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Jennifer Aniston Wedding in the Works (John Mayer Not Involved)

Jennifer Aniston Wedding in the Works (John Mayer Not Involved)

Jennifer Aniston films a wedding scene with costar Owen Wilson on the set of their latest film, Marley & Me, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

In the film, Aniston and Wilson (both 39) play Mr. & Mrs. John and Jennifer Grogan, a couple who learns important life lessons from their adorable, but naughty and neurotic dog. And in this specific scene, the couple abandon their car stuck in a snowbank and have to get out and walk.

Aniston seems to tie the knot in a lot of her recent films. Back in September, she filmed a wedding scene with Ben Affleck for He’s Just Not That Into You. Bennifer 3.0!

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Credit: Swarbrick/Donnelly; Photos: INFdaily
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  • vanja

    she is so beautiful

  • sal

    Is that a wig? She doesn’t look right for some reason. She looks nice enough but just not natural. She has just tweaked herself so much in the last little while that it is really becoming a bit unsettling.
    Time to stop and stop trying so hard to be beautiful.

  • lei

    gorgeous. funny, the characters name are John and Jennifer.

  • *


  • lei

    she looks fantastic. white suits her ver well.

  • lei

    WOW, she looks fantastic. Thanks for the pics. She looks better and better as days go by. That’s love’s magic probably.

  • hoho

    maniston the fraud

    i love winding u loonies up. some of u guys on these threads are straight up nuts

  • me

    am so sick of her at 40 playing same character changing man like money. is better she get hook with her dog

  • kaiagaia

    I hate jennifer aniston as much I hate seeing her. desperate ex wife in HOLLYWOOD

  • kaiagaia

    I HATE HER>>>>>>>>>

  • Don Corleone

    This woman is just perfect.

  • botox jen

    She should stop botoxing her face. her face are not moving anymore. !When actresses start resorting to plastic surgery and repeated botox , that means the start of a declining career. some previous example Meg Ryan, Demi Moore, Nicole Kidman.

  • sandra

    I hate her. She’s 40 and still stick with Rachel Green characters in every movie. I don’t care if she’s botox-ed or not even if I know that besides botox she’s also a plastic surgery addict. It’s her personality and her choices that bores me, busying to play the yummy yummy cutie girl, but God she’s Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry’s age!

  • lou


  • fred

    Another wedding scene? And do you think she’s brilliant?
    What an awful actress.

  • fash-inn

    she looks so beautiful. i hope she will be great bride again very soon.

  • lei

    why oh why people come here and say they hate her. if you don’t like her, don’t come look on her pics and post in her threads. get a life. hate’s a bitch.

  • lei

    She looks so good in that dress. Lovely photos.

  • Anonymous


  • KElly

    at least she doesn’t lie about her age like Angelina, who is a real plastic surgery freak show.

    Anjelina is pregnant and is botoxed and uses upper lip injections. Her lips are so bloated now, it has become ridiculous.

  • faith

    Yikes, hair is messy and it’s covering her face like usually.

  • faith

    Come out, come out Jennifer. We know you are a fraud. We know you have brown eyes. Don’t understand why you are ashamed.

    Yikes her chin is growing before my eyes.

  • faith
  • Anti-freak

    what?????? you dumb*** look at shiloh’s face and tell me whose lips is botox-ed.
    In case you don’t know, it’s Jennifer Aniston, not Angelina Jolie, is the plastic surgery show. Just look at her old photos, and try to read experts’ opinions, among the actresses her age she IS the recordwoman (as well as Nicole Kidman IS the queen of botox).
    Just a few things:
    - jaw jobs
    - low cheek jobs to harmonise with the jaws
    - upper lip job
    - multi nose jobs
    - boob job and hardened nipples
    add to this the fact that she’s a very brown greek girl turned fake blonde all american girl, and that she does wear blue lenses to cover her very brown greek eyes turned blue and now green.
    Honestly she did a good job, because she looks much more less horse faced now, her chin isn’t anymore prominent like before and she looks less manly.
    But one thing, when she looks at the mirror does she see herself or anyone else?

  • lei

    thanks Jared for the pics, but you have to do something with all the haters here.

  • sandra

    kelly>>>>> angelina IS still young, she doesn’t have to pretend to look younger baby, it’s Jen who will be 40 in few months. you’re the only one person in the planet who still think that Angie’s lips are botoxed, just look at her daughter it’s easy to understand, just like when you look at Jen’s Day of OurLives actor dad you understand why she’s got those terrible chin and jaws and nose and super thin lips that she ought to have botoxed later on.

  • kelly=bei=same=whore=the whore

    ha ha ha you can’t help it don’t you, even in Fraudiston’s threads you manage to write something about Angie. I’m not abusing anyone, but you girl know what you do in other threads, I just copy and paste a few of your multiple names and if you feel offended just take a mirror and blame yourself because it’s you who is “whoring” everywhere.
    And what about botox? Is it Chinnifer Fraudiston’s surgeons that paid you to mumble that? Not everyone is aging like your idol baby. Just be happy that now thanks to botox, Chinnifer’s lips are less thin and prettier than before.

  • JI

    Wow. I almost got fooled into believe she’s actually settling down and having a real wedding xD.

  • ©-!

    She needs to stop using botox.
    Her face looks like plastic .

  • Love

    Is that John Mayer mother?
    Mayer mother looks so old.

  • Anonymous

    Jennifer stole perez’s man.

