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Taylor Swift's 'I Knew You Were Trouble' - Listen Now!

Taylor Swift's 'I Knew You Were Trouble' - Listen Now!

Check out the first listen for Taylor Swift‘s newest song “I Knew You Were Trouble”!

The 22-year-old entertainer’s tune comes off of her latest album Red, which is set to hit stores and iTunes on October 22.

“I Knew You Were Trouble comes out tonight at midnight. Ready to hear more about my romantic misadventures????” Taylor teased on her Twitter account earlier in the day, after sharing a snippet of the song on GMA.

Grab your digital copy now on iTunes!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Taylor Swift’s latest song?

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  • Anna

    Don’t like! No melody, bad lyrics.

  • evie


  • I like Taylor… but seriously wtf is this?!?!?! The lyrics and melody are so redundant and her voice sounds weak. If you want to hear a good Taylor Swift song listen to “Haunted”. Why she never made that song a single blows my mind. Honestly the only song off this new album that I really like is “Begin Again”. “Red” is pretty good too.

  • lold

    Can she do anything else other than whine about her ex-boyfriends? She really needs to realize that the common denominator in all of her failed relationships is her.

  • M

    something is wrong with this song

  • evie

    @lold: She never dated these guys.

  • trouble

    John Mayer, Taylor Lautner, Joe Jonas and Jake Gyllenhaal should cowrite a song about Taylor Swift called “Maybe you´re the Problem”

  • KissThis

    Another annoying song. yay.

  • TheDudeAbides

    “Trouble me…” Natalie Merchant.

  • cg

    Which ex is she singing about now?

  • lisa

    I love it.

  • Ceara

    She is so annoying

  • Sara


    That’s just dumb…relationships end b/c they’re just not meant to be. And she does have songs that aren’t whinging about ex-boyfriends: Mine, Fearless, Enchanted, Our Song, Ours, Never Grow Up, The Best Day, Stay Beautiful, Fairytale, and lots of others. I thought a lot of people sing about failed relationships…

  • http://heyprettyboy12 T

    I Love Her :) Haters are just jealous because their fav. Artist is not as good, down to earth , popular and AGood Entertainer just Like T.S !! I’m sick of this Stupid-Annoying Haters ;p Go to Hell !!

    TS is number 1
    RED will gonna be amazing and spectacular
    Her songs are original
    She is the BESt

    Love from the Phil.

  • XxXxX

    Her songs are so…… cheesy

  • DB

    I’m not a hater on this lady – but I’m feeling she is SO darn over-exposed.

    She’s everywhere, all the time, and it’s really starting to annoy me.

    It’s like when Phil Collins used to be everywhere back in the day, or maybe Madonna also.

    Take a break already! Go live your life, take a few years off and come back strong. That way maybe less people will get tired of seeing you so much.

  • lold

    @Sara: Not surprised you completely missed my point. It’s not the singing about failed relationships per se, it’s the constant whining and victim mentality.

  • Sean

    What is this crap? She’s trying this pop/electro sound and it’s just not working. I actually like her country/pop songs so I’m not a hater. Stay in your genre Taylor!

  • Jord

    awesome song, love you Taylor, can’t wait for red to come out

  • kellyLove

    It’s different from her previous songs,but it’s catchy :)

  • yakshita

    well the song is sooooo gud she is amazing …………waiting fro red to come

  • Josephine

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  • mayhayla


    John Mayer of course (notch on belt) That is what the internet gossip said about him dating her a while back, he was trouble and just another conquest.

  • Ellen

    I loved the music, I’m fan of Taylor Swift she is beautiful and has a lot of talent.

  • Chinderall

    Taylor Swift is truly amazing. another great song of her

  • NYC

    Is this “songwriter” ever going to end? Enough already!
    Her songs are like bad poems we tried to write in 6th grade.
    OMFG get rid of this chick. She’s OVER.

  • USA

    If she stopped sleeping around and giving it up so quickly, maybe guys wouldn’t dump all over her.
    Just saying…..
    Some aspects of romance will never change.

  • MoshMoses

    I actually love the new sound she’s trying… the country stuff was starting to get a bit bland.
    Grandted her whining about boys she’s dated is a bit bleh now but, hey, everybody does that. and least she does it in a cute, catchy way.

  • Macy

    I love her. No one will ever change my mind.

  • Olive

    She still can’t sing. Her producer spends alot of hours in the studio auto-tuning her voice. Now i’m noticing she lip syncs during award shows so nobody can attack her voice the next day so she’s not a real artist. she’ll do whatever it takes to have a career. i have no respect for her. And she’s easy so no doubt why the boyfriends hit it and move on.

  • todd

    Dumb slut

  • riri

    This is a different song by Taylor style but I like it.

  • somali girl

    Why is this ratty looking boy releasing all this garbage? His voice sucks. Whinny fa**ot.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    How did this no-talent twit come this far? I guess the same way that no-talent twit Britney did!

  • Tia

    This is an amazing song! Get over your selves! If you don’t like it don’t watch it! She is an amazing singer! <3

  • QueenOfTrashin

    I watch just to remind myself that my opinion of her on the Ellen show a couple of years ago was correct: someone with no talent, no voice and as the poster above stated, someone that is not a true artist.

  • Swiftie

    Taylor is just awesome :D STOP COMPLAINING AT HERE OKAY ?
    dont like ? just get to a hole and hide in there :l

  • Bubba

    what a horrible song and I agree stop singing so many songs about the same damn thing! it was cute but now its just downright annoying. And yes, she should look at the common denominator, maybe it is all her, not the boys she goes after

  • eunice

    used to be a fan of hers, but her songs just doesn’t fit her anymore. I would’ve understood if a 16 year old wrote this, but this just seems immature for her. The only song I liked in her new album is “begin again”. the rest she’s just released are kinda dumb.

  • sikskillz

    Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble

  • Ana

    None of the songs she’s released thus far have any cohesion. This album is shaping up to be all over the place. While I merit her other albums were far from perfect, they were far more superior in terms of lyrics, theme and sound than this crap. Sure, she’ll sell tons of records off of ‘Red’ thanks to her minions/fans, but she’s sacrificing whatever credibility she held as a “country” artist and grammy winner. Country is dead if this crap of an album is considered for any ACM, CMT or CMA awards.

  • Lillian

    This one is horrible. Who is buying this shit? I like some of her songs, but this one really sucks

  • Lillian

    This one is horrible. Who is buying this shit? I like some of her songs, but this one really sucks

  • Game Crack

    Don’t think they’re gonna last, but who knows. Wish them the best.

  • Krazykoolkayteh

    Well, tbh she jus wants aload of attention and shes gettin’ it in da’ wong way! STOP datin’ lotsa boys and then maybe life won’t be so hard and why do girls always write songs bout boyz?? why can’t they shutup and grow up! sorry butt… its real annoyin’ xx

  • mm

    she is not famuos 4 nothing..she is one of them!!

  • sara

    a new masonic girl !!!!!haha