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Gerard Butler's Good Looks Praised by Jon Stewart

Gerard Butler's Good Looks Praised by Jon Stewart

Gerard Butler steps out of his hotel on Wednesday (October 24) in the Soho neighborhood of New York City.

The 42-year-old actor made an appearance on The Daily Show the evening before and had his good looks praised by host Jon Stewart!

“When you look in the mirror… you ever say to yourself, ‘I’d hit that’,” Jon asked, to which Gerard replied, “I do! Frequently!” Lol!

That same day, Gerard made an appearance on Live! with Kelly and Michael and met up with some of his fans outside of the studio.

Gerard Butler – “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”

FYI: Gerard is wearing a Rogue coat.

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler out and about in Soho…

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gerard butler good looks praised by jon stewart 01
gerard butler good looks praised by jon stewart 02
gerard butler good looks praised by jon stewart 03
gerard butler good looks praised by jon stewart 04
gerard butler good looks praised by jon stewart 05
gerard butler good looks praised by jon stewart 06
gerard butler good looks praised by jon stewart 07
gerard butler good looks praised by jon stewart 08
gerard butler good looks praised by jon stewart 09
gerard butler good looks praised by jon stewart 10

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  • DocP

    It’s official……I need to get away from JJ. There are soooooo many Gerry blogs , I find myself addicted!!!

  • Mina

    He disgusts me.

  • Jade

    He is dreamy, I agree.

  • ?

    Hmmm 9 new threads in 5 days….GB overkill.

  • anti biel

    Did any of you read what Micky said on D listed how Gerry’s costar and friend Jessica Squeel( and Justin Timberfake) laughed at homeless addicts in a video presented at their 6.5 million dollar wedding. All I’m saying is like attracts like. Hope she doesn’t promote PFK with him. I would run from this kinda PR …so much worse than a lingerie model GF and a short stint rehab. IMHO!!!!!

  • @anti biel

    99% of celebrities are overpaid, overindulged dou/chebags. All the charity appearances in the world can’t erase their true nature. Selfishness, vanity, cruelty is at the very core of Hollywood. It makes it tick. With so much money, power and influence, these actors could change the world, instead they relish themselves as Gods, worshiped by the masses.They believe their own hype. Truly sickening. At least “we the people” can knock them down off their pedstals for awhile. I will boycott their projects from now on!

  • ferorio

    This is creepy. In this pic Madalina looks EXACTLY like a transexual. I mean really, looking at that pic she could easily have been born without ovaries. But GB likes them that way so I guess he’s happy.

  • I think

    —why is staying at a hotel in NYC and not his loft???

  • I think

    Anyone know what MG’s brother does for a living?

  • So&So

    New interview with Gerry and Jonny. Good one. :) @I think – a lot of these interviews are done in hotels.

  • kelly

    @DocP: omg i thought it was just me im not alone lets start a program for the rest of the addicted jjer’s………

  • madbro

    @I think: We don’t care.

  • Overdoing it

    I suppose we’re now going to get “Gerry eats lunch”, “Gerry changes his shirt”, “Gerry has two legs” threads from now until Xmas. Jeebers, give it a rest until there’s something worth writing about. I note JJ and DM are pretty much the only ones who write about him now, which is interesting.

  • youneverknow

    @ferorio: Large adams apple, hands, feet and shoulders wider than hips are just a few of the main criteria.

  • Truedat

    @ferorio: I’ve actually seen better looking trannies. There are some gorgeous ones out there, much better looking than many women, lol. The one that was in the Miss Universe pageant comes to mind. I think The Donald was probably interested in her until the reveal, cuz he/she’s totally his type. I thought it was his daughter when I first saw a pic.

  • DocP

    @kelly: Sounds good to me, what should we call it…….. JJAFGBUT??

  • Quangena

    I have no idea what this young woman is like personality wise, but I think she is beyond stunning. I know I will be criticized for my opinion and thumbed down. But the truth is we don’t really know either of these two people—we don’t what is truly in their hearts. Perhaps one or both of them have a hidden agenda. Maybe it is a slowly developing love—we don’t know! I do hope they are both happy, as that is what we all crave. Only time will tell what is to happen to these two as a couple.

  • Trolltime

    Here it comes. You can always tell when the thumbs start going down on anything negative about his idol.

  • kelly

    @DocP: i like it sounds good to me…… on a side note he is looking pretty hot lately….

  • DocP

    I think so to, I know many here will say he wears makeup on those talk shows but you gotta have something to work with to make it look. I think he looks good for 42, almost 43 years old.