  • scared

    I don’t know who’s face is scarier.
    she’s prolly doing him too ala VV
    and Owen not only likes to dip into co-stars
    he likes it better if it’s OPP
    watch out JM, that is, if you’re not banging
    someone else too

  • Mel

    Gorgeous. She’s got so much going for her, I wish her nothing but happiness and success.

    Sad that there are so many people on the net (or is it just a couple multi-posting) who don’t get the whole Karma thing. Just a reminder – the universe has a way of balancing things. If you dish out hate and hateful words they WILL come back to you.


  • ALLY

    Firstly I can’t believe the Pitt fans post on a Jen thread, how twisted is that????

    Secondly, I can’t believe they’re still threatened by Jen. They’re looking in the wrong direction – Paltrow is a much bigger threat kids.

  • annie

    Yup Jared you are totally right! Her films are almost the same, just watch one of them and you are fine, you wont miss the rest.

    In all her 4 new films, she has wedding scenes in 3 of them, maybe she also has one in Travelling with Aaron, we just didnt see the pics! How silly could that be??

    I wonder how she chooses her films, I bet she just accepts whatever comes her way!! LOL!

  • billie

    stupid, stupid haters… at least jen finished school, unlike somebody who isnt… and yet she went around the world trying to gain cheap publicity…

    next time haters, please check about your breast flashing idol before you say anything… hahahaha… she is so inlove with her breast she kept on looking at it… guess her brain get stuck there… hahahaha…

  • shut up!

    billie @ 05/21/2008 at 6:55 am

    FYI, Jennifer did not finish high school!! There is no proof that she did!

    And if you are referring to Angelina, in fact, she did, she finished high school at Beverly Hills high at 16 years, and the proof is all over the internet, wth her graduation album, just searched for it!

  • onmyown

    Jennifer has the right to live her own life.

    If that is the premise – then ‘am agreeing with you. Afterall, it’s been almost 4 years since since the divorce, and about 5 years since they both announced the separation. Jenn is going on 40, so she needs to move on as well.

    She has indeed endured sadness, anguished , humiliation over the divorce. It should be pointed out however that Jenn opted out to have a family, and instead opted for a movie A-list statute. She had the right to choose. But A-list wasnt meant to be, at least at this time. That she made her choice is her prerogative. That she failed in those undertaking was her choice. HERS ALONE. But still, I grieve for her that failure.

    In fairness to Pitt, I can’t really blame him from walking away. To Jenn, family and children are a burden. To Pitt and Jolie, family is foremost, and children are blessings.

    As to John Meyer, IMO the age difference of almost 10 years may work well for Jenn. Meyer seems to be catering to her, and Jenn is a high maintenance woman. Meyer, however, may also prove to be another dissapointment like the other relationships after divorce and another “dumping” would be so humiliating, Jenn may not recover.
    Both wants a fling – it’s their prerogative and is none of our business. They have the right to live their own lives, or destroy their lives and career. THEIR OPTIONS, THEIR LIVES.


    Like I said, IMO.

  • bunny

    Can’t wait to see Marley and Me. Jen & Owen are cute together. Love them both.

  • xo

    i don’t understand you admire some young and stupid actors like “zanessa”,who can’t actually neither sing nor play,and you hate older people and real actors like reese witherspoon ,jennifer aniston,or gwyneth must be 12-year-old or something,grow up!
    Everyone in Los Angeles seem to botox her/his face,so what’s the point?

  • give it up jenho

    This movie is going to be jenho’s last movie because there aren’t any movie for her next year. Not unless she doesnt mind playing john’s mother.

    Jenho has to keep on using botox because her age doesnt fit in romcom at 40. There are a lot of naturally born beautiful and talented young actresses in hollywood. Even sandra bullock is not doing any movies lately and she is only older than jenho by 4 years.

    Jenho will fade away by next year.

  • sigh

    Why do rabid Brad/Angie fans even post here? I guess they like to be contentious and put others down. I bet you that Brad/Jen/Angie don’t hate each other as much as you guys make it out to be.

  • perez

    Jennifer stole perez’s man.
    lmfao!!! :P

  • sunny

    Dear haters, stop hating. Hating is a sickness of the mind. It can make you really sick and you can go crazy. It doesn’t hurt the people you hate. Instead, it eats you up from inside. Then it shows on your face. And then you’ll look UGLY. Then nobody likes you.

    Dear haters, Jennifer doesn’t read and doesn’t need your opinions. She’s busy with her own life, working and loving. As for you, you should try to keep your own sanity

  • angel12

    Gosh, what is wrong with her face, the girl needs to stop the botox plastic surgery ,doesn’t look like her anymore

  • Some chick

    Her dress is awful. I don’t know the plot of this movie, so maybe it fits. Who knows.

    Is it any wonder all these stars get plastic surgery when all you hateful, ugly-on-the-inside people always going off on how hideous and horsefaced they are? Can you be any more cruel and insecure? Geesh. So mean.

  • nk

    This movie will shine Jen as an Academy Nominee for her excellence in acting!!! NOT…. zzzzz

  • mable

    Jennifer is licking perez’s boyfriend.

  • Dancer

    Sunny regarding your comment: “Dear haters, Jennifer doesn’t read and doesn’t need your opinions. ”
    Your right. She just lays in the sun inviting sun cancer upon her body.

  • mable

    A big Ass Hollywood Puta trash.