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Kate & Oliver Hudson's Father Bill Says They Are 'Dead to Me'

Kate & Oliver Hudson's Father Bill Says They Are 'Dead to Me'

Kate Hudson‘s biological father Bill has spoken out after her brother Oliver slammed him in a recent Father’s Day Instagram post.

“I say to them now, ‘I set you free,’” Bill told the Daily Mail. “I had five birth children [including three from another relationship], but I now consider myself a father of three. I no longer recognize Oliver and Kate as my own.”

He continued, “I would ask them to stop using the Hudson name. They are no longer a part of my life. Oliver‘s Instagram post was a malicious, vicious, premeditated attack. He is dead to me now. As is Kate. I am mourning their loss even though they are still walking this earth.”

Bill said that his ex-wife Goldie Hawn never had anything bad to say about him until Kurt Russell entered the picture.

“But when Kurt came on the scene, the narrative changed, and I became the big, bad wolf,” Bill said. “I would say to her, ‘Goldie, why are you trashing me and saying I’m an absent father when it’s simply not the case?’ and she’d laugh and go ‘Oh Bill, you know it makes for a better story.’”

Bill and Goldie were married from 1976 to 1980 and the kids were raised by their mom and her longtime partner Kurt after the divorce.

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  • JAY

    What a truly disgusting human being

  • Patty Cake

    STFU !!!!! Is it impossible for people to find the high road these days?

  • justno

    You just all up in your feelings, Bill. I’m sure the Daily Mail paid you nicely for this “interview”about those feelings.

  • Lanny Smith

    Wow…so much hate. What is this family? accomplishing. Son/daughter trash father…father fires back just as bad. What a sad and ugly commentary on this so-called family. What a shame. Goldie Hawn: u ain’t all that either.
    apple/tree: goldie/bill + rotten kids…horrible on everyone’s parts.

  • Adamah Matau

    Love Goldie but siding with Bill. Something seems off and Oliver bringing up old feelings whether true or not is a low blow and this from someone who’s father wasn’t really there ither. Also, all the hate they have for him but continue to use his last name?! Feel bad for Bill. He’s been trying to be in their lives for years from what I’ve read from years ago

  • Adamah Matau

    Seems you didn’t take it!

  • LiiL

    how could a FATHER say things like these???
    Shame on you Bill… shame on you.

  • Lee

    They started it, they knock their father every chance they get. Did you read their father’s day rant against him. I don’t blame him, they prob are poisoned against by Goldie, and they will never change at this point.

  • tia maria

    He raises a good point,why do they still use his surname when they clearly have bitter feelings towards him?

  • Cruizin1960

    He was an absentee father. This is not new news. He is a has been and must have done something to get Oliver going again. See this article

  • Baseliner

    i agree with him, why don’t they use the last name russell or even hawn if he was so absent in their lives. also people think goldie is this ray of sunshine because she is always smiling but we all know that actors are great at playing roles in the public eye

  • devvv

    Why is this anyone’s business? Why do they all feel the need to broadcast such private matters?

  • Kate Johnson

    Sounds a little like re-writing history and not wanting to take responsibility for his failures as a parent, for which he’s had many, and taken responsibility for none. I doubt Kate or Oliver will find it any loss.

  • Canon Lyn

    Wow. It’s one thing when your kid takes a verbal swing at you for never being there but quite another for the father to say his kids are dead to him. Kate wasn’t even IN that fight and he disowned her too? Quite a piece of work that guy.

  • Barb

    Goldie made it hard for him to see the kids. He was a musician on tour a lot, she would not accomidate his schedule in the slightest

  • niagirl

    Will never understand families who openly share there shit with the public.

  • Jenny from the flop

    Because he can and he should, when they don’t identify him a their parent then why should he. The only hung he should be ashamed off his giving them life. Kate is the biggest wh*re in Hollywood and everyone knows it

  • Bob Rooney

    to be fair, they are all wh*res. if there was no treatment for AIDS, they would all be dying from sleeping around.

  • Bob Rooney

    he should write a book and make millions off of it. as for the two bastard kids, their career is OVER! Nobody wants to hire losers that dont respect their parents. They are now an overdose waiting to happen. this is all very VERY popcorn worthy…way better than any reality show on public tv.

