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Rihanna: 'Four Five Seconds' Full Song & Lyrics - Listen Now!

Rihanna: 'Four Five Seconds' Full Song & Lyrics - Listen Now!

Check out Rihanna‘s new catchy track “FourFiveSeconds,” off her upcoming album!

The 26-year-old singer is joined in the track by Kanye West and Paul McCartney.

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“FIRST GLIMPSE AT MY NEW MUSIC!!!—>,” Rihanna tweeted about the song. A release date for the upcoming album has not been announced, so stay tuned for more details!

Get the song now on iTunes!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rihanna’s new song “Four Five Seconds” with Kanye West and Paul McCartney?

Rihanna – ‘Four Five Seconds’ Track

Click inside for the full lyrics to the song…

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  • solargeknowles


    Its cute.

  • Anastatia Bagans

    what is this? why is paul attached to this nonsense?

  • sky

    wow, here come the haters… song’s are awesome.

  • YupVideoFever

    Annoying ultra-sound vocal here. Like Rihanna, but not this time.

  • Sandy McFarlane

    I love Riri but this is awful….. This type of music doesn’t fit her at all :(

  • Elaphros

    He’s probably wrote the music and/or is playing one or more of the instruments within the track. On the single that Kanye released earlier Paul wrote the music and played the piano/keyboards. Suspect he’s probably playing the bass/guitar/keyboards on this one too.

  • Osmosis

    love it!

  • Eternum Nocturne

    all the blacks mad because its not a typical ratchet song that they usually hear. this is what quality music sounds like. appreciate it!

  • Eh

    paul made this garbage this sound like white people music

  • NotHer2.0

    This comment is funny because you clearly dont understand the lyrics.

  • NotHer2.0

    white people music? There’s no such thing. People from all racial backgrounds make music that fit all genres. You might want to do some research and ….expand your limited knowledge on music. (btw, I’m black.)

  • Nate Williams

    lol she’s literally talking about getting mad and fucking somebody up … straight ratchet lol

  • Rafael Souza

    what type of music fits on her? She sang every kind of music and she’s always changing

  • nah

    this shit is trash

  • Lisa

    LOL. I agree.

  • namers

    Paul sold out a looong time ago; he needs to stay relevant at 72 years old. He’s not Tony Bennett doing classics with Gaga, he is, WAS rock and roll. Pffft.

  • Jason Sesso

    Nothing wrong with being different.

  • Jason Sesso

    Ignorant shit head.

  • dalovelee

    this is a joke…but this junk that will do well because fools buy whatever the market puts out. Even Taylor Swift would have come up with a better song than this.

  • marie

    It’s fine.

  • Guest

    What the hell is this crap?…Paul is trying to attach himself that makes him remotely relevant, Rhianna sounds good but this song is shit. Kanye, well he is surprisingly vocal but sorry to repeat but this song is just shite.

  • Louise

    What the hell is this crap?…Paul is trying to attach himself to something that makes him remotely relevant, Rhianna sounds good but this song is shit. Kanye, well he is surprisingly good vocally but sorry to repeat but this song is just shite.

  • Kita Howell

    Are you serious? African Americans are the originators of Rock, Blues, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Gospel…please have several seats!! I’m pretty sure they know quality!!

  • girl☼

    You do realise that Paul was a member of a band heavily influenced by African American artists right?

  • Helmuth the Elder

    This is f*cking terrible.

  • smmy33

    Agree .. I was is she going folk , country .. And it doesn’t suit her voice and take Kanye off the song, he doesn’t improve one lick, his voice is mediocre .

  • smmy33

    I don’t know maybe look the last 8 f–King abums she’s released .. Reggie , pop , R&B… That suits her voice , Damn people are so dim.

    Just cause someone changeling , don’t mean it for the better .

  • Pretty Little Mars

    FOURFIVESECONDS ON REPEAT!! Excited to see the direction Kanye & Rihanna are taking their respective albums this year. Personal opinion: these two are the most innovative artists of our generation, always evolving their sound.

  • Drew Bailey

    It’s not that bad. Maybe when it comes out on an album they’ll add a drum loop for you mouth breathers

  • Von

    Sit down.

    Delusional people .
    What instrument did a AfricanAmercan invent . They were all played decades, centuries before black people in America appropriated white culture , or are going to argue modern music of Amerca / Europe it from Africa

    Double bass, drums, guitar, piano, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, trombone, vocals, vibraphone, Hammond organ, bass… just to name a few …from the instruments early forms from centuries Europe to later like the electric guitar , invented / patent in the US ..hey it wasn’t a black person without the electric guitar you don’t have modern , Jazzrock and roll … First pioneer recording artists in mid 18 century baritone , ragtime to jazz

    All the patents of the of modern music, Name one invented by a black person

    Bach, Beethoven , Morzart , Haydn, Peri composing , inventing music black people were still in jungles of Africa .

