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Madonna: London Landing with Brahim & the Kids!

Madonna: London Landing with Brahim & the Kids!

Madonna touches down at Heathrow Airport on her 53rd birthday on Tuesday (August 16) in London, England.

Also with the entertainer: her 24-year-old boyfriend, French dancer Brahim Zaibat, and her four kids, Lourdes, Rocco, David, and Mercy.

Madonna recently chatted with Vanity Fair about her directorial debut, W.E., which focuses on two different love stories.

“It was easy to get swept up in the historical relevance and epic romance of Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII,” she said about the British king who gave up the throne to marry the American divorcee.

“The fact that they were also the fashion icons of their day added to their allure for me,” she added.

10+ pictures isnide of Madonna, Brahim Zaibat, and her kids at Heathrow Airport…

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  • AllForUSophia

    The poor thing doesn’t really have a clue, does she?

  • http://Ja Slig o lambert ^_^cute

    Ok still in london

  • Sean

    I love Madonna but she sets a bad example for her teen daughter she is older than this guy’s parents.

  • My Secret is the best

    is he really french ?
    He doesn’t look like one for me.

  • laverdadduele

    I don’t care how famous she is or how much money and influence she has. She’s a s l u t who’s setting a bad example for those kids.

  • :D

    Happy Birthday to the Queen of POP rob that cradle girl if you were a man it wouldn’t be as big of deal.

  • QOP

    You can’t teach a OLD HAG new tricks and Madonna at 53 is older than dirt trying to do pop music. Mark my words Madonna will make a fool out of herself with her new album coming out and she will make Lady Gaga even bigger than what she is now. Pop music is for the young. Madonna needs to retire, enjoy her money and let the new generation make pop music. The young people are going to laugh and mock Madonna when her new album comes out. The Madonna fans are living in the past like it’s 1984 but its not. Madonna was big in another generation. Gaga is the Queen of Pop in this generation.

  • Devi

    Wishing Madonna a stellar birthday and many wonderful & priceless gifts, as to return the favor of her lending the gift of self and who has been nothing less than an amazing example to those who dare to dream. Thanks for many dances & years of grade A entertainment, and may there be many more. Bless you, queen of the Leo!

  • l


    it does not matter if you are a woman or a man.. it’s just wrong dating someone 20+ years younger..

  • MichaelFassbender.HowIlovethee

    Dating a much younger man is nothing I would ever feel comfortable with but good for her. Many Hollywood men as they age, tend to select girls young enough to be their daughter, even granddaughter. I will admit I would never feel comfortable with my mom dating someone 9-10 years older than myself. Just a little bit awkward.

  • What do u expect?

    This is Madonna!!! Madonna doesn’t fit in a box. She’s always been active and healthy. She eats right. Men her age can’t keep up, that’s all. She doesn’t want to marry again. She’s not going to give birth to this guy’s kid. He’s grown and he’s European… that can make a difference. Maybe he’s very sensual and loves an older, experienced woman.——————– Lady Gaga is a great singer, but she’s just a “copy” of Madonna. When I see her, I see what I’ve already seen. As far as I’m concerned, there will never be people or music like there was in Madonna’s time. Everything is changing and people seem to be running out of ideas. Music has been dying out for years now. So much lame stuff out there. Even the musicians are lame. Where are the hooks, the beautiful melodies in songs anymore? Singers can’t even earn big bucks since all their music is easily downloaded. Concerts aren’t big. No one comes close to Madonna. I really feel sorry for the younger people. It will never be like it was. We had everything back then. Everything was SOOO much more exciting. Now people are depressed. The economy is bad. Actresses and actors are appearing in commercials and trying to get a cosmetic contract just to earn a living. Bad times now… and more ahead, I’m afraid.

  • QOP

    @What do u expect?: If Lady Gaga is a copy of Madonna, she sure is a much better version. I grew up in the 80′s too and Madonna was nothing special. Taking off your cloths and writing sex books does not make you great. Madonna was shocking in the 80′s because it was a different time and we were more conservative. I don’t think Madonna would make it in this Generation. Lady Gaga sing lives, plays instruments, writes her own music, I can Keep going on and on. Britney Spears and Katy Perry are more like Madonna. I think the only reason Gaga is getting the Madonna crap is because she is a white woman with blonde hair who is crushing the Pop World and Madonna fans can not except the fact that Gaga is the NEW QUEEN. Alot of other poptarts came after Madonna but did not rock her throne the way Lady Gaga has. What I don’t get is Beyonce is copying all the the greats like Tina Turner, Diana Ross and I can go on but she is not getting this copycat crap like Lady Gaga is getting and the reason is Tina Turner Fans and Diana Ross fans are not as insecure or could give a care about Beyonce. It seems that Lady Gaga is REALLY getting under the skins of alot of Madonnas Fan base. I have never seen this before with any other female artist in history. Gaga took over this generation get over it. Madonna is now a old woman from another generation. Karma is coming back to Madonna. I remember the snarling comments Madonna made about Cher in the late 80′s when Cher had her hit song ( If I could turn back time). Madonna was mocking Cher. Well baby who’s getting the last laugh now. Cher looked hundred times better than Madonna at the same age of 53 and Cher will be working with the biggest Pop Queen on the Planet, Lady Gaga on a new track coming pretty soon that Gaga wrote. Karma Karma Karma

  • QOP

    Madonna just set Women back 20 Years with this nasty relationship with this kid. This is so sick. Lets do the math. 10 years ago Madonnas boyfriend would have been 14 years old and she would have been 43 years old. I am tired of Madonna’s crazy fans defending her dating this boy by saying well men have been doing this for years. SO WHAT! It’s does not make it right. My logic on that is if a person jumps off a bridge are you going to jump to? I think its wrong when Men date much younger women or when women like Madonna dates little boys. Madonna is using this boy like older men do to younger women and that is to have control over them Madonna is to weak to date a real man around her age because she can’t control a older man who”s on her level or who has things in common with her. Madonna and her little boy lover have NOTHING IN COMMON. If I were her kids I would be ashamed and embarrassed. I can see a scandal a mile away and that is when Lourdes, Madonnas daughter brings over her guy friends, that nasty, old fart Madonna will be all over the litte boys. So nasty. Yuck. It makes me want to BARF thinking about it.

