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Beyonce's Visual Album is 2013's Top Selling Female Debut!

Beyonce's Visual Album is 2013's Top Selling Female Debut!

After just 27 hours of being onsale without any pre-release promotion or even knowledge of the existence of the project, Beyonce‘s new self-titled visual album is the biggest debuting album for a female artist in 2013!

Billboard is reporting that the iTunes exclusive album sold 80,000 copies from 9pm PT to midnight on Thursday evening and an additional 350,000 copies on Friday. When the sales week ends on Sunday evening, it is estimated that the album will have sold around 600,000 copies. The album hit number one on iTunes in over 100 countries.

With just three days and three hours for the sales week, Beyonce will have the best sales week of her entire career! AMAZING!!!

The songs on Bey‘s new album will be available for individual purchase starting on December 20 and the physical CD/DVD set will be available in stores soon.

DID YOU BUY Beyonce’s new self-titled visual album?

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  • Sheyenne

    Wow … Beyonce is the best!!!!

  • Cutiestaynz

    Holy shit that’s awesome just goes to show how good she is she doesn’t need any promotion at all she’s truly the real deal in the music industry

  • Ami

    “It’s hard out here for a bit@h” right Beyonce????

  • Maddy

    I’m so inspired by her success! And I am so glad she put this album out because her album 4 didn’t really show people what she was capable of. THIS is amazing.

  • Verity

    GO ON QUEEN BEY! They said no one would care, it was just hype. Not bad for an album only available on iTunes. Katy Perry, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, bow down. This is how it’s done.

  • Beyfan

    Add Britney to that list. Apparently Britney Spears only sold 107,000 copies of her new album. She came in behind Garth Brooks cover song album.

    Beyoncé is for sure riding the relevancy wave with her husband. Jay-z matched his talents with being able to stay current, playing the business game. The man has been riding the mainstream success train for over a decade now. Beyoncé is taking that all in. Mrs. Carter indeed. Work it girl!

  • Sayer

    Somewhere right now, both Kanye and Lady Gaga are pissed they did not think of this stunt.

  • Beyawnce is a cheater

    Beyoncé cheated. Its nothing groundbreaking about this. She just made you idiots buy the whole album upfront before you could listen to all the singles and she pimped out her daughter to sell her album. People are already saying the album is not that good. She sold her album they way they use to do it and that is to make you guys buy the whole album instead of you choosing whether or not you want the whole product or one or two songs. You can’t get it unless you pay 15.99 for the entire album with her lame videos.

  • Beyawnce is a cheater

    @Sayer: Not really. Lady Gaga and Kanye West do not want to do this and the reason is, people are going to feel like they have been DUPED. You are right this was a stunt but in the end I don’t think it was a good one. She sold out her daughter for a funky stale album. For someone who claims they want privacy. Beyoncé pimped out her baby to the world. Not cool at all. Lady Gaga and Kanye West are not this stupid. Remember Beyoncé never graduated from highschool and is working on getting her GED. She can barely talk and is dumb as rocks.



  • Verity

    @Beyawnce is a cheater: How did she cheat? It was genius. There were snippets of each song, if you liked what you heard, you bought the whole album. If you only like a few songs, you can wait until December 20th to buy individual songs. I don’t see how you can be duped. You buy it now, wait until December 20th or you don’t bother with it all. As for selling out her daughter; she shows her daughter to the world on her terms, you don’t like it, step to the left. For someone who never graduated high school, she’s doing pretty damn good for herself.

  • Amanda

    She a to do a gimmick like this to get buzz to try to sell albums, that’s why people can only buy the album and not singles….there are no hit songs to have gotten the album publicity, she tried to release songs earlier this year and they all flopped, bow down, Grown women and couple other ones, but the album sucks , can’t imagine someone buying it.

  • Nick

    Who’s shilling out money for the craPpy album, her voice is God awful on the album, a lot of people with too much money or time, shm

  • Sweet


    I have often wonder this? I listen to the “trailers” and NOTHING was exceptional about those songs..The marketing stunt was brilliant but can only be done once. And aside from dj’s and who plays Beyonce tunes in clubs..with spodify who is buying her music. It must be europeans.

  • Beyawnce is a cheater

    @Verity: Theirs nothing genius about this because she played a game that she won in this round but just as easy as it was to climb to the top I predict this album will fall to the bottom really fast and lets see who has the last laugh then. This was a good scam and stunt. She duped her stupid fans into buying the whole album instead of being fair like the other artists. I applaud Britney Spears for taking it like a big girl and letting everyone decide for themselves if they wanted to buy her whole album and releasing all the songs just like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Emimen and others. Beyoncé was scared to compete. Her songs are not that good and if it was released like how the other artists let us hear the tracks before the album came out, her album would have had a different outcome in sells, because people are saying this album sucks. People rushed to buy something without thinking. Beyoncé is no Queen because she can barely form a complete sentence when she speaks. This was a sneaky move on her part but it will backfire on her. She pimped out her own daughter to sell some records. How low can you go. So when Beyoncé pulls a stunt like this its considered genius but if Lady Gaga did this people would be screaming and yelling saying that she was a cheater and a scam artist. So since no one is calling this what it is. I’m going to say BEYAWNCE IS A CHEATER, SHE KNEW HER ALBUM WAS NOT GOING TO SELL AND SHE DUPED HER FANS INTO BUYING THE WHOLE ALBUM AND THEN CALLS THIS ART AND NEW. It’s going to be a lot of buyers remorse once people realize what happened.