  • disqus_jFAUBXqfjy

    This is a true story that is based of my life at my place of employment. A Hospital in in Culver City. Those two people have been digital stalking me from 2010 and then releasing songs. In the song they mention taking my kindness for weakness, based on me helping out my coworkers, getting mad and one time had to put some one in place on the job. What I think is they hack the security cameras on my job so they have access to everything that happened on the floor which is against HIPPA. They were stalking my mac book pro at home, which they hack my webcam. I sold my computer so they could only stalked my at my job. If Mr Mccarthy only knew what those two are doing he would not associate himself with hackers which are breaking the law. This is all happening because of Kim and Reggie from back in the days until present. Nothing but revenge because of a man. My days on the job varies, listen to the lyrics. The song is total rubbish, using me for inspiration against my knowledge which is a crime.

  • stellabystarlite

    Valiant effort, but it’ll never be a hit.

  • Aaron Williams

    Is you mad? Where in the commenters statement above yours mention that blacks invented these instruments. We took these instruments and created our own melodies and rhythm…originated by African Americans. In which Eurocentric and white Americans took and tried to imitate. Oh and the Drums, vocals, and guitar differentiate from Eurocentric instruments. Especially the vocals. And by the way, Africans have their own set of instruments, just like Arabians, Japanese, and Chinese. So Eurocentric…cunt!

  • fefefe


  • Aaron Williams

    I want Evil Yeezus/KANYE BACK!!! nOOOOOOOO! WHY! Get this folktale music out of here and give us a continuation of Yeezus!

  • skeeling1997

    2015 is the year of Paul and Kanye.

  • plez

    This sounds like a country pop song. They should have gotten Taylor Swift with Kanye and McCartney and I bet this would have been a major seller and lots of grammys.

  • Eternum Nocturne

    that has nothing to do with modern day. which i am referring to. how many blacks listen to rock blue or jazz? probably less than 2%. id say more than 60% listen to that new garbage they call trap. which is complete shit. what ever happened to hip hop? this song is refreshing. not the typical crap everyone listens to now a days

  • disqus_jFAUBXqfjy

    Your on target. You get the point of the garbage they put out.

  • Rob

    Rihanna killed it but honestly the song is nothing special. “Only One ft. Rihanna” could have been a hit! Agree?

  • Peter

    Thank god I don’t have your sh!t tasteless sense in music!
    Please, cut off your ears, you don’t know music.
    This is worse then crap, it sounds like it was sang by a bunch of untalented kids.

  • Mads

    Yeep, I fully agree with you, btw if that’s matter for somebody I’m white and from Europe xx

  • Mads


  • Ian Lynn

    dont like it..

  • happy666

    The song is too slow for Rihanna and she tries hard to take the best out of herself zzzzz
    Too many comments omg why does she look so good on the cover?

  • Jenny from the flop

    I guess Rihanna picked up Taylor Swift’s flushed country career out of the toilet. Sounds awful. My ears was bleeding during her first verse.

  • Jenny from the flop

    Not everyone is a hater, we are allowed to dislike a song. Sounds like you’re a hater who hates on individuality

  • Kara

    Kanye can’t sing at all. He should be producer rather than trying to be singer or rapper. You can tell his voice is not good at all. The song is OK I guess, not bad but I don’t need to hear it twice.

  • SS

    You’re the one who needs to sit down.

    Did you really just try to say drums were invented by europeans?! You can’t just make stuff up and call it facts and expect everyone to believe it. The fact of the matter the range of instruments that you’ve described was invented by an array of cultures. Some European and some that are not. Regardless of where the instruments were invented the FACT is that the MUSICAL STYLE was created and perfected by african americans. Read any interview from any of the original rock artist and they have openly admitted and paid homage to the african american americans they were inspired by. Many of Elvis Presley’s songs were remakes of songs made by african americans. African American didn’t get the recognition because they didn’t make as much money. They didn’t make as much money because at the time they weren’t as marketable.

    And @Kita Howell, no African Americans didn’t make these types of music because they have some magical musical powers. They invented because when people are poor they do one of 2 things. They consume every hour in the day trying to make money or the try to find creative ways to pass the time. Without a career or the social engagements and responsibilities that come with a career you end up with a lot of time on your hands.

    The record labels took the songs and remade them so that they could make as much money out of the song. The reason they had to do this is for the same reason the black and white people on the site are arguing about what music Rihanna can and cannot make. People are so attached to the stereotype of what kind of music different races can make. And why is that? Rihanna’s taste in music is more complex than that. People taste are more complex than that. I’m sure you don’t listen to just one type of music. Rihanna has dipped her toes in a lot of different music since she started her career. Her musical range is how she stays relevant.

    @Von, I really cannot understand why you feel the need to put down an entire race to make your point. Yes, we led simple lives but the world was better for it. The African tribes that are still leading simple lives know it. You know it and I know it. Now we how spend billions trying to undo the pollution and damage to the natural environment. The damage we made to feed our capitalist ambitions. It fed our egos and allowed us to gain self-actualisation but we’ve dmaged the world to get this point in civilisation. I respect a person who can walk away and say that they don’t want to tale that route when it is quite easy to leave their simple lifestyle for what the wider world has to offer.

  • OG_Trapavelli_Tha_TrapGod

    Love it Rihanna …. Like the new music and direction U are taking….