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Justin Timberlake: Grammys 2013 Performance - WATCH NOW!

Justin Timberlake: Grammys 2013 Performance - WATCH NOW!

Justin Timberlake hits the stage for his highly anticipated performance at the 2013 Grammy Awards on Sunday (February 10) at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The 32-year-old entertainer performed his hit new song “Suit & Tie” with Jay-Z, as well as his new track “Little Pusher Love Girl”! The performance was presented by Jay‘s wife Beyonce and Ellen DeGeneres.

Get ready for a big Justin announcement coming shortly.

“Big news coming out after Justin‘s #Grammys performance. Stay tuned or you’ll miss it! #moreJT -teamJT,” his people tweeted on his account.

Justin Timberlake – Grammys Performance

10+ pictures inside of Justin Timberlake performing at the 2013 Grammys

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  • Nina

    Robin Thick MUCH?? he sounds like a sheep

  • ella

    it was extremely average. nothing “big comeback” about it.

  • girrrl


  • B.

    It’s really average. And I can help to think “It took him like 5, 6 years to come back with something actually less good than he was doing before?” Really not good.


    He is very charismatic & a great physical performer but vocally he is very average especially when compared with some of the other performers like Miguel & Frank Ocean. He seems to have written an album of RnB songs when he doesn’t have a great RnB voice.

  • Asha

    His performance was awesome but I absolutely detest his new song. I turn the radio station every time the song comes on.

  • Tessa

    You guys’ opinion doesn’t matter anyway. Seems like people hate the only good performers these days.

  • mickey

    Ugh…watered down R&B, really? This is the big comeback? He really didn’t go anywhere. He was just being average in movies and now we have more mediocrity tonight. He is arrogant and fugly. It’s a shame what gets touted as high quality these days.

  • liz

    @CASPER: couldn’t agree more. his voice is so blah. and he tries to sound sexy singing in [what he thinks is] falsetto. it’s just annoying!

  • tyal



    JT…quit it..seriously…even when he was with NSYNC…i always felt JC had a better voice…no lie…very few people can do movies and bring out albums without being sophomoric in either area of works.

  • Serena van der Woodsen


  • will


  • Nev


  • kingkayski

    The worst performance of the night!

  • ChiChi

    JT obviously bit R. Kelly’s Love Letter/Write Me Back swag

  • Tina

    Just who is his target audience? He’s only famous in his own mind.

  • jujubu

    sooo disappointing. you can’t have a comeback w songs like that. they are average at best. obviously u need to come back with something that sticks in your head and people get excited about.

  • ?????

    @ChiChi He’s been biting everyone’s throwback swag and it’s annoying. That retro revival was cool a year or two ago, now its time to move on, unless you’ve been doing it. He’s late. Plus Bruno Mars did the retro pompidou steez @ last year’s Grammys and mirked it hard. He got a standing ovation.

  • PrinceFluffBall

    I never use to listen to him so didnt realise how good his voice was but i found his 2 new songz pretty boring

  • the_boyfriend

    Blah! especially the second song, nothing new there.
    I don’t get the praise they were giving him, Beyonce told everyone to stand up but i bet everyone just wanted to sit down after one minute.
    his ego is awful too.

  • KissThis

    I thought he did a reasonably good job! Come on, give him a break. He hasn’t performed in front of an audience like this in years. It takes some time to get back into the swing of it. I’m sure he was nervous.

  • Sam

    Frank Ocean is good but his performance was god awful at the Grammys. Not to mention JT is a pop/RnB crossover whereas Frank Ocean and Miguel are just RnB. JT has a sick voice and screw the haters. Not to mention his comeback is awesome

  • jess

    @Sam: Frank Ocean is miles better than JT. His album was epic, he didn’t need Timbaland or whoever else to bring the attention, the music spoke for itself. JT can only dream of being as talented.

  • L.C

    Lol there are a lot of haters below me.. Justin Bieber fans maybe? This guy has class and talent his performance was REAL entertainment if you ask me!

  • Trev

    @Nina: You’re a moron. JT has been singing falsetto and soul before anyone even knew Robin Thicke existed.

  • Trev

    @CASPER: You’re another moron. Frank Ocean’s performance SUCKED. JT’s was 100x’s better.

