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Mary-Kate Olsen's Icy Exchange

Mary-Kate Olsen's Icy Exchange

Mary-Kate Olsen picks up an iced coffee to cool down in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon.

When Mary-Kate went on Letterman last month, she mentioned Spencer Pratt‘s temper tantrums as a high school soccer player. Spencer then shot back and told Us Weekly, “I know I’ve made it in Hollywood when a famous troll is talking about me on Letterman.”

Now, Spencer has apologized for the name calling. “I apologize for getting caught up in trash talking, but she brought up an emotional subject when she mentioned the soccer stuff,” Pratt told Us Weekly.

“I respect Mary Kate as a business-woman,” he said. “I’m secretly jealous of her. I want my face on a lunchbox, too!”

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  • Angi

    He’s still an a$$…

  • g

    As much as I hate Spencer he wasn’t wrong when he called her the ugly twin. She is aging at a much faster rate then Ashley, she always looks haggard, dirty and old.

  • bejeebus

    i can’t decide if he is an evil genius or just a plain ‘ol douche.

  • Jamie Lynn Spears Insider

    lol. THat’s absolutely hilarious. I wonder if he got paid to say that.

  • Antonio castillejo abedules

    Poroppoero poro porropopoero poro





  • WOW




  • Julien

    Why as she always got horrible hair whenever I see pictures of her walking down the street? She’s still hot, I love petite women!!!

  • Mainer

    I hope she uses her money for good and destroys that pathetic panty-waste, crushes him beneath her tiny little platform shoe.

  • Sebastian

    stone walker,i love her and her taste.

    nice troyan sandals and her stoned face,gorgeous!

    viva la Olsen,cause’ she might love hearing she’s the coolest.

  • Antrim

    Good move, Spencer; it’s a start. I hope you’re sincere about the apology, and not just making it because your last comments did you damage. Learn from this and move on. You can do it.

  • angela

    maybe he remembered that messing with an olsen twin is a freaking bad idea.

  • Hillary schwimmerman

    there was this huge multi spread of the olsens on that site we aren’t allowed to talk about pro thinspo . com it had these new photos of Mk and Ash from this weekend in some backyard smoking and sitting in little bikinis.. I thought these two always covered up but those photos show all their bones. love them bones girls. stay strong.

  • Dach

    He needs to sit his non-having ass down. I don’t get why they even give him a podium to speak. His words don’t mean *bleep*!

  • stellartes

    She looks like a homeless woman on drugs. Someone help her please!

  • LuckyL

    He is an idiot, fake apology, and I think he just wanted one more mag to mention him again for this lame-a** apology. Plus, he really is a big whiny baby. What, did he lose the World Cup in soccer? What a fu***** douche

  • Hate them!

    I was wondering how long it would take him to come out and give his two-faced apology (saying sorry but then still getting a dig–about the lunchbox). I bet Olsen fans bombarded their website with hate posts but I didn’t go over to check. Didn’t want to my visit to seem like I was endorsing the jerk. I would hope this faux pas would give him a clue to shut his trap but I won’t waste hope. Such a sad, little man.

  • Whaa

    love Mk!

  • tia

    hahahaha ‘i wamt my fave on a lunchbox 2!’

    thats freakin priceless

    but i still hate him! do u noe wots funnier than that, the teen choice award nominations are out and choice tv villian has actual characters from tv shows like heroes and things, and and then its like:

    ‘spencer pratt: the hills’


  • luna patricia

    She is definitively the evil twin. She went partying the day of Ledger’s funeral. And she was the first one to know. What a hag…
    That Spencer guy can joke as much as he wants…. And even if he’s not funny I’ll laugh…


    absolutely love her!


  • maverick

    I want her gladiator sandal. Where is it from?

  • Sanny

    Haha..So Mary-Kate was right..he has no temper..cause he reacted stupidly and childish on her saying he has no temper..his reaction proved that!! I hate him and his little moneymaker, if they’ll come to Europe, they will be kicked out for being such manipulative, lying, fake attention seekers!

    And i’m sorry Spencer (I dont even like your name) but i bet that nobody wants your shite face on their lunchbox..I would loose my apetite! For the record, i’m 23, not a 15 year old schoolgirl..(I bet he still stamps his feet on the ground if he doesn’t get what he wants..) Come back to the real life and you’ll probably will kill yourself for being a nobody.