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Gwyneth Paltrow is The Danish Girl, Nicole Kidman Plays Her Wife

Gwyneth Paltrow is The Danish Girl, Nicole Kidman Plays Her Wife

Gwyneth Paltrow sports a red poppy in her hair for Remembrance Sunday as she strolls with a friend in London on Monday (November 9).

Variety reported that the 37-year-old actress recently signed on to star in The Danish Girl alongside Nicole Kidman in the story of the relationship between the first ever post-operative transsexual, Einar Wegener (Kidman), and his wife, Greta (Paltrow).

Thomas Alfredson, best known for Let The Right One In, will direct.

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  • cute

    The poppy is cute.

  • tiger

    Is she playing the tranny?
    I could see her in that part.

  • Movie Watcher

    She definitely needs better roles but I can’t envision any chemistry between Kidman and Paltrow.

  • jess

    Her hair looks dirty in those photos.

  • guest

    She’s playing the wife? I thought she was playing Einar.
    She has an androgynous look that would lend it self well to a transgender role.

  • cool spotter

    She has nice skin, but she looks too washed out without make-up though.

  • talen

    Sorry, but Gwyneth always looks a mess when she’s not on the red carpet.

  • talen

    …It’s beyond sloppy, it’s like she doesn’t bath in between films.

  • countess von zinzendorf

    too bad they both can’t get better roles than this. Why would Nicole want a role like this?

  • Linda

    The Poppy is given to whoever makes a donation for the “The Royal British Legion”… everyone in London is wearing one right now!

  • vokable


    Poor Angelina … you have a fat, old, drunken men now! Thats live!

  • Peace

    I like her as an actress but I don’t think she’s aging too well. Nothing against the au natural look but she does look haggard without makeup.

    Her mother is aging phenomenally. I don’t know if it’s just good genes but Gwyneth should find out her beauty secrets.

  • angel

    @countess von zinzendorf: I think this is a great role. I would have preferred Theron in the part though. Paltrow is too icey and I agree, I can’t picture her and Nicole playing lovers.

  • irene

    I think GP can be an attractive woman, but she is not one of those who is naturally pretty, she definitely needs the help of a little make up.

  • Stella

    She seems really tired.

  • Raven

    As much as I dislike her, I have to say even Sienna Miller looks more put together and hygienic in her candids. Granted she’s younger, but it makes me nostalgic for the Gwynnie of the 90s. She was adorable back then. Now not so much.

  • Kelly Love

    I think she looks great for a woman of her age. Her husband is really cute and so are her kids. I hope she gets her career back on track.

  • twin peaks

    She is one of the few celebs who often looks dirty in her every pics.

  • zeppe

    Martin has never struck me as a looker, but I have to admit they are probably evenly matched now in terms of physical attractiveness. Gwyn hasn’t looked too good for a while with the exception of a premiere or two.

  • hmmm

    Sometimes I think Gwyneth uses fillers, other times (like here) I’m not so sure. Her face seems to change in between films.

  • wendy

    Its the light people!! When will you realize that we are judging celebs based on photographs, bad ones from paparazzi at that! Sometimes you simply have a bad day, geez some of you are so out of reality its scary!

    Anyway this is a mistake, Theron would have worked better, way better!

  • kitson

    Another celebrity hobo…

  • Starlissa

    @wendy: Agree, but she always seems to be having a bad day. I saw photos of her the other week that were scary. She looked drunk and they were taken right outside her house.

    I don’t know why paps bother taking these type of pictures. Who buys them?





  • kate b

    What? Two supposedly Oscar-winning and overpaid actresses in one movie = BOMB! Can’t they accept the fact that their time is over. Fans are no longer interested to see them in movies but to just be doing good for the country and the world like what Angie does. Lump these 2 with Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts and a movie will still stink!

  • cassie

    @vokable: I hope English isn’t your 1st language.

  • cherylr

    I looked up this story on Wikipedia. I am not sure this is a story that needs to be made into a film.
    Even from a positive transgendered viewpoint, parts of this story are horrifying. Kidman’s character dies from complications after a uterus transplant. They were trying to see if he could have a baby.
    So this is a story about the human being they butchered learning how to do sex change operations.
    The story itself is fairly interesting and I have heard the book is good, but I really think it sounds like it won’t work on the big screen.

  • lola

    NOOO! Charlize Theron would have been so much better in the role. I wish people would stop putting this hag in their movies. She won’t bring any depth to this role and her and kidman definitely will not have any chemistry.

  • **JAMIE**

    i think that would be a good role and i am happy that she doesnt wear make up on her skin everyday.It looks natural and its healthier for the skin.

  • Endless

    Her face looks puffy. I don’t think her skin looks too good here. Maybe a good facial and little bit of makeup would help.

  • Ciara

    Wasn’t Charlize Theron supposed to be playing that role?? I don’t know about her and Nicole. Woulld have been better with Nicole and Charlize.

  • mkM

    Nicole Kidman plays her HUSBAND – keep the Pronouns in agreement, please.

  • defending paltrow

    I can’t believe all of the negativity here! Have all of the people commenting actually SEEN her movies, or are they hopping on the “hated celebrity of the week” bandwagon? She may say silly things from time to time, but I believe she’s a talented actress and she’s had some excellent performances in the past (Sylvia, Royal Tennebaums, Shakespeare in Love, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Two Lovers…they were all highly praised by critics.) I think she can handle the part as well as Charlize would have. And I’m sure everyone commenting here looks like he or she has stepped out of Vogue and GQ every day of the week! Lighting has a LOT to do with how people photograph, and a grey rainy day in London in late autumn isn’t exactly the best.

  • Jessie

    Nicole is perfect to play a tranny because she always looks like one,

  • erin

    all you people talk about is how someone looks!!! get a life! it gets old!

    I think this is going to be a great movie! Gwyneth and Nicole are good friends and last time they were in a film together was Malice. Well, most of us know how that ended …

    This should be an interesting film. I wonder who will play Nicole Kidman’s roll when her character is still a man? Nicole? Hmmmm … I’m intrigued!!! And I can just envision all the beautiful photo shoots of them in Vanity Fair, Vogue, etc. Lovely!

  • Rhonda

    its gay all day in Hollywood. Its a race to the bottom.

  • Urban

    This is a celebrity blog, not a fan site. We are allowed to comment on her looks, career, etc…. If you only want to read positive remarks, go to fan site. Unfortunately for her, she looks terrible most of the time. I think she has sacrificed her face for her ass and works out too much. That is why her face alternates between gaunt and bloated. You can tell when she’s overdoing the workouts. She never was a great beauty but she had a certain spark before she started the crazed exercise routine.

    As far as acting goes, she’s o.k. Not amazing but not terrible and certainly better than many of the up and coming starlets. Paltrow and Kidman are not good friends. I agree with those who said they can’t picture chemistry any between the two. I think Theron was better suited physically and talent-wise for the role.

  • astro

    @Jessie: Gwynnie has her beat on that one.

  • to 23

    “I don’t know why paps bother taking these type of pictures. Who buys them?”
    JJ for example! and other sites which’s main purpose is bashing celebs

  • Pete

    Is she the husband or wife?
    She should play the husband.

  • Seriously

    Kidman plays the guy. Oh, that was cast wrong. Paltrow is the manish one.