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Jennifer Lawrence Attended Chris Martin's Coldplay Concert & 'Couldn't Take Her Eyes Off Him'

Jennifer Lawrence Attended Chris Martin's Coldplay Concert & 'Couldn't Take Her Eyes Off Him'

Jennifer Lawrence attended Chris Martin‘s special Coldplay concert at the Ace Hotel on Wednesday (September 17) in Los Angeles and reportedly looked enamored as she watched her rumored boyfriend play!

“She danced the entire time,” a source told E! News of the 24-year-old Oscar winning actress. “She knew every word to every song and there was a glisten in her eye as she watched Chris perform. She couldn’t take her eyes off him.”

Jennifer stared adoringly at Chris, both hands in the hair, dancing and singing along to ‘Magic,’” the source added. After the show, Jennifer left out a back exit with her friends.

Chris was seen exiting the theater to loads of fans – see his photos below.

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jennifer lawrence attends chris martins coldplay concert 01
jennifer lawrence attends chris martins coldplay concert 02
jennifer lawrence attends chris martins coldplay concert 03
jennifer lawrence attends chris martins coldplay concert 04
jennifer lawrence attends chris martins coldplay concert 05
jennifer lawrence attends chris martins coldplay concert 06
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Photos: FameFlynet, Getty
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  • over it

    if no pics even at the concert then i don’t believe a word of it.

  • guest

    Still no proof.

  • Spencer

    There may be no pictures (yet anyways), but people at the concert as well as the after party reported on Twitter and Instagram that she was there.

  • Lauren

    Pics of Chris ,yet no pics of Jen or them together, wtf

  • Lauren

    Then post it????

  • all invented

    Next time show him your pus*y

  • Billy

    Nope. Nobody reported that she was there.

  • April

    I don’t know if this rumor is true or not and I don’t really care either way but I must say these tabloid write ups sound like they are coming straight from a teenage girls fan fiction. “A glisten in her eye, stared adoringly at him… YA novel stuff right there” LMAO

  • leelee

    There are tons of pics of them together but they are usually at different places at different times with a line between their heads.

  • Billy

    Right. They were able to see how she stared at him, and they were not able to take one picture.

  • CeeCee

    I hope she went to a concert and stared at the performer. The article mentions that she left out a back exit with friends. Lucky friends.

  • ace11

    this is a “fling”

    But I do find it funny how Cooper claimed she wouldn’t date him because he could be here father, yet she likes this guy

    and Cooper ends up with a kid as well

  • Rita

    Is so hard to TAKE A PICTURE OF HER???????? Man…

  • Spencer

    @Billy & @Lauren, here are two to start with: (Seems like he was a chef at the after party and actually met Jennifer) (This person asked for a pic but Jennifer declined) I saw one or two others, but with all the tweets regarding the articles, they’re so far down now that I can’t be bothered to look. But it was just people saying she was there.

  • Lauren

    No there isn’t? The cm is different because it’s no pic policy but they were at some place in Beverly Hills last week and no one manage to get a pic of them????

  • dummies

    To all you morons who “want pictures:” Not everyone lives their whole life staring at their cell phone, taking pictures and being intrusive like you. They LIVE THEIR LIVES.. Maybe you should do the same.

  • Nikki

    If those 2 ever get married, then they will make GORGEOUS children.
    Move over Brangelina, Chreniffer is the new power couple in Hollywood.

  • Spencer

    And obviously the tabloids are making stuff up when they write these articles. So while the content of them may be foggy at best, there is no doubt that she was there.

  • tick

    He’s a nice guy, but too old for her. IMO

  • Gypsy

    The gossip rags keep talking about the Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin romance, BUT they have never shown me a picture of them together OR EVEN a picture f them being in the same place at ANY time.

  • Gypsy

    Since we want proof of something I will supply proof.
    Zoe Kravitz and Chris Martin is in a very hot romance, and I can prove it – There is a picture of Zoe Kravitz at the ColdPlay concert and I could even say she couldn’t take her eyes off the band, she just kept staring at that stage, ISN’T THAT LOVE!

  • Deni

    A question? Two famous people of the opposite sex,can not be friends?? Is just a question. For all the month,they are different places..the last week,they were both in LA..but nothing indicates that they are seen,Martin has done his business. A little thing…if Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence are together,Martin would have known of the presence of Jennifer at the concert….so,he would not sing a song that he dedicated to his wife!!!! What idiot would do a such thing? And the songs chose them himself. Do you see? It all comes back..she is a great fan of the Coldplay,certainly she have a friendly relationship with Martin..but,now is sure that there is nothing!

  • Sushi

    The most weird couple and unlikely to succeed because they seem to have nothing in common.

