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Zoe Saldana: 'Nina' Set with a Dalmatian!

Zoe Saldana: 'Nina' Set with a Dalmatian!

Zoe Saldana covers her hair while filming scenes for her upcoming film Nina on Friday (October 26) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the day, the 36-year-old actress was seen filming scenes with a stuffed animal and carrying a younger co-star.

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The day before, Zoe sported a big afro while filming scenes for the movie.

Zoe can be seen on the big screen early next year in her upcoming flick Star Trek Into Darkness, which also stars Chris Pine.

20+ pictures inside of Zoe Saldana filming scenes for Nina

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zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 01
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 02
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 03
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 04
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 05
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 06
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 07
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 08
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 09
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 10
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 11
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 12
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 13
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 14
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 15
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 16
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 17
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 18
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 19
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 20
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 21
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 22
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 23
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 24
zoe saldana nina set with a dalmation 25

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  • Kirsten

    Apparently Zoe is the only available black actress in Hollywood. What a shame. Why Is Hollywood so intimidated by intelligent, strong and dark-skinned women?

  • Alaia

    That is so very scary. They could’ve just hired Adepero Oduye and they wouldn’t have had to bother with all this ridiculous makup.

  • zey

    She’s a latina but she’s a afro-hispanic .. so yea she’s black.. Still it’s very weird seeing a black actress in black face.. no other black actresses available?

  • Laura

    @ Kirste, Alaia and Zey: Money rules in Hollywood/business; Zoe Zaldana is one of the most commercial/hyped black actresses right now, it’s all about the “It-girl” of the moment…

  • Alaia

    @Laura: That is true, but are they really looking to break box office records with this film? I just can’t see anybody saying “I’m going to watch this because Zoe Saldana is in this.”

    In fact, I don’t think I have read any positive comments about her casting. If anything, it will attract negative buzz. Especially from the black community.

  • Denise

    Looks stupid as hell!!! Only in Hollyweird!!

  • after

    Shameless oscar bait.

  • harhar

    The United States of Hate. Disgusting. Nina Simone is turning in her grave. The paperbag rule in America needs to be abolished. Since they’ve had a half-Black president in power, racism and hate towards black people is at an all time high. The fact that Hollywood would rather hire a fair-skinned black actress and then paint her darker speaks volumes on the state of ignorance in the media.

  • jess

    I’m sorry but have they spray-painted her to a darker brown? She is not this complexion in real life. Pathetic if they have.

  • Yohji

    Why is her face a different colour to the rest of her body?

  • Anne

    @zey: yeah but she will be the first one to tell you that she is DOMINICAN not BLACK. Which, to me, is stupid.

  • Brenda

    People should be able to play whatever role they want, its the acting that counts. I am just confused on why they let Mary J. Blige go on this role. It was reported that she dropped out for some reason.

  • Vanessa

    She reminds me of Ertha Kitt. She would be great if they ever did a movie on Ertha.

  • Truthie

    @Yohji: She’s wearing black face. NO!

  • Truthie

    @Anne: Actually Anne, she has always said she was black. Look at her imdb bio. Dominican is not a race.

  • Juicy Lucy


    Yes and No. Actors such as Dustin Hoffman (Lenny), Denzel Washington (The Hurricane) Bill Murray (Hyde Park on Hudson) Colin Firth (The Kings Speech), Robert Di Nero (Raging Bull) and Angela Bassette and Laurence Fishburne (What’s Love Got To Do With It) gave outstanding performances of their respective RL character without the use of prosthetics.

    Forrest Whitiker is a great actor who won and Oscar for The Last King of Scotland but I must say that I was quite underwhelmed at the amount of “makeup” used to get him into character. The sad/funny part about that was, you could see the makeup on his clothes from perspiration. I think that if an actor is truly talented (sorry, I find Zoe only mediocre) they should be able to convey the essence of the character via acting, not prosthetics.

    I find it rather pathetic that the director chose an actress who does not consider herself black, yet is so proud to be playing a woman of color. What’s next, Zoe lipsyncing Nina’s music. Sorry, but all I see is a disaster film in the making. Speaking of disaster films, does anyone remember Michael Chiklis’ film, Haywire, about the late iconic comedian John Belushi? The critics trashed his performance and I’d hate to think what the critics will be saying about Zoe, I agree with the person who said that Zoe was chosen for the part as she is the new HW it girl.