  • justsayin’too

    I think she is very beautiful but I am kind of shocked at how little chemistry there is between them. You can tell even in pictures the look and body language and these two don’t have it for some reason. I stand by my opinion that the timing of this is for PR and his image problems. I will be very happy if I am proven wrong as I have always wanted him to be able to have a normal relationship but this looks contrived. On another note, he is looking so much better lately so whatever it is, love or not, keep it up.

  • Sun

    He disgusts me too. So much.

  • What a Greek God

    He is the most handsome chisled man in all the Universe. Gerry please let me bare your baby. You are all I dream of my , my stud muffin!!!!!!

  • anderson

    @ferorio: Madalina should be in RuPaul’s Drag Race!

  • What a Greek God

    FYI….i was just being stupid. You guys need to read some of the comments that people tweet!!

  • Manny

    @I think:
    Because Booty Hunter s stuck in his DVD player and he can’t watch anything else…

  • &&&&&&&&&&
  • Alina

    It seems no one is not convinced that he’s “totally in love”.!! Hahahahaha!

  • I think

    —-some here were right that the ring may be an engagement ring, and I said that the paperwork he gave her was a pre-nup.

  • I think

    —-wedding could be over the holidays in Scotland or right after the 1st of the year.

  • cupcake

    Sorry @i think. That is not a proper engagement ring. I agree he is in love but he needs to do it right. Your jumping the gun.

  • Alina

    @I think:
    You think too much! If he gets married, then the marriage will not last more than a week! LOL!

  • I think

    —-the gradual release of info, he is puting out there, about the two of them is to prepare his fans for the upcoming announcement. So there won’t be a melt down but a slow acceptance. After all I have never seen as many huge, rough type body guards around him as much as there has been lately. He may be getting threats to his and her life since this news has come out. Not only from women but from men too.
    Remember the melt down we experienced here when it may have looked like he was just dating her. 5-6000 posts of venom and hateful comments. Not to mention the terrible arguing between people that would last for hours. So it is difficult to say what may have been sent or said directly to him. So sad fans would effect his life so. But then again he did sell himself and we bought it. Some of us fell harder than others. :)

  • exfantiredbyallthebs
  • We think

    you need to stop making up silly fiction. We will believe this is real when he jumps up and down on Craig Ferguson’s couch.

  • Totally Useless Information

    Those pictures of little Maddie were taken before she acquired the fish lips. I have to laugh every time I see someone write about GB preparing his fans for the big announcement. He really does not care about his fans. He uses them when necessary, but would he care what they think of his getting married? Not a chance, get real.

  • Maggie P.U.

    I can not believe the on going assumptions and speculations…… nothing has been set in stone. Interviews, mag articles, PR/set up pics…. IF Gerry (or anyone for that matter) was/is so entuned to their “other half” then certain measures would have been taken and things already done.

    Why the sudden disappearance of the pics in France if they are such an item? If it is meant to be it would have already been validated by Gerry himself….cmon, give the guy some credit. Who has not ever got hit by “love at first sight” or the “love bug”? To much is out there to proove that there is nothing to show nor proove anything. The only thing that is a given is what she is all about…. and what her intentions are and agenda is. If she was/is all that then why didn’t LC hang on to her as he did Bar? The obvious is out there but everyone wants to assume and speculate because no one wants to see what the real issue is and that is Gerry overcoming his demons and addictions first. Then and only then will he be himself and focused to take on and fully be into a “solid” relationship. To many signs (body language, facial expressions etc) are not those of people who are into each other. Go back and reread other posts especially the ones with Laurie…exact same thing…everyone thought they were going to tie the knot and so forth.

    She herself has contradicted herself both in FB and interviews. Many have commented on her true intentions….. so with this type of person and Gerry’s frameof mind lately…as fans (now honestly) dont you think he needs support to get him into rehab and doing what he has proven several times and that is make great movies than cheer him on into something everyone knows will harm him than help him. Ask yourselves this question: Would you want to be involved with a man/woman like this if you were in the right frame of mind and focused? I would not. No one can tell when he will find the one who will be a “rock” for him.

    Right now all he has is a user and player..who knows what buttons to push and has no conscience about playing with other peoples feelings to get where she wants. Or what she wants. Think about it (telling you what you want to hear… does that work when you are down? It is with him and you can tell. If she was even a friend and not whatever she is now she would have him in rehab and not just for 2-3 weeks. If you care even for someone you would understand and see there is a problem and getting help for that problem should be the objective not making sure you are in pictures, etc. A strong, grounded person would not allow this….. (LC did not and true he is no saint, but neither is he stupid either. He saw and knew the warning signs….) Gerry cant see them right now…and this is sad. Gone is the sparkle and the “real” smile…

    Hope I made some sense, knee is killing me. Anyway, something is wrong with Gerry and all that certain people seem to care about is getting these 2 together no matter what is known of how she is and what she has done and id to others….I would not let my brothers nor friends get caught up in this. I would make it known they need help..but that is JMO.



