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Sienna Miller is a Boss Orange Babe

Sienna Miller is a Boss Orange Babe

Sienna Miller presents new fragrance Boss Orange by Hugo Boss at the El Corte Ingles store in Madrid, Spain on Friday (June 5).

The 27-year-old British actress will be featured in print and TV campaigns for the musky, sweet and sexy scent.

“She truly embodies the spirit of the brand,” explained Thomas Burkhardt of Hugo Boss Fragrances on Sienna. “She is a liberated soul – light-hearted, spontaneous and passionate – and she quite simply wears her heart on her sleeve.”

25+ pictures inside of Boss-y Sienna Miller

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Photos: Sean Thorton/WENN
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  • LIv

    BTW isn’t this her second married man? Jude Law was still married to the wifey when he and this hooker got together.

  • LuckyL

    Anyone know who her shoes are by?

  • deanna

    wow!!! theres so much hate in the world really. I could never say something so mean about someone. you all need a chill pill

  • c

    By that same logic, SM should also take a chill pill.

    You have conviently ignored that everytime SM flaunts her affair with the married man, she is spreading hate. I’m glad that you can’t say mean things about someone because as evidenced by public show-n-tell of the affair, she doesn’t have any qualms about saying or doing mean things to a woman and her 4 kids.

    She gets a compliment about her “beauty” or “great sense of style” and she thinks that the media/press have given her the okay to humilate a mother and her 4 kids. The married man pays more attention to his wife and kids and she throws a hissy fit (ie-wears the breast sucking dress on his child’s birthyday and releases stories about how they were spotted hodling hands). Now, this is what is called hatred.

  • la

    the relationship/affair/romance whatever you want to call it between her and getty is over now… please can people move on!!! Its so unbelievably tedious and it just one persons word against another! back and forth, back and forth and no progression!!!
    As for her current outfit – very cute!
    Glad to see she is no longer with getty – she looks beautiful and fresh again.

  • A

    those who thinks she looks “fresh” here, should make an appointment with the oculist, asap

  • c

    The affair(not a romance because there is nothing romantic about publicly humilating a mother and her 4 kids) isn’t over. We know this because SM herself (not the married man) keeps droppping hints about how she is still sleeping with the him. Just like last year, she popped up in LA/at LAX to let the married man’s wife know that she was in LA. Just like last year she staged a fake break-up. Just like last year she is slowly leaking “they were spotted…” stories, which she will probably follow-up with pictures. The public will move on when SM moves on (ie-either stops sleeping with the married man or learns to keep her affair discreet). SM has no one to blame but herself. Dhe should have disassociated herself from the married man from DAY 1, but she was too busy gloating over her “victory”. Things will only get better when she wakes up and realizes that being SM doesn’t entitle her to do whatever she wants to whomever she wants whenever she wants.

  • youstupid

    So the cheating is fine but it should be “DISCREET”? What are you? Underage girl?

    Sienna must be laughing her a** off looking at your rants, time and again. You are her puppy.

  • c

    Thanks for proving that SM fans are her worst enemies. So you agree that SM is wrong for having an affair/cheating with the married? If you think that SM is reading and “laughing at my rants”, then you agree that she does “google” herself depsite what she said. BTW, SM isn’t laughing because she is way too busy PLAYING THE VICTIM.

    Once again SM fans only see what they want to see. Where in my post did I say that cheating was fine? This is the sentence that you are refering to: The public will move on when SM moves on (ie-either stops sleeping with the married man or learns to keep her affair discreet). Since you completely missed the point, let me break it down for you. The right thing is to stop sleeping with the married man, but since SM won’t do that the NEXT BEST thing would be to keep the affair discreet.

    By your logic, since you so busy fawning over SM that you can only counteract any and all valid arguments with name calling or insults, that makes you SM puppy. Rants? A rant is a 27 yo woman whining about how there is no sisterhood while there are tons of pictures of her engaging in sexual acts with another sister’s husband. A rant is a 27 yo woman whining about how the media portrays her in the negative even though she was the one caught groping/ kissing a married man.

  • 2B

    Oh, they are still together. These two worthless pieces of human trash deserve each other. I can only hope they don’t breed.

  • argh!


    No, you dummass. Cheating is bad enough, flaunting it makes it worse. Jeez, don’t post if you can’t keep up.