  • Joey

    Damn that picture is to die for, she is truly a beauty

  • ann

    the music is crap on the album. but shes quite clever to release the videos because it serves as a distraction.

  • sneg101

    @Beyawnce is a cheater: Well I was getting ready to write what you just did so I’ll just say “I second that!” No genius here…even though I wouldn’t say it’s “cheating” either just a clever gimmick. Which annoys me. I usually buy her albums anyway but I felt insulted and refused. It’s some what along the lines of Lady Gaga’s $.99 deal except in the reverse…she added all those sleazy videos as a bonus because yes Beyonce and her folks know she wasn’t going to do well going the traditional way. The music is weak and her star is fading fast! Week # 2 and beyond will tell the real deal.

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    @Beyawnce is a cheater: Go buy rihanna’s flopping single “What Now”!!!! Or did the Monster eat it? LOL. Rih’s Salvation Army on this post Stalking Bey!

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    @Nick: Awwww the Jealousy of the RIh Salvation Army! LOL, go look for RIh, she has been Missing ever since this Album dropped!

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    @Beyawnce is a cheater: Still Stalking bey? Come on, go look for RIh! Missing since Bey’s album release!

  • xyz


  • xyz



  • xyz



  • xyz



  • Verity

    @Beyawnce is a cheater: Scared to compete! LOL! She stomped all over them and had them taking to twitter to congratulate and call her the Queen! Again people were not “Duped”.Anybody with any intelligence, listened to the previews and made a decision on whether you wanted to buy the whole album or wait and buy individual songs. Critics are loving the album! Everyone has their own gimmick to sell records; Eminem did it with the Call of Duty video game, Katy Perry did it with the GMA contest and Lady Gaga with the endless Artpop promos (which is a great album by the way). All artists promote in their own way, it will be interesting to see how artists promote going forward. Can’t wait to see her perform the album! QUEEN BEY!!

  • Verity

    @Amanda: Bought it and LOVE IT!!

  • Beyawnce is a cheater

    @Verity: Cheaters, using gimmicks and being a scam artist never wins. This album will go nowhere. The music business has changed and this scam that Beyoncé pulled will never happen again. She released some of these songs a few months ago to little fanfare and lukewarm results. People were not feeling her new songs. I would never buy an album where someone says bow down to her. You guys are missing one chromosome. When all the fake hype is gone from this album, it will fade away super fast. The songs suck and people are really sick of Beyoncé. She brings nothing new to the table. Its the same old thing. She swings and flips her fake hair in the wind machine and has these stupid looks on her face and now she’s trying to be like Lady Gaga and Rihanna but its not working for her. To verity, hardwork and promotion is the key to success in most cases and the fans appreciate that. Beyoncé’s new album is not that great and she knew it was not going to sell if she released it song by song and let the public decide for themselves if they want it but she had to pimp out her daughter and have her in a song and video to sell her lame album. Her team is using a innocent little baby to make a buck. That’s so wrong and Beyoncé should be ashamed of herself. I have much respect for the other artists who were not scared to fail and released all the singles and did not make you buy the whole album and use this gimmick. Shame on you Beyoncé. Let’s see how your second week of sales do. This was a super slick move.

  • breezedash


  • Jessica

    Beyonce proved a very important point to all these untalented pop starlets like Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Rihanna: when you have real talent and the ability to sing and entertain the crowds WITHOUT gimmicks, then people will buy your music based on MERIT not shock value!

  • Macy

    Queen B

  • Oh Yeah!!!

    Beyonce Shut down the world and claimed 2013 in days while others were trying so hard all year!

  • brandysbabyhair

    The simple fact is: IF LADY GAGA, RIHANNA, EMINEM, DRAKE OR ANY OTHER ARTIST put out an entire album and videos to every song — it wouldn’t be a big deal. no one would pay 15.99 for their album. Thats the kind of star power beyonce has.

    This was an event. So you can stay mad, and say she duped people and pimped out her daughter (HAVE YOU HEARD THE SONG? HER DAUGHTER IS LITERALLY LAUGHING AT THE END OF THE SONG. THATS IT. PROBABLY LAUGHING AT THE LIKES OF YOU HATERS) but at the end of the day, there isn’t a single other artist out right now that could pull off this successfully.

    As for the songs not being good, what are you listening to?????? this album is flawless. Listen to XO, drunk in love, ***flawless, mine, rocket, partition, like every gotdamn song is PERFECT.

