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Taylor Swift Opens AMAs 2014 with 'Blank Space' (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift Opens AMAs 2014 with 'Blank Space' (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift hits the stage to open the show at the 2014 American Music Awards held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Sunday (November 23) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old singer performed her hit song “Blank Space” for the first time on television. The song just went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and earned Taylor the distinction of being the first woman to succeed herself on the chart.

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“#BlankSpace performance tonight on the #AMAs!!!!!!! It’s gonna be crazy. No like, actually crazy,” Taylor tweeted earlier in the day.

Taylor‘s performance emulated her music video, which stars model Sean O’Pry. She used some hot model dancers instead of the hunky model for the awards show!

Taylor Swift Opens AMAs 2014 with ‘Blank Space’

To watch the music video for “Blank Space”, head on over to

FYI: Taylor is wearing a Yosef Aljasmi bodysuit & skirt, Stagelight Premiere shoes, and Suzanne Kalan earrings.

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  • AprilMay

    get off the stage!! Can’t sing to save her life!

  • mastersoze

    She has no vocal ability what so ever, but I do like the song.

  • TeamBella76

    I think she’s a talented writer even though her songs aren’t too deep but the girl can’t sing live I feel bad. And does anybody know the real Taylor ?

  • smmy33

    Thought she was great, at least she gives a performance .

    At least she sings live, most sing to tracks, they’re as live as when Beyonce sang at the inauguration , she wouldn’t even admit she was faking it until the White House was forced too.

  • Mia

    She may not have the greatest voice but she’s a wonderful performer.

  • Sim

    Love the song , she was awesome, she’ll really puts on the show now.

  • Sim

    Ah know she’s no Jennifer Lawrence, right their Team Bella, LOL

  • Ashly

    kept looking at harry, honey he doesn’t want you anymore

  • Sim

    AprilMay … Why don’t you get a life instead posting the same crap on every Taylor Swift article, take about a repetitive loser

    For some one who thinks Swift can’t dance , sing or breath right sure go out your way to watch her performances.

  • Von

    Why cause he’s too busy dating a Kardasian , or is that not her name, can’t even tell they look like over made up clowns.

    He’s the one talking about her in the press , she hasn’t once mentioned his name .

  • AprilMay

    I don’t post on every Taylor article, maybe you should get your eyes checked. I watched this performance to see how she sounded. I’m allowed to post my opinions.

  • liz

    she does look a little too crazy here…i know that’s what she was going for but if people already think you’re a creepy stalker psycho ex girlfriend, it’s stupid to try and act it out just for fun. it comes off as a confirmation.

  • Sim

    You should check your posts, every Taylor Swift is the same , she can’t sing or dance even when she isn’t performing …

    There’s difference from posting a opinion , with some thought or intelligence behind it and just spreading hate , cause if you didn’t think she could sing or dance you wouldn’t keep watching her performances.

  • sam

    Best vocal?! this must be a joke.

  • sam

    Haha “At least she sings live” at least 80% of that performance was NOT live. I get that being a songwriter is suppose to be her strong suit but let’s be honest you can find a bunch of girls on youtube who have similar lyrics/writing styles, only difference they are teenagers.

  • Sim

    BESIDES someone who stands there belts out a song .. Ah Taylor Swift put on the best show including vocals…… Doesn’t hurt the song kicks ass.

  • asman

    I think “too crazy” is the key here. It’s “too crazy” to the point that it’s obviously poking fun at what people think about her. A bit off to think this is confirmation.

  • andrew


  • AprilMay

    I’ve only commented on like 3 posts about her, and if I think she can’t sing or dance, I am entitled to share my opinions on those subject matters. You Taylor Swift fans are so ridiculous. You probably comment on other artists posts too, but we can’t see them because you hide behind your profile. If you wanna talk about how I supposedly post on every Taylor Swift article, which is an utter lie, why don’t you put your profile on public so the rest of us can see what you post? Oh that’s right, it’s because you are a coward. Peace!

