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Tom Welling Makes a Super Rare Red Carpet Appearance!

Tom Welling Makes a Super Rare Red Carpet Appearance!

Tom Welling steps out on the red carpet at the premiere of the new film 6 Bullets to Hell on Thursday evening (January 15) at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

The 37-year-old actor is rarely spotted making appearances on the red carpet. His last one was back in April while promoting his film Draft Day.

Also in attendance at the event were Ashley Greene, Ryan Rottman, and Blair Redford.

6 Bullets to Hell is a western that follows a farmer who goes back to his old fun and starts to hunt down the gang of killers who brutally murdered his wife.

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  • sarah

    Tom Welling is a beautiful man and an amazing actor, I hope to see him on the small screen of my TV to the more ‘soon !!! 😍😘😜

  • Sabrina

    It’s so great to see Tom at an event. Here’s to hoping we see more of him in 2015.

  • sarah

    Tom Welling becomes more ‘beautiful with age’! I would like to be his woman.

  • myrkeyue .

    OMG what a Gorgeous man. love him

  • Carey

    He looks SO happy and healthy. It is apparent he has a good woman by his side. She has been and is wonderful for him.

  • Renee

    Tom Welling , is and amazing person / actor , I support him and the project that he does he does a wonderful job . He is my inspiration in life him and Erica Durance I highly respect them both and all they do in life off screen and on screen . I am not one of those obsessed fans to celebs that is disrespect to them all they need to be respect as a person not as a celeb in life there human just like the rest of us are . Just Respect they celebs there people too . Love you Tom and Erica xo

  • Jon M’Shulla

    Boy you gals really dig Tom. I think he is pretty cool too. I wish he could have some good roles written for him. Something a bit more like a blockbuster wouldn’t bother me.

  • cecilia

    I met Tom Welling ….. is a wonderful man, now should do more television because his lack feels much. Tom does not like the compromises and hypocrites!

  • Mbethmason

    Tom Welling is my favorite actor so glad to see him in public again. Loved it when he did all those appearances last year promting Draft Day hope he goes out on the promo tour for his new movie The Choice hope to see Mir of him in 2015 so handsome and sexy Tom Welling πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

  • susan

    I love TOM WELLING!

  • Fatima

    Thank you so much for sharing! Tom Welling looks so GREAT! I wish you had more pictures to share, but something is better than nothing! I hope there will be more news of his new projects soon! He is my HERO, and I love him!

  • mateus


  • noemi

    Flop=mateus=kalamonde! Tom ok!

  • Pip

    Tom just got a divorced. Who is this good woman of whom you speak?

  • noemi

    The new woman is Jessica Rose Lee!

  • Carey

    Tom and his ex wife had not lived together since the end of 2012, as his exwife had settled in a relationship with another. The beautiful young, intelligent, and caring woman Tom is with is a private citizen.

  • margot

    but the new woman of Tom called Bella Tatarian ????

  • sarah

    Tom one day meet the right woman for him! Definitely not J.R.L!

  • Carey

    I totally disagree with you. She is kind, sweet, caring, intelligent, and independent, has depth of character, and beautiful. Tom Welling has not looked this happy or healthy in years. She apparently brings him much happiness and takes good care of him.

  • sarah

    It ‘a woman superficial!πŸ“·πŸŽ₯πŸ“ΉπŸ“±

  • Carey

    She is not superficial. Tom Welling would not be with her if she were superficial.

  • Yulia

    Tom has a new woman: high and blackberry ,,,,,,,,,, together in a black car in los Angeles !!!!!!

  • katy

    It would be great to have a child by Tom Welling !!!

  • violet

    How many wonderful memories! TOM! β€οΈπŸ’”

  • Barbe

    I do not know what you mean by “high and blackberry,” but I believe he is still with J.R.L. I think he has found a good, solid partner in her.

  • Barbe

    First I thought that some were just outright jealous towards Tom Welling, but then I noticed some peoples’ comments are outrageously mean not only towards Tom Welling but other celebrities. I watched a clip where Jimmy Kimmel and Sofia Vergara actually read some of the really mean comments written about them. Having a curious mind and good at research, I needed to understand why these people had such negative needs and what kind of darkness in their souls caused them to write such mean words about people they do not know nor will ever know. So I did some research. I learned that those who have a need to write mean comments are projecting onto these celebrities the unhappiness and misery within their own lives and/or they have extremely low self-esteem. Celebrities have achieved a degree of success in their life, they are in touch with their creative self. As human beings they have their own problems and many use their artistic talents to work through these personal problems. At least they are doing something positive to resolve their personal issues. If someone does not like a celebrity, why even bother reading about them or taking time and the negative energy to write some really mean-spirit comments? What if we each were determining a next life and our thoughts, words, and needs determined how we will physically look in that life and what that life might entail?

