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Kate Bosworth: Cargo Pants Pretty

Kate Bosworth: Cargo Pants Pretty

Kate Bosworth wears J Brand “Houlihan” skinny cargo pants and a tie-dye tanktop as she heads out of the Bowery Hotel on Tuesday afternoon (May 4) in New York City,

Casual chic as always!

Last night, the 27-year-old actress looked glamorous on the red carpet at the 2010 MET Ball. Kate sparkled in Van Cleef & Arpels jewels — “Tess” diamond earrings set in platinum and the 1967 Estate “Natte” diamond bracelet set in platinum.

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Credit: Ignat; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, INFdaily
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  • fresh

    She looks like she’s posing.

  • bitne

    Time to burn those ugly shoes.

  • high five

    Wasn’t Bosworth supposed to be filming a new movie?
    What happened to that?

  • Allie Baby

    She ditched those straw-like hair extensions! Hooray!

  • scrug

    God! this girl pay to be all time on the site!!! who is she? her last movie was when!!

  • Leo

    Kate Bosworth is the new Rachel Bilson of the blogosphere.
    Photographed every day doing nothing.

  • pr guy

    This looks like a photo-op.
    She has a dead-on stare to the camera and appears happy to see the photographer.

  • Emily

    does she do anything but go around gettin photographed?

  • pr guy

    This may get her increased coverage but it may hurt her career in the long run. She’s giving people the impression she does nothing but eat, shop and attend parties.

  • I See it is likely that Gerard

    she looks llike shes pregnant with alex skaargards baby!!

  • Carrey

    Why does Jared always post pics of this woman, she practically hasn’t acted in what, about 2 years……

  • Anne

    Casual chic? What a joke. I’ve seen homeless people with better style. Those shoes are terrible.

  • xfiles

    Tom Cruise must be footing the bill for these photo shoots.
    She actually makes Katie Holmes look productive.


    The free shirt and bag that’s she advertising are nice but DAMN!!! her feet are HUGE!!! Those ugly shoes just make it worst. Oh, well at least she was able to make out of bed to pose for JJ. especially after getting trashed last night. I guess that means no little vikings on the way.

  • jeeves

    @I See it is likely that Gerard: No, her body is just retaining weight in the tummy cause her weight is so low.

  • Cold Case

    @AMAZING: For a tiny girl, she has man hands and feet.


    @I See it is likely that Gerard:

    What a cruel thing to say. Why would you wish a helpless baby ill? Pox was wasted at Coachella and last night. Never heard of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome? ASkars would have more sense thank put up with her drinking while pregnant.

  • twin peaks

    Her outfit is nothing special but she does have a nice smile. Too bad it seems to be cause she’s surrounded by paps.

  • annalisa


  • Jeff

    I read she’s an UTB girl so her chances of getting pregnant are substantially lower.

  • Sweet Pea

    Kate is very cute but she’s not wearing anything different than you’d see on the average college or high school campus.

  • Sweet Pea

    ^ More expensive, yes, but not different.

  • Maya

    I think she has a pretty face but she seems to have a receding hairline.

  • H.

    This ho needs to get a job. Chris Martin is not going to leave his wife for her.

  • celeb spotter

    She’s adorable but i find it disturbing how joyful she looks to see the paparazzi.

  • NNicole

    No quotes, no news?

    just pictures of an anorexic woman + brand mentions… hmmm ;-)

    Just for a laugh:

    “It’s just like that moment, you know, you don’t really discuss it. It’s a no-brainer, really. We’re both animal lovers, like, intensely? So it’s not like, I mean, it’s a no-brainer.”
    Kate Bosworth


    She’s adorable! What I love about her is she seems like a very down to earth girl. The paps were out in full force around the Bowery Hotel where a lot of the guests of the Met Ball stayed!

  • NNicole

    “Oh look, she’s peeing! It’s like your own kid. It’s like, ‘Oh, he burped.’ You know? You know? It’s so ridiculous. You know? You do, you feel like a proud parent.”
    Kate Bosworth



    Where are their posts and pictures? If so many other celebs stayed at the Bowery someone must have papped them too. Right?