  • smmy33

    So I guess you’re too stupid to see the contradictions in peoples posts.

    The performance sucks cause she can’t sing live but then it wasn’t her real voice it was a studio track, so don’t give her the benefit of singing live

    Ok, whatever makes you guys happy , in your sad lives.

  • smmy33

    Apparently you think you’re some expert on singing voices, you should ask Simone Cowell for a job

  • Von

    That’s what people who have never done or accomplished anything in their lives say “easy anyone could do it ” , if that were true Taylor Swift wouldn’t be the only one dong it.

  • Vy Nguyen

    She isn’t the best singer, but she is a performer and the song is catchy as hell. It reminds me of animation sound tracks, like a very pop version of something from brother bear or an epic version At The Beginning from Anastasia. Not really but it reminds me of it so much.

    On another note. I’m glad she moved on to pop 100%, country music can go back to country music and not be dominated by her. Gives other country musicians a chance to win some awards.

  • olivia

    He’s only talked about her when he’s been asked about her and everything he’s ever said has been kind and respectful because that’s the kind of guy he is. Even after Taylor has acted like an immature brat over and over again by calling him out. Taylor can’t bear to say his name without bursting into tears at the humiliation she faced when he dumped her however she did release an entire album “singing” about how obsessed she is with him.

    He and Kendall broke up almost a year ago and at least he’s moved on. At least he can get a date where as every man runs away from Taylor because she’s a lunatic.

  • Sim

    Says the person posting hateful crap anonymously on blogs , if anyone would know a coward guess it would be you

    Why do you have that picture as your avatar, cause you look nothing like that in real life and you always wanted to be tall, blond and pretty, uh

  • Von

    Don’t be naive, interviewers are told before hand what they can and can’t ask a talent, if he did’t want to talk about her he wouldn’t , you don’t see then asking him questions about Kardasians do you.

    That’s why out of the zillion interviews Taylor Swift has done for this album no ones asked her about him .

    If anyone’s a lunatic … You should read your post, ah you don’t actually know this people ???

  • Emily Elizabeth Morrissette

    i read an article that she was intending to play with the fact that people call her a serial dater lol i think it was great there are too many trolls lmao.

  • Ly De Torres

    oh the hypocrisy of this bitch. so what if that’s your opinion? just because that’s your opinion doesnt mean we can’t argue back anymore. well get this, our opinion to you is you should just fuck off and get a life! your hating won’t change anything!

  • lucy

    Taylor can sing live but this was terrible. The playback of song over powered her singing and you can only hear some of her vocals in that live performance

  • ace austoom

    I guess idiots don’t realize some songs are meant to be sung stronger than others based off the performance and the song

  • K8QP

    I really do not care what people say about Taylor :)) I know for myself I wont be able to go around and sing and that its enough to respect her for doing it – or anybody else for that matter.
    I am not her biggest fan,but being honest love her new album :) Its very entertaining and makes me smile :)

  • Scarlett

    Am I the only person who doesn’t get the whole Taylor Swift thing?

  • stephmcg

    No. I feel like she is more of an actress pretending to be a pop star. First she acted like she was country and now she is acting like she is a pop star. What’s next? Soul singer?

  • lejla

    hahaha good one :D

  • lejla

    Having soft voice doesn’t mean having no vocal ability. Personally i think she should of stay country.

  • Kary

    I liked Taylor’s performance but the sound was terrible. For some reason the only one who can sing live is Ariana Grande and is sad because you can’t understand what is she saying LOL and Selena definitely can’t sing live!!!

  • Guest

    Her management probably makes it a point to tell interviewers to avoid talking about her love life. Besides, it’s not like there’s enough time in the world to talk about her very, very long list of exes.

  • Pat Lo

    Terrific performance! It was so theatrical, it was like a Broadway show. Taylor has some great facial expressions.

  • bbm

    i just don’t like this song