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Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler Watch the Sunset

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler Watch the Sunset

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her bikini bod as she spends time with her boyfriend, Austin Butler, on Saturday (January 21) in Hawaii.

The 23-year-old Journey 2 actress and her shirtless sweetheart splashed in the water and watched the sun set after going kayaking together earlier in the day.

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Last week, Vanessa and Josh Hutcherson promoted Journey 2 in Australia! Check out Vanessa‘s red hot premiere look if you haven’t seen it yet.

Journey 2 hits theaters in the U.S. on Friday, February 10.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Heather Gardner‘s shark tooth necklace.

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Photos: FameFlynet Pictures
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  • lauren

    do the paps know she’s there or they just assume she’s gonna be at the beach all day every day?

  • Michele

    Looks alittle set up cmon guys lol?????? Netherless just plain gorgeous

  • kelly martineau

    Is vanessa and josh in Hawaii promoting there movie?
    Or are the three of them there on vacation. How does austin pay for theses vacations Florida and know Hawaii.

  • Mia

    This is completely obvious- this girl lives for cameras. Famewh$re and attention seeker! And we really need to see her everyday touching with this guy in the beach?

  • vanessafan
  • ——

    I am happy that she’s seems happy, but I am worried that he might be using her. He might be the one who tips paps off if they are at all.

  • Mellissa T

    hello photo op!
    of course she knows the paparazzi are there.. why are people so afraid to ‘say’ that?! (celebrities frequently call paparazzi when they’re out.. it’s not something that is hidden)

  • loverducky

    I am sorry, but this has got to be the most annoying couple ever. They might want to think about getting a room..or try to stop sucking face for a few moments. They may be very lovely people but the flaunting of their relationship got old after the first sighting..also, I don’t really know who they are…so why do the paps seem to care about them so much? Anywho, I will take part of the blame for taking part in these discussions.

  • Nicky

    @kelly martineau: Do you really think Austin would pay for it? With what? He doesn’t earn so much money. Vanessa is the one who has the money in this relationship and has to pay for most of the things. The black and white shorts he has worn on Friday 20th, has Vanessa bought in Sydney. Here’s a picture:
    It seems he’s poor guy.

  • boji

    V has really come into her own, looking more beautiful as she gets older. The pic of them together looking off into the sunset is absolutely romantic. She’s making the most of her stay in Hawaii. She makes such a lovely picture in the white dress with a purple orchid in her hair, an exotic beauty.

  • lol

    not suprised.

  • tomasiy

    She looks gorgeous!

  • ren


  • [~Fug Face Man!ston~]

    …Can someone please tell me why Jared keeps posting pictures of them doing absolutely nothing..

  • tomasiy

    She is doing the Journey2 press junket there, the whole cast is there, they were working with international press yesterday and the paparazzis are always in Hawaii

  • maria

    Why can’t they enjoy a sunset like all the couples there?? I agree, all these pics are upsetting, but they sell. They need to leave her alone. I’m sure there are plenty of other celebs in Hawaii. Unfortunately, the paps know she is there for promo. But, I will say, I’m happy she can enjoy those sunsets again with someone new. Just wish they could do it alone.

  • BloodbuzzOhio

    Stop calling the paparazzi, and crazy fans, stop believing that is actually oblivious to this.

  • tomasiy

    @kelly martineau
    All the Journey2 cast is in Hawaii… Next stop Mexico
    And no one cares about who pay, he is with her and she wants him there!

  • Alexis

    She’s looking chubby.

  • maria

    @Nicky: How many 20 yr olds do you know with lots of money? He’s a young actor, trying to make his mark. Vanessa does have more money, cause she has some projects under her belt. Why is that a crime? Actresses often date men with less than they have, because it’s not about money. That’s pretty shallow.

  • tomasiy

    Lol she is there working, just bc JJ just post those pictures doesnt mean those are the only ones, there are pictures of her doing press, interviews and more… BTW we all love the pictures! They are so cute!!

  • boji

    Well, good that she can afford to buy him something from oz. come on, does it matter in this day and age if a girl earns more than a guy? Some of you make it out to be a crime. Vanessa’s not complaining so why are we?

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Damn such a gorgeous couple. And V is so pretty……I agree maria, she looks super beautiful in that pic with the orchid. me like it. maria have you noticed that in some pics austin looks like patrick schwarzenegger.

  • ?

    I’ll tell you the same thing i Tell everyone else show me actual proof of what u say
    Leave it to u people to spoil a romantic sunset at a great location between two people who care about each other

  • boji

    @ Maia, great minds think alike as I always say. Just saw your post.

  • tomasiy

    That probs that Vanessa actually cares about him, she was thinking about him in Australia and i think thats why you guys hate him, beacuse SHE loves him, even Josh knows Vanessa is IN LOVE with her “boo” Austin! Hahahah

  • tomasiy

    Agree! Adorables

  • tomasiy

    And she has an amazing body!

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The paps or blogs can’t help it either. They are a beautiful couple to photograph, and V is famous in her own right. It just comes with the business.

  • tomasiy

    @[~Fug Face Man!ston~]
    Bc Jared knows this pictures would bring the comments, theres other pictures of Vanessa with the Journey2 cast, Vanessa with her team, Vanessa doing press, but everyone just like to think she is there just in the beach all day calling the paparazzis, when she really is there working too.

