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Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Kissing Cabo Couple!

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux: Kissing Cabo Couple!

Jennifer Aniston shows off her flat tummy in a bikini while soaking up the sun with her shirtless fiance Justin Theroux on Friday (December 28) in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

The 43-year-old actress and the 41-year-old actor were seen showing each other love with a kiss.

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Jennifer and Justin were joined by their friends Jimmy Kimmel, Molly McNearney, and Emily Blunt.

The day before, Jennifer and Justin were spotted chatting with Emily, her husband John Kraskinki, Jimmy, and Molly on the balcony of their hotel suite.

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux on a vacation in Mexico…

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jennifer aniston justin theroux kissing cabo couple 01
jennifer aniston justin theroux kissing cabo couple 02
jennifer aniston justin theroux kissing cabo couple 03
jennifer aniston justin theroux kissing cabo couple 04
jennifer aniston justin theroux kissing cabo couple 05
jennifer aniston justin theroux kissing cabo couple 06
jennifer aniston justin theroux kissing cabo couple 07
jennifer aniston justin theroux kissing cabo couple 08
jennifer aniston justin theroux kissing cabo couple 09
jennifer aniston justin theroux kissing cabo couple 10

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  • notyourfriend

    Jennifer is one hot woman…so is Justin

  • jasmine

    Gorgeous couple. I’m jealous, wish I had their lives.

  • Elena

    Her body is amazing!!!

  • vomit

    lmfao!!!! come on, straddle him like you did vince vaughn! give everyone a “real” show!!!
    “we need photographic proof of how in love we are, let’s kiss for the cameras and show these genuinely in love couples how pretend in love we are.”

  • Cherry

    As you can tell, Jennifer does not have a better body than the other women. Nope, I wouldn’t categorize her as “hot”.

  • Carla

    So cute! Wish them the best! People stop hating, Its Xmas!!!

  • stork is not coming

    he knows she’s insecure so he needs to turn his back on the other ladies to stop himself from ogling. and that wasn’t convincing enough so he had to give her a little affection.

  • Paul

    A lot of hottest bodies!

  • Paul

    @stork is not coming: Insecure with her BODY? Bitc#h insecure your mother .i.

  • Cherry

    Which country are you from? Why is it still Christmas there? Not hating, just stating my opinion. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this beholder is just not impressed with Jennifer. Now, Emily Blunt, she has what I would call a hot body.

  • stork is not coming

    did i say her BODY? i really mean she’s insecure IN EVERY WAY, not just her body.

  • rikki

    looking good X

  • Sunny

    Well, it looks like Aniston’s going to milk this photo op for all it’s worth. Does she have no job offers on the horizon? Her movies suck, maybe she should reconsider TV to jumpstart whatever is left of her career. She has two mouths to feed now, hers and her future husband’s.

  • Seriously

    They are getting ridiculous now, as if they don’t know they are being papped. And no I’m not jealous.

  • Heidi

    Justin showed more affection and love toward Heidi than to this old woman. This old woman they call Maniston is a total bore and nothing appealing about her. The other couples here are more attractive than this 2 idiots. They will not last.

  • Lol

    Well it looks Aniston paid for everything for this vacation. I think thats the only way he can his midget to go to cabo if they also hang out with his friends. So I suppose she has to milk it for the limelight.

  • Petra

    One comment here says Justin is a hot woman, lol!!!! JustJen is a total flake couple. They love themselves too much and I bet it is she who is here posting all of the comments about her greatness. GET OVER YOURSELVES!

  • Pepper

    Having a great body in Hollywood is not an achievement, it’s a requirement. It’s literally their job to look good. We would all look good if we had her time and money.

  • lmao

    somebody is reading the gossip blogs


    merry christmas!

  • jelena

    so its like Couples Retreat now

  • Lea

    Didn’t she do this with Vince Vaughn and John Mayer at this same villa? Aniston’s love life is a cycle. Same ol’ same ol’, lol.

  • No Class

    this is what she has to do stay relevant, be papped in a bikini doing nothing. no white christmas for this no class ho. she doesn’t ski, she doesn’t hike, she doesn’t scuba dive, she doesn’t play volleyball, she doesn’t play tennis, she doesn’t ride horses, she doesn’t go biking, she doesn’t like to fly, she doesn’t eat. she just lays in the sun and drink. no wonder men get the eff out, they’re bored to tears. doing the same old sheit year after year, day in and day out. the difference this time is this guy needs the money, unlike all the rest who have greener pastures to explore.

  • http://computer Grandma

    All they do is read comments about themselves, they could’ve stayed home and be miserable.
    Her PR guy called her, and told her to appear as though they like one another, because they looked like people that were married for forty years and bored out of their minds.
    This Guy is costing her a pretty penny, but she is desperate and he knows it.
    As soon as he place that wedding ring on her finger, it is going to be a bumpy road, until he throws in the towel and split, like all the men did since 2005.

