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Jennifer Aniston Covers 'Marie Claire Australia' May 2012

Jennifer Aniston Covers 'Marie Claire Australia' May 2012

Jennifer Aniston looks lovely on the cover of Marie Claire Australia‘s May 2012 issue.

Here is what the 43-year-old actress had to share with the mag:

On her boyfriend Justin Theroux: “He’s a protector, for sure. He’s just a good human being, and so funny.”

On being secluded while filming Wanderlust: “All of a sudden I began decompressing. It’s weird, but it felt like living a normal life; almost like having your anonymity back. Nobody bothered us and we were protected as a group. There were no paparazzi and no secret, tricky little cell phone pictures being taken. I realized how paranoid and guarded and not trusting – walled-in – I had become. Not consciously so, but just this armor that I kind of have, protective armor. It’s not for my friends or family, but for being outside in the world, always on guard.”

On shooting a topless scene for the film: “There are always nerves when you shoot a scene like that. But the adrenaline takes you through it and then you have the girls come in and cover you up immediately. I got very comfortable with seeing nude people, pretty much immediately. It was bizarre to know that these were actually nudists – because there’s a nudist colony in Clarkesville – and how comfortable they are being nude.”

FYI: Wanderlust will be released in Australia on April 25!

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  • jimmy

    all her boyfriends are ugly and weird except brad

  • .

    Im so happy she’s happy at last. She deserves it!

  • celio


  • Lola

    ugh, already arriving the psycho fans of jolie, full of hatred and bitterness, spreading its poison to the world.

  • bahha black sheep

    why she demand her nude scene cut?

  • Opa



    Now why in the world would Angelina fans be bitter??? Angelina has it all and then some. All Jen has is that jutting chin, her hair and tan!

    Jen’s fans are the psycho ones. One look at Female first shows her fans are far from stable. Their obsession with Angelina is scary with the terrible things they wish on her, to their creepy theories (including the idea the twins have 2 DIFFERENT FATHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) They are nuts.

  • Lise

    A protector???? He can’t even hold an umbrella over her head. Walks two feet in front of her, jumps out of cars w/o being a gentleman & helping her out etc. All with picture evidence of course.

  • BEAN

    Why did they make her bronze? Lmfao. That is a terrible cover.
    Brad is ugly now. He has aged terribly and looks like a homeless person.

  • KC


    You have it all wrong. Jen’s fans are the bitter ones, just like Jen herself.

    Google Angelina’s name, click on Past Hour on the left side and notice the FEMALE FIRST links that are sure to pop up since they never stop talking about Angelina. Jen’s fans are certified crazy and belong in mental institutions with their theories and ideas. They are the ones with the insane hate.

  • Lola

    TO ALL ANGELINA’S PSYCHOS: you already bored me. I would never be a fan of a child molester unlike you, losers! GET LOST, you are disgusting.

  • amy

    @Opa: Umm, seriously…lets see Angie has an aging guy past his prime who is obviously smokin other than cigs…and is a boozer. Sure kids are cute when there little…but they grow…and in Angie’s case will have a hell of a tell all to write about that whacked out mother who used herion. Jen is gorgeous, has money to do what she wants when she wants, has friends, gorgeous Justin, and so much more….oh and btw…she doesn’t call the paps or news when she gives money to charities. Fast forward…maybe 3 years….Brad will be with a young chick. Oh…not the ones that he and Angie sleep with now…lets face it Angie has been able to control Brad with sex….kinky sex…but he’ll get bored.

  • Cheery

    Damn, that “photo” is like a pastel drawing O__o … photoshop much?

  • Justin Wants a FrontlaceWig

    Orange 47yoa Hasbeen jennys long winded rambling interviews are all the Same just like her Dull Movies – SAMESH!TDIFFERENT DAY

  • I have to say

    wow she’s beautiful.

  • I have to say

    and so happy looking.

  • Blah

    What a waste of cover for a film that will make only $14.

  • LOL

    Yikes!!!!!!!!!!! Orange on orange and summer’s over in Australia !!!!!!!!!!

  • Tage

    @Cheery And yet, even with all that digital wizardry they still couldn’t make her look good. It’s all nose and chin, so of course gotta have that hair in the face ;)

  • hag

    right on cue. brad and/or angie has positive press, up pops THE CHIN coattailng as usual.

  • Right on #19

    Before morning Jared will have constipated face next to Brad and Angelina’s post.

  • Sugar

    This is supposed to be a new interview? It sounds just like some other interviews she has done. She really has nothing new or interesting to say it seems.

  • ellie’

    Wow what a great surprise..Jennifer looks great on the cover..

  • ellie’

    coat tailing off of who..there’s something here about Angie & Brad??… can’t be anything positive..
    Lets make this clear ..Jennifer has never needed Brad for anything…..after all these yrs she is still a superstar…all own her own..move on already…and leave this beautiful happy woman alone..

  • ellie’

    Beautiful color on Jennifer…actually looks great in any color…

  • ellie’

    Oh that post up there..the picture… When Brad was doing a woman that would never be with a married man.Cheating on his wife..awe Angie didn’t care about her poor MUM being cheated on by Jon Voight…but I’m glad shes a fake and a liar b/c….Jennifer is happiest i have ever see go girl..

  • ellie’

    @Right on #19:
    i hope so ..I love to look at this show how really ugly Angie and Brad are…

  • Ze


    Omg. What is wrong with you? Are you menopausal darling? Who cares about 3 yrs from now, this are just celebraties ppl. You should be worry what happen to you 3 yrs from now if you continue this bitter attitudes. Wake up and smell the coffee

  • Dee

    Wow she looks really pretty on the cover!

