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Sophia Bush & Dan Fredinburg Split Six Months Ago

Sophia Bush & Dan Fredinburg Split Six Months Ago

Sophia Bush has split from her boyfriend, Google program manager Dan Fredinburg.

“They broke up in February,” a source told Us Weekly, adding, “they still really care a lot about each other but it was impossible to remain a romantic relationship with the careers they have.”

Sophia and Dan have remained close and she publicly showed her support for him back in April when he was climbing Mt. Everest during a scary avalanche that took place there.

“For all concerned, @danfredinburg & team are safe at Camp 1 on #Everest after the avalanche. Please keep the Sherpas in your prayers,” she tweeted at the time.

ARE YOU SURPRISED that Sophia Bush and Dan Fredinburg have split?

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  • Sara

    Old news. She’s been dating Jesse Soffer for like 4 months now.

  • delenasanarchy

    she should date Ian Somerhalder, he is single now too and they would make the hottest couple ever

  • A fan

    Yeah yeah Sophin 4lyf

  • anna

    Chopia again please.

  • Althea

    @delenasanarchy: I agree! They would be great together! I can’t stand Nikki Reed!!

  • Jen

    @delenasanarchy: I’ve always thought that. One of the most important things in a relationship is to have the same views and the same passions…Sophia and Ian are very passionate publicly about the same things. I think they’d be a good match, a good team, and they’re both good looking. No offense to Nikki Reed, though. My comments weren’t to insult her.

  • Jen

    Two of*

  • Linds

    I haven’t the faintest idea who he is or that they were dating. Why do these types of breakups get such a big announcement?

  • Rose

    And for once in her life he was probably straight. Sophia is a notorious Hollywood beard. Guess she had to go back to bearding.

  • Amy

    Yeah, Ian’s publicist screwed up. People would support him and Sophia a lot more than him and Nikki.

  • edfury

    LMAOOOO her publicist obviously leaked this. This is a pre-emptive measure before the talk about the new boyfriend comes up. This girl will never find a guy.

  • sarah

    how s@Rose:

    this lie, she married cmm who is def not gay, he’s a womanizer unfortunately for her cause she loved him very much. then she dated jon foster, and james who are not gay and neither is thay guy from foster the people. the only rumor where about austin which are ridicoulous btw.

  • jules

    I am the only one who thinks that at some point her and ian are gonna date?! they are good friends, they share the same interests and she gushed about him a few weeks ago saying he’s the sexiest man alive. it’s just a matter of time imo.

  • Jen

    @anna: why would she go back with a guy who cheated on her…with paris hilton to make it worse.

  • anna

    I never heard or judged Sophia as being a notorious Hollywood beard. She just seams to have no luck whatsoever when picking her boyfriends. I really thought Dan would be the one, that’s a real bummer (but yeah, old news).

    Now let’s just wait and see the news that follow — the one where we get to know which one is her new man.

  • Emily

    @Sara: Really? This is very good, she and Jesse are cute together!

  • broseph

    Sophia is too good for somerhalder. That duck

  • oh

    It has been a real struggle for her to find a guy. Austin has definitely gotten over her and he was a good guy to her. Hope she can find someone else.

  • Andy

    Wait? That’s news? Lol everyone already knew this. And it’s obvious that the “source” is her publicist or someone from her team. Wait for the news (not so new either) of her dating Jesse Lee Soffer.

  • anon

    Yes besides OTH fans who is checking for Sophia Bush? Nobody. Obviously her publicist leaked this, most likely because she is dating someone else now.

  • sdn

    bet she cheated on danny boy with her new co-star and then after a months of dropping her panties for new costar shell be banging the next cast member. rinse and repeat.

  • Kenx

    All good, no good wasting time if it aint working out. Least she is not just settling. Sophia & Jessie all the way!!!

  • matilda

    Seems like she was having an emotional affair if the rumor about Jessie is true. How pathetic. Dan deserves way better than a trollop who was developing feelings for another man while still dating him. She’s a disgusting, selfish woman.