  • miss infamous

    Im sorry but she looks like shes has on a mask for Halloween. Just all wrong!!


    Bad enough they chose thumbelina Zoe to try and play Nina Simone a strong all black woman but to push it even further they went all the way back and did a black face on her!!!??? WTF!!!!

  • Elena

    it baffles me that zoe hasn’t gotten it through her head. NO ONE wants her playing nina simone, including nina’s daughter. i get that the (stupid) producers are trying to make money but at what point does zoe say “okay, maybe this isn’t the right role for me so let me just pass”

    clearly it’s too late now, but she’s losing fans each time a new photo comes out.

  • Neva

    Is a shame!! an insult to black people and Nina (a true artist). Zoe is a lousy actress. There are so many actresses who deserve this paper without looking ridiculous!
    Now with so many bad comments about her makeup in this role, sure the next week another photo shoot with Cooper for dirty publicity. Gross!

  • Kiara

    Zoe can do that role, she is a woman of color, stop hating because she has a fine fine man around her. She did her thing in Columbiana also. She is a great actress.

  • angelie

    @Vanessa: Thandie Newton would make a better eartha Kitt.

  • angelie

    @Alaia: i agree! or Nikki Micheaux. Either would’ve been perfect.

  • angelie

    @Alaia: i agree! or Nikki Micheaux. Either would’ve been perfect.

  • Annie

    She’s NOT in blackface! The only changes I see from the usual Zoe I see is different hair/clothes and maybe slightly higher weight for the role. Otherwise this is entirely Zoe’s usual/natural face.

  • Laurie

    @Annie: if you like her you should know her natural complexion is not this. They litteraly painted her face with some super dark foundation or whatever it is !

  • Isha

    I am a Zoe fan, but what were they thinking casting this woman and painting her to look darker, when there are so many other black actresses who could have been cast for that role. Like I said, I am a fan, but she’s not so great of an actress that they just had to have her… Shaking my head in disbelief.

  • Juicy Lucy



    Agreed. Brad and Zoe have the second worst fauxmance next to KPatz. Someone on another site stated that the house BC was caught sneaking out of didn’t belong to either one of them, BC comes across as charming but he does have a mean streak and it is rumored that the reason JE divorced him was because he beat her. So if Zoe likes men that are physically and verbally abusive, she’s welcome to him.

  • Nepotismma Roberts

    I am not black but this infuriates me so much. The actress from Pariah was a perfect candidate for this. She had her breakout year last year.

    One break out role for Zoe in Avatar where people didn’t even see her, and she’s the ‘go to’ black actress now? And they’re obviously darkening her skin…. which shows that they’d rather hire a light skinned black woman to play a dark-skinned black woman than an actual dark-skinned black woman. UGH!

  • Rose1987389!!!

    She is the last person in the world I would have thought of to play Nina Simone!! Wow! I am truly, honestly shocked and a little disappointed. Nothing against Zoe, she’s beautiful and talented but I have to agree with the first commenter Kirsten on this.

  • Sheigh

    Nina Simone must turn herself in her grave!
    I just wish one thing is everybody will boycott this upcoming pathetic and disrespectful movie when is going out! I’ll do it!
    Damn !

  • Rosalyn

    If its such a fake link between them, why is twitter reporting that she – Zoe is with him right now while he is filming in Las Vegas, many witnesses said they are there filiming HO3 with the other cast members. That does not sound like something that is fake.

  • Opal

    I agree…it looks strange. Not just the darkened face but also…Nina was overweight for most of her adult life so…there’s no chance Zoe will ever look like her unless she gains like 30 pounds or something.

    Either they should have cast someone with a better resemblance of the real Nina…or they should have not bothered to go this far with the makeup. Because she really doesn’t look anything like her. The important thing is not the look, it’s the story about this great musician, and whether she can give an interesting performance of her experiences and stuff

  • Smurf

    @Annie: are u serious? Her face is a different complexion than her body. Put your glasses on

  • jess

    @Juicy Lucy: Regardless of your opinions on Bradley it’s a bit harsh to accuse a man, any man, of domestic abuse.

  • Neva


    Sorry to disappoint you, Colombiana is a terrible movie (Browse the critics reviews). The Colombian women were unhappy because she’s not has “the kind”. I lived in Colombia and no woman in this country seems anorexic.

    She is a joke with that makeup in the role of Nina Simone.

