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Suri Cruise Has Chocolate Lips!

Suri Cruise Has Chocolate Lips!

Katie Holmes holds daughter Suri‘s hand as they leave a Scientology Center on Tuesday (March 31) in Los Feliz, Calif.

Suri must have indulged in a chocolate treat inside–she left with a brown ring around her lips!

There’s been speculation that Katie is both dieting and expecting baby #2.

“She is not on any diet,” one source tells E!. “She’s working, and she’s definitely eating.”

Baby #2 is also not on the way… yet!

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Photos: Element/Fame Pictures
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  • vanessafan

    so adorable!!

  • presh

    That chocolate ring around the mouth is too cute!

  • The Shiznack

    Katie gets chocolate lips too, from giving Tom his daily rim job HA!


  • g!na

    for once, she can act like a regular toddler! chocolate lips are cute!

  • vmars111

    That’s not chocolate, that’s bowel movement, LOL!

  • g!na

    #5, lol. she ate her own poop? eew but funny! knowing her parents she’s allowed to do anything she wants!

  • Bobbie


  • mika

    #3 you can go f**k yourself. why don’t you go play with traffic, die and then give urself a good orgasm from writing stupid stuff about people that are normal and part of a religion that everyone tells lies about.

  • Shisha


  • Heaven On Earth

    Scientology is not a religion, it’s a secte.

  • ryan



  • Elsa

    ah cute after a good brainwashing !

  • someguy

    Poor kids, they have to mix the niacin with chocalate to get the poor kids to eat it, L Ron should be allowed to influence children as much as Larry Flynt should, except at least Flynt isn’t a liar

  • debra77

    I think she is a cute child, but she just looks so much older then 2 or 4. She has lost the baby look in her face. She looks about 5.

  • debra77

    oops I meant to say 2 or 3…

    Jared you need to add an edit button.

  • 2 beards now for Tommygurl!

    This just in: Tommygurl has 2 BEARDS now! The ever homely opportunistic, style & talent challenged Katiebot AND her little diapered, scowl-faced Suri-spawn. HAaaaaaaaaHaaa. Lol.

  • saudia

    lovee Suri.. but couldn’t she clean Suri’s mouth ??

  • Kara

    Cute? No. She has the same distant creepy gaze as her mother. And I highly doubt that is a “chocolate treat” ring around her mouth. She just left the cult center folks, god only knows what they had her eating in there.

  • Sal

    Suri looks more like Chris Klein everyday.

  • amanda

    Looks like Katie is wearning a maternity top, which does not do anything to her shape. In fact makes her looks pregnant!

  • Jinx

    Please! NO MORE ALIEN SPAWN!!!!

  • Isabella

    aw bless her! and DAMN you all haters who slag her off and say mean things!! (i mean c’mon,slagging a baby toddler off??being her hater??!what the hell??where do these people come from??)
    I cant wait to see what the cruises do for her 3rd birthday :) i bet its gonna be good i cant wait to see the pictures!!

  • gerard Vandenberg

    She starts pretty “EARLY” with licking, folks!!

  • uh oh…

    Suri looks more like L.Ron Hubbard every day.

  • emika

    # 23, your a pervert.

  • to 25

    he’s a well known pervert, folks!!

    GOD what a stupid lad!

  • slambang

    Exposing a small child to that CULT is child abuse! $cientology is a scam and dangerous!

    P.S. There is no way in h*ll that kid is only 2!

  • samantha

    Too cute for words.

  • Shawna

    #27 – she will be THREE in a couple of weeks! She looks like a normal 3 year old. My daughter turned 3 in January and she is similar in size, if not older looking. There is no conspiracy here.

  • Scientolobotomy

    As usual. I wonder what sort of schizo-inducing nonsense her head has been filled with after today’s cult indocrination?

  • fran

    # 23- pervert!

    go dig yourself a big hole in the ground and don’t come out!

  • nicole

    now Katie is wearing a huge shapeless top!

    she can never seem to get herself together right. Can’t even figure out how to dress casual either.

  • !

    both fugly.

  • lol

    she can’t pull the shiloh lips.

  • whoa

    suri looks creepy.

  • scientolofreaks

    wtf happened to both of them?

  • hibiscus

    Suri is not a little girl, she’s a woman – according to her grandma looking mom.

  • joeypotter

    suri looks like chuckie’s bride

  • dotty

    what is wrong with katie? having midlife crisis already?

  • One Word


  • L.F

    # 8. Why don’t you and your CULT go FU*K yourselves right back.!!!! Get out of here for taking these comments so personally. Guess what? OT3 is about the galactic overlord Xenu being the reason of how we humans came to Earth. (This is scientology’s creation theory) They’re not called a CULT for nothing!!!!

    And #22
    Another “slag off” comment under a different name?????? That is the most ridiculous word I’ve ever heard. And you said that same drivel on the last post about KH. The Scientologists are in FULL FORCE on this blog, doing what they do best, making themselves look like freaks!!!!!

  • pinky

    please enlighten me because i just can’t see the cuteness everyone is saying about that child.

  • mara

    where is tom?

  • lmao

    ^ visiting mothership!

  • suriis

    so not cute.

  • two Words

    second trimester

  • zzzz

    Why is everyone so grumpy this morning? Suri is a STRONG WOMAN. Katie said so. If she is at the Scientology center it’s because Suri made her own decision and said she wanted to go. If she ate something, she also decided to. Katie and Tom let her make her own choices, so don’t get mad at them.

  • Poof

    Suri looks happy that day. She’s not covering her face or her ears and she is walking, probably there weren’t so many papzi to annoy her! It seems like she has an ice-cream in her right hand. Very cute!

  • TwinMom

    Sorry, but I don’t see what’s so incredibly cute about Suri. She looks like a kid. Period. She’s not pretty at all, though, so hopefully she’ll look less androgenous as she gets older. And Katie looks pregnant for sure!!

  • sassy