  • maria

    @tomasiy: Thank you. That is so true. And if you’re “stuck” working someplace like Hawaii, how can you stay in your room??

  • mmmmmmmmmmmm

    Is it just me or is there at least one pic were he seems to be looking right into the cameras while she is looking somewhere else? It just seems kind of odd. No one really knew who he was and now he’s all over the place. I hope it’s not just a game he’s playing on her. I reall want her to be happy.

  • will

    she is soooooo beautifull!

  • Yesss

    Zac this is all for you. Desperate!
    U taking bikini pics for Brad and Rihanna taking bikini pics for Chris B.
    Just tell the man u want him back. Save us the boredom of these pics!

  • Yesss

    Zac this is all for you. Desperate!
    U taking bikini pics for Zac and Rihanna taking bikini pics of Chris B.
    Just tell the man u want him back. Save us the boredom of these pics!

  • Yesss

    Zac this is all for you. Desperate!
    U taking bikini pics for Zac and Rihanna taking bikini pics for Chris B.
    Just tell the man u want him back. Save us the boredom of these pics!
    LOL Ok this is the Correct Version!!!!!

  • evz

    @Mia: You know, like you Vanessa has the right to live her life according to her own freewill, so does someone who took those pics you’re looking at. And if you have any sense at all, you would know that Vanessa can not control everything/anything just that she can not control what you and other haters say/think at all. She’s living her life and it’s not her fault if the paps take a pic of her everyday life. You should blame someone who posted the pics and that’s definitely not V.

  • Yesss

    @evz – as if u know Vanessa personally that you can say that! Please…..

  • edith

    @Mellissa T:

    I totally agree with u cuz there’s no way that the paps no where they are 24/7

  • lol

    these are blatant photo ops, keep this in mind the next time tisdale and hudgens complain about paparazzi. look at how zac has barely been snapped since he broke up with vanessa.

  • wetbeaver69

    What exactly is Vanessa HugeAnus famous for anyway??

  • laura

    i like how she;s not super skinny.

  • e

    Maybe you should consider the fact that since she is there to do pr for her new movie that the press knows where she and the rest of the cast are staying, the hotel I mean, and know that since it is Hawaii that she won’t be staying locked up in her room on her time of and that the beach outside the hotel is the first place that they would go and that she most likely don’t have enough time of to go anywhere else. Besides, there are a lot of other people on the beach and non of the seem bothered by the paps which means that they obviously are pretty far away not to mention that non of them seem to find anything wrong with either Vanessa or Austin which tells anyone with more then half a brain that they obviously aren’t doing anything “wrong” and by that I mean that they aren’t doing things that normal people in love don’t do.


    There are paps pics of Zac out shopping from yesterday so I that argyument doesn’t work.

  • Haters Suck!

    They are having a very nice and sweet moment together and I think no matter what happens they’ll always remember. You haters can suck it.

  • jaded

    @Nicky: Is it really any of your business? Why do you care so much? I often buy clothes for my boyfriend if I see something that I like and think it would stylishly suit him AND I can assure you that he earns more than enough and he often buys me things as well…not clothes..I’m a bit picky and he is a bit clueless when it comes to buying women’s clothes. My point is: stop making such harsh judgements. Unless you see Austin’s tax returns, I’m sure you have no grounds to be so judgmental. Point blank: you annoy me. Leave then alone.

  • erdg

    im sick of them

  • jaded

    @boji: I absolutely agree with you. The haters can whinge all they want but it hard to deny how gorgeous they look in that sunset photograph. Just breathtaking in my opinion.

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    They look inlove… :’(

  • Really

    @Mellissa T:
    All you people who say celebs call paparazzi should just wear big red hats that say, “I know nothing about Hollywood.” Courtney Stodden and Paris Hilton don’t even have to call them. They lurk. They wait. They follow. That’s why it’s rare to get smiling celeb photos–they are not happy about getting snapped just going about their life. Zoom lenses may catch a smiling moment. Vanessa and Austin are trying to have a normal relationship and doing their best to ignore interruption. Pity them!

  • Roxy

    BEAUTIFUL COUPLE! i do believe actors in tv shows make enough money to survive on their own (to pay their own bills and vacations too). and if she paid so what, that’s nice! she wants her man next to her, YES HER MAN! i do pay meals for my man sometimes (nothing wrong with that) this is 2012 not 1980s…..It’s sad that people cant accept the fact that she has moved on from her ex, found love again and live her life happily not thinking of what haters say. i seriously doubt she will get back with her ex, that was long time ago. neither one has tried anything!!!!!!! im not saying she will last forever with Austin, but hopefully for a while…they seem happy, at least she is and im happy for her! no mater who paid that tickets he’s at least commited to her, to go see her and make her happy- he cares and he’s not ashamed of cameras…he will still hold her hand and open the door for her. if he was using her, he would have benn gone right after the first the slept together, but no he stayed by her side. i’m Vanessa’s fan, she is my idol and i support every decision of hers-thats what fans aresupposed to do. And if this decision if Austin, well good, he put all the pieces together to her broken heart and at least SHE IS HAPPY :) jealousy and hate is unnecessary! find love and be happy xx