    And I don’t care, whoever warmed her bed at night (in this case Cooper). The relationship can help promoting her, to try to shut up the general dislike (her) in the role of Nina, though that costing his popularity. Let’s see how hold this dirty publicity.

    Anyway Zoe can “sleep” with Prince Harry or George Clooney, equal nobody agrees with her role as NINA.

  • Neva

    @Juicy Lucy:

    Jess nobody is accusing him of abuse, Juicy only wrote as she read in another page . Is a quite popular rumor about Bradley, and also say that he is gay. Look on google there are many comments about his personality.

    They can do whatever they want with their advertising dirty, but finally is costing his career.

  • Kiara


    Why all the hate on these people? Some of these posts act like they did something to you personally. Zoe is a great actress. I guess they people that dont like her in this role didnt also like the masterpiece “Much to do about nothing” Denzel and Keanu played brothers, and that movie was great, stop looking at the apperances and look at the talent. Also you need to stop with comment about Mr.C. Even Liam Niesen said on George Lopez that he met Mr. C’s girlfriend while filming A team and discussed workouts and stuff. Dont hate, congratulate.

  • Neva


    I’m not the “only”, who thinks that she is not for the role.
    Anyway it’s a forum of public opinion, “free speech” is called. All have different opinions, nothing personal.
    And again, I donĀ“t care the personal life of “Mr. C” ….. He can do anything about them. whatever! Is his life.
    Hate??? jajaja. What’s happen with you?… greetings Kiara. Au revoir

  • Anne

    @Truthie: black but not dark skinned. Nina was a proud, black, dark skinned woman. Zoe, I just don’t know. She just isn’t working in this role for me. But then people didn’t think Charlize could pull off Aileen Wournos. I’ll sit back and let this run its course. We will see how she handles the press bc the question of skin darkening will come up.

  • Juicy Lucy


    I wasn’t accusing him of being an abuser but BC has stated that he wasn’t the most pleasant person to be around when he was drunk. JE will not discuss her marriage (which if she did catch him with another man, she could very well say something to the effect that we just weren’t compatible). Her silence speaks volumes. There was a recent blind at CDAN that many people feel rings true about the incident that eneded their marriage. BTW, I feel that BC is bi not gay.

  • pumicelone

    This is Hollywood. Back in NYC when Zoe still lived there. I have seen her face to face. She was much darker and her hair was like gel and jheri curl crap. She was stupid then, and was trashy then. She treated Keith like crap. But when she moved out to L.A. I thought she had changed. NO! She now continues to bleach her skin and relax her hair. I don’t think it anyone would have cared if she didn’t speak so negatively towards her Black and Latino community. She is completely ignorant in interviews. I don’t know Bradley. But now that I work in the entertainment industry, I hear things. It is unfortunate that his numbers in favor are falling. It is likely due to his link to Zoe. People look her up. Realize that she has limited vocabulary, is vulgar, and lacks self-respect. Then they judge him. Serves him right. I hear he is not so much a momma’s boy and is quite inconsiderate towards his own mother. Didn’t she just lose her husband and partner, his father, and was dragged to live across the Country. I’m sure her first thought was not Zoe. No mother would wish her upon their child.

    What I have heard is that most of her “paparazzi” photos we see online are actually set-up photo shoots disguised to look as if she is popular. She has a definite unquenchable thirst for fame. She is WAY TOO desperate. It still doesn’t improve her acting skills. She has a lengthy history of picking rolls many other actresses have turned down for very good reason. Remember “Burning Palms.” That roll was disgusting, but pure Zoe. She’s completely ignorant. This does not surprise me at all. She is not well liked or respected among her peers in the entertainment industry. She is shallow and desperate. Hopefully her days in the industry will be greatly numbered.

    If anyone has seen “Guess Who,” she was darker there too. I hear rumors about her, no need to mention. Zoe is Zoe. This whole thing is really sad. Very sad. Shows her lack of respect, for anyone.

  • Juicy Lucy

    Zoe probably took the role as a way to elevate her up to Bradleys level as an A lister. I’m actually curious as to whether she did any research on Nina Simone. Since she will identify with being black/Latino when it suits her to get a particular role, what cah she possibly bring to the role when she isn’t african american? IMO, Zoe is a mediocre actress at best who as proven with the failure of Columbiana that she can’t carry a film on her own. It will be interesting to see how well she handles the critics who are sure to trash her performance if she can’t bring the essence of Nina’s character to life.