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Katie Holmes Uses Gun & Kills People in 'Miss Meadows' Trailer - Watch Now!

Katie Holmes Uses Gun & Kills People in 'Miss Meadows' Trailer - Watch Now!

Katie Holmes shows her toughness while pointing a gun in a brand new trailer for her upcoming film Miss Meadows!

“The most important things in life are kindness and courage. There are bad people in the world and they shouldn’t be around the good people, especially the little ones,” the 35-year-old actress says in a voice-over for the trailer.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Katie Holmes

Katie is joined in the Karen Leigh Hopkins directed film by James Badge Dale and Jean Smart.

Miss Meadows centers on “a proper elementary school teacher who moonlights as a vigilante.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Katie Holmes’ new film Miss Meadows?

Katie Holmes – Miss Meadows Trailer
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  • Nathan

    I can’t wait to see this movie. love you katie.

  • fardous

    very interest film, cant wait this come out

  • Danelle

    Since Miss Meadows will have a limited theatrical release it will be the VOD release that will allow for a wider audience review of the film; if the audience is interested.

    I’m not seeing the satirical comedy as advertised, outside of Miss Meadows dress. At least from this trailer.

    Most satires have dialogue that supports the tone the movie is trying to convey.

    I’ll stream it if I find it for free online.

  • a

    LOL. This look like it cost $15 to make and I’d be surprised if it even makes that much at the box office.

  • @4

    Indeed. It was very low budget. I think they said the cost was well under 1Mil.
    What was Katie’s salary? about 35Thousand dollars? lol.
    This is a “limited release” so doubtful this is going to do anything for her career either.

  • Tootsie

    Ain’t no one gonna see this movie. Probably make under $200,000 .

  • Mary

    Just no.

  • Nathan

    People Katie Holmes Dujour magazine.
    I like Katie’s photo-shoot video in the link for her September 2014 cover of Dujour magazine.
    Looks like Katie is still promoting “The Giver” and she created an exclusive clothing sale with DuJour and Gilt which launches today.

  • God Bless You!

    Bless your heart Nathan. Katie needs a few fans like you.
    I watched that video and to me she looks at least 45 and she comes across so boring. Her face is just not youthful anymore.
    The photos are always shopped so those never tell the true story of what someone looks like. I think they cut off a good portion of her legs in a couple of the shots. (they show a few more in the video than what is printed there).

  • Jules

    not exaclty expendabells, but it’ll have to do.

  • cathy

    i find it funny that people who don’t like katie or the movie, will spend a minute or two to post a negative comment on articles like this. You obviously don’t like it, so why even spend an ounce of your energy or time shitting on it? Click that “back” button and move on..

  • popeye

    @Nathan Thank you for the link. Looove Katie’s cover!!

  • http://comcast Jamie

    I will be watching movie when it comes out. I will always admire Katir Holmes for escaping that marriage to protect her beautiful Suri from Scientology. She is very brave.

  • Emma

    So another movie about guns?
    Just what America needs.
    Bad move Katie

  • Caryn

    This headline is in extremely poor taste given what s going on in Ferguson and many other parts of the world.

  • Just a Comment

    Tom Cruise takes the ice bucket challenge.

  • @ #16

    Thanks for being totally off topic. No one care about freako cruise so post it someplace else. You come here to say rotten stuff about Katie and post Cruise stuff so I guess we know why you hate her so much. Hahaha.

  • @ Emma

    If Katie did the most amazing movie in the world, you and your other names would say something nasty about it without even seeing it, You’re haters. Its what you do. You people (or should I say person) are obsessed with somebody you hate. I think that makes you the failures, not Katie. The trailer looks interesting. I’m gonna see the movie. Hope the word of mouth is excellent and you end up looking like total fools for being so shitty about it.

  • Just a Comment

    #17 – Don’t tell me what to do. I don’t hate Katie. She will always be the former Mrs. Tom Cruise. I did not like the charade that was TomKat.

  • Box Office Predictions

    Giver made just over 1mil each for Mon/Tues of opening week. That is not great for a normal situation but ok for this movie which isn’t doing so well.
    If you look at stats from other movies on MOJO that opened about 12Mil and had the same 1st week they ended up at around 30-35Mil domestic.
    My guess is this one will do 30Mil domestic tops

