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Gerard Butler: Norway Arrival with Madalina Ghenea!

Gerard Butler: Norway Arrival with Madalina Ghenea!

Gerard Butler and his girlfriend Madalina Ghenea arrive at the airport on Sunday (December 9) in Oslo, Norway.

The 43-year-old actor is in town to host the Nobel Peace Prize Concert tomorrow night with Sarah Jessica Parker. The show will feature performances by Jennifer Hudson, Seal, and more!

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Gerard recently confirmed his relationship with Madalina during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

“It’s been seven months now…it’s not a record,” Gerard joked on the show.

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  • JC

    @Villa Villekulla: Tack ;) Ser ju ut som han håller på att somna :P Det var nog ingen bra idé för dem att åka till Oslo.

    To clarify, when I wrote that I want hom to be with someone older I meant someone who is older than MG, not necessarily older than himself. Some here (far from all) seem to think that the only ones who are fans (and jealous) are middle aged women, well I´m 22 (born 1990) hehe.
    Some people say that he´s partying alot, I can agree with that but not with the ones who say he´s drinking which I really don´t believe he does. But he is certainly starting to look older, compare him to Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt who are both older but still looks like they haven´t aged in a long time. He needs to take a break and really think over his situation. I don´t know anything about his PR-team either but if it´s true what is said about them here then I´m worried for him. It´s also not very respectfull to yawn like that during a ceremony, he looks like he´s falling asleep too. Not happy about this.
    Feels like the only thing that would really make me like GB again is if they´re deciding to make a movie of Love Never Dies (sequel to POTO). Then I know it would be a good role for him because I love him as Erik/Phantom and I can´t understand why he doesn´t get more credit for it. Sure he hasn´t the best singing voice but he really provides emotion when he sings and it makes you cry.

  • JC

    *want HIM to be with someone older, sorry.

  • big apple

    @bodysnatcher: Yeah we should start a reverse strategy saying Gerry hurry up and marry this one, she’s going to be a big star and you can live off her earnings.

  • No class

    Funny, ever since I saw him eat in BH, I thought to myself, “I bet that’s how he eats in real life.” Come to think of it, I think Dlisted has a pic of him shoveling food into his mouth, or maybe it’s Celebit.chy. I always got a “no manners” vibe from him. I would bet he loves to play Dutch Oven.

  • Villa Villekulla
  • whatshedonenow


    I know. Jeez man, put your hand over your mouth at least. That’s taught to you by your mother when you are a toddler. What a pig. Who behaves like that at an event like that?  This man must have been dragged up. Pick your ears and nose and eat it, while farting out loud as well why don’t ya. Bloody helll.

  • Villa Villekulla
  • Mairi

    @Madalina Ghenea Is For Rent:

    Why are you repeating this post? Say something new.

  • Mairi

    @Gerard Butler is a Misogynist:

    Please stop repeating posts!

  • NO

    @wowwwww: I don´t think she´s letting herself go, this is how she looks in real life. No make up artist, no hair stylist, no flattering lights, no photoshop here. She looked terrible in Rome too, a few weeks ago when she received an award for her 1 minute appearance as a romanian prostitute.
    A star born, sigh. Disgusting porn lips, hard look. Deep, dark circles around her fishy eyes, better not meet her in real life, scary 24 year old.

  • Kali Orexi

    @yep: I’ve been there, Done that…. I was in a relationship with a guy who was a recovering addict. he almost od-ed on heroin and swore he was clean when we met. Long story short, I started doing cocaine for a while and looked exactly as Macaroni… Dark circles under my eyes etc. I was using to forget about my lousy life and abusive relationship and after I left my bf, never used again. I am certain they are using some drug together cos he indeed looks like cr*p and has aged considerably in the last couple of years and she looks older than I. Am and I’m mid 40s. I just hope someone will intervene, hopefully Margaret or his siblings as I doubt they would want to lose Gerry forever.

  • I always thought…..

    I swear she looks 35+ if shes 25 im Elvis Presley who she trying to kid….And whats with the trout pout i find it hideous i bet Butler to himself thinks he’s pulled a right stunner and men will envy him yeh prob perverts like him might but no man with class would go 10 foot near a woman like that they sniff them a mile away.

    And whats with him and ‘girlfriend’ or ‘being a father’ oh please get the violins out my heart just sank…Not! He likes haggard bet they just eat take outs and order room service all the time somehow she doesn’t look very domesticated. It amazes me after all the experiences and encounters he has had with women is that what he went for lol i knew he was dumb but that dumb i didnt… They so remind me of mel gibson and his wife now and the way she smiles reminds me of the grinch if anyone has seen it, i dont think ppl dislike her bcoz she is with him she just doesnt give off a good vibe or likable quality saying that niether does he these days! ppl said the same when she was leo and her country dont really have brilliant things to say about her too. Actions speaks louder than words.

