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Jennifer Aniston is a Mommy!

Jennifer Aniston is a Mommy!

Jennifer Aniston takes on the role of mother-of-three while filming new scenes for her upcoming movie Marley & Me in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Friday.

Also in the scene with Jen, who plays Jennifer Grogan, was costar Owen Wilson, who plays the father, John Grogan.

Marley & Me, based on the memoir by John Grogan, is about a family that learns important life lessons from their adorable, but naughty and neurotic dog.

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Credit: Swarbrick/Donnelly; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Helena


  • PardyHardy

    I bet her ovaries are exploding…

  • nena

    aww how cute

  • pwee

    this is really really cute


  • Janie

    I think the haters just don’t like her because she’s the most normal chick in Hollywood. She’s so down to earth, I don’t get how people hate her. I love her!

  • http://msn penny

    Luv Herr!

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    jared, you really got jokes with that title!!! lmfbaooo

    you just kicked open the door to a lot of jokes. haha

  • ghost

    You don’t get why we hate her. Because she is a lying sl-t. Now you know.

  • Shar


  • Shar

    Yup, infamous is right, let the jokes start rolling in!!!!! :))

  • the shiznack



  • Shar


  • lol

    a pretend Mommy,


    what lies has she told that make you hate her?

  • jen fan

    I can’t to wait to see this movie. I like Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston together. Nice to see that they are doing well.

  • april

    Rachel Green playing Jennifer Grogan in this movie, at least the real Jennifer cut her hair as she grew older in years. Now I don’t want to see this movie Aniston ruin.



  • mj

    I’m looking forward to this movie. I love Jennifer Aniston.

  • mmm

    The only possibly way she could have children.

  • Hello

    What did she do to herself I almost didn’t recognize her.

  • something

    she looks good.

  • Jay


  • stupid broad

    Such a stupid ass Bee,this sorry bee is so damn sickening,sick of fake ass everything,her and her peeboy should crawl in a damn hole.fake,fake,fake,fake,fake,

  • No

    Oh not her with kids.she hates kids.

  • millie

    Make sure she washes her hand after beeing with pee boy

  • cox


  • ahahahahaha !!!

    Notice that even when wearing jeans, she has to spread her legs wide open. That isn’t a slutty tendency anymore, it has becoming a bitch in heat reflex !

  • bluemelatonin

    She doesn’t look like her anymore. She wasn’t really that old to have so much work done. She should have waited till she was at least in her forties. She looks like a waxwork dummy now.

  • shar

    tick… tock… tick… tock… tick… tock

    wopps that biological clock is ticking jen..
    quick quick.! :P
    hahahaha! :P

  • Angel Eyes

    Jennifer is good at playing a mother on-screen only, while Angelina is a good mother in real life. That’s why Brad left; he finally woke up to that reality.

  • jess

    jared, you need some NKOTB updates..

  • give it up jenho anuston

    no child woud want to be a jenho child. Imagine having that nose and chin. Fugly

  • Jill

    That’s as close to being a mommy as she’ll ever get.

    I realized she never wanted children when I saw her in that Saint Jude’s Hospital commercial on TV. She had to put her arms around a child. I’ve never seen a woman look that uncomfortable holding a child. She looked like she’d rather be having a root canal.

  • give it up jenho anuston

    It is obvious she just had her botox shots in these pictures. Her botox has worn off in her recent pics with the tenth guy she is whor-ing in new york

  • insidescoop

    she looks like she’s lost about 5 pounds, probably like all of us do when we are dating somebody new….in any event, she always looks nice and happy. and for the haters, how dare you call her a slut..your idol AJ is the slut, so back off.

  • sus

    so cute she looks absolutly gorgeous as allways i bet the movie is great carnt wait to see it just love her

  • give it up jenho anuston

    one more time

    jenho anuston is a whor=e who fucks any guy just to be in the news

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    give it up jenho anuston @ 05/16/2008 at 7:25 pm

    Is it botox that makes her face change from Wed to Fri. She was looking very sickly in those pictures of her shopping in NY. Now she looks fine. There has to something dangerous about using botox that much.

  • Hope

    She’s smoking cigs again.Her low self estem is back, you could see it in the way she was clinging on to John.She has been in therapy for 10years l just hope she’s not back on drugs and weed.

  • Ewww

    ugly old has been. she hate kids. that’s why she doesn’t have any. she’ll grow older and all alone.

    brad’s sperm works because he and beautiful Angie are having twins. old hagiston had 7 years with him and lost her chance because her “career” was so much more important.

  • give it up jenho anuston

    who=ring is when jenho would bang any guy just to be in the news. that is jenho anuston

  • Nat

    Never liked Aniston !
    She looks fake in and out.

  • TiredofthisCrap

    Hey there’s no snow here!!!

    I wonder where they are shooting !

  • HUH ?

    oh my, her face is pump up like a balloon..recent botox injection !

    She is not convincing as a mother ! First picture, she acts and has the attitude like an older teeny sister rather than a mum. You don’t see the tender twinkles that mums or those who should act like them have in their eyes in presence of children. She totally lack the motherhood sense and has no tender chip whatsoever.

    No wifey material, no mother material.

  • IVY

    SHHHHEEEE’SSS a FAKE. HA HA HA Jennifer Aniston with kids, yea right. She only likes to party and frolic in the sand. She does NOT want to be tied down, NOR DOES SHE WANT TO RUIN HER BODY BEING PREGO. SHE LOST HER CHANCE WITH BRAD. THE ONLY THING SHE HAS GOING IS HER BODY…… I”LL GIVE HER THAT.

  • themoj

    what a boring broad. She used to excite me with her erect nipples, now she’s just a shadow of her formerly tv self. Stop getting surgery you lying wreck!

  • shelly

    Wow! What hell must of frozen over when people defend a woman who did drugs slept with married men, licked pu**y, hired someone to kill her , wore blood around her neck, slept with an old man slept with a married man then LIED about it. So what if jen doesn’t want kids? I’m 32yrs old and I don’t want kids either I watch my friends who have kids be all stressed and depressed and I’m happy with no kids I can pick up and go wherever I want I love it! Jen looks super gorgeous here by the way. You rude comments are about to get some nasty karma coming your way.

  • melissa

    jenho anuston doesnt want to have bio babies because she knows her babies would have a nose and chin like hers

  • shelly

    Jennifer looks so pretty awwww I love her!

  • angel