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Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Django Unchained' Trailer!

Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Django Unchained' Trailer!

Check out the newly released trailer for Leonardo DiCaprio‘s upcoming film Django Unchained!

The Quentin Tarantino western flick also stars Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz, and is set to be released on December 25 of this year!

Here’s a synopsis: With the help of his mentor (Waltz), a slave-turned-bounty hunter (Foxx) sets out to rescue his wife (Kerry Washington) from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner (DiCaprio).

In case you missed them, check out Leo, Christoph, and Jamie in these first look pictures from the flick.

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  • Moon’

    Cant’ wait !!! I love Tarantino and all the cast but I LOVE Christoph Waltz, he’s a brillant actor.

  • Til

    puffy and old

  • LinNa

    Christoph Waltz + Leonardo DiCaprio + Quentin Tarantino =

  • kiki

    it will be great

  • Billy

    He looks like Ennis del Mar.

  • rachee

    wow anticipate Leo playing the bad guy finally!!

  • kerri

    we miss leo and bar dont we girls.?

  • Ugly

    Boy, he looks ugly! In a couple of years he won’t be much to look at!

  • Message

    Well, they did a sufficient job of making Leo look creepy. And, from the looks of it, he did a good job of acting crazy and sadistic. Looking forward to this one, even more than Gatsby.

  • sayuri

    Leonardo is AMAZING! Can´t wait. ,)

  • Jevie

    I LOVE Christoph Waltz!!!!

  • http://website,computer Dave From Canada

    Another slave movie. What would Hollywood do without the Nazis’, slavery, etc. They have made so many movies about these subjects, to the point where is is becoming extremely redundant. It might be time to move on to some new issues……..

  • gunna

    Leo is so versatile and talented he can play any character if he wants to.

  • kris

    leo dicaprio posts on justjared are ridic. So many crazy fangirls whining about his love life.

  • @kris

    Yet it’s you who brought up the topic here!

  • stanssck

    @kris: its very much known he has some of the craziest fangirls ever. Poor Leo, he probably would not appreciate to know how nasty and hateful some of his fans can be…

  • ms_levitt

    I LOVE QUENTIN!!!!! Seeing Leo DiCaprio, who is just one of the best actors in his age in my opinion, in a Tarantino Movie, who is one of the best Directors of our time, is BRILLIANT!!!! :D

  • ??

    Nobody is talking about his love life yet people are here whining and complaining about it even though it has nothing to do with this thread. Priceless!

  • Ethiopianchick

    @LinNa: @Dave From Canada: Who cares as long as they are good movies

  • Mrs Reynolds

    I can’t wait to see this, he’s so hot and handsome.

    Btw, Leo should dump that fugly model, he’s too good for her. He deserves someone like Gisele or Kate Winslet. He deserves a real woman, not some cheap slutty ”model”. Gisele is the true supermodel and has class and Kate is the epitome of beauty and class.

  • sexy leo

    leo is mine, bitches back off

  • @Kerri


    Why would anyone miss LDC with BRAT when it is highly speculated that this quote came from someone on her team? Posted under the name “Cookie” in Yeeeah!:

    “Leonardo dicaprio and females he loves have the i dont like to see the face ever during sex.which includes yelling bossing around dominating and large amounts of narcotics.”

    I thought Irmelins nicname was Cookie?? Someone posting under her nic?

  • LeoLuv

    barfs mom follows JJ on her twitter (LOL) she is definitely an avid poster here and leo basher.

  • darro

    @LeoLuv: Since she follow justjared on her twitter, i don’t count out too.

  • sexy leo



  • Anti-Barf

    Barf needs to stop defending herself and dissing Leo on here, we all know that she reads these comments and replies to them. She’s just pissed that her ”career” is a flop and Leo has moved on to a hotter and smarter girl. I can’t wait to see Leo and Erin get married.

  • @26

    @Anti-Barf: Erin isnt hotter than Bar…keep on waiting for that marriage! lol I know you’re trying to be funny and rile people up with that comment. Leo and Erin will break up this year!

  • @26

    If you hate her so much and you think Leo is so awesome why are you talking about Bar on his thread ruining it? Making dumb statements like now he has a hotter and smarter girl and he will marry her? Are you for real? He is going to marry Erin just as much as he married Bar. Erin is not hotter or smarter than Bar? He has a type and Erin fits the profile just like Bar did.

  • Anti-Barf

    @@26: No they won’t, mark my words. Erin and Leo will probably date for years to come.

  • @29

    Sure. Years like 2 years until she turns 25. But I doubt it`s gonna last that long. Why do you think Erin is so much better than Bar? He picks them for a reason and that doesn`t make any of them any better than the other.

