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Guten Tag, Matt Damon!

Guten Tag, Matt Damon!

Matt Damon turns up for a press conference to promote the film The Good Shepherd during the 57th Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) on Saturday in Berlin, Germany. Co-star Angelina Jolie did not attend.

Matt, 36, was instead accompanied by director Robert De Niro, 63, and actress Martina Gedeck, 45. He is staying at “Hotel de Rome” during his stay in Germany. More pictures after the jump!

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  • http://JustJared IslandG1rl

    I”m sure Matt is capable of promoting TGS without Angie. He understand the circumstances why AJ is not there with him.
    He looks good, though.

  • char

    i’m pretty sure mr de niro isn’t also 36 =)

  • MJ

    He looks good!

  • Courtney

    Where is Angie? Is she in Berlin?

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, Char!!! (;

  • bdj

    The Good Shepherd was an interesting film. Matt Damon did a good job with a stoic character. The film should do well worldwide. De Niro is a great actor. The Good Shepherd was his directing “baby” and he probably wanted to keep each frame intact – thus the length (just kidding). However, it was a good film. AJ was good in the Movie also.

  • Milanese

    I understand that Angie couldn’t be in
    Berlin, but I am sorry all the same.
    They luv her in Europe, very much.
    Matt is cute! And, he said wonderful things
    about her..a real friend.

  • blue diamonds

    Everyone knows why Angie is not there.
    My thoughts and prayers are with her.
    We love you Angie!

  • shitstirrer

    I’m in Europe and have never met anyone who ‘loves’ AJ.

  • http://wow checkers

    I have always like Matt.. good guy, looking better as he ages, funny and doesn’t talk bad about people.

  • Dennis

    You shouldn’t call Angelina Jolie ‘Angie’.Our Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel is called ‘Angie’ already.XD

  • Mrs. Smith

    I would have been rather surprised if Angie had made it to this film festival so soon after her beloved mom had passed away. My thoughts and prayers are always with her and her family.

    Matt is truly one of the ‘good guys.’ I thought he was cheated out of an oscar nom for the Departed. He was so much better than Mark Wahlberg.

  • blue diamonds

    shitstirrer Says:

    Yes, many of us love Angie. She has many fans.

  • Gaby

    who does not love matt?

  • roxy

    In europe Angie is considered a very talented actress and a beautiful woman inside out, we love her and all her family

  • http://Amanda Amanda

    He looks great! I love Matt. He is truely a good person and great friend to our BAMZS. He also shares their compassion in helping people. Love him and his movies!

  • colsen


    Angelina Jolie picks up Maddox from school on Friday (02/09/07) afternoon in New Orleans.

    So looks so Sad!! I hope that with Brad and her Childrens love… she will feel better soon!!

  • person

    Matty is BEAUTIFUL. he needs a ear ring.

    I love him.

  • colsen

    I meant to say “She” NOT So!! Oh well!!

  • May

    I like Matt Damon. He is handsome,talented and sweet.

    I don’t agree with his choice of wife though.

    He should have married someone as beautiful,smart and talented like Angie.

  • http://Amanda Amanda

    He looks great. Matt is truly a good person and great friends to BAMZS. He shared their compassion in making the world a better place. I remember Matt and Angie said that their kids played together in an interview for TGS with Diane S. That is so sweet! Matt and Brad are both great husband and father to their children. I only have good thing to say about Matt. He is good looking, has gorgeous smiles, good heart, and definitely very talented. Love him and his movies!

  • Liz

    Finally they figured it out that having Angelina promote that movie will not earn them any viewers. That is why it bombed in the US. These days Angelina has that ‘turn-off’ factor with her other half Brad Pitt.

    I was actually sad that this movie bombed at the box office because I like Matt and Deniro. I was sad to about Babel. I am glad two that Jolie is not in the sequel to Sin city as it would have bombed.

    If you think Iam mistaken, wait for the release of a mighty heart, and you will see whether it will not bomb.

    Love Matt, he is so Cute. His baby Isabella too.

  • bdj

    Babel has made almost 100 million worldwide with a budget of 25 million. I would not call that a Bomb. It is nominated for 7 Oscars. Your definition of Bomb is obviously not everyone. The Good Shepherd has made $60 million and for a 3 hour movie this is good. It has not opened worldwide yet. AJ was in the Movie maybe 30 minutes. It is a Matt Damon/DeNiro film. However, AJ star wattage contributed to the interest and acclaim of the film. People really need to get their facts together before they spew nonsense. The Good Shepherd and Babel are both good films and worth seeing. Not every country hangs on scandal like it is the golden ticket. Talent is talent and should be appreciated.

  • Marieling

    LOL, I really thought everybody meant Angela Merkel.

  • sadsad

    Liz Says:
    Oh you poor ignorant person. Studios want pixs that make money overseas as well as in the USA. Studios are opening offices all oveer the world, because businesses go where the money is. The USA is a declining market for movies, while the rest of the world is becoming the dominant market. Babel has made around $100 million and has not even opened in Japan, one of the biggest movie markets in the world, where Brad Pitt is a huge extremely popular STAR, and as Babel only cost what $20-25 million or so to make, it is very profitable. Brad was just recently paid millions, yes millions, for a couple of commercials in Japan for cell phone ads (as was CDiaz). Angelina is a huge STAR in the world, but is mourning her mother’s recent death. Berlin would have loved for her to attend this film festival. This particular festival is now the 3rd or 4th largest I believe. A Mighty Heart will do fine and make a healthy profit for Brad’s solely owned Plan B production company, just as Babel is doing for its producers who are laughing all the way to the bank.

