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Casey Affleck Sued for Sexual Harassment -- Again

Casey Affleck Sued for Sexual Harassment -- Again

Casey Affleck has been hit with a second sexual harassment lawsuit by another woman working on his documentary about his brother-in-law Joaquin Phoenix‘s bid to becoming a rap star.

According to THR, cinematographer Magdalena Gorka claims that Casey engaged in harassing behavior and refused to pay or credit her after the abuse forced her to leave the film.

The 34-year-old actor/director was served with a similar case last week by producer Amanda White who alleged that Casey refused to pay her after she wouldn’t spend the night in his hotel room.

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  • Jello


  • jen

    he is pure scum, I believe this story completely, these celebs think they are god and everyone must do as they say.

  • Vanessa Moreland


  • ICU

    Don’t believe this for a second. Just some more gold diggers trying to get some easy, free money. Get a job, bimbo’s and make your own money!

  • Erin

    @Adam: You’re so disgusting. Shame on Jared banning Slig/Kaz but not a sh*tbag like you.

  • Joanne

    ugh, isn’t this guy married with kids! disgusting

  • boston61


    Come on out Adam. We don’t care that your gay. It’s OK.

  • boston61

    Funny, I’m on Mel’s side. But for some reason I believe this guy is guilty.

  • G

    Don’t pass judgments. You know how vicious rumors about women sleeping their way can derail their careers? It’s the same for men. Sexual rumors are harmful to everyone and their families. Don’t pass judgments without proof. These are allegations, folks.

  • boston61


    Agree. Well said.

  • offtheproperty

    It looks worse considering the jackass frat boy content of the mock-umentary. Maybe he (and Phoenix) should think about taking at least some things — sex, for one — at least semi seriously.

  • status quo

    Dude I don’t know. Two women coming forward? I really hope its a complete fabrication…Ben Affleck, dude go get your bro!!

  • JustBeingHonest

    I dont know sometimes where there is smoke there is fire if you know what I mean and that saying exists for a reason.
    This kind of reminds be of the Tiger Woods scandal and some others… so if more women come forward from over the years then it might have more back bone…. I hope not because that is horrible and wouldnt want to think he is capable of that… but fame and success goes to peoples heads.
    He has always had a chip on his shoulder being Ben’s less famous brother… so this could be a case of ego gone wrong you never know, hope not but you never know.
    Like I said sometimes where there is smoke there is fire :(

  • anonymous

    Why did these women wait SO LONG before filing their suits? I’m against all harassment, however slight, but the timing of this makes me doubt their stories. Also, despite the alleged harassment, they both returned to work. WHY would anyone return to a situation that she later described as distressing and intolerable? Also, given that Casey is married to the incredibly beautiful Summer Phoenix, the mother of his children, it’s hard to believe he’d be hitting on co-workers unless he had a serious addiction problem of some kind.

  • Some suits are toxic

    Sometimes these allegations are true and some times when they involve celebrites, they are pure fabriation. It takes one to complain and then the fakers crawl out of the woodwork. It has to do with the culture we live in. Once you meet a celebrity youi can accuse them of anything. Al Gore was just cleared by the Court that the original complainant did not have the evidence to back up her story yet his reputtion is now damaged because another woman thought this was a way to make easy money.

    I believe some of the Tiger Woods hos but some just thought there was easy money to be made. When hos meet celebrity they can accuse them of anything and there are hos outhere who just want the limelight for good or bad reasons. Then the teenage girl friend who never even saw the celebrity naked back then crawls out of thencloset and sells her story. Like the one who sold her story about Tiger’s father dead and gone cheating on his wife. There should be a limits to the besmirching of people’s character.

    Now there is some tell-all book on Jolie digging up Al Pacino’s relation with Jolie’s mother and her dead mother’s relationship with her father and relationships before she even met Voight. It’s time the public stop consuming every rag story as truth. Until a Court says so, it aint so!!


  • tree

    @anonymous: not to mention he was working with his brother-in-law!

    ugh if this is true: absolute. arsehole.

  • jj22

    Some of you people are pathetic! This has not been proving morons!

  • clay

    Why don’t guys take the time to learn how to charm, court and be respectful to women they want to get intimate with.

    To me, sexual harrasment points to a woeful lack of skills in that area.

  • mln

    i’ll wait to proof shows but tree made a point, casey affleck is married to joaquin’s sister. would he really be stupid enough to sexually harass women when making a movie with his wife’s brother?? maybe he is but it seems suspicious

  • kraken

    hopefully this isnt true!