  • romina

    Tom should do more public life, to show to his fans, damn HIM is an actor not just a private citizen! We want to know what are your projects Work ..crrrrrr !!?

  • Carey

    I have come to the conclusion that he doesn’t care whether or not he has fans. It is stressful for his fans, as of course his fans want to see a heck of a lot more of him, but know that will not happen. He is a really good actor he has been brilliant in everything he has ever appeared.

  • Carey

    Have come to conclusion he does not care whether or not he has fans. Lack of seeing him is highly stressful for his fans, as of course they wan to see more of him, but know that will never happen. He is a brilliant actor. Doubt if we see him until April 2016, when The Choice is released.

  • Carey

    Have come to conclusion he does not care whether or not he has fans. Lack of seeing him is highly stressful for his fans, as of course they wan to see more of him, but know that will never happen. He is a brilliant actor. Doubt if we see him until April 2016, when The Choice is released.

  • monik

    quiet you will see it soon with a new project !!! ,,,,,,,, 😜

  • Lynn

    There is no way you would know what he is doing. He needs to be more public–he can still keep his private life private. He can have someone run a Facebook page for him and he gets on it every now and then like when he has a new project, etc. Wes Studi does that. His people were very upfront about someone helping him run the site. Or he could appear on one of the talk shows like Ellen DeGeneres. His representative(s) could present areas of talk that are taboo/off limits and/or have such shows pre-submit questions they would ask for his approval.

  • sabrina

    Tom will not return to step into the shoes of Superman or Clark Kent in Flash! Tom is an actor and it is right that covers the most interesting new roles .For luck Tom will not return back because HE wants to go ahead!

  • Barbe

    Glad to hear that as Smallville is a remarkable series in which his performances were outstanding. Stepping into shoes of Superman or Clark Kent in Flash would distract from his performances in Smallville, which will become a classic and enjoyed by future generations to come.

  • Carey

    Just read an interesting article on Tom Welling. It suggested he possibly chose to remain out of sight as a strategy to re-emerge as a movie actor, and not remembered only as a television actor, e.g., Clark Kent. Apparently, his role in The Choice may well be a profound turning point in his film career. Although my feelings have always been that Tom Welling should be making two to three films a year earning in the 7 to 8 digit figures. He is an outstanding, versatile born actor, who amazingly can completely change his physical appearance for whatever character he portrays. The article also pointed out that he did not go jumping into any role immediately after Smallville ended, which was a plus factor. Most likely Tom Welling will choose only roles in film that have a degree of depth. Just hope all of this comes true. He is sorely missed by his fans.

  • Carey

    We are still waiting to hear about Tom”s new project. Hopefully a piece of good news is a new release date for The Choice is February 2016. Hopefully, JRL will walk the Red Carpet with Tom. Just do not understand why she was not with him at his recent Red Carpet appearance.

  • tatiana

    April 2 I saw Tom Welling with a tall girl and blackberry were together .Tom is very nice and high live !

  • nola

    Tom Welling has a new girlfriend? Yes!!!!

  • katy

    Now is the time to return to the office to win the heart of Tom dear Miss ……….. !!!!!

  • Carey

    I hope the girl you saw him with was JRL. Sure hope they are still together.

  • oldfatmotherfucker

    I don’t like his haircut at all. Still hot though. I hate that he is not out and about in the public eye as much as some others. Can we have more Tom and less Kylie Jenner??

  • nola

    Tom necesita una mujer pura y sincera!!!

  • Carey

    What makes you think that she is not a sincere person. Do you know her? How can you judge someone you do not even know nor have ever met? Tom Welling is highly intelligent and one might say he is a born psychologist. He is far more qualified to know whether or not she is sincere than you do. Tom Welling would not be with her if she were less than sincere. So give him some credit and stop judging her.

  • patricia

    stop the false accounts of Tom Welling !!! Who knows Tom will not fall into the trap

  • patricia

    Tom Welling

    itstomwelling This is False 100%!

  • B.


  • tatiana

    Tom is in Texas with his new girlfriend (beautiful and blackberry) πŸ‘«πŸ˜œ

  • Carey

    Yes, that is definitely JRL.

  • disqus_NpgKu9MdWH

    Tom is currently in California (is playing golf for charity). JRL is only a friend!

  • Carey

    Hoping than their friendship lasts a lifetime with much happiness and success. JRL’s friendship has been only good and healthy for him.