  • Deni

    @Gypsy When Z.Kravitz was at the concert? Yesterday? :)

  • Spencer

    @Deni, so you’re sure that they’re nothing more than friends because he happened to perform a very popular song that he’d dedicated to Gwyneth? It’s a good song. People like it and want to hear it. But him performing that song does not automatically mean there’s nothing going on with him and Jennifer. And sure, Jennifer may be a fan of Coldplay, but 3 concerts in 3 months? That’s suspicious. And yes, while they’ve been in different places these past few months,they’ve also been in the same city as well and have had time to see each other. You say there’s nothing indicating that they have, but there’s also nothing indicating that they haven’t.

  • bullsit

    This story annoys me. Seriously? Are they for entertainment or to mix entertainment with reality? We all know you love your jobs but give them a rest. It’s obvious you make easy money and you love it. We aren’t paparazzi, we are innocent people who want to see and read veracities apart from what we do when we want entertainment.

  • Gypsy

    You haven’t cleared up a thing you have inadvertently started a new rumor that “Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are now married”, and that explains why he dedicated his song to his “wife”.
    You tried but you will never unstuck this machine, it’s too profitable.

    The actual truth might be that Chris Martin is dating some strange lady named Gwyneth Paltrow, problem is she has two kids and Rockers don’t have time for girls with kids so it might not work out.

  • Jason

    Well, of course she couldn’t take her eyes off of him…It was a Coldplay CONCERT. Where is she supposed to look? At the speakers? -__-

  • parishilton

    Another Paris Hilton wannabe. Sad.

  • Derek117

    Why are Celeb romances “newsworthy”? And, like everyone else is commenting: NO photos makes it even LESS newsworthy.

  • crizo

    come on guys you are going to far, by next week they are married come on with this nonsense love ther is only fisical got it dude?

  • Gypsy

    @<@Deni: Deni

    This Chris, Jennifer romance is like some Greek mythical creature, always spoken about but never seen, so since they can’t produce a single photo I figured I’d produce the first photo of a FEMALE/any FEMALE at concert, as my alternate proof – Just doing my citizen duty.

  • Hilton

    She’s ruining her career with these stories and those photos. I thought she was more intelligent.

  • Misselle

    She looks radiant and lovely. I love her Grace Kelly look!!!

  • Deni

    @Spencer Are you serious? Are you kidding? According to you and the tabloids Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence are together…and he sings in her face,a song that he dedicated to his wife????? Because “Fix You” is the only successful song of Coldplay,yes right…he sings a serenade in front of his new girlfriend that dedicated to his wife,years ago…..ok. Ahahahah

  • Spencer

    Video of Jennifer leaving the after party.

  • Bean


    So true its like their sources are teen girls with the way these reports are written. LOL

  • Spencer

    @Deni, I may not believe all the bullshit the media is spewing, but I do believe they’re together. And him performing a song he wrote for Gwyneth doesn’t change my opinion on that. He wrote Fix You after her dad died. It’s an amazing song, and a popular one, so if course they’re gonna perform it. He may be dating someone else (well maybe not according to you), but that shouldn’t stop him from singing one of their most beloved songs.

  • Bean


    Never thought I would say this but I am starting to feel bad for these celebrities, its impossible for them to just live their lives. Whatever the case maybe between her and Chris it should be only between them.

  • Courtney

    @Spencer Stupid paps! I’d be annoyed too if they flashed those cameras at me! Those things must be blinding! At least she’s not flipping them off anymore.

  • web domain registration

    Even an Oscar award winning actress like Jennifer Lawrence can be star struck. I just hope she didn’t fall down the stairs while leaving the concert venue.

  • Deni

    @Spencer You don’t change your idea..for me this is a PROOF. Would be a crap..a significant song for him and his wife..sung in the face of his new flame? An intelligent and respectful man like Chris Martin? In what movie? Come on! Would be a lack of respect for Gwyneth and also for Jennifer. I think we can all agree?!

  • JenUglyDuck

    why are her eyelids so droopy? and why is she famous? she doesn’t have the good looks actresses need.

  • LMAO



    Please explain how she is ruining her career with these true or false sightings of her linked with Cold Play’s Chris Martin. When did he become a hated man? How has her career been ruined by those photos (did you look at them? Why because you got a thrill from looking at her right?) Because if you didn’t see these pics..what difference does it make??? Did she write the articles that she is dating Chris Martin? What is she doing that is ruining her career..because from the looks of it..whatever she does is sensational news.

  • spirit7

    He’s a great musician but he’s the complicated type. After awhile that’s just not worth it

  • Gretchen

    I’m laughing at this headline. Don’t most people not take their eyes off the lead singer of a band when they’re at their concert?

  • PR Romance

    If they were a real, normal couple then her publicist wouldn’t be sending these stories and no one would know they were dating. This is for attention and nothing else.

  • JJ

    @PR Romance:

    What makes you think this is her PR team… why would she need the attention she is already the most scrutinized celeb out there right now, look at the vids she doesnt want the attention, she has disappeared from public since promoting Xmen. Why would his PR team do these stories, he really doesnt need it. That’s what makes these stories so weird to me.

  • Henry

    @PR Romance:
    yes Jlaw nedds attention she isn’t famous enough… you’re dumb