  • sari

    @@ Emma: Whether you like Katie or not, the facts are that she has a string of failures and lukewarm reviews. I know her supporters say the reviews are great and her detractors say they are poor. Compared to many other reviews they are lukewarm. They neither praise effusively or state she is awful. I don’t see the hate here that involves so many other actors and their threads. If you want to see real hatred look at the Jolie (people have called her daughter the N word and Jolie a ho), the Aniston threads (she gets attacked on a very personal level also), the Kidman threads (there are always lots of comments attacking her marriage, her kids, her face, her acting), the Pitt and Cruise threads (they look old, they can’t act etc). And more. Katie mostly gets it for her acting which is not great. Whens he was married to Cruise she got it for parenting skills. Now that she has dumped Scie and stepped up to be a parent rather than a friend to her child the comments about her parenting are mostly gone. She gets less criticism about her intellect too now that she is constantly saying how awesome and amazing everything is.
    I have a feeling this woman is smart and she knows exactly what she is doing. Could be wrong, but I guessed they were headed for divorce 18-24 months before she instigated the filing. Why? Her behavior, her clothing, her interviews. It was like she was taunting Tom. If you have read his bios and Kidman’s you know he is controlling especially about his public image. And here she was dressing like Spears at her worst, being exceedingly vapid, and living in NYC. I even commented that she was establishing residency for a looming divorce and I was shot down by old Hamlet and others. And not three months later she filed.
    So I think she is not as nice as people think she is. I think she is directing her career in directions that will get her roles. And I think she’d love to get nominated for a GG or Oscar and WIN so she can thumb her nose at Cruise.

  • Meg

    @Caryn: BOO

  • annie

    @ Sari
    Why isn’t she as nice, as people think, because she did what she had to do, maybe for herself as well as her daughter. If you are not happy where you are in your life, then it’s better to leave it, if you can!
    Everyone contradicts themselves around here, she’s got talent, she’s mediocre, she’s this and that , yet she’s smart enough to direct her career that will get her roles.
    You need some sort of talent to get roles, yet nobody can come up with why she gets all these roles, you know there really must be a reason, yet none of the detractors can come up with one…….but there must be one, not altogether sure that she is viewed objectively around here.
    Altho your post is more interesting than some!

  • Danelle

    Vanity Fair’s Tribeca review of Miss Meadows -

    “The joke of the movie, which takes a turn for the deadly serious toward the end, is one we’ve seen before. John Waters’s terrific, ridiculous Serial Mom perhaps did this dark, absurdist suburban tweak the best, 20 long years ago. I’m not sure that, in 2014, we really needed another reminder that the pleasant 1950s domestic ideal often has a sinister underbelly. In that way, Miss Meadows feels oddly dated. A “twisted” or “warped” take on chipper normalcy is awfully 90s, isn’t it?”

    What can be said for this tonally janky and oddly paced film is that it offers Holmes an interesting vehicle to try something new. She’s in nearly every scene of the movie, and does a respectable job of holding our focus even while the film pitches and yaws violently. She gets to lampoon the cutesy image that’s followed her since the Dawson’s Creek days, and shows some new, adult dramatic range. Miss Meadows is a pretty crazy person, and it’s surprisingly fun to watch Katie Holmes unravel as the movie lurches along.

    This is the kind of stuff she should be doing—edgier stuff that gives her the opportunity to let loose, to explore new territory previously not made available to her. Of course many actors before Holmes have tried to give themselves career makeovers with out-there little indies to no avail. And the novelty of seeing Holmes in a different light might eventually wear off.

    “Respectable job” and “fun to watch Katie Holmes unravel”?

    It’s like reviewers of her projects in the last 2 years went to the school of Holmes – How to say something while saying nothing.

    Trying to support the Katie Holmes ‘reinvention’ effort by her PR team you get these consistently bland reviews of her acting.

  • Danelle

    FirstShowing and Collider are looking forward to Miss Meadows.

    FirstShowing is open to seeing Katie Holmes in a new light, and change their previous perception – “We’ve seen Katie Holmes smirk her way through many performances like Batman Begins, Thank You for Smoking, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and Jack & Jill. But now she’s entering a whole new realm with Miss Meadows.”

    Collider states that “I happen to think Katie Holmes is a strong performer who took herself off the scene right before she started getting really interesting roles.”

    So Miss Meadows has the media interested and probably hoping that’ll translate to a decent audience interest/reception.

    We’ll see.

  • http://comcast Joni

    The people that are hateful toward Katie are the same hateful people that leave all of the ugly remarks about Nicole Kidman also. Strange isn’t it. Would it happen to be Scientologists or just a couple of crazies. I do believe it is just one or two people using different names. The famous hater is THE CRAZY ONE who has a deep hatred for Nicole and Keith, must stay up nights looking for blogs about The Keith Urban Family.

  • love nicole

    Most people that post here say positive things about Nicole.
    The Nicole thread people are the ones that just hate Keith or whatever.


    @Emma: @Caryn: And how is that, idiot(s)?!

  • lr

    Guns, kids, shootings! NO THANKS!


    Looks interesting, trolls!! Lighten up and relax!! It’s not like she’s coming to get you right today!!