  • maris

    Oh God, all these people you are worshipping will be gone once the next generation are in their teens, their music is crap, it is manufactured crap, can this woman Beyoncé play a musical instrument?, I doubt it, can some arrogant guy called Kanye, who?, play a musical instrument?, again I doubt it, these people are not musicians, they mime to complete forgettable crap.
    I have bought maybe a dozen songs over the last 15 years because the rest of it is rubbish.

  • Zee


    Well hundreds of thousands of people did so…

  • Kurtis

    @Beyawnce is a cheater:

    No one should hate on Beyonce actually using her brain and probably received the help from her husband on finding a way to sell.

    Beyonce’s husbands influence on future music marketing is working. Most need to remember her and her label probably saved $2 million or more on marketing/promotions (by NOT) Marketing/Promoting a release date, radio spins on clear channel radio station throughout North America, U.k., Europe etc. .They are realizing even with a massive marketing budget the cd could still flop (similar to what happened at Interscope with ‘Lady Gaga’)

    Congrats to Beyonce not for another redundant Cd but for using the intelligence of the current business model and serious changes occurring globally. Now that she sold 80,000 in the 24 hours and addition amount of 350,000 shows the BIG MARKETING/PROMOTIONAL Funding for credible Singers and Artists aren`t needed as they once use to use with their Major labels spending sometimes millions of dollars. It’s become difficult for most to even sell 5000 in a day with marketing and the big money machine flooding the promo campaigns.

  • Verity

    @Beyawnce is a cheater: You call it a scam and then say it’s a slick move? She’s been on tour all year and still finds time to release NEW music? That sounds like someone who’s been hard at work. People can’t be that sick of Beyonce if she’s managed to sell 430,000 copies. Continue to hate all you want on the NUMBER ONE SELLING FEMALE ARTIST OF 2013. BOW DOWN HATER.

  • Verity

    @Kurtis: Well said!

  • Anonymous

    Bow Down? Why are we bowing down to a pop star? Why don’t we bow down to people who are worth bowing down to, like teachers, nurses, or those who are part of disaster and humanitarian relief efforts.

  • narges

    just britney spears

  • floretta50


    Not star power dear but money to waste, if a person has the singing chops they don’t have to stomp to sleazy videos that look like a blue light ho in heat. In my opinion Beyonce appears to be desperate in an attempt to compete with the notoriety of younger stars like Miley, and Rhianna, but they are younger and more youthful and do not have a child. Beyonce don’t get me wrong is tall and nice looking but her voice is not very good for a married woman with a child her videos are very disturbing and embarrassing. Taymer Braxton is going to be her biggest competition in the near future and she can really sing.


    I have to disagree with the people saying this album sucks. There is a lot of density in the songs, in the way they are produced, and the structures of the songs are interesting too. It doesn’t seem like there is any filler either. It’s a very good album. As for album sales? I DO NOT CURR. I’ve also never been a fan of Beyonce either. This stunt she pulled has actually made me reassess that. I think she might have just legitimately earned her place in the pantheon next to Madonna, Janet Jackson, Diana Ross, Tina Turner, et al. I still think she should have never played Etta James though and J Hud is still the WAY better singer.

  • Kyle

    I don’t get why we have to Bow down to her either. She released her album when everyone else have already released their albums. Second her talent is great but half the stuff she does has already been done. I have seen better numbers than this, so no I will not bow down to someone who is nothing more than a R & B star. She isn’t doing nothing for me in this house hold. If anything she should be bowing down to the people who purchase her album. Her fans are the ones who make her albums sell. She doesn’t pay nobody bills but her own. So no I will not bow down. She is a human just like me.

  • Kyle

    And I still wanna know why people keep bringing other artists names into a post about another artist. Beyonce is not above anyone. Just like no other artist is above anyone else. I think hype is getting the best of all these artists and it’s annoying. All these artists are known for doing something of their own. Just because you prefer Beyonce doesn’t mean everyone else should. I’m tired of people making it seem like you will get assassinated by the government if you speak your mind about Beyonce. She is human just like the rest of society it just so happens she has a talent and is rich. That doesn’t mean she is queen. Damn she gets more publicity as being queen then Michelle Obama.

  • sdotdiaz

    best artist ever? She won’t ever touch Adele’s album success.

  • theBisback

    @Beyawnce is a cheater: Wrong! Everybody in the Music business is touting this as a brilliant album…read NYTimes and RollingStone…this Album has one song about her daughter and all songs/videos are brilliant. b ate the competition on this one and we know it and she knows it!

  • theBisback

    @Beyawnce is a cheater: got a thang about B and she doesn’t even know you exist!

  • Kyle

    @sdotdiaz: exactly Adele will kill her vocally

  • Ivana

    Marketing move of the year. Congradulations.

  • Johnson

    This b1tch can’t sing. Get a life, you lot.