  • la

    to ‘c’
    what is wrong with you? you hate sienna… yes. then why do you know every tiny detail about her life? if you don’t like her… leave her alone!

  • c

    To la ( aka london/vanessa/yay): changing your name doesn’t fool anyone, your format is always the same and gives you away everytime.

    The public knows every detail because of Sienna “woe is me” Miller. Perhaps she should be more selective in what she puts out in the media/press, then she and her fans wouldn’t have to keep whining about how others are “hating” on SM. Speaking of hate, there is nothing more hateful than SM very public affair with RG husbands.

    SM is not the victim. Instead of critiizing others for what you perceive as hate , you should be asking what could SM have done differently? For starters, SM could have avoided all of this by telling the married man “no” and not putting on a public show-n-tell of the affair.

    In case you haven’t noticed, this is not a SM fansite and posters are not obligated to write fluff posts about how they find SM beautiful or love her great sense of style. Don’t expect people to leave SM alone, when she won’t leave RG and her 4 kids alone. If you are going to get angry with someone, then get upset with SM and her PR team. If they had any common sense at all they would have had SM not associate with the married man at all.

  • london

    c you have lost your mind, as i have told you before i dont need to use other names to tell you what i want, so please stop saying that im all those other people, i dont know if yay and the others are the same person but i dont use other names, if you believe me or not its your problem.
    From now on im not going to comment on anything you say anymore, you have your point of view and i have mine, just leave me alone and i will do the same

  • youstupid

    Carry on, puppy. Good dog.

  • Benny

    Hugo Boss made Nazi uniforms using Jewish slave lobor during the second world war. Like you needed another reason to boycott this SIHIT

  • c


    SM is a good dog/puppy isn’t she. How does the saying go, you can’t teach a old dog new tricks. No wonder she keeps pulling the same stunts over and over. Come Monday morning, she will once again be photographed looking distressed at yet another airport.

  • c

    london (aka la, london, vanessa)

    Leave you alone? Seriously, what could you have done differently? It appears that you have lost your mind because for some odd reason you seem to think that you can post under all of those different names and that no one would know the difference.

    How come on the day(s) that you just so happen to start posting again, a “different” poster always shows up out of the blue spouting your motto and using the exact same format? What are the odds that 4 “different” SM fans will all have the exact same writing style or characteristics (ie-all lower case letters, breaks up sentences with “…”)? How sweet of you to change the format of post #64 (ie-using commas instead of “…” to break up your sentences and capatalizing some of your words), too bad you forgot to do that when “london” posted a response to “vanessa” on a different thread and today when you posted as “la”. Or did “vanessa” post as “la” today?

    So you’re not going to comment on anything I say anymore? TRANSLATION: London will no longer post on this board under the name of “london” and will be making personal attacks against other posters under the names of “vanessa”, “la”, or whatever name she picks out this month.

  • london

    what an annoying person you are c, such a waste of energy

  • london

    what an annoying person you are c, such a waste of energy

  • c

    london (aka la, vanessa, yay)

    Wait, didn’t you say: “From now on im not going to comment on anything you say anymore, you have your point of view and i have mine, just leave me alone and i will do the same”?

  • c

    london (aka la, vanessa, yay)- POSTS 69/70

    TRANSLATION: London or whatever she/he calls himself is throwing a tantrum because someone saw through his/her “different” poster stunt and called him/her out on it. Now she/he thinks that she/he is “sticking it to me” by calling me annoying or waste of energy.

    Why does this preteen/teen think that name calling and insults means that he/she has “outsmarted” everyone else? Try forming a valid argument that is not based on your bruised ego for once. What’s wrong, you still to this day haven’t been able to identify ONE redeeming quality in SM? Here’s one. SM cares so much for the environment…Wait, since she is spotted at an airport every week that won’t work will it. SM is a walking conradiction, isn’t she? She says she cares about the plight of women and children and then she turns around and gloats about how she “dumped” a married man.

    Notice that since I pointed out how his/her posts are similar to those “different” posters, that london has gone out of his/her way to change the format of his posts. Here’s some more advice, when you post as those “different” posters make sure that you don’t use your new format (ie-commas instead of “…”).

    If I am so annoying or so much a waste of energy, then STOP READING MY POSTS OR SCROLL PAST THEM WHEN YOU SEE MY NAME. When you complain about my posts and keep reading them it makes it look like you are trying to save face because I struck a nerve.

