but looks 10 years older
    Jake Gyllenhaal – three years younger, but looks older than Orlando
    Shia LaBeouf – six years younger, but looks the same age.
    And yes, since you asked for it…
    Luke Evans – three years younger but look 40.
    Of course not. Nothing will ever get you to admit that you are wrong.

  • why

    To Orlando’s fans
    Why is it necessary to bring other celebrities down only to defend your crush?

  • @24

    When Brad Pitt was 35 he made Fight Club. He looked 35. he certainly didn’t look younger than Orlando.

  • @30

    Why is it necessary to bring Orlando down just to make yourself feel better?

  • @29

    I agree with most people you bring up except Jake Gyllenhaal. Don’t get me wrong I like Orlando, but Jake usually looks much younger than Orlando (as he’s supposed to) imo.

  • @33

    Have you seen Jake lately? Maybe it’s just the beard, But he looks older and awful. And I like him, too.

  • @33

    With beard he may look older, but if shaved, like you said, definitely looks younger. Well at least I think so.

  • @30

    Blame ‘Eve’. She’s the one who opened the door by unfavorably comparing Orlando to other actors.

  • Eve

    Yes, that’s it. They should be compared on an equal basis, shouldn’t they? I mean, with or without the beard. When Jake is clean shaved he looks much younger. So I don’t think he fit the “Guys five-six years his junior but look older than Orlando” category.

  • @37

    I still think that Jake looks older than his age, with or without the beard.
    And even without it, I think that he looks 34-35.
    But what about the other guys they mentioned? No comment? You wanted examples and I gave them to you. I think that I proved their point. You should at least have the class to admit they were right about other younger actors actually looking older than Orlando.

  • Eve

    Well I respect your own opinion, but that’s doesn’t mean I should feel the same as you do. Just like you think Jake looks older while I don’t, personally I don’t agree with most people on the list with the exception of Luke Evans. Like I’ve said previously, he never looks good to me, and I WAS expecting Orlando to be the kind of person who would age well. Remember when he looked a lot younger than his real age but suddenly aged rapidly.

  • @39

    Ugh, I put in links to pics on this site, so they are ‘moderating’ it. All I was saying is that it’s hardly fair to judge him by airport pics.
    In the pics at the pool, he looked anything but ‘fat and old’. And he was gorgeous at the Golden Globes after party.
    And Peter Jacksom must agree with me. If he didn’t think that Orlando had retained much of his youthful appearance, he would never have written him into The Hobbit. He even stated that he had aged, but Orlando hadn’t. A bit of an exaggeration, sure, but basically true.
    IMO, anyway.

  • Eve

    That’s fine. I can find those pictures on my own. I agree that Orlando can sometimes look pretty good, but for most of the time (well perhaps they are usually come from airport pics) he just doesn’t look fine. He used to look gorgeous even after a long fly, and that’s is what I’m talking about. I know it’s impossible for him not to age, because no one can do that. I’m just feeling kind of sad that he fails to maintain his beauty as well as I expected. And again, it could be just me.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    Not all of Orlandos fans are puting down others. But i get why some fans of Orlando are your having a go a Orlando and they are going to do anything for that. I think he looks good and dont look hes age and i love all hes work i have got this dvd too it come out in the uk weeks ago.

  • miranda aho-kerr

    He was using Kora Organics for a long time.
    What happened to his beautiful skin?
    I don’t want to use this.

  • @22

    “Why are you fans so desperate to make him saint like as if he were never aging?”
    I think that is what the haters are doing, NOT the fans.
    They expected him to look 25 for the rest of his life, but since he doesn’t, they are attacking him. Just as whenever he shows himself to be a human with real, human flaws, they attack. His fans aren’t the ones who have put him on an increasingly narrow pedestal. That’s the work of the haters. They did that to make their jobs easier.
    He smokes occasionally!!! Cut off his hands!
    He drinks occasionally!!! Flay him!
    He married a beautiful model and not someone who looks like them!!! UNFORGIVEABLE!!!

  • sal

    No bags?
    Maybe Miranda got through customs with the bags first (if she had Flynn with her she would get through faster since he is a citizen), and he was just running to their car? If he was by himself, he would be walking with his bags and his driver.
    And he is off again. There are pics of him leaving LAX yesterday, with luggage and wearing a heavy coat. Wonder where he is off to? And why?

  • @sal

    Or he just had a small carry on and Miranda and Flynn are still in London.

  • @46

    Judging from the timing of her posts on twitter, I’d say that she was back in LA, too.

  • Sandy

    I think he is off to London to start filming the movie cities. I am excited for Zulu and the good doctor and the hobbit. Orlando is really a handsome man and I love that he puts his family first. Flynn is a really cute baby and he and Miranda are both excellent parents.

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