  • Erin

    You must not have anything better to do with your time of youre seriously going to get so heated over the age difference in Madonnas relationship! He is not a minor he is a grown adult and if she enjoys his company and he enjoys hers who are you to judge? Who are you to dictate how old you should be to be happy together? Its people like you that create the petty issues in this world. Lets make a big fuss over happiness because of an age gap… People need to mind their own businessof it’s not hurting anyone.

  • Erin

    And as far as Lady Gaga being so much better then Madonna… Lol not a chance chick. Who do you think inspired and opened the doors to much of the female artists like Lady Gaga? Madonna is an icon, she crossed boundaries that have allowed the sexual performances on stage and video for people like Lady Gaga! She brought a sexual liberation to women all over the world on a great way. You are clueless.

  • kc

    Not sure you are target with your comments and let’s be honest Madonna couldn’t have stuck around for 28 years unless she was absolutely talented. You just can’t be that lucky. Cher/gaga???? I actually have no words. I really liked Gaga, The Fame Monster was amazing but this stuff is so bad and she seems really desperate with all of the attention etc. I hope she goes away for a bit and takes a break. Gaga burnout is definitely occuring.

  • shan

    The truth is that the key to having a long pop career is change and every new album madonna makes is different to her previous one. Lady GaGa is more of a trend than an icon like madonna is. Lady gaga can’t reinvent herself (she can’t go from 90′s r&b to electronic music) because then she won’t be lady gaga. By the end of the decade madonna may not be making music but she will be on top and still be an icon for self empowerment and breaking racial barriers. Lady gaga however just like fashion will become ‘last season’ along with rihanna, katy perry.

  • Lydia Roberts

    I’m glad to see Madonna happy again and in a new relationship with Brahim Zaibat even though he is 28 years younger than her.
    I have always liked younger men. I have never dated or had sex with anyone older than me – it hasn’t been a conscious choice, just a fact. I love their youthful energy, it makes me feel young. Not that I am old – really, 35 isn’t, and society is more accepting of cougar relationships these days.
    So beware guys the cougars are on the loose – and if they lure you in you might just be in for the best ride of your life.

  • Finanas

    @My Secret is the best: wow… you actually wait for the 4th comment. C’mon guyz, you have very NO culture for thinking that French people are ALL WHITE people. French colonized Africa & SE Asia for decades, no wonder the population of these countries chose France when they want to imigrate. Anyway thinking that you only have white people in France is like thinking they’re only big fat dumb-ass in USA.

  • just

    cute family!

  • ang

    Gaga may be Queen of Pop today but the real queen is still Madonna. we’ll see where Gaga will be in a 20 years. It depends what this title mean for people but for me it’s sth more than being on the top for a few seasons. Gaga is compared to a woman who is an icon, living legend! So think who is the real Queen.

  • sasha

    He’s french of Algerian origin

    Agree with Finanas

  • Amazed

    Nice looking family sorry to make comparisons but Madonnas kids are always dressed much better than the JP’s whose clothes always look like they come from the bargain basement and for what the JP’s are worth millions

  • lolita

    Madonna cant even sing good at all. In her younger years she had a good voice but her latest songs are CRAP. people how can you really like this old raisin?! We need new singers with new fresh music – not this old woman. She could do something else instead

  • :D

    @QOP: keep dreaming buddy go to the ASCAP writers registry and u will find Madonna wrote 99.9% of her songs including the hits. Madonna plays guitar always did and played the drums but gave it up because she didn’t like being in the back. Madonna is a great dancer. Gaga is crouching nobody she’s getting crushed by Adele and Katy Perry. You can’t compare the 80′s to now but Madonna was breaking all kinds of records back then. you tube it dumb ass all old news reports show how pile lined up by department stores for days to buy her tickets. things moved slower back then. Madonna is still the Queen because all gaga knows how to do is sound like she’s sick and mashup old ideas.

  • What do u expect?

    QOP—— Well, you tried with your arguments, QOP, but you failed to convince me. One thing I REALLY loved about Madonna was the fact that even if she was no Celine Dion, she was the smartest lady about her music, so it did not matter. She was so independent and strong, and she took control of her career and made it skyrocket! Her music was catchy and addicting. The songs she sang made me dance. I couldn’t help myself. I still love listening to just about everything that is Madonna. There were so many great songs that came from that lady. Back then the dance mixes were popular and her “Into the Groove” was HUGE! And she was interesting because she was so doggone sassy, flirty and nervy. She wanted attention and she got it. She loved to freak people out. I didn’t care for the sex stuff either, but Madonna never seemed like she was going to lose herself or have a nervous breakdown. She was in control of her life the entire time. She’s a sane woman with good sense, a good head on her shoulders… likely from her upbringing. I wonder about Lady Gaga. She doesn’t seem to be that emotionally healthy. I just hope she does not become a tortured soul in the end. You must have a strong sense of yourself to survive the type of fame Madonna has had.

  • Butterfly

    Thanks for many dances & years of grade A entertainment, and may there be many more. Bless you, queen of the Leo!