  • Jenny from the flop


  • lurker2015

    The truth is probably somewhere in the middle – malicious hurtful things, lack of effort to compromise, done on both sides, both sides to blame and in the end it is very sad. On the other hand sometimes you have to figuratively “divorce” a parent or a child for your own sanity. But you do no need to do it publicly. If you truly love your children you would never disown them publicly even if they have hurt you badly regardless of the reasons why. That’s a bridge crossed that may never be uncrossed and you may live to regret it if there ever was hope for reconcilation.

    People who make their family troubles public want to hurt the other party more by humiliating them in front of millions of people, that’s the simple answer as if that is actually going to make anything better or make THEM feel better in the end.

  • sky

    When kids are young and in this situation parent can poison their kids minds against the other parent. With that said, what has Bill done over the years to reach out to his kids as adults to mend fences….seems to me NOTHING. Maybe this is why they have no respect for him and given is current choice of words….treatment well deserved.

  • jane

    i blame the mother because the kids were way too small when they separated to know anything about their dad, really. anything they learned about their dad came via the mother, who had already moved on and tainted them against him. it’s similar to many divorces, where one parent trashes the other nonstop and the kids turn against that parent. but they should drop his name if he means nothing to them.

  • Katie

    Parents? He was an absentee father that was barely around. Really both Kate & Oliver should change there last name to reflect the parents that raised them.

  • Elphie-chan

    For all these years of bashing Bill, I don’t understand why Kate and Oliver that they should change their last name to Russell since they have no connection to Hudson. They still keep basing their BIO father for all these years, For real they should let Kurt adopt them since they said Kurt is their father not Bill and stop with this mess.

  • girl93

    Kate and Oliver should change their last name to Russell if Kurt is their father. If they don’t have any connection with Bill, I don’t understand why they keep his name?

  • Penny Dreadful

    It’s true. I’m old to remember when they were kids. This has been going on A LONG TIME.

  • shoes4life

    I truly hope this family comes together before they leave this earth. What about Kate’s children do she not allow them to know Bill. This go deep because they have other siblings, do they not know them at all? I think the dad is upset by the disrespect shown by Oliver, no telling what Kate said after it happened to him personally. I would hope that if anything was to actually happen to them Bill would be there, not sure about the kids if it were him.

  • Mrs. Freeze

    He did write a book in 2011, quite the tell all book.

  • Lola

    Like others have written, I remember there being a biography show about Goldie H. and Bill was interviewed… he has no changed anything about his story. Actually, back then he said he would still like to have a relationship with them. Don’t know what happened, if anything, but also, why post stuff like that on instagram.

  • Jae McIntyre

    I think that the fact that they have their father’s last name is a sign that they probably tried to have a relationship with him. The thing is they started living with their stepfather when they were very young, so if they really did not want a relationship with Bill, Goldie could have changed their name when they were young or they could have changed it when they began working. Being Kate Hawn or Oliver Hawn would be more helpful to them as actors. You never know what is going on in families. Sometimes parents think that their kids will automatically have a bond with them when they dont work to build one. If you dont make an great effort to spend time with your kids when they are young and say the other parent makes it hard, the consequence is your kid doesnt even know you and by the time they grow up its too late.

  • fromanotherplanet

    Well, he sounds like a great guy doesn’t he?

  • fromanotherplanet

    Well, he sounds like a great guy doesn’t he?

  • disqus_ji9pSjd6Xd

    This family dysfunction has a long history….how old are you? Goldie and Bill’s divorce was bad, and she did keep the kids from him from what was written. And that Oliver to take his family’s dysfunction so publicly, I can see where Hudson is coming from….what a brat. And Kate Hudson certainly has had her own relationship problems and woes, doesn’t she have two kids by two different guys that she isn’t married to either?

  • NatashaDStickney
  • dalovelee

    I support him. They deliberately slagged the man off via the media and yes Goldie Hawn alienated his kids from her. So their heads are filled with whatever she told them. So why should he apologize if these adult kids want to slag him off. In fact he must have meant something to them if they needed to take a dig at him. But they are adults and apparently it’s a toxic relationship. Sometimes you have to cut toxic people out your life.

  • dalovelee

    Legally in America you can change your last name to whatever name you want. So if they have such animosity towards him, why would they want to keep his last name??