  • django

    WOW!! What a fantastic movie-trailer and what a fabulous role for Leo!! Oh, and I didn’t see any girls. Who are you talking about? LOL

  • Hmmmmmm

    @@29: I wanna know more,tell us more about the break up!!!! Please….

  • I can’t see

    …the chemistry between Leo and Erin,they are a fake couple,for sure!I can’t see happines in Leo’s face,and He seems worried with something.Erin has a sarcastic face,I don’t buy this girls..not at all,cause she has a ironic-mocking-sarcastic face and I don’t trust her,she seems to be a very smart girl and the face she has all the time like she was thinking: “MY PLANS ARE WORKING!CAN YOU GET A CLOSE UP OF MY FACE? ARE YOU SURE PPL CAN SEE IT’S ME?” I bet Leo is in NYC for another reason,not because of her,and ppl keep fantasizing things….I’m sure this day it’s totally fabricated!!! Sorry the bad english…

  • @33

    @I can’t see:

    Poor, poor Bar. Jealous of her long legs and natural beauty? Yep, you should be.

    Put away your Mrs. Dicaprio T-shirt. She literally has one. humph.

  • Sarah Jessica

    I wonder if Bar is not even relevant on JJ anymore? If you type in Refaeli, her picture is like the 4th one down. Sarah Jessica comes up with refaeli…..LMAO….perfect.

  • Poor poor Bar obsessed people

    I just laugh at people who post on these threads claiming how much they hate Bar yet they won’t shut up about her! Everything posted here is related to Bar one way or another according to them. She is so irrelevant that they just keep talking about her giving the irrelevant and horrible person attention. You don’t lime Erin? That means you are either Bar herself, Bar’s friend or mother or dog or …. whatever! I bet #34 couldn’t care less about Erin in general but as long as she can be used to bash on Bar she is a ‘ long legged natural beauty’.

  • I can’t see

    @@33: You are soooooooo wrong,you have no idea who I am hohoho,sorry,wrong answer!

  • WOW

    How gorgeous is this girl Leo is kissing hand in the trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is beautiful wow

  • @33

    I think YOU are the one fantasising things not Erin

  • I can’t see

    the sarcastic face I was talking about

  • I can’t see

    the sarcastic face I was talking about #2

  • I love her
  • Maria

    Erin is in Turkey does that mean Leo is in turkey too.

  • @Maria

    Why would that mean he is there, too?

  • @40 , 41

    She does not look sarcastic to me. She looks pleasant and breezey.

  • bz

    Our genius friends over at bellazon figured out that she doesn`t tweet when she is around Leo to `protect his privacy`. She tweeted about Turkey so based on their logic he is not there.

  • Patricia

    I don’t believe it. How can He have had so fun with Erin at the showcase and in the other day look so bored riding a bike?
    Whenever someone says Leo had fun with Erin or was seen acting lovey dovey with her there is no pic,and when He is bored we can clearly see.Where is the pics of the date night in March when “DiCaprio kept his arms around Heatherton’s waist while chatting with Gerber and his wife Cindy Crawford and sipping on Cali Caliche cocktails…” ???? In the mobli’s party??? Watching a fight or a game,whatever…Why people would lose the oportunity to pic them acting so adorable???


  • bz

    The thing that I find weird about the media frenzy around them yesterday is the media frenzy. I know NOLA is not NYC but acting the way they did in the club would have drawn attention to them wherever they are. For long weeks there was nothing about them and people ( not just here ) were wondering if they are still together. Then all this. The tons of pap photos and this lovey-dovey thing at a NYC hotspot… Maybe there were off for a while and now they are back on?
    But it`s true that we never got photos of the lovey-dovey part. It was similar with Bar actually. They always looked miserable but you got sightings about being affectionate always without photos.

  • Patricia

    @bz: Exactly.I was about to post what you said…
    His behavior with Gisele,Bar even with Blake.Idk if it was a REAL relationship with this girls,like people say it was fake,it was PR or something but it is what it is,if He was acting,it was a good acting.Never sooooo in love,but we saw some kissing pics,some holding hands… He was veryyyy cold,and ppl was saying he hates Bar,he hates Blake IDK I don’t think He ever loved them,but I’m not Leo,so I can’t say this

  • bz

    I think it was real with Gisele. With Bar there was no chemistry but there were moments of holding hands, kissing, hugging, touching. I hate to admit but I think there was chemistry between him and Lively and there were lots of tweets saying they were kissing, touching…etc. With Erin – just like with Bar – I don`t see any chemistry at all. I believe there was a tweet photo of them holding hands at some bball game ( no affection at all ) and the two make-out reports but other than that they couldn`t look more distant next to each other. It seems like his ability to control his feelings in public is developing with age and he can hide it when he wants it.