  • stop it

    Boycott this site until JJ stops posting pics of this anorexic bird beaked woman. She’s vile and is right up there with Rachel Horeitchel aka, Tiger’s mistress.

  • Lola

    The paparazzi can’t find Sandra Bullock but they can find Kate Bosworth?

  • Callie

    Why is unlikely that she is pregnant?

  • L

    lol, don’t you guys get tired hating on her 24/7?



    Maybe you guys are right. Maybe she is pregnant but still decided to get drunk at Coachella and last night . Those pool pictures are probably showing how excited AS is about the baby. Perhaps he will be the next celeb to jump the couch. KB’s career is kaput and her looks are fading fast, so why shouldn’t she trap what she can?.

  • Frog

    Okay, this might be one dumb question, but what the hell has she done to make people hate her so much?

  • GPS

    Who is this person?

  • Question

    Hi, everyone, just read something called “Why Is Kate Bosworth So Famous?” Quite funny, check it out on :

    I must say, I agree with what Erin says.

  • anonymous

    Has anyone else noticed that with all the coverage of Kate and Alex since Coachella that even Just Jared hasn’t spotted them together since that weekend? Obviously Kate isn’t working on that new movie yet so she could have gone with Alex to the Tribeca Film Festival and apparently he wasn’t working on Monday and could have gone to the MET gala with Kate.

  • annalisa

    @anonymous My thoughts exactly!!!! She told JJ that they were to start filming the Sunday of Tribeca Film so it would look like she could not go. No filming that Sunday though. Most films/shows don’t actually shoot on Sundays. And by Alex being out at Joans Third was telling the WORLD that he was not working on Monday so he could have clearly gone to the MET gala. Weird!! Something weird! And now she is trying to make up baby rumours. Quite pathetic she is!

  • anonymous

    @annalisa: And the only gossip site really pushing the Kate and Alex relationship is JustJared. And you would think by now after the Coachella PDA display that she or her publicist would have confirmed that they are indeed a couple but yet we haven’t seen or heard about them together anywhere in 2 1/2 weeks.

  • funderpants

    Another day, another meaningless post about this dimbulb wandering around. Another chance for JJ to read these comments and realize that the only interest most readers in this has been, excuse me, NEVER WAS, is if anyone can come up with new insults. Anorexic, balding, talentless, chest of an eight year old boy, man hands/feet, plain faced and chipmunk cheeked, starving belly, nasty weave, knock knees, heinous clothes, drunk-n-preggo, famewhore, plain ole’ whore… The list is exhausting!

  • Question

    Where are the rumors coming from that Kate was trashed before/after the MET Gala? I’ve seen a few different posts but none of them are the source, they just say “rumors are floating around”. I also think it’s very telling that she hasn’t been seen with her “boyfriend” since that fateful weekend. Maybe he is coming to his senses. Ever notice how he hasn’t looked happy to be seen with her since maybe October 2009? Perhaps before he realized her true colors?

  • Kimberlee Dash

    She is a hotti

  • dizzyD

    She looks great. Love that top!

  • Nancylee

    Why do people hate this girl so much? You know why she and Alex haven’t been seen together so much? Because of angry bi*&*es like all of you! She wnet through this because of the Orlando crazies and now because of the Alex stans. Grow up! They are together! Get over it you cows!

  • Obi

    Is that a baby bump I see? Oh, the Alex crazies would lose their s)^t over that.

  • anon


    But what a cutie that baby would be. Most Alex fans are denying they are even together. First they wanted pics (hello, Coachella and Palm Springs) – now the pics aren’t good enough – they don’t look like they are in love, they don’t seem like a couple – yadda, yadda. guess they are waiting till the sex tape comes out!

  • ChanelGirl

    Thanks Jared – Kate always gives me great ideas for my wardrobe!

  • evathediva

    @ChanelGirl: Really, you peruse this site for wardrobe suggestions? and thebest you can do is Kate Bosworth? Really? come on how much are they paying you to keep her relevant? You can visit for those same great ideas.

  • jamie

    @nancylee – people don’t hate her, just question JJ utter devotion to her, putting her on the site for walking and being pretty much the only site to call her AS girlfriend.