    Goodluck to them both with a tanking career, fading looks, plastic surgery refills, and paused bank balance there true love can prevail and they lived happily ever after

  • Kali Orexi

    @Villa Villekulla: OMFG, even a pig has better table manners when eating from a throth! (Sorry, not sure how to spell it, ESL -english second language)

  • whatshedonenow

    @ GGG

    I’m sorry, but who cares if he’s jet-lagged. There are political leaders and dignitaries there who’ve been up god knows how many hours trying to sort out the euro zone and global financial crisis, conflicts in the middle east, Africa, and god only knows what else. They can manage to stifle a big old ugly yawn. And here’s this stupid, feckless, schmuck yawning like he’s been watching a third bad porn movie in a row at home. wtf 

  • LMAO

    @Kali Orexi:

    Butler and manners when has ever done anything proper classy or manly he’s just an empty shell no content.. If he is making her do drugs i really feel sorry for girls who get trapped into men like that, its not right on many levels and ppl like that dont deserve to have kids

  • Cherloch Combs

    I got a text from Joy F—— and she said they dreamed up this fake romance to stop the gay stories from coming out. This is the greatest beard story ever.

  • SouthernBelle


    “There are political leaders and dignitaries there who’ve been up god knows how many hours trying to sort out the euro zone and global financial crisis, conflicts in the middle east, Africa, and god only knows what else.”

    But they’re not HW or associated with Paul Haggis. In fact, I would guess that a number of attendees don’t have a clue who GB is, much less MG. Gerry probably finds the whole thing boring. He’s obviously there for the money from the committee and from Porsche.

  • Kali Orexi

    she’s gonna look like Sylvester Stallone’s mum after all the plastic surgery/fillers she’s had and Jackie is 94 I believe…. Not a good omen if you pump yourself full of fillers, Botox etc. at an age you don’t need it. don’t know if any of you saw that video on YouTube of that woman who had butt implants and she could flip them over as they weren’t placed in her buttocks properly…I’m sure something like that will happen to MG.

    Must say, I have followed GB since 1997, since Mrs Brown and I have all cd’s of movies he’s ever appeared in bar a few that are only available in the States but am thinking of donating ALL of the, to charity!

  • Olivia

    I wonder if MG will proudly attend Gerard’s Razzie ceremony this year when PFK sweeps all the worst movie awards.

  • GGG


    No, I think you’ve got me wrong (or my post was not clear, I’m sorry, I’m not a nativespeaker and my English isn’t the best. Probably this is the problem). The jet lag thing shouldn’t be meant as an excuse! I am totally with you by saying that to yawn at this ceremony is a no-go!

  • heather

    Usually girls like Madalina don’t make it past security.


    Looks like Gerard’s judgement is failing seriously and him dating a girl with Madalina’s background and love of lies is the biggest red flag.

  • No class

    @Villa Villekulla: That’s the one. My, it was only a year ago! He looks hardcare here as well. I believe this was around Brandi time, wasn’t it?

  • bodysnatcher
  • snowfall

    @whatshedonenow: Agree. Norway is only 6 hrs ahead of NYC. 1pm ceremony start time = 7am in NYC. Even factoring in “primping” time (which, looking at MG wasn’t a lot) it still wouldn’t be a yawn worthy time difference. They should have gone to bed earlier.

  • bodysnatcher Looks like these were taken whilst filming The Bounty Hunter

  • whatshedonenow

    @ GGG

    I know. I’m sorry. I was just highlighting what an umber ill- mannered, shallow, schmuck Butler is

  • Ana Bella

    This was great !!
    Can’t stop laughing ! LOLOLOL

  • thecareersovermate

    Just watching Die Hard. Did you know Alan Rickman trained as a graphic designer and after graduation ran his business until his mid twenties, when jr decided it was now or never to try to earn a living from his passion, acting. But he did it properly-he trained at RADA and didn’t start acting professionally until he was 28. He then consolidated solidly in rep and a spell in the RSC, and now has a solid reputation on stage punctuated by some outstanding support and cameo roles on film, where he usually out acts the pretty boy lead.
    That’s how to do acting as a second career. Not GBs fame and ego driven lazy way.

  • Kali Orexi

    @Cherloch Combs: I wouldn’t be surprised at all but I do recall stories from former girlfriends in Glasgow about how sweet, loveable and attentive he was…

  • Autumn

    Cupcake, Duckie, London – thanks! I’m home with the flu and as much as I am charmed by GB and having met him on a few occasions – I’d like to manage his career the same way I manage my team of lovable misfits. He needs someone who doesn’t care about the percentage points and the money, but about him as a human being. He’s a product, but the packaging is all wrong now. It needs to be revamped.

    Glad you gals are here. Hope to talk more since I’m home sick – JJ is my guilty pleasure as is GB.

    Best to all of you!

  • TeaCakes

    @She doesnt look happy one bit!: How many people look joyous and glowing after an eight hour flight? Flying long distance is tough and it dehydrates you. It tires you out even if you sleep for part of it. Gerry’s nose looks puffy and enlarged.