  • Just a thought

    Ya know….I think with time truth reveals itself. The pitt aniston divorce made a lot of money because the tabloids(with the help of a certain pr) blamed th divorce “on the other woman”…. Yet if u look to see almost 10 years later where aniston & pitt are now u can clearly see why they divorced. They were not compatible, their lifestyles are so different! Brad has given us a few interesting quotes in the past couple of years but one that stood out was from parade mag……

    “I spent the ‘90s trying to hide out, trying to duck the full celebrity cacophony. I started to get sick of myself sitting on a couch, holding a joint, hiding out. It started feeling pathetic. It became very clear to me that I was intent on trying to find a movie about an interesting life, but I wasn’t living an interesting life myself. I think that my marriage [to actress Jennifer Aniston] had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t.”

    Media jumped all over him and this quote but looking at the pics of her fiancé and u can clearly see what he meant . Jennifer is all about friends, career…Hollywood. How many times over the last couple of years have u seen these type of pics w aniston and whatever man or friends she happens to be with. Look she can live the lifestyle she wants….but as a fan of brad I think he is living the more interesting life, I think he values things that truly matter ….his family. The name dropping, the parties, the made up awards, the yoga, the posing, the pr …..the game . Those things that are Hollywood are things that are not his priority anymore. As for Jen and her fiancé I wish them the best and maybe it seems she has found are person who values the same things she does. Time will tell.

  • ellie’

    Jen & Justin are so in love…So happy for them…Happy New Year everyone..

  • LYNN

    Why do the tabloids keep lying about her being pregnant. I dont buy those magazines, but thats the headline every three months or whenever Brad is promoting a movie or a charity. I am still waiting for that baby. I thought she could have been once upon a time because she looked so swollen in the stomach.

  • Jen

    Wonder how Chin kisses without lips. How come no bikini shots of Emily? Now she’s sexy. Not the grandma with the wannabe hipster boyfriend.

  • Daniela

    I really can’t understand how Brad managed to marry this woman? She is the queen of futility!
    He gave the media and fame she never had. Never deserved.
    She is vulgar. A pseudo actress.
    His life is sunbathing in a bikini and open her legs for the paparazzi.
    I pity her…

  • ellen

    Jennifer Aniston is talented, beautiful, rich, sexy and wonderful, you are very lucky Justin Theroux.

  • ellen

    I do not know how Brad managed to replace Jennifer Aniston beautiful, wonderful and healthy for a dry and ugly anorexic Angelina.

  • Gah

    Gosh you crazy kids! Too much cuteness.

  • Marie

    Love them.

  • urbigfatazz

    what’s funny is you all comment like you know these celebs personally and you are friends with them when fact is they would spit on you if you tried to take their parking space … savage animals get to the top nice people don’t !

  • Grandma

    @ellen: You’re like a broken record, that anorexic story is played out, you can post it all over the net, no one with common sense believes it.
    It not her fault that you’re obese, and can’t leave your Trailer, without calling the fire station to come cut open the trailer to get you.
    Ticky and beautiful in the same sentence, now I know your cataracts are bad but still, she is like a garden gnome, her legs are always open.
    Brad, Vince, Paul, John, Jon, her friends ex-husband and numerous other men replaced her in the last eight years, so tell me who is dry and ugly now.
    The only man she can keep is an out of work actor and bad script writer, don’t try saying his net worth 4 to 10 million, because he only had bit parts and was one of several writers writing a script. RDJ said the script for Iron 2 sucked.
    Poor Ben Stiller can’t get any projects financed, so there goes that freeloader only source of employment. He is Cabana boy now.

  • African Girl

    Err. . I don’t think Justin will appreciate being called a hot woman especially considering all the effort he’s put into his macho man persona.
    Just Sayin’

  • Heidi’s Cousin


    I don’t understand what Justin sees in the old bag like Jennifer. He loves Heidi’s family and they love him. He loves Heidi. He likes family and Jennifer does not have a family nor does she bonds with any family. I read she hates her own mother. The beach tanning life is sad. It only proves over and over that Jennifer is empty. Justin must be so desperate for cash to give up all he loves in order to settle for an old empty woman.

  • Ellgy

    People should get over arguing about Anniston, Pitt, and Jolie. Jennifer and Brad divorced ages ago and have moved on. Some people posting here need to move on also. Arguing about strangers and their private lives is odd.

  • Frank

    Justin is milking it. Any man can see that. Jennifer’s been plugged too many times and she’s many men’s waste. No thank you.

  • hm..

    @Cherry: i’m orthodox and it’s not xmas yet – perhaps she meant it’s still the holidays? =/ dunno ha~

  • hm..

    ..and people do know that emily blunt and her husband are swingers right?

  • http://Justjarde M


  • http://Justjarde M


  • http://Justjarde M


  • rachel

    dry and ugly is totally maniston. justin is going to steal all her money and find a young woman to marry. every man eventually leaves this old bag.

  • Hank

    He’s still wearing the same nasty cutoffs. Is he difficult?


    Pancake butt in jean shorts. And Chin’s fans claims he’s sexy? Bawawawa! Hilarious.

  • ugh

    every time i read a post about someone trying to sympathize with a celebrity because they get photographed while on holidays i just roll my fu*cking eyes. There are millions of places to go.. secluded islands, mountains, beaches etc that no one will go to.. let alone the paparazzi.. so take the hint people, celebrities call the paparazzi, they want the publicity.

  • aily segal

    Love no any age… anytime and anywhere do this..

  • http://Justjarde M