  • colsen

    I cannot belive that haters like… Liz #22, are so OBSESS with Brangelina!! I mean if they hate them so much; why they keep “track” on everything they do??, because they have a twisted OBSESSION with them and lets face it… “they don’t have a life of their own”, so they live through the idiotic hatred that they feel for Brangelina and that is really PATHETIC!!

  • Liz was to tempting to shine on

    You guys who responded to #22 Liz gave her just what she wanted —– attention. She wrote it to insight and get a rise and it workd.

  • bdj

    It is good to correct false information no matter the purpose. No need to put bad information out in the universe.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Ben is such a good actor. lol


    It was nice and civilized in here until that Fuglyston came .
    You know, men dump Maniston left and right. That doesn’t have anything to do with Angie, and has everything to do with Maniston. Try to remember that. Educate yourself and quit being vile (not good for you). Maniston has nothing but milking her break ups.
    Re The Good Shepherd, I wish RDN gave Angie more space in the movie: she was GREAT and, in that case, she would be nominated for yhe BSA.
    Matt is GREAT as well. Luv both of them, and RDN too.
    Good luck to them.

  • A Certain Smile

    ITA Mrs. Smith
    Matt should have had the Oscar nom for The Departed and not Wahlberg who played a one-dimensional character. Matt did a great job in 2 challenging roles, TGS and The Departed. He should have been recognized.

    ITA bdj
    If “its” are spreading lies we should respond or it will look like even her fans agree with the lies.

  • sandisk

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  • black

    Erm……ROXY……not to sound offensive or something, but are YOU all of Europa?

    Because alot of them have anything but love left for her.

  • xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    There is NO reason not to love Angelina. Let’s see! She is
    a good person, a mother of three, a wife (papers or not),
    good actress (many awards, GGs, SAGs, even an Oscar),
    a genuine and generous humanitarian (even pre-Brad!) and,
    yes, a gorgeous young woman.
    What is there not to love! So many all over the world understand
    that, not only we in EU. She has an army of fans in the US as well.
    But, this is about The Good Shepherd. I wish them a success that
    I think they truly deserve.
    All the best to all the good ppl in the world!!

  • smiled2

    Saw those new pictures of Angie.
    She looked really sad and tired. looks like she’s aged a little bit..Hope Brad is taking care of her..

  • jq

    Liz Says:


    You are so narrow minded person. Have you ever heard of GLOBLIZATION? this is the trend of every corporate in the world, including HW.In fact, the earning of a film get as much as 60% – 70 % of its profit from the foreign market. although, both of films were not as successful as the main stream family oriented film, such as comedy or the so commercialized action thriller films. Both films were far from bomb. Babel , with a budget of 20-25 million making 100 million worldwide at this moment, and still waiting to be open on May in the 2nd largest market of the world, Japan, and an up and coming market , China, which according to the harsh Chinese movie critic was a must see western movie of 2006. TGS might not be a boxoffice hit. but still do better than other intense serious films such Blood Diamond, the Good German, the Good Year.
    And for your information, in the recent HW report or some entertainment mag. reported at, they listed the 10 bomb films of 2006, Babel and TGS were not in the list.
    Since you are blaming Angelina for the film failure, then how do you explain the failure of Aniston ‘s recent flop films ?according to her psychotic fans she was loved by everyone but why the flop ? and why didn’t she have a project sign for almost 2 yrs after filming TBU.Afterall,she was love by everyone in America, I mean America only! she was better known as megastar Brad Pitt scorned ex-wife. thatsall.

  • jane

    I’m sorry that Angie didn’t come to Berlin, but of course it’s understandable..i think that Matt is a good actor, but not handsome or sexy, he often seems insecure.

  • alero

    jq Says:

    ITA. Maybe liz can explain what happen to The Good German. Isn’t Clooney suppose to be loved by everyone?

    Damon is a great actor but he seems like a nicer person.

  • LAM

    Thanks JJ for giving us info about Matt. And of course the comments were more about Brad and Angie. Just to make things straight, both Angie, Matt and Robert De Niro were Oscar winners. JA and Brad are not yet Oscar people. I was just in Europe and Angie had been in the covers of their magazines so is Brad. I saw George Clonney’s tv spot in London too. They are all international stars. When I was in Manila, the cover of Good Housekeeping was Angie wearing jeans. And of course everybody knows Brad is the top Hollywood star in Japan. Matt is a very good friend of Brad and Angie/Angelina (for those picky people). He has the right to marry the woman of her choice celebrity or not. Quit judging his personal life.

  • The Good Shepherd

    LAM, you missed the thread. No one mentioned Brad Pitt, he was not in The Good Shepherd..Btw, LAM, Angie is big in Japan-that’s why they’ve chosen her for the Shiseido campaign.
    Matt is my favorite actor of all times. I love him in every role he’s ever been.

  • +++

    Some actors prefer marrying a non-celebrity. less fuss and hype.

  • http://http// katy

    I like and love Matt Damon. Hi is a good actor and he has meanings about things that happens in the world! Go on Matt!

  • shane

    I think they realize that after the premiere in the states, they realize it may do a little better if she did not show up. I think two yrs ago it would have had a great impact. Now, they are no longer the couple everyone wants to see. It’s sad, because Angelina is talented.