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Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin Reportedly Go on Romantic Wine Vineyard Date!

Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Martin Reportedly Go on Romantic Wine Vineyard Date!

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin‘s rumored romance is reportedly heating up – the possible new couple was spotted on a wine vineyard date earlier this month!

The 24-year-old actress celebrated her birthday a few days before the actual occasion alongside Chris, 37, at the Wolffer Estate Vineyard in New York near The Hamptons.

“They were there on a date,” a source told E! News. “They were very low-key, nobody realized who they were. The setting was super-romantic. They watched the sun go down together, then quietly left.”

It was reported last week that Jennifer and Chris started seeing each other recently following their splits from Nicholas Hoult and Gwyneth Paltrow, respectively.

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  • Jiselle

    this has to stop.

  • aneeee

    stoooooooop rumor !!!!!!!!!!!

  • LaCroix

    lol what a joke…

  • vegeg

    I like this pairing.

  • Living in a box

    Nobody realize who they were. But somehow E news knew that is them? I need more evidence.

  • Carrie

    The E! News team of unnamed sources keep seeing them on “dates” but nobody gets a single photo! Isn’t that interesting? LOL

  • Evelyn

    Oh my God….just stop. It’s a fake story…the quotes are fake, all of it is fake. Still no pictures, huh???. Martin’s PR people set this up, right?. So that he doesn’t look like a schmuck because his wife has already been seeing her jump off for awhile now. It’s 2014, pics or it’s fake.

  • wait

    has this been confirmed they are even a couple yet??? or still just rumors?

  • Cate

    This is hilarious! Whether this relationship is real or fictional the posts and comments on them are too amusing.

  • justine

    they look like brother and sister. so weird.

  • LOL


    RUMOR neither have confirmed or denied and both of them never comment on personal things anyway so until their are pictures of them together it has to been seen as a RUMOR

  • LOL


    These are fun because because of the two involved and the fact that only one outlet E! is reporting this and saying they have been dating for two months but not one photo of them together. Will be a fun gossip story to follow until either Jen or Chris speak up with the truth that they are or are not dating. Personally I don’t care either way if they are or aren’t as I like both of them but being I follow gossip sites I really want to know now LOL.

  • Chris is sexy and single

    Just like Ben Affleck gambling FAKE 2! No one has any pix of them together yet keep saying the are..

  • Jules

    LOL!…yeah, it’s always E! that seems to report these stories…and now, it would appear that someones PR agent realized that because now, there are stories coming from Contactmusic, TVie, Just Jared, I suppose to give it some legitimacy (LOL!)… …I really think that this just might be Martins PR people who started the whole thing.

    There are no pictures no direct quotes, etc.,…I don’t believe that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are dating…I think the gossip people (and Martins and possibly Paltrows PR people) saw a good story to keep them in the news, Seriously, linking yourself to Jennifer Lawrence???it will keep them being talked about for the rest of the summer.


    Um, so the “source” saw them on a date and didn’t grab his/her cellphone and take a picture (which could have netted them thousands of dollars?)


  • Haha

    At the start of a relationship of a couple people will hate on, there’s always screams of it’s not true. Ryan Gosling/Eva Mendes springs to mind, look how untrue that was. Either way, this won’t last.

  • Ash

    These rumors just came from “unnamed sources” unless there’s a photo of them together, i’ll believe this!!! What’s happening to u E, Just Jared etc??? I think because the Kardashians aren’t newsworthy anymore, they cook up some rumors of JLaw and Chris Martin dating just to perk up hits on your website or let viewers get curious about this whole dating thing with them to generate more viewers!!!

  • pah-lease!

    Once again, E! is the only one with the information about this. And with every report, it becomes harder to believe any of it is true. Funny how as soon as the initial rumors died down, this one pops up to keep Martin in the news. Between his friends talking about the texting and gifts and now this, it really sounds like Martin and/or his PR people are paying his friends to give the “scoop” to E!.
    It’s extremely hard to believe Jennifer Lawrence could be seen anywhere without anyone recognizing her, let alone not take a picture of her. As well as it taking over 2 weeks for anyone to report her being seen anywhere. If paps can find her at Nicholas Hoult’s friend’s house party outside of London, why is it nobody could find her at a vineyard near the Hampton’s?

  • essie

    Maybe it is PR since Hunger Games comes out in Nov.. but I could never imagine a 24 yr old dating a man with kids.. it’s a big adjustment.

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  • Tiffany


    Chris and Gwen both announced they had split, what the hell is he suppose to do sit around on his hands and wait for the divorce to be final before dating again. Geez… if him and Jen together is true or not, Chris has every right to start dating again.

    I am with other posters on here, show me real proof they are together instead of sources. I will continue to take it with a grain of salt.

  • Evelyn

    Jennifer Lawrence is so famous right now, that the woman can disappear for months between promoting films and not a beat is missed. It’s smart…lay low in between films so that when promotion begins, people are thrilled to see her. That’s what makes me think that it is either Martin or Paltrows PR people who started the whole “dating” thing. Especially Paltrow.

  • Hannah

    Best of luck to them whether its true or not but I want real proof like pictures or confirmation from them or their reps. E! keeps saying sources, its 2014 where are the pictures of these reported dates and outings something just doesnt seem right about the reporting of this.