  • Emily


    Justin’s earlier records were Pop/RnB but his newer material is clearly less of the former & more of the latter. It is only natural to compare him to other male artists in that genre of music . VOCALLY he lacks the soul, skill or strength as Frank Ocean, Bruno Mars or even Chris Brown. If he wants to compete he needs to come up with better songs.

  • judy

    Effing LOVE LOVE LOVE him. His falsetto is SICK and his moves are dreamy! Also he brings a level of sophistication and elegance with his sexy. WIN!

  • Toni

    @Trev: Him and Robin came out around the same time. Robins been doing this since ealry 2000′s he was just not cleaned up at the time (that was when he was looking unkept with the long hair).
    Style wise I could care less about the two since there have been past artist wearing suits with their hair slick back, but music wise his song sounds like something Robin would do completely.

  • ShedaOne

    Justin Killed it Last Night. The problem is that yall white people waitin on him to do some white music, but he not. He Got Soul. Yall aint no authority on whats hot in da hood, what we wanna bump in our cars or hear on the dance floor of the club and that’s why yall ain’t like what he did. Yall the same ones that gassed up Alicia Keys and now she doin yall music and now her records ain”t sellin. We set the trend and yall follow it. Bottom line.

  • Tim

    He is a weak falsetto and nothing more.

  • Sharonika

    Awesome performance. I loved it.

  • mel

    This chit is so OLD I’m tired of all the dudes who really can’t sing making millions talking the lyrics and calling it music and being esteemed as great artist

  • MeowMix

    JY has always sounded like this. WTF were you expecting? So its watered down R&B just because a white guy is singing it? Oh yes, lets hate on a guy singing real R&B, and not that crap Usher is pumping out these days…

    And FYI a comeback is when someone becomes irrelevant and tries to come back. JT has been anticipated for years….

  • MeowMix


    Actually no….. JT has been writing R&B even in Nsync… JT also released a solo album a full year before RT did. In 2002. While RTs came out in 2003. And I dont know why JT is always compared to RT anyway…. This new song sounds like Musiq Soulchild more than RT.

  • Meg

    LOVE everything about this.

  • Laura Jimena Quiroga


  • ninarastak

    He was good, but these guys did a better job on Suit & Tie, I really think he was going to kill this performance! I do like the second song he sang:

  • Jai

    Wow. I’m shocked at all the hate here. JT is probably one of the best R&B singers/performers alive, lol Frank Ocean!? I like Frank, but like most new “R&B” singers, he’s a studio artist, not really a live performer. JT will drop another classic album. I think ppl have become so accustomed to a daily barrage of ubiquitous, low-quality music, we forget about those truly great artists who put everything into their music because they love what they do, not because of who they believe they are to the rest of us. Seems like we’re quick to mythologize these new acts. I think it’s because we secretly long for good, real music/artists, so we’ll settle for what grabs our attention (or everyone else’s). the industry has become a flash flood of overnight, talent-less, impatient, self-proclaiming kids. there are only a few class acts around. cherish the greats, folks.

  • volunteena

    @ShedaOne: even when he was with nsync, he still had soul. Hes like those white people who love black people, of course whites too, but hes not like the regular racist white people…….Hes white, but hes not the typical white person and doesn’t act like the typial white person. HES LIKE TEENA marie, she was white, but sista had soul, and she loved her black people.

  • http://@LedParade Sami

    Dunno about all these hates out here, but JT got Jesscia Biel so he’s gotta have something.

  • Luiz E.

    One of the best performances of the night. No doubt.

  • Cookie

    Ok…I think people are being a little too critical. I will agree that I was surprised at him doing the throw back thing but he’s always been in a “suit & tie” just look at his last body of work. He’s on the future/sex/love sounds cover with one on. And Justin has always been about R&B he loves Donnie Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, and Al Green. The first song with HOV has grown on me. All of his music is like this. But that last song he performed is straight out of Stevie’s book of genius and if you can’t appreciate that horn section and the organ then that means you haven’t heard real music in a while. Uh oh…looks like instruments are making a come back…And Robin Thicke is more of a Marvin Gaye guy. So, they are in same genre but different lanes to me.

  • Laura

    All you guys suck! I LOVE the song! Yeah his voice doesn’t exactly fit but all in all I thought it was great!!!!

  • jC

    Brothers got soul enough said…….

  • glor


    Love, love, love his awesome performance/comeback!!!! I see that there are a lot of ENVIOUS comments. I’m well over 50, of color, & love his sexy soulful singing, smooth dance moves, & his just plain hotness!