  • dalovelee

    I agree they are adults. You can go to the courts and legally change your name. It makes no sense why they kept the name of the man they don’t deem their father.


    I know truly understand why his children have struggled with him as a father in that ” they are dead to me” statement is emotional verbal abuse

  • LiiL

    I dont care who started it, but he is and will be their father, he should be better than this, and shouldnt behave like this. I saw Oliver’s post and its a long and old story, and hell yeah Goldie is the shitmaker 1.0 but it’s truly terrifying to read like things like this, a parents have to be cleverer always. “They are dead to me” ? okay, they have bad blood, but the is f@&yng rude

  • mac

    Well good on him, the children are aligned with the mother who is a grade A ditz and certainly up for The Parental Alienation of the year oscar. This happens everyday and people continue to dig their heads in the sand. Women don’t want an ex husband on the scene in their deluded scenario of new happy families and do what is necessary to get rid of the old one. Bob is lucky he has three other children to love.

    They should also drop his last name if their hatred knows no bounds.

  • mac

    More fathers should take this road with entitled little ingrates like these kids. Who needs that type of hostility in your life. Good on you Bill.

  • OchoCinco

    Hmm people forget Bill hudson was touring in a band with his brothers and eventually screwing shirley off of the show” Laverne and shirley ” ! He left Goldie for her .So obviously Goldie was scorned and bitter . Not saying he did right but it is what is .they should have compromised for the kids sake as adults . Goldie met Kurt Russell eventually and lived in Aspen or LA, Bill lived in New York with his new gal . Why would Goldie make things easy for her ex? she had the perfect man in Kurt to basically replace him completely . Why would she use resources to bring back a loathed ex for the kids sake ? she already had a new father figure .Mr Perfect . Its a common tale parental alienation plain and simple .Bill couldnt pay for roundtrip tickets to aspen colorado or santa monica on a weekly or even monthly basis.And why would he .Goldie would just deny him access to his kids at every turn and make it impossible for any bonding .Typical Scorpio as she is .Revenge driven.Karma is a bitch tho ! Probably they were brain washed as well with whatever Goldie had spewing from her mouth . She seems like a spiteful scorned woman behind that smiling mask of hers .I feel bad for the guy .And yeah its A GREAT point /.Why if these kids loathe Bill Hudson why keep his last name ? Why not be Hudson – Russell..Or just Russell? Kurt didnt need to adopt either one of them .Truth is Hudson sounds better than Kate Hawn or Oliver Hawn for showbiz purposes .I mean Kate Hudson moved in with her first sons father after like two days knowing him .Thats says it all about her character LoL. Who is she to bash anyone let alone blood ? Pat her on the head and she will tag and bag you, and move in after two days with wedding signs in her eyes LoL I would have disowned those two like he did sooner . Theyve been bashing him repeatedly with sceptical facts for decades with their scorned mother !

  • Cruizin1960

    You obviously have not been paying attention. He took no part in the raising of his children…he did not even attempt to do so. All parental support was provided by Kurt and Goldie. No brainwashing involved. When you can’t even call your kids on their birthdays, you don’t deserve the respect he is whining about. He is nothing but a sperm donor.

  • Danae

    Kate has been a fairly active side in that conflict for many years. She’s been pretty vocal about her “no relationship with my father” thing while promoting “Wish I Was Here” and always claimed that she treats Kurt as a major father figure in her life – so no, it’s not like Oliver dragged her into that conflict and she’s been passive.
    For me it’s pretty unfair that they blame Bill for everything that goes wrong in their lives. Yes, Bill was an “absentee” father, but he also got replaced fairly quickly. Kate says that it is Kurt and Goldie who brought her up, but blames Bill for her commitment issues and a failure that her love life is. If he’s been such an absent figure for her, why does she bring him up in every interview?

  • Loather

    I do not see the one that abandoned wives, kids why use their bad, ill-treatening husbands/fathers’s names continue after divorcing???? Why do they insist to it instead of own names?

    Because is it still the best for stupid women to be “MRS. Abandoned/Cheated”, and for example Kate and Oliver “Abandoned”??? Why not Hawn or any other different names?

    How are they (and everybody else) not ashamed of themself for a bad father/husband’s name???