  • Ghost

    she looks great , I agree Ellie’. But what an immoral , bed-hopping , self-absorbed , dull , no talent , washed-up pretend movie star. It’s great to see your multiple posts as it gives us a chance to have a good laugh. Still loving you . The Ghost.

  • Aussie Girl

    Oh C*ap–Now i’ll have to walk around the supermarket watching out for her ugly mug.Bet the sales from this issue suck and I will bet anything that this piece of ca ca they called a movie will make next to nothing over here…Will let all you hens know how much bwahahaha

    Ellie#25 Just letting you know it’s 2012 not 2005 stop jabbering ab out a split that would of happened anyway and who did what and when-It’s boring & lame.

  • AGA

    Ouch…Look at that chin. No amount of photo-shopping can disguise that. Where is her usual giant scarf which attempts to hide said chin and does’nt work.

  • atomzgoodz

    พิเศษสำหรับผู้ ตอบคำถาม ถูกที่สุด
    1 บอก ชื่อเดิม และ สมญาหลวงปู่ทวด ให้ได้มากที่สุด จะได้รับรางวัลพิเศษค่ะ
    2 ชอบคำสอนใดของหลวงปู่เหตุผล
    3 อนุภาพหลวงปู่ที่ประทับใจ
    4 เหตุใดจึงชื่อว่า เหยียบน้ำทะเลจืด
    5 เล่าเหตุการณ์ย่อ ๆหลวงปู่ช่วยแผ่นดินสยาม สมัยอยุธยา

  • nina

    YAWN! wastage of space!

  • The Real Emma

    Of course Huvane gets Jared to put this up today because there is news about Brad and Angelina. Ugh, has she no dignity left whatsoever?

  • True dat

    It’s embarrassing how much she coattails them.

  • hag

    let’s see, the CHIN has a middle-aged, balding USER past his prime- dressing like a kid, who has hit the jackpot!! the aging hipster scored a middle-aged woman-child so afraid of her aging self.

    one year from now the USER will have gotten what he wanted from the desperate, clawing onto years’ ago youth, maniston. she will be ALONE AGAIN, NATURALLY :(

  • Orange Clawn with curtain hair

    The bottle blond orange Clawn must love that curtain hair style!!!
    All that money in the world, cant do nothing for that Chin!!!

  • hag

    NOTICE the vast majority of her mag photos have her hair blowing across or somehow covering that manly face? multi-millon $ PR don’t come cheap.

  • .

    Jen and her PR are totally deceptive. No topless scenes were ever filmed with Jen. She wore pasties on set in Clarkesville, and then for the first test screening, breasts were digitally added. The hype was created but there was no substance or basis, there would never be a topless scene, that is why it was all innuendos, hundreds of stories and no denial. It was done for money. IMO she isn’t dating Justin either, he is another disposable, hired, co-star “friend” she can hang on to, to promote her films, but audiences aren’t interested in him. He has no genuine character, he’s sinister, vain and cold….. they are very mismatched to make their upcoming contractual “break up” easier for the fans to digest. Until she starts being honest with herself, people will lose interest. Making a career out of acting marriage, acting pregnancy, acting sex and acting family is basically meaningless if the reality isn’t there…… the reality of this is far more important and she is constantly denying that reality in a battle against the media.

  • Jen the hag

    ellie’ @ 04/13/2012 at 1:13 am

    MANISTON superstar?? bwahahha more like SUPERDUD at the box office.. the only movies where she act as the gf/sidekick of the a known actor that’s when her movie do earned in the box office but when she’s the once carrying the film it flopped big time.. like Love Happen, Management and Wonderslut …geez and look at that cover all digitally photoshopped and she still look FUGLY and HOMELY!!

  • JL

    @.:very cute nick :) :)

  • .



  • King

    ooh, oooh, I’ll be sure to run & buy my copy of some real interesting reading material.Expand my mind :) Look at magnificent pictures.
    LMAO..Man, you gotta to be kidding me, same old tune for 15 yrs now. Esp. since her hunk husband bailed. What 7, 8 yrs now?
    This is the most shallow woman I have read, even a skank like a KK is more interesting.Seriously. Has this hag ever said ANYTHING of interest & depht or much less do???

    4 flops in a row & Jared still calls her super star or something like that. LOL
    (Huvan must be paying better these days, ja>?)

  • Cs

    This is the best she and team could come out with? Remember she gets copy and photo approval or No interview according to the the editor of vogue Uk.

  • factcheck

    they always have to have hair or something covering part of her face..even with all the photoshop and camera and light tricks – she still looks average at best. If you put her next to a beautiful face like Charlize or Angelina, she will look downright ugly.

  • ^..^

    She does not have a good face shape or nice facial features, and it gets worse as she ages..she was cute during Friends days, but she never was and never will be beautiful in my opinion. I don’t see why they keep pushing this idea at us that she is beautiful or sexy. She just isn’t, and her personality matches her looks. With that much photoshop anyone and I mean anyone can look that good on a magazine cover. The fact that she is an egotastic self-centered immature 40 year old who spends all her time trying to improve her looks, without any meaningful contributions to the world despite her wealth, makes her even more unattractive.

  • Steph

    In my opinion i think jennifer aniston is a great actress! Having to go thru what she did in the public must have been embarrassing and so hard. I dont care if the brangelina losers go off on me but she deserves to be happy and im happy shes found it!

  • Steph

    So many haters.

  • JJForever

    A natural, gorgeous, stunning, happy, healthy and classy woman with beautiful smile. She deserves all the happiness. Justin is cool, handsome and very talented guy. We do not care those haters.
    We’re just so happy for Jen and Justin.

  • Jentheho


    So true. If he is a protector, he would’ve covered her completely with the umbrella.