  • t

    all you idiots that are calling him “scum” are idiots! theres no proof yet!

  • stupid j’s

    @Jello: @jen: @Joanne: who are you trying to fool? we all know you’re all the same person… loser


    What a prick, I hope this ruins his career

  • Brightside

    His behaviour sounds about right for most celebrities…immoral, dishonest, sexist and arrogant. Yep..that’s about right. I hope he get charged!

  • Rio

    Don’t buy this.Just another woman who wants to blackmail a celeb.That’s all.Poor Casey.
    These women are pretty summy in a way.

  • Rio

    I mean scummy…

  • Gaia

    No idea if this is true or not but it is now a way to get your 15 min. of fame.
    When noone would buy the rags, noone would watch TMZ and noone would wrote this on the net – they wouldn’t want to tell it.
    And what is harrassment? When you TOUCH a woman (somewould call it), when you want to sleep with her and you say no, or when you rape her?

  • aeg

    whether it’s true or not, I don’t like him, and his brother Ben.

  • Sam

    He’s not guilty.

  • Morgan

    I suppose it’s possible, but I’m hoping not. He’s a good actor and comes across as a nice guy.

  • CanadaGirl

    He hasn’t been convicted or charged with anything, so maybe the internet “lawyers” can cool it.

  • LawsuitMania

    $2 + $2.2 million… kachiiing… casey is now officially open for business

  • rebby

    Those Affleck boys are womanizers. Ben is on the straight and narrow now because he knows that if he is caught with someone else it will be a career killer…. his wife has portrayed herself as “the best Hollywood mom lol!!!”he looks miserable all of the time. Not some of the time lol.

  • SKY

    There must be some truth here…two women come forward. do you think they want all this grief and pain to accuse someone just for the money? Their timing is excellent..they waited for the release of the movie to make these allegations. There must be witnesses. i am sure Casey is calling everyone who was on the set asking for their silence. I don’t think he’s innocent….JP is a dog…sorry for the comment but he is.

  • yeahokwhatever

    yeah but you have to wonder about a woman , Gorka, who quit and came back for seconds, couldn’t have been so intolerable then could it? If someone did that to me I wouldn’t volunteer to go back into it, no matter what. That is what she claims happened does not look good on their part plus why wait so long? I am still not convinced especially with Gorka quitting and coming back sorry looks like they just got pissed abut something and decided this was they way they wanted to retaliate. Why wait so long to do it in the first place? Affleck had money before all this so why wait? Somehting is not adding up. Oh and Gorka and White are friends, wouldn’t you back your friend up? White may have more of a case than Gorka does
    because Gorka worked for them then quit, then came back and still did nothing. I no know one asks for this behavior but if you are a grown woman and you leave the situation, then come back knowing it will be that way, what does that make you? STUPID is what, so I do not know if I believe her at all because it sounds like they needed someone to try to bring validity to the already stupid charges and they used her to do it. If it were true I would have raised holy hell and immediately went to town with my lawyers a year ago, not waited for someone else to start it. I think they are using the reputation of this project to furhter their bank accounts. If they can bring up some proof besides he says she says then I do not see how it can go any further.

  • Agree

    yeahokwhatever, I agree with your comments. I would never return to an intolerable work situation, and I would have taken immediate action if I had been harassed. Something doesn’t add up here. Filing the complaints right before the release of what we’ve heard is a rather graphic film was not happenstance. You’re right about the women using the reputation of the film to bolster their credibility. Also, they made it sound like they were the only women working on the production but now other female employees are supporting Casey. Shame on Casey if he did anything inappropriate, but I’m yet to be convinced that he did.

  • AJ

    Cases take time to prepare. Maybe they needed to gather old video quietly from those that worked on the project, if they didn’t actually keep possession of it. Also, it is my understanding that one of the women was waiting for her pay/re-negotiation thereof. Maybe it never came to be as they had verbally agreed, so to put the pressure on, so as not to be shorted out of their agreement, she brought the harassment info to light. It could’ve happened. JP wouldn’t necessarily been aware if he was drunk or whatever, or maybe Casey and Summer have some kind of open arrangement. It is also my understanding that these types of video/production jobs are hard to get because there is so much competition. It is also not uncommon to push the dates of suing someone close to the statute of limitations, as this puts pressure on the defendant. I am not sure what that would be for harassment cases.

  • Pharme792

    Hello! feeeggg interesting feeeggg site!

  • Ernestine

    Ben is on the straight and narrow now because he knows that if he is caught with someone else it will be a career killer