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Levi Johnston & Brittani Senser Debut 'After Love' Music Video

Levi Johnston & Brittani Senser Debut 'After Love' Music Video

Levi Johnston snuggles up to singer Brittani Senser in her newly released music video for “After Love”.

The 20-year-old ex-fiance of Bristol Palin stars opposite Brittani as a young man whose girlfriend’s mother doesn’t approve of him. Sound familiar?

Brittani told E! Online of the video, “Yeah, it plays in with his life. It also plays in with mine.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Levi’s performance in the “After Love” video?

Brittani Senser – ‘After Love’
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  • Donna

    Levi is hot!
    HE should have done Dancing with the Stars not stupid Bristol!

  • Shari

    Levi and Bristol BOTH are fame wh0res! Period
    Bit at least Levi is easy on the eyes, Bristol is an ugly cow

  • Michelle

    EW. She looks haggard. How old is she? She looks 40. Definitely unfortunate.

  • Frida

    Which artist in her right mind would let this famewhore into her video?

  • Kelly

    Wow. That’s some GREAT acting in the beginning of the video…………

  • Mary

    Fu*king douchebag

  • M

    she looks too old to have such issues with her mom – her mom treats her like a teenager here

  • ICU

    Not good at all. Her and the Mom in the video look the exact same age, must be all that California sun that she has obviously been in since birth? She just looks really old like 40 something. Not a good singer either… sorry, but how do some of these people make it as far as they have?

  • Bloop

    @ICU: Rich parents buy you everything.. (agree w/you that this middle-aged woman, “Brittani”, cannot sing her way out of a paper bag).

  • n

    song is great and touchy and acting is great too, i think bristol and levi are smart and why not make money they have a child to raise, not that i like b&l but honestly why not earn?good for them!!!

  • J

    Ugh, her singing is really bad.

  • Yikes

    Give her a break. She has zero talent and has to find fame somehow. The other posters are right… She does look about twice her claimed age. Yikes!

  • Channy

    not only do I not like the video (and because of him, just in general) but I don’t like her voice, its nothing special and I think many sing a lot better. She needed that @ss in her vid just so people would watch it

  • Dawn

    I don’t know what offends me more….him or her singing. And I have to agree with some of the comments….how OLD is this girl??? The mom didn’t look that much older. Levi is still a douche…..only know he’s a douche who can’t even act in a music video…..

  • sully

    Ha Ha!! That looks hilarious when her and the “mother” are fighting. They look the same age!

  • Solaera

    Lol. Her bio on wiki claims she was born in 1984… no way is this woman only 26.

  • lw

    this song makes my ears bleed.

  • dand do

    what in the sam hercules is this? Her voice she smoke 20 packs of smokes before filming?
    First she answered her mom with WHAT she should have been slapped once she got down the stairs. Stop trying to sound like everyone you like to listen too…

  • ka-blamo

    It’s true, she looks and sings like 46 years old chain smoker. She belongs on Desperate Housewives of New Jersey. I don’t think she could have looked much uglier. She’s got butterface big time. As for Levi, well he looks like a big, dumb ox. Like at any moment he’ll open his mouth and all you’ll hear is “durrr, durrrr, durrrrr!”

  • luvd80s2

    Just waisted 4 mins of my life watching bad acting and singing!

  • Huh?

    Levi Johnston is damn sexy but this video makes no sense whatsoever and this girl, whoever she is, needs some more voice lessons.

  • Ginger

    I like the story line of the video… But she does look older than Levi. She has a deep crusty voice. Her voice is not bad. It sounds black… she must sing just r&b music.

  • mike moore


    worst. video. EVER.

    two cougars with bad nose jobs. evil mom. then stupid daughter gives mom tender touch for being evil?!?! did I miss something here?

    never thought I’d say such a thing, but Levi was the best thing about it.

    PS – whoever directed video needs to go back to film school.

  • why?

    he looks like hes about to rape her. why can’t he just go away, seriously?

  • awful

    I had to turn the sound off……the song is awful. Brittani looks old enough to be Levi’s mother. She would be getting zero play with this bomb of a song if it wasn’t for Levi’s notoriety.

  • dani

    The video doesn’t matter since the song is so bad–no one will buy it anyhow.

  • Juleanden

    great pleasure to see two extremely untalented people make a fool of themselves . Keep up the great work.

  • Eugene

    To quote Jack MacFarland: “I just threw-up a little bit, in my mouth…”

  • emilie

    what is she doing still living at home? that chick looks like she’s in her 40′s!

  • Jan

    She is using Levi to get attention for her video. Levi used Bristol to get attention before going to LA to shoot this as he knew it would give him the fame he wanted and extra fame for this video. USERS make money $$$ only if the public buys this video. I am NOT buying it.

  • Jerry

    Pathetic. The song was terrible; poorly sung; acting stiff; Levi rediculous.
    Other than that, it was a waste of time and money to produce.

  • http://@ElleSixx888 ES

    WOAH!! Are you having BABY JESUS?! HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tina

    Ugh, her singing is really bad.