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Sandra Bullock Laughs Off Chris Evans Romance Rumors

Sandra Bullock Laughs Off Chris Evans Romance Rumors

Sandra Bullock is laughing off those Chris Evans romance rumors!

“You guys are a little behind,” the 49-year-old actress said (via People). “We’ve since married and it started breaking apart, so we separated. We filed for divorce, and I hope everyone can respect our privacy. But we’re going to remain friends and share responsibility of the farm animals we’ve taken on, because you just can’t abandon the animals.”

Rumors sparked last month after the duo were spotted out to dinner with a larger group of friends.

Stay tuned for the latest on this possible romance!

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  • BS

    Everyone knew they were not dating, but now it’s official.

  • Zelda

    She would be so lucky. I’d ride him like a stolen bike.

  • CJ

    God she is hilarious…. Love love love you Sandy!!! He is kinda hot and seems like a nice guy, so for the sake of the chickens and piglets, I hope they can make it work :o)

  • tricia

    Awesome!! More for me!

  • charlie

    Smash and dash? Sounds like him.

  • Pam

    @CJ: She clearly says the rumors were utter bullshit to make headlines. What didn’t you get?

  • LiiL

    love this woman.

  • phony

    Did he also cheated on her? At least, she can still laugh through menopause. I’m already sick of hearing about her every day.

  • Sam

    He can do so much better than another botoxface.

  • QT

    Got to love her. Great sense of humor over the usual Hollywood gossip nonsense!

  • Shae

    Glad to see she’s not that thirsty after all…..cause she is old enough to be his mother.

  • YAY!!

    * collective sigh from women all over the world *

  • Suck it

    @phony: She’s more talented and interesting than YOU are.

  • Brittany

    Lol! Well, that’s a new way to handle it. Love her!

  • Whatnever!?

    Chris would never cheat on his platonic love Sandra he’d get killed! They are just great friends and I think Chelsea and Sandra were just joking around who could have him and the press took as something to write about. Chris is going to be mighty busy over the next couple of years to have any real relationship so if they did get together it would be a fun fling! Not sure what his plans are after Avengers but he’ll be back in August to direct a movie so who knows

  • Abby

    Did she just dump Chris via a statement? Ouch. :/

  • good

    She doesn’t need him anyway. Let him go through all the dull famewhores in LA until he’ll settle down with a nice chick with a brain.

  • Jen

    @Pam: She actually just made fun of the media giving a crap in general. She didn’t confirm or deny. She made a whole story up all together, although I figured they were just meeting to discuss a movie…but if they’re dating then good for them.

  • Tyla

    Obviously they were never dating lol. They would be an odd match. No chemistry. Chris likes more feminine women, and younger. No offense to Sandra! She’s awesome :)

  • gonorrhea

    @Tyla: he dated Biel and loves the williams siters bodies. Feminine women my ass

  • it’s called sarcasm

    @Jen: If they were really dating she would never have released such an absurd statement to People, let alone joke openly about it. Chris is a very private person, I’m sure he’s relieved to hear she debunked those silly rumors before they get even more ridiculous and far-fetched.
    If there is nothing between them, there’s nothing to deny.

  • haha

    @gonorrhea: Can’t hate a man because he loves big booties. Relax, he’s just having some fun while he’s still young.

  • gonorrhea

    @haha: i was not talking about their booties but their man shoulders and faces, just overall tranny look

  • nina

    god some of you are in an incredible need of some comprehension skills. Sandra is being sarcastic and anyone who wishes them luck for their “relationship” in the comment section is keeping up with her sarcasm (or so I hope for their own sake). Ugh, now moving on..

  • Ruby

    Bahahahaha she is hilarious! I am truly shocked how many people have no idea what sarcasm is on here!!??!! …Seriously people.

