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Ke$ha Respects Britney Spears, Apologizes to Justin Bieber

Ke$ha Respects Britney Spears, Apologizes to Justin Bieber

Ke$ha clears up rumors that she dissed Britney Spears in a new song in this interview with the So You Think You Can Dance Australia team on Monday (March 22).

A leaked song called “Styrofoam” featuring K$, 25, appeared online recently and features the lyric “In ten years, Britney SpearsBritney, who?”

“Just to clarify, I didn’t write that bit,” K$ shared, “and that was from when I was fifteen – and there is a reason that song’s not on my record. I have to admit now I ever regret even singing that because I have mad respect for her.”

Ke$ha also took to her Twitter to apologize to Justin Bieber for a joke she made about him in Maxim. She wrote, “dear justin b i am so sorry if my bad joke has hurt your feelings.u r obviously so talented and i would never mean to offend u. i think u r rad.”

FYI: It’s rumored Ryan Phillippe will host the April 17 episode of Saturday Night Live, with musical guest Ke$ha.

Kesha: I Have Mad Respect for Britney Spears
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47 Responses to “Ke$ha Respects Britney Spears, Apologizes to Justin Bieber”

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  1. 26
    Trey Says:


  2. 27
    Melanie Says:

    I don’t care, Kesha makes me giggle. And her voice is bad but I happen to think she is gorgeous. I love Britney, always will.

  3. 28
    blue Says:


    Nope, only that you will say that **** under the false security of being an anonymous poster…way to go!

  4. 29
    Sexy Boy Says:

    I think it was cool for her to apologize to them. I don’t think she should have used their names anyways, but it was still cool. I like all three artist music so, yea. Also I think it is lame when some of the ppl make out like being in a trailer park is soooo horrible. I live in a trailer park and I am working at becoming a big entertainer like britney, justin and kesha, but it doesn’t mean your any less of a person or artist and I don’t find jokes like that to be funny anymore, and even if I didn’t live in one it wouldn’t be funny cuz the trailer park jokes are so old, Anyways, good for all three artist and they are all cool! :-)

  5. 30
    Sexy Boy Says:

    @Whamo: Your an ass, I just found out who this justin beiber guy is thru’ my little sisters and just because you’re talented and nice looking and stuff doesn’t make you a “homo” and even if he was, who the hell cares. It’s 2010 the gay thing doesn’t even matter anymore unless you’ve lived under a rock since 1969. Oh and how is a “straight” guy suppose to look and act like? A smelly, ugly, fool who is losing his teeth and has so much body hair, you don’t even know what race he is? If that’s the case then sign me up to be gay anyday lmao.

  6. 31
    Amber-louise Says:

    Kesha looks like a crackwhore. I watched a video on you tube of her, cause I didnt know who she was and wish I still didnt. Her voice is awful and the song was cheesey. I doubt anyone will remember who she is in one year, nevermind 10.

  7. 32
    Martin Says:

    Britney WHO ?

  8. 33
    Ben Franklin Says:

    I think she was joking when she said Justin Beaver was “talented”.
    There is something about his singing that reminds me of cancer treatment.

  9. 34
    yo sista Says:

    I’m glad she apologized! Britney is a Pop Music Icon and you do NOT mess with Icons!!! Btw Jared, isn’t Kesha like 22? You typed 25! ;)

  10. 35
    yo sista Says:

    @Sarah: @…I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: OH YES honey! Circus sold 4 million WW! This b!tch’s album haven’t even reach the 500,000 copies WW! As for Tik Tok well it sold 6 million WW, just like Womanizer! And as for the Tour well Circus tour made 140 million, can anyone, even other than Trasha, do that? NO!

    STFU honey!

  11. 36
    yo sista Says:

    Oops sorry Sarah, wasn’t for you!

  12. 37
    me Says:

    kesha who ?? ciiih !

  13. 38
    hatekeisha Says:

    i hate the way she talks, its really annoying!! and come on, who the hell are u, people wouldnt even know you by nx year kesha, u definitely cant top britney, what an idiot, trying to cover her ass knowing she will get back lash from brit’s fans. dont forget britney has the biggest fan base you fool

  14. 39
    df Says:

    i hate them both

  15. 40
    Rafa Says:

    @Sav.: if by “bigger than ever” you mean, fatter… yeah, she is… Artistically, she’s not even half of who she was. So, “Team Britney”, get over it… and Ke$ha, see yourself in that mirror.

  16. 41 Says:

    Okay, Kesha is cool, but she really shouldnt be talkin **** about brit. sure ,brit was more awsome in 1998, 1999, and 2000. but now brit is so awful. she’s a drunken *****, but still, my point is, it doesnt even matter if kesha wrote it when she was 15 or now. cuz it still doesnt make it right. by the way, justin bieber sings like a girl. i really dont get why he’s famous!

  17. 42
    Alex Says:

    OMG Kesha why don’t you just admit that you were saying those things about Justin and Britney cause’ you’re jealous??

  18. 43
    ke$ha hater Says:

    KE$HA lemme tell you this: YOU ARE SUCH A WANNABE. you have ‘mad respect’ for Britney? you think justin bieber is ‘rad’? YOU STINK and you are sooo ugly and need tonsss of makeup. Britney has been around longer than you and WILL be around MUCH longer than you when your ass is all washed up, in about a few years. so SHUT UP. (and put a bad over your fake ass head)

  19. 44
    jim Says:

    Kei$ha has a pleasant sound and some good songs. Britney had a couple that were ok but that was years ago…she is washed up and never did have a decent voice and could never dance. Mickey Mouse was the apex of her “career” and she was never as much as she thought she was.

    androgynous Justin on the other hand is a flash in the pan little girly…….like Hanson or the Jonas Brothers…here one day and gone the next and very few will miss her/him when he has disappeared.

    add to the list. man face kardashian and ***** megan fox…..and the no talent cyrus family.
    why do these people keep turning in to celebs when there are so many out there with so much more talent who are capable of such better jobs than we get from these marginal performers.

  20. 45
    porno Says:

    thanx for good posts and article

  21. 46
    kendall Says:

    Ke$ha is such a sellout! Last year she said she hated Britney! Now she’s all “Oh, I respect her” Puh-lease.

  22. 47
    yeam Says:

    brittney’s old news, I love her, but she’s just irrelevant … Ke$ha on the other hand, is AWESOME ! Ke$ha is FUN, Great Songs, Great Vids, Amazing personality and I AM IN LOVE with her Fashion !

    and Justin is HOT and I love his songs and vids and I will some day meet him and tell him I love him…

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