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Beyonce Goes After Etsy Users Selling 'Feyonce' Merchandise

Beyonce Goes After Etsy Users Selling 'Feyonce' Merchandise

If you’ve ever been on Etsy — a website where crafters sell their unique and mostly handmade goods — you’ve definitely come across something with the words “feyonce” written on it.

Turns out Beyonce is not a fan of any of this merchandise and recently her team had some of it removed from the site, according to TMZ.

While only one shop had their “feyonce” mugs taken down, it seems like only a matter of time before more dishware, sweatshirts, tank tops, prints, and jewelry using that term disappear.

DO YOU THINK Beyonce has the right to make these shops get rid of their merchandise?

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  • Dude

    Let her have her unauthorized merch. I heard the next few weeks won’t be so kind to Bey. Or so the hackers say.

  • moonbeams62

    I can understand any famous artist worrying about getting ripped off, but in this case, I think she was wrong. She has become a household name like Madonna, or Cher and actually this stuff is cute & flattering and it is not a bad PR gimmick. it actually promotes her. I think she’s over reacting.

  • happy666

    Omg she looks so pretty and sexy!

  • George Paskalev

    Is that a serious question? Beyonce has the right to do whatever the fuck she wants. She is fucking Beyonce!

  • VanityInsecurity

    Beyonce is pretty pathetic if you ask me. Her name is not anywhere near the shop & it totally does not copyright anything from her.

  • Jay

    I agree, but the her team wasn’t on the whole ‘I woke up like this’ thing and thats everywhere. Even Macdonalds is using it to sell coffee, and pictures of her on other ppl’s merchandise. As a business, which ‘Parkwood’ her entertainment company is, they let the ball slip. Especially as they themselves have a shop and a creative team. I’m sure they would like to sell these exclusively, as is their right. I mean whose gonna buy a T-Shirt from her, when you can get it from primark or walmart. They are making money of her as well as taking away potential ideas. For example she can’t now make Feyoncé T-shirts, even though it fits perfectly with the ‘put a ring on it’ thing.

  • Jay

    Also I hate how much TMZ influences us. Their article was ‘Beyonce is angry at her name being on crap at esty’. When its just a copyright issue and It would be her and her team.
    My point is STOP sensationalising and dramatising every damn thing. Copyright isn’t sexy, copyright isn’t interesting but it seems they found a way to make it so…
    Beyoncé seems to be the most overused name specially as the woman in question hasn’t done an interview for 2 years. If you want lots of click/internet traffic or in Huckabee’s case free press use Beyonce’s name. Make it stop!

  • P. Mons†er ▲

    Deffinitely YAS! Get them Bey, don’t let them get coins on your back.

  • JD

    Even if her team were able to win this if it were to go to trial (and this is questionable, because parodies are copyright protected), I feel that her reaction does more harm than good. When people were making and buying the “Feyonce” merchandise, it was all in good fun and it keeps Beyonce and her songs on people’s minds. It keeps the Beyonce buzz going, and most likely, the people buying that merch were fans of hers. However, by shutting it down, Beyonce’s most likely alienated a good number of fans, or people who previously had neutral thoughts regarding her, because it makes her come off as an overreacting diva.

  • plez

    When did Beyonce own every real or made up word that looks like her name. Maybe Feyonce’ is a play on Fiancé
    Seseme Street has a band called The Beetles. I doubt Paul McCarthy sued them.

  • Penny Dreadful

    What does “Feyonce” mean anyway?? I’ve honestly never heard/seen of it until this post.

  • Susie Cue
  • TTC92

    It’s her name, she built it, and worked hard for her name if she don’t want some company using stuff w/o her permission, she has every right to go after them, so of ya’ll are so biased against this woman, it’s actually pathetic if you ask me.

  • Guest

    You are delusional. If someone tried to use your name and capitalize off of it without even letting you know, you’s be OOK with that? She has every legal right to shut them down. I don’t care how rich or famous you are, no one should use your name and sell their product without at least your consent first.

  • Guest

    LOL yeah right. If it was a play on fiance, they should’ve spelled it appropriately. Feyonce was spelled with an accent over the e. They clearly tried to capitalize using her name. They were so obviously using her name to sell products without her consent. She had ever right to shut them down.

  • Guest

    Being a houshold name does not give anyone the right to sell products using your name without your knowledge.

  • Pam Pam

    If I was a boy I would sue

  • kmoliver

    I agree. If the merchandise said “Beyonce” on it, I would think she’d have a right, because she’s not profiting from their sales. But this does not TECHNICALLY have her name on it, so I don’t understand how she can legally object to this.

  • Guest

    She can legally object to this because they are using her name and likeness. It’s inspired by her name and some of the mugs look like her last album cover. Black with the pink “Feyonce” written across it. Her last album cover was black with Beyonce written across in pink. It’s definitely more than a little inspired by her.

  • VanityInsecurity

    no I’m not delusional Feyonce is not her name.. and doesn’t she have enough millions to be bothered with an etsy shop? please.

  • Guest

    The spelling is clearly inspired by her name and the image of some of the mugs is inspired by her last album cover. How much money Beyonce has is irrelevant to anyone using her likeness to make a profit without her knowledge and that makes is against the law. .

  • Hiiiiiiii :)

    Their slogan is “He put a ring on it”. That’s not rip off to you? It’s in direct correlation with her song.

  • Hiiiiiiii :)

    I ask you this. If Beyoncè wasn’t famous and Single Ladies wasn’t a song would these mugs sell or even exist? Her name and her likeness are indeed selling these mugs. Without Beyonce she would not have a business.

  • VanityInsecurity

    its not a slogan, its a line from a song & she didnt make up the damn line .. people have been saying “put a ring on it” for fukn years.. learn copyright laws then come talk to me.

  • VanityInsecurity

    do you know anything about copyright laws? Cause I do.. & learn some before you start acting like you do “guest”

  • Yes, I’m That Leah

    You are wrong. Way wrong. It’s all in the name.

    I bought Tussin , not Robitussin from my grocery store.

    I bought Wally Flu, not Thera Flu from Walgreens.

    As long as it doesn’t keep them from selling their brand, it’ s all good. Name it something else. That’s what the girl did. Beyonce doesn’t even have mugs of her own. What did the girl steal? Nothing of Beyonce’ s likeness at all.

  • Yes, I’m That Leah

    It’s not her name. That is the point. Store sell generic brands all the time. Instead of Donoughts, they might say Kronuts… after Kroger store. Understand?

  • Padme

    I agree. She should have been gracious about it but she is very “new money” so to speak. Her camp does not get that this kind of thing comes with being cemented in pop culture.They are still hungry and missing the bigger picture.

  • Hiiiiiiii :) < — Recent phrases Taylor Swift copyrighted. It can be done. I don't' know what Beyonce has or hasn't copyrighted. We shall see if she goes to court.

  • VanityInsecurity

    copyrighted & trademarked & patents are different things. Feyonce IS NOT trademarked to her.

  • Junior Gonzales-Byrn

    She makes too much money. Be a grip Mother Bee. The whole does not revolve around you. I would have been flattered. She’s just probably mad because others are making money off of a WORD. For crying out loud.