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New Details Revealed About 'Snapchat Queen' Katie May's Death

New Details Revealed About 'Snapchat Queen' Katie May's Death

New details about the death of Katie May, a model who was known for her social media posts on Instagram and Snapchat, have been revealed.

According to TMZ, just a week before her death, the 34-year-old model took a fall during a photo shoot in Los Angeles and injured her neck.

She even took to her Twitter to discuss the injury, saying, “Pinched a nerve in my neck on a photoshoot and got adjusted this morning. It really hurts!”

Katie‘s brother said the model then received chiropractic treatment but was not seen by a doctor.

It is now speculated that Katie did not actually pinch a nerve, but instead tore the carotid artery leading to a blood clot which caused her stroke.

Our thoughts continue to be with Katie‘s family and friends.

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  • Tom Swayer

    Don’t mess with chiropractors.
    I’ve done enough research…. just dont.

  • namers

    I disagree; I’ve had 3 awesome ones and my current one, Dr. John, I’ve seen weekly for 11 years. He’s helped me through some dark times physically and had I not treated and maintained my spine (where all of life functions are managed from), I would be a mess. There’s way more research that non-invasive and gentle adjustments benefit newborns, children, adults and the elderly without the horrific side effects of drugs.

  • Devschool Instructor

    enjoy your witch doctor promoting snake oil. try homeopathy and astrology too, you will love them!

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  • JonSEAZ
  • namers

    Do you even possess a library card? Try a scientific peer reviewed Pub Med for authenticated information, not Google U.

  • namers

    I have a Masters Degree, a UCLA Paralegal Certificate and I’m a published author. So, try going to school before you comment with poor English.

  • JonSEAZ

    I am an old man, and one who has several degrees, each obtained at a time before the internet, when libraries were the primary source of information. Here we now are, on the internet, and Google U, as you call it, makes it easy to link articles, for better or worse. Sorry, but that is just the way it is.

    As for the information available at the links I posted, I believe that if you go to a university library and research chiropractic you will find the preponderance of published opinion published by authoritative medical researchers and practitioners will support what is contained in the links I posted.

    More than fifty years ago, I was trained as an Army Special Forces team medic. When I got out of the Army and after finishing my undergraduate degree, I became interested in becoming a chiropractor. Using the university library, I extensively examined then existing chiropractic schools and the profession. What I found both enlightened and dismayed me.

    My father’s childhood friend was a chiropractor and my father believed in chiropractic and received from his friend periodic treatments. Until my close look at the profession, I too thought that chiropractic was valid for certain conditions. My close look at the profession changed my mind. I decided that I wanted nothing to do with chiropractic, either as a practitioner or a patient.

    I know what I learned and nothing since has occurred to change my opinion. I was sincere in my comment and was not trying to belittle you. It is your life. Believe what you will.

  • as_I_see_it

    That’s the point. You have seen him weekly for ELEVEN years and you are not well yet. He should heal you or euthanize you;..

  • buildcastles

    Good reply!

  • namers

    Who says I’m not healed? Health problems come and go. It’s maintenance. I don’t pay so he’s not making any money off of me, just the gift of having an aligned spine.

  • is4u2p

    About 15 years ago I went to my Primary Care Physician and this guy was a DO or Doctor of Osteopathy and a specialist in Family Health.

    Every year about twice a year other doctors were treating me for Sinus Infections and yet the DO questioned that diagnosis after I had what I thought were two Sinus infections in 3 months.

    He told me to lay back on the table and said he wanted to check something… He proceeded to massage the muscles in my neck and then swiftly adjusted my neck.

    To this day, if I get those same symptoms I visit a chiropractor and within 24 hours my pain is gone.

    Truth is, a bad doctor or chiropractor is a very real thing but don’t assume a good chiropractor cannot help you because they absolutely can.

  • is4u2p

    You do realize that Maintenance is to keep your body in alignment right? It manages pain by preventing it.

  • is4u2p

    Jon, I told the story above but I’ll explain a little here…

    My DO changed my mind pretty convincingly when traditional MDs would diagnose me with sinus infections, he found that what I was actually experiencing were Tension Headaches.

    After manipulating me and seeing how my symptoms and pain were a day later he then recommended chiropractic treatment for a few weeks for my neck.

    Since that time, my major headache and neck pain has been releived by a single visit to my chiropractor.

    Not all of them are quacks and not all MDs were good doctors.

    Healthy patients don’t usually write books espousing the benefits of some treatments and people who complain can usually get pretty loud.

  • Linda Connor

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  • as_I_see_it

    My point is that after 11 YEARS the doctor and/or patient should realize that they( the doctor) cannot help the patient. Years buddy, not days weeks or months.

  • as_I_see_it

    I do not believe that you have found anyone of any profession excepting they be your friend that would see you for 11 years free of charge. I am calling you a liar.

  • Devschool Instructor

    you don’t deserve capital letters and you wasted your money on being a fake attorney. had you any skill you would be a lawyer not a para-pretender

  • MyHumbleOpinions

    Chiropractors and neck adjustments are a NO NO!

    Her carotid dissection probably occurred with the fall, BUT stroke/death from vertebral artery dissection following neck “adjustment” is not that rare

  • nana41

    If this chiropractor was so good why couldn’t he tell at the initial visit that an adjustment wasn’t necessary & refer her to a medical doctor; that would have been the ethical thing to do.. I saw a chiropractor twice in my life & never again for me..

  • namers

    I don’t need to lie. I have nothing to prove to you or anyone. You don’t know me and I don’t know you. Chiropractors go to 3 years of post graduate school to learn about body mechanics; they happen to be warm and happy individuals as compared to regular physicians. He takes all kinds of insurance and no insurance (I have Medicare; it pays for 12 treatments a year or “if medically warranted.”) and will make payment plans for any budget. I have a great relationship with him and his loving staff. He’s married with 4 kids and his wife works in the office as well; he is only 38 years old. He will take off from vacation and come back to the office (if in CA) for any patient who is in pain or has an emergency.

    I think what is interesting about this whole debate is that the argument you all make does not come from any personal experiences or that of others who have found relief from chiropracty, just ‘scare tactics’. Have a migraine? One adjustment and poof!

    My mother was an OR nurse, I have 5 nurses in my family, one of which had a Ph.D in psych nursing. The medical model is run by big pharma and not always the best thing for the human body.

  • Cynthia Foxe

    never heard of this lady
    whoo she?

  • lucenatraveler

    After having a pinched nerve a chiropractor I went to tried to adjust my neck. When he saw the agony I was in after his first attempt, he jumped by and declared I had a pinched nerve which he was not able to detect from the full back X-ray he took of me

    For six months I went through 24 hour a day misery until I finally had physical therapy.

  • disqus_8pTEsYTHTw

    With ANY acute injury or illness it’s always wise to seek clearance from a Medical Doctor BEFORE seeing a Chiropractor. Just to rule out the very type of life threatening injury that took the life of Miss May.
    I can recall too many instances where the ambulance arrived to the ER coming from the Chiropractors office carrying a CRITICAL patient, and a few times a patient past saving due to a ruptured artery.