  • matilda

    After years of supporting her after everything Chad put her through, I expected much more from her. Before anyone jumps in, don’t expect me to believe she didn’t develop some sort of feelings for Jesse until things with Dan were over. If that was the case, she wouldn’t have moved on so quickly. Whatever, I am through with Sophia Bush and I say this as someone who was one of her biggest supporters ever and spent a lot of time defending her. Dan will easily upgrade.

  • Angie

    It was obvious that Dan and Sophia really did love and care about one another. But anyone who follows them both on Instagram knew the relationship didn’t stand a very good chance of lasting forever. Since Dan works for Google, he is constantly traveling all over the world and barely spends time at home in San Francisco. Sophia on the other hand, travels a lot between LA, Chicago and New York (mostly between LA and Chicago). So the fact that they live in 2 completely different cities on top of everything else took a tool on their relationship.
    And to the idiot who said that Sophia probably cheated, if that was even remotely true, then why would they A) still be following one another on twitter/instagram and B) still talk to one another and make comments on each others posts??
    Ask any one of their friends and they’ll all confirm that both Sophia and Dan are still very good friends and that they ended the relationship on very good terms.
    So please either grow up or just shut the f$ck up.

  • Kellz

    Awwwww, well don’t worry. You definitely won’t be missed.
    Sophia doesn’t need “fake” fans like you anyways.
    She has a strong fan base who supports her. So people who sit in from of their pathetic little screens calling others “selfish” or “disgusting” can just make themselves SCARCE.
    Bye, bye to you.

  • Lol

    Get off your damnn high horse and just shut the eff up.
    What a f*ckinggg moron.

  • blanketstatement

    sofee bush can’t keep her legs closed to her costars. mark my words she’s sleeping with jessie lee soffer and will sleep her way through the entire male cast.

  • Que?

    Who and who? They broke up six months ago and they’re reporting this now? Are we supposed to care?

  • @

    And you can just shutup. Must be hard hating on someone who doesn’t give 2 shitts about you. She’s living her life, has a great job and an endless amount of friends who love and support her.
    What do you have to show for your life other then to spew hate, you troll?

  • Jaelyn

    This isn’t news it was obvious they broke up. While not confirmed if she and Jesse are dating, they have been friends way before CPD. I sure hope they are because they seem to truly care for each other. Dan is still friends with sophia and jesse on Instagram and he comments on her posts so obviously they agreed to break up. Plus someone said that Dan is seeing someone else as well. It’s her life, her choice. I would sure as he’ll pick jesse long time ago. And isn’t Ian dating Nikki Reed.

  • Sara

    Ummmmm, you DO realize that the breakup was mutual and that Dan just like Sophia together had decided it was best to end things now before they took the next step since both of them knew they couldn’t commit to each other at this point in their lives? Neither of them were willing to give up their lives/careers to relocate to make things work. They had decided it was best to just part ways.
    So why are you taking it so personally??
    Even Dan and Sophia are over it and remain great friends.
    Are you his sister or something? Lmao

  • :) :) :)

    Ее новый мужчина самый шикарный и красивый, из всех с кем она когда-либо была, я уверена она выйдет за него замуж и может быть даже очень скоро! Похоже что там настоящая любовь!

  • LiiL


    Oh my God. You are so disgusting. Do you know these people personally?? Have you ever speak with her?? How dare you to judge her without knowing her, or knowing anything about the situation.
    Whatever. What’s your problem people??
    “She should date with Ian” “Ian should date her” “I cant stand Nikki”
    Have you ever noticed , that they are living men and women, with their private lives, goals, and decisions. oh god… pathetic

  • Beth

    I am all for Sophia and Jesse! They are adorable hopefully they are dating. Young and gorgeous together, go for it! And I agree with LiiL they are people and have feelings. No need for judgement. Life doesn’t get wrapped up in a pretty bow for everyone.

  • queenie

    The real question is when she inevitably breaks up with Jesse Lee Soffer, will she create drama on set and try to influence storylines? Never mind CMM, she’s no longer on speaking terms with James Lafferty who to this day loathes her guts. Hope for the cast’s sake these two don’t let their relationship affect the show in any way.