  • Lauren

    Why do people get so upset about a celebrity dating another celebrity? Dumb. I mean so what! This is going no where. It’s probably a fling. Chris Martin has two kids and he and Gwyneth are still very close and get together and do things with those kids. He’s a very hands on Dad. Jennifer Lawrence is young and single and maybe she thinks he’s some cool rock star, but I think that will wear off when he has to play Daddy.

  • sarbear


    I think most people are complaining about E! being the only outlet reporting it and keeps coming up with supposed stories from sources but their is no actual proof they have shown. At least from most of the comments thats what I get. I with the best for the both of them whether together or not.

  • LOL

    I hope they are for real, just because this hook up is so incredibly ridiculous and stupid.

  • Yeah okay

    This reeks of PR shtick by Paltrow’s people.

  • D.

    No one believes Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are dating…but everyone believes that the whole thing is a PR move from Paltrows camp. This has Steve Huvane (PR agent to GP)cheesy prints all over it.

  • L




  • meme

    she flew in a helicopter from NYC to the hamptons people. She’s been there at a private house he’s renting. Unless your dead smack on the beach or walking in town no ones gonna see you. And i”m sure no one recognized her in her floppy hate at the vineyard. Who would expect to see her and chris martin there? I know I wouldn’t!!

  • UMK

    If Goop’s camp was spinning this story and its not true, CM or JL would have denied it long ago. I am guessing both CM and JL need some publicity. Most thought that recent Coldplay album was stupid and he may go on tour soon, JL has a movie coming out. Both pander to the same demographics, ordinary folks and mainstream audiences.

  • Meme

    I like the idea of them together. I hope it’s true and that they last a good, long while.

  • Lyla

    Supposedly JLaw has been in the Hamptons since flying on a private plane to NY….Hate to say it but I’m starting to believe it. Whatever. As long as they’re happy. It’s not like I know either of them. Plus, she could do far worse w/ the drug using/club hopping 20-something “actors” slogging around LA.

  • Santana

    @UMK: I respectfully disagree, except for the part about CM’s album sucking and him needing some good PR right about now. Jlaw absolutely does not need this kind of PR stunt to raise her profile. Paltrow on the other hand has this bizarre need to seek attention constantly by staying int he news, good or bad. I think she and her PR team are behind this.

  • Misty


    So supposedly she is now in the Hamptons but still no proof. All I am saying is give me some real solid proof and then I will believe it, I like both of them so best of luck to them if they are or are not together.

  • meme

    and she did Shrooms with friends while celebrating her birthday… how does no one report this stuff?? haha i would’ve paid to see that—she’s living the life

  • Misty


    Totally agree with you on the Jennifer part, she is one of the most famous people on earth right now, she does not need the PR so this isnt coming from her or her team. Really her whole career she has kept her personal life private and she hardly ever confirms or deny anything.

  • Pauly


    @meme… Where are you getting this stuff you are writing…I would like to know your ‘sources’.

  • UMK

    @Santana, why would Goop spin a story that makes her look like she was dumped for a chick, 14 years younger than her. It makes no sense.

  • lala


    Easy so she can come out and say she approves of it after she was seen out with the glee guy… which is exactly what she has done based on new reports as it makes her look good.

  • lala

    Here is my take… if this is true this is a classic case of Chris thinking its probably more then it is to Jennifer. Supposed reports say people close to Jennifer say its nothing serious but she is open. Hmmm… sounds like she is having some fun. I hope its true HAHAHA

  • Santana

    @UMK: What lala said re the Glee guy. Also, because she will do anything to stay relevant and in the gossip rags.

  • UMK

    @Santana, @lala

    Then why are CK AND JL not denying they are dating?

  • Rada

    I think they’d make a lovely couple, Chris could benefit from Jennifer’s laid back demeanor and lack of pretension.

  • Santana

    @UMK: Because neither of them comment on their personal lives? Whether it be admitting or denying.

  • UMK

    CM denied dating Alexa Chung, TRY HARDER!

  • Santana

    @UMK: Okay, I will try harder. Hard enough for you, I hope. See the Glee explanation above (again). The GP/Glee dude connection was not out in the open yet at the time of the Alexa Chung thing. It seems like GP laid down the law in terms of who was going to make their public appearances first after the conscious uncoupling, and the Alexa Chung thing might have slipped before CM was “allowed” to have a gf that the public knew about. So maybe he denied it to pander to Gwynnneth. Also, maybe CM was forced to deny their relationship at the time because he and Alexa Chung actually were broken up by the time reports about those two hit the tabs. Finally, maybe Alexa Chung demanded that CM set the record straight in the press, and he agreed to do so, because they truly had broken up by the point their relationship was made public.

  • Santana

    @UMK: Another option: He is loving the great PR and attention this story with JL is getting him, so why deny it? Whereas he might not have felt the same way about the Alex Chung attention (and was met with disapproval by Goop about it), so he felt the need to deny that one.

  • Danny

    He’s probably still crabby with his missus, found someone to shoot apples with and thinking of the next cover.

  • day

    Why would she go out with this nan, and he is still married?!