    I have to laugh that the Nobel concert planners couldn’t get any major stars to open their lame show. So they grab two fame wh.ore D-listers who have tons of bad movies between them.

    Oslo is a fun walking city. I’ve been several times although not during the Christmas season. I’m sure Karl Johan’s Gate is lovely this time of year. Aker Brygge as well.

  • Kali Orexi

    @TeaCakes: If you’re flying 1st class or business class you have a very comfy space and you have plenty of rest so jet lag is no excuse.

  • Autumn

    @missjude: Too funny Miss Jude! I cannot believe he took “this” to the NPC – it’s one of the most prestigious global events. What a numpty!


  • Hello

    I am actually embarrassed for him. Doesn’t he know that he is not only a presenter but an embassador Scotland and not just because he is a HW actor…. or at least was.
    Maybe if he had gone to bed to sleep at a decent hour…..oh never mind. like it’s going to change anything. Already a nitemare and the tabloids next rag line.

    I think the line is,” you can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear,”

    P.S. why is Alan trailing along AGAIN?

  • Holly

    I used to think this man was gorgeous, now….ugh! He lost it!

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @Autumn: Hope you feel better Autumn! =)
    And Butler, for heaven’s sake, cover your mouth when you yawn. Margaret! Help! Please??

  • Trying to figure it out

    @Villa Villekulla
    Thank you for your insightful posts today. This thread is getting sadder and sadder by the hour. I can’t believe he looked so bored and yawned – such a gent.

  • One Two

    @Cherloch Combs: Having that cheap romanian as a beard is much worse than being openly gay. Gerry and Freddy for lovers, cheers!

  • missjude

    @Autumn: what was he thinking, right!? and what were the Nobel Peace Prize organizers thinking? such an event is completely wasted on them both.

  • TeaCakes

    @Kali Orexi: They moderated my comment so here it is again.

    First class or biz, makes no difference. It’s still a long flight from JFK to Fornebu. It’s tiring and the FA’s get all twisty when you want to stand and stretch. You must not fly much because you don’t know how dehydrating and boring it is on long long flights. It makes you tired no matter what.

  • missjude

    @TeaCakes: I agree jet lag may be part of the tiredness. it’s just as a “pro” and an Actor he should be able to disguise this and do a sterling job at such a prestigious event. not sit there slouching in his chair, throwing his head back and yawning so crassly. i’m sure many people flew in further than they did and lead much more stressful lives and didn’t sit and yawn their way throw the event.

  • whatshedonenow

    Sorry Teacakes. I disagree. World leaders are there, and they ain’t yawning.

  • missjude

    @whatshedonenow: precisely

  • Terrible Twos

    @Ellen #45 – Thanks for your reply. That’s nice someone gave him a traditional sweater when he arrived. He seemed genuinely perked up by that.

  • photoshock
  • SouthernBelle


    Flights from NYC to Oslo average 7 hr 55 min, depending on route. Flight from Heathrow to Dubai is 7 hours. We didn’t see him yawning while surrounded by his harem in Dubai or while traipsing around Glasgow last month.

    Jetlag or no, perception is everything. Maybe he couldn’t help yawning, but he could have covered his mouth while yawning and tried to look a little more interested when not yawning.

  • Autumn

    @Can’tGetEnough: Hey CGE! Long time my friend! He’s just failing and flailing on all fronts. The yawning at an event like this and it being photographed twice! He’s a swift kick and again, I agree with some of the other posters, why is Alan always there? What is the value to having your “manager” (who I believe is more of an enabler than a manager) along for the ride? Doesn’t he have any other clients for pity’s sake? GB is 43 yo – can’t he do anything without him or Amy? Geez – reality check please.

    Hope you are well CGE – recovered after Sandy – and life is happy. Just can’t help rant here today!


  • Clamsie

    Ok, ready for your bucket of thumbs. Did anyone notice the ROCK on her left hand? Clamsie says wowzie.

    I wonder what it means, if anything. Is it a gift, a real diamond or not? Or is it a fakeout prop?

    I think the two of them look like they haven’t slept in days. Must be all that raw animal sex they’re having.

  • Autumn

    @missjude: Totally agree! I loved a previous post naming him as an ambassador of Scotland at this event – this is so true. The next months will prove interesting to us all.

    Just pray that something falls on his head and he wakes up before it’s too late. I just watched 60 minutes and saw the Hugh Jackman interview – love the interaction between him and his wife, Deborah Lee Furness. It’s sweet to watch. I don’t care about those rumors either whatever works for people and makes them happy.

    NIce conversing with you!

  • Clamsie

    @SouthernBelle: You have a point. But then, he’s not the classiest of men so what does he know? He’s crude and crass most of the time, IMO. His mother should have sent him to both charm and obedience schools a long time ago.