  • Reb

    @gonorrhea: The women he has actually dated are Minka Kelly, Amy Smart, and Emmy Rossum. All very girly and feminine! He’s also said in many interviews that he likes femininity, and finds Scarlet Johannson extremely attractive although they are just friends! how is Biel not feminine?

  • test


  • DanaJ

    She’s so funny!
    I love her

  • Pertwee

    Sandra is a lesbian. I can’t for the life of me figure out why most people haven’t figured this out yet. From her staged sham marriage to the wrestler to her fake dates with Matthew and Hugh. What a joke. And then the media trying to pair her up with Ryan Reynolds and other costars. She never dates any men. She’s had female lovers for a long time and keeps all of it hidden. Sandra, come out come out. No one cares if you are a lesbian except the few who want everyone to think you’re straight. You’re a fantastic actress so do a Jodie and just be free.

  • hormone

    @Reb: Scarlett looks like a little rat and sounds like she can barely breathe. Then again people find Jennifer lawrence attractive.

  • Ossom

    Hasn’t hit her straps yet, I thought she liked handsome egyptian men.

  • troll

    Good for her everyone was acting ridiculous about it.

  • Truthteller

    I say that it would have never worked out in the first place. She has a son who is 4 years old and I found out that she is gay.

  • Ossom

    or roman/egyptian man.

  • DanaJ

    haha!!! Here comes “She\He is gay” conspiracy theory.

  • Lucy

    @DanaJ: seriously! Why is every popular actor/actress automatically gay? No matter what, there is always someone that will argue about the sexuality of these people. It’s just dumb.

  • Michele

    Sandra Bullock’s activities seem to be different than before like couple of weeks ago She was Looking For a House in UK

  • so wrong

    @Reb: He never dated Amy Smart, her rep denied it cause she was already seeing the guy she’s now married to. He allegedly made out with Emmy Rossum one night and was seen once with Vida Guerra outside a club, but that’s it. And he has always considered Scarlett Johansson as his little sister, he never said he was attracted to her. The only women he really dated were Jessica Biel, Christina Ricci, Allison Ochmanek and Minka Kelly. He gets around but half of his alleged dating history is totally made up (Naomi Harris, Gisele Bundchen, Kristin Cavallari, Amy Smart, Gabrielle Union, Sandra Bullock…).

  • bella

    @so wrong: rep did conform that he and Diana Argon dated casually couple years ago

  • Guest

    She dodged a bullet. This guy has a lot of issues and he won’t settle down anytime soon. Huge neurotic $lut who hates doing PR.

  • so wrong

    @bella: He never dated Diane Agron, Kate Bosworth or Stacy Keibler either, they tried though. He has always been into brunettes. So much lies out there.

  • not rly his type

    “I’m not looking for some businesswoman who’s out there making millions and just here to take the world by storm.” – Chris Evans
    Sandra Bullock Net Worth 2014 : $210 million

  • bella

    @so wrong: I think he sticks it in any hair/body color and then asks his mommy to help sue ONTD

  • lol

    @bella: I heard he got a bunch of shit (the kind that stays with you a long time) from previous girlfriends. Should have stayed far away from Herpes Kelly & Gonorrhea Guerra.

  • Cassie

    Meh. Chris is aging badly….pale, balding and going after cougars….not sexy.

  • Tyla

    @Guest: You’re actually hitting on something there. I was reading about Evans, looking at some pics, and reading his interviews. The man like to go clubbing, take girls home, and he has MAJOR anxiety about doing PR stuff. I think he got into acting for the lifestyle and for the women. He doesn’t actually enjoy doing any of the obligations that go along with being a famous actor.

  • milla

    @so wrong: What about naomie harris ?

  • carrie

    @so wrong: Allison Ochmanek is blond tho…

  • carolyn

    @Pertwee: Get a life and stop talking nonsense. think you know private things about Sandra. Stop telling lies.

  • Truthteller

    @carolyn: Hey! Stop being a jerk and an asshole. Pertwee is on to something.