  • Lexi

    No ones love life is our business. So many co stars date and then break up. Life goes on. That said I am so happy if Jesse and Sophia are dating I just adore them on screen. They both seem so genuine and kind. Not to mention they are gorgeous!!

  • Kristi

    Isn’t this old news???? What’s the big deal? Dan has a new girlfriend already.

  • Jamie

    LOL at all the Sophia stans getting so bent out of shape when people point out the truth about her. Sophia has a habit of sleeping with her costars and matilda isn’t the only longtime Sophia fan who has been turned off by it and jumped ship. Blind worship is not something to be proud of, it’s pathetic. Accept the fact that Sophia does hook up with pretty much every costar and stop kissing her ass already, everyone else has.

    @31, still in denial about Ian and Nikki huh? lol

    For the record, Ian and Nikki have a lot of common interests and have been friends for years (certainly longer than Ian and Sophia). So that defense for why Ian should hook up with Sophia is weak as shit. Second, Ian and Sophia are NOT ‘close friends.’ They support the same causes yes and respect each other, hence why they say such positive things about each other. But let’s not over exaggerate and claim they are close friends. Because, they’re not.

  • Jamie

    @Jaelyn: sorry, I reread your comment and realized you were saying Ian is dating Nikki. I thought you had said they weren’t, my apologies.

    @queenie: LOL Thank you, so many people conveniently forget that James and Sophia ended on bad terms. He can’t stand her, she is the only female costar from OTH he doesn’t speak to, he’s fine with everyone else.

  • Jaelyn


    No harm done. Not everyone will like everybody. I’m not even an Ian fan but know he dating Nikki. I could care less about Ian. yes I did watch one tree hill and that ended long time ago. I’m just saying that her and jesse have been friends before CPD. It’s her life and if she happy with the choices she made then why should we judge her . Sophia and Dan ended on good terms, he still comments on her Instagram and even like pics of her and Jesse. And someone said that he dating someone already. I like her and it’s her life so if she wants to date Jesse then so be it

  • Veronica


    He’s married.

  • Jess


    Wait who’s married?

  • Kia

    Oh please, everyone knows that James Lafferty is a party boy….or at least used to be a huge one up until I last checked a year ago.
    And FYI, he and Sophia may not be as close anymore but there is no bad blood there anymore. They talk if they come across one another but that’s about it. The person he really hates and can’t stand is Shantel Vansanten. She f$cked him over and he loathes her.
    So get a clue.

  • Rain

    Really? Clearly, you’re very clueless.
    You do realize that Chad and James don’t like one another either right? They can’t stand each other and that’s been the case since the beginning of OTH. They’ve always put on a front for fans (still do) but they couldn’t care less about the other. James has always thought that Chad is douche.

  • Elle

    Why can’t there be an article on JJ about Sophia where people DON’T bring up the rest of the One Tree Hill cast in the comments?

  • BabyBey

    Sophia is the kind of gal’ you shag and then dump to marry a classy, good woman. This broad will be 45 and shagging Hollywood blokes who will have no intention or committing or marrying her. These Hollywood trash bimbos are not the kind to bring home to momma.

  • Sb

    Just wondering….where the hell else do you guys think actors are supposed to meet potential romantic partners?? I mean, they’re on sets 24/7 and when they’re not, I’m sure they’re too exhausted to go clubbing or traveling across the country. It seems pretty natural to me that Sophia has dated some of her VERY attractive co-stars. Who gives a ****, honestly?

  • Jim

    @Kia: lol, why does James Lafferty allegedly loathe Shantel VanSanten? What did she do to “F him over”?

  • um lol


    it doesn’t really matter. the only difference is sophia has shown time and time again that she’s the type to let her affairs affect work and just cannot be expected to be a professional. look at emily van camp who has dated multiple co-stars. nobody balks at emily because she doesn’t cause drama. so many other people in the business date co-stars but they, unlike sophia bush, understand that their personal life doesn’t affect the show. the day sophia some manages to get through her head is the day people will stop bugging her about it. shes a drama queen and always has been.