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Dita Von Teese Hopes For A Hammock

Dita Von Teese Hopes For A Hammock

Dita Von Teese arrives at Cicada Restaurant in Los Angeles on Friday night (July 17).

The 36-year-old burlesque beauty performed at Scout Willis‘s 1920′s themed 18th birthday party (the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore).

Dita just tweeted, “Corset finally unlaced,stretched out in bed. If only I had a hammock.I would love to unlace and flop directly into a hammock on the beach. Maybe I should put a hammock in my dressing room. I would like to receive my after-show guests while lying in my hammock, softly swinging….”

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dita von teese hammock 01
dita von teese hammock 02
dita von teese hammock 03
dita von teese hammock 04
dita von teese hammock 05

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  • cutie

    She looks beautiful.

  • Wren

    Very pretty but she looks sick.

  • lmao

    Dita’s stoned. lol

  • kate

    She is brilliant – there are a boatload of Hollywood stylists out there who should be paying attention to her! She’s a plain woman who has figured out how to make it work for herself. I love her.

  • icey

    She’s really pretty but another color dress would have been more flattering.

  • gemini

    I don’t find her plain at all, but I do think sometimes she overdoes her makeup. No so much here, she looks pretty good.

  • loves it

    Her hair beautiful.

  • sabina

    omfg i love her! she is beautiful. i wanna see more pics of her and her hot new bf! l0l

  • Strawberry

    I love her style, she always looks great!

  • Carly

    Super-cute outfit and Dita’s hair looks really thick there.

  • kiki

    that’s such a beautiful dress, who designed it?

  • marsden


  • jessie

    She’s very sweet looking. Great body and hair

  • Vintage Love

    Dita’s pretty but she does look sick. Too much champagne, maybe?
    Her style is amazing. Very vintage and glamorous.

  • Sam

    DITA = L.E.S.B.I.A.N_P.O.RN
    remember when dita used to do P.OR.N?
    yeah talk about low class W.H.O.R.E

  • Mary Wanna

    Yup, the bitch is stoned!!!

  • Kate

    she should wear less makeup
    in these pics she looks clownish

  • asdf

    She is not a whore and the po.rn is in her past. She doesn’t sl.u.t. around and f.uck other women’s husbands. Even Joan Crawford used to do stag films.
    And from what I’ve heard Ms. Von Teese is a truly nice lady.

  • becca

    I think her makeup looks ok, but the flash is killing her. Makes her look translucent.
    She looks beautiful but very, very tired.
    Get some rest, Dita.

  • Jena

    That dress is beautiful!!!!!!! but Dita is too plain for it :(
    she doesn’t know how to work that gorgeous dress -shame-

  • pebbles

    To each his own. I think she’s gorgeous. Love her pretty little pout.
    So cute.

  • Stephani

    I find it repulsive that Dita did l-e-s-b-i-a-n—-p-o-r-n
    but the fact that she had sex with Mairilyn Manson is even more gross and disturbing!!!!!!

  • lilac

    The problem isn’t that she’s too plain for the dress. She’s actually a very pretty lady with or without makeup.
    The problem is she chose a color that washes her out. Why would someone with skin like MJ wear gray? She should have picked a bright color!

  • just asking

    I’m so glad she left that loser Manson. How does he get beautiful chicks like Dita, Evan and Rose?

  • xfiles

    she looks really beautiful but fragile in those photos.
    where’s her Count?

  • dani

    Dita at her best! Wow this woman knows how to accessorize and dress. Katie Holmes please call her!

  • TAJ

    xfiles @ 07/18/2009 at 11:04 pm

    I dont think her p.u.s.s.y is fragile………dont you know that when you do p.or.n you get a lot of hardcore stuff in there?

    i can see you haven’t watched dita’s p.o.r.n “movies”

  • Hannibal

    No wonder dita hangs up with attention w.h.or.e.s and losers like Perez Hilton…..

  • Tes

    why is it a problem that my girl dita is a whor.e????????
    my favorite quote from her is……
    ” Right now I’ve got three (men). They’re all in different parts of the world… That’s my biggest sin – juggling men”


    haha genious from my girl the sk.ank dita

  • brindle

    @Tes: Nice try, but p*rn past or not, someone who’s only known for dating three men is hardly a sk*ank and if Dita were your girl, you’d know that comment was a joke.



  • Tes

    If you think dating 3 men at the same time is not being a cheap ass wh.ore move then that’s your opinion….to me dita is just being a trash easy skan.k………………..
    keep on slutting around dita!

  • brindle

    @Tes: You obviously don’t know Dita. She is known for datng three men period — Manson, Sarsgaard and her current boyfriend. The three men at a time comment was a joke.

  • Nocturnal

    She looks lovely but disoriented. I don’t find the dress that beautiful, but she wears it very well.

  • tES

    brindle @ 07/19/2009 at 1:21 am

    but even then potato head dita has dated more people…and not just dated…she has random sex with anybody se wants…and i dont really care if thats her way…its her life!

  • James

    # 35 – The woman did a few lesbian pornographic films almost 10 years ago. She’s never done hardcore performances with men. Give it a rest. You don’t know this woman and you have no idea who she has had sex with. We can only go by who she’s dated and that seems to be a pretty small number of guys. She’s probably had less sex than half the bitch in Hollywood and you don’t see them constantly being called .whores. and .sluts. on here.

  • ~Angel~

    She’s been looking really good lately. I think Dita’s hair is one of her very best features

  • ___

    she is beautiful, stylish but she is a wh0re, period. she sells her body (naked photos) and she she did p0rn-> FACT.

    pr0stitution= change se.x for money ;-)

  • Oana

    She looks tired but she is still beautiful. I love her :)

  • Oana

    She looks tired but she is still beautiful. I love her :)

  • tallen

    Plenty of celebs bitch their bodies through the casting couch, nudity and simulated sex acts. If you want to see a real bitch, check out Sienna Miller, a woman who bitch a married man behind his wife and children’s backs.

  • kfree

    She is tiny but has the figure of a model. I have always found her super pretty.

  • bonzo

    why is it always about the sex with these women? is there really nothing more they can offer than hoping to arouse others?

  • twpumpkin

    She is such a media whore! What the hell has she done that warrents all these photo’s?

  • vmars111

    She looks Deathly Hollows.

  • Godot

    Well, she’s a burlesque performer so of course she’s going to look and act sexy. It’s her niche and she seems to get paid well for it, just like certain actors and actresses. She looks pretty but tired there.

  • Brian


  • lakers fan in boston

    is that really her job, a burlesque show?
    what a useless ho

    damn, pic 2 is disgusting
    wtf is up with her skin, she looks like marilyn manson white
    i dont mind pale girls that much, but this is beyond pale….this is almost paper sheet white

  • Honey

    I don’t get it. In some recent pictures of Dita she looks absolutely stunning… then in others (like this one) she looks sickly.

  • TS

    She is a dancer who happens to perform n-u-de. I don’t see how that makes her a useless ho. The woman is not promiscuous and doesn’t prey on other people’s husbands. Apparently she is good at what does and is even credited for reviving the burlesque movement.

    Agree, she does look sick here though still very pretty.