  • LOL

    @I think:
    “some here were right that the ring may be an engagement ring, and I said that the paperwork he gave her was a pre-nup.
    It didn’t look like an engagement ring, but it’s hard to tell. I don’t think marriage is being discussed yet, but it’s coming. If he is really into her, he’ll pop the question if he hates not being with her all the time. You see, when a woman sleeps with a man, he’s not in a hurry to put a ring on her finger. I know it’s an antiquated thought, but it is never the less true. However, a woman like MG who has to be away from him because of her job, is something she can use as leverage to get him quicker to the altar. If he truly loves her, he’ll want her company with him all the time. He won’t be able to stand being away from her. That’s when men pop the question. When they can’t live without you.
    That said, I highly doubt he wants a woman with a serious acting career. If they agreed to marry, I don’t see her continuing acting, unless maybe she was doing his projects and Alan was her agent (he might be her agent already). Can you see Gerry allowing any woman of his to do love scenes with other men? No Fuuckiung way. That’s why I am not convinced yet this is going to end in marriage, unless the conditions above were met – namely she either agrees to stop acting and just supports his career, or she does his projects, under his supervision, where he can control the material and the love scenes. So far, she was great at being his “chief of staff”, so to speak, in S’port. She was around supporting him and I think that’s why he got her this part in the Jude Law film, but he won’t be doing it if they moves to the next stage. Or, this part was already hers before she got serious with Gerry. However, once her film is done shooting, I just don’t see her working hard on her career if she wants the relationship with Gerry to go to the next stage and get that marriage proposal from him. We still have to wait and see.

  • LOL

    @I think:
    “the gradual release of info, he is puting out there, about the two of them is to prepare his fans for the upcoming announcement. So there won’t be a melt down but a slow acceptance.”
    I have to agree with you; that’s possible too. Good analysis. However, I still think we are not at the marriage stage yet. But let’s wait and see. All the trashing they both got here was truly mean spirited and meaningless. It didn’t serve a purpose and hasn’t changed anything, other than serve to make the jealous fans look awful, jealous, and petty. No one has power over whom he dates, and how he lives his life.
    “That’s not exactly a manly profile, if you know what I mean’
    I think he looked fantastic there.

  • Doh

    @I think: What are you, 12? I think you’re highly overestimating his popularity, or maybe you’re just high. :)

  • LOL

    @Totally Useless Information:
    All actors care what the public think of them, that’s why those announcements are made with their PR representative and the right words and timing chosen. Given that Gerry is one of the most coveted men on the planet, yeah, i think he could possibly want to prepare his fans before he shocks them. I just don’t think we’re there yet. i think it’s something to look forward to 6 months out from now, but not now.
    I believe the article about him being head over heals, and i believe he thinks she is the ONE he was searching for all his life. But, he is also a very cautious man, and he likes his freedom too, so unless he was sure, there won’t be a marriage. He’ll take his sweet time making sure this is not a mistake. just because he said he was impulsive, doesn’t mean he is. Impulsive in what, taking a sexy girl to bed? there is a big difference between a man sleeping with a girl too quickly and actually marrying her too quickly. the latter can alter his life, the former not so much. i don’t think he was impulsive at all, and if you remember he caught himself and then said, “well maybe not that impulsive.”
    Bottom line, he won’t marry her too quickly even if he thinks she is the one, that is, not until he’s sure she is the one.

  • Alina

    Who are you,LOL? Real LOL can’t so express your thoughts! She’s for this very stupid! HAHA!

  • Ranga Karrie

    WOW that man sure has a type. From Bianca to Jasmine to Krista to Alicia to Beatrice to Laurie to Madalina. They all fit that same amazon type mold and overall colouring. He’s had a few ‘outliers’ sure – who doesn’t have some?? But the ones he’s paraded around have been this ‘type.’
    - any other aussies here?

  • Well—

    WOW—LOL—is that really you?

  • Alina

    WOW, LOL! You spoke, as quite normal woman, no insults and hateful words! I do largely agree with you now!

  • Well—

    @Alina: закрой пасть ЖАБА !!!!!

  • YUK
  • YUK
  • YUK

    If his H was broke out in the pics with her in France then that would be why they didn’t really do a normal kiss. YUK So no wonder she wouldn’t really kiss his mouth. Can you imagine what all he has on his pe/en?