  • c

    Notice that london’s return to the board is ALWAYS preceeded by a “different” poster. So london won’t post for a while, the personal attacks sto, and then out of the blue a “different” poster pops up with the same writing style and motto.

  • sunseeker

    Sienna Miller has been signed by Hugo Boss fragrances as the face of its latest release, Boss Orange, due to launch in July. Both TV and print advertising will feature Miller to promote the Boss Orange brand’s first ever signature fragrance, which Miller describes as, “musky, sweet and sexy.” “Sienna…truly embodies the spirit of the brand,” said Thomas Burkhardt, GMD for Hugo fragrances, “She is a liberated soul – light-hearted, spontaneous and passionate – and she quite simply wears her heart on her sleeve.”
    Interesting. Did you know that Hugo Boss was the leading manufacturer of Nazi uniforms? More specifically, these were the “uniforms worn by the German SS, storm troopers, Wehrmacht and Hitler Youth,” which are thought to have been produced “by forced labor, including concentration camp prisoners and prisoners of war.” Yo, anyone got a baseball bat?
    Ah well, the girl can’t really be blamed for failing to research, well, anything. Besides, Sienna is likely to do her own self in via the perfect storm of STDs. That’s what happens when one shags an infinite supply of men, including some of those married ones. .

  • robpatz

    hahaha LOL to Hugo Boss
    for hiring this woman who call herself as “inosence girl”
    yeah spontaneous to open her clothes and being naked with married man

  • Yawny!

    What’s the betting that she fell head first into a vodka vat on the way home? Anyone got pics?

  • A
  • zara T

    Sienna Miller is a beautiful person inside and out.
    You haters can suck it

  • bb

    No integrity, no brains, No morals, No compassion……don.t buy Boss Orange, don’t buy a ticket for her Broadway play, maybe she will disappear to her cottage and stay there.

  • Benny

    zara T

    What you’re basing that drivel on, I don’t know…..everything I’ve ever seen her do is stupid and selfish

  • M

    Most German companies were involved with the Nazis during that period, such is the nature of despotic regimes. Sienna Miller is far from being the only celebrity to do a Hugo Boss fragrance, or to support Hugo Boss by either wearing the clothing, or attending a Hugo Boss event. The celebrity clientele is infinite. Harrison Ford, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Peaches Geldof, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Tyson Ritter, Christina Ricci, Julianne Moore, Cuba Gooding Jr, Brooke Shields, James McAvoy, Kate Winslet, Milla Jovovich, Stanley Tucci, Mena Suvari, Katherine Heigl and Kristin Davis are just a few. If you’re going to criticize SM based on that, you’re going to have to criticize them all.

  • c

    The difference is SM is the one always complainig about how the media portrays her in a negative light. If she is so worried about how the media portray her, then she needs to make better choices. Being the spokesperson for Hugo Boss is not a good idea when she wrote a blog about how she was “concerned” about the plight of war victims and women and children in the Congo. She doesn’t walk the talk and then whines about how someone is mistreating her when things don’t work in their favor.

    Sienna is also trying to “save” the last shred of her career/image by hooking up with Hugo Boss; so much so, tha she is making a big deal out of the fact that she is the spokesperson for Hugo Boss new fragrance.

  • Rachel

    Yeah, like sienna gives a fruit. She’d eat a live squirrel for money now. I gues I missed that part about Mercedez Benz using slave labor. And personally, M, if I ever personally encounter someone as blase as you about the genocide of 6 million people, I will slap the crap out of the them

  • sunseeker


    Good for you, agree with your comments, just because other actors are stupid enough to condone the treatment of all those people does not mean Miller has to do the same. For her its just money and her shitty career, otherwise she would not have gone to the Congo.

  • M

    You missed my point entirely, Rachel, not that I am surprised though.

  • Vestes de Cuisine

    She has killer style!

  • Getreal

    People, get real.

    She is stunning and everyone knows it whether they want to acknowledge it or not.
    Sienna is not to blame, stop blaming the women all the time.

    Getty is to blame, he has a wife and it is his responsibility to respect his children and wife. He should have behaved with respect and decently. He allowed himself to act like that publicly with Sienna because he is a coward and it was his way of telling his wife am not interested…..pathetic.

  • Suppress your appetite

    I love her