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Alexander Skarsgard - Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Alexander Skarsgard - Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Alexander Skarsgard looks dapper as he suits up for the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar Party held at Sunset Tower on Sunday (February 26) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Earlier in the weekend, the 35-year-old True Blood hunk suited up for the Independent Spirit Awards in support of his film Melancholia, which was nominated for Best International Film at the ceremony.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Earlier in the month, Alex and Taylor Kitsch attended the International Toy Fair showroom in New York City – the two will star together in the upcoming film Battleship!

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  • ladybug

    He does rock the tux.

  • mary

    Just beautiful

  • Smiles

    such a wonderful smile he look FANGTASTIC here love the tux

  • chelle

    DAMN!!! I wonder if he brought brother to this too?

  • Disney Villainess

    Well, hot diggity damn!!

  • Kim kardashian

    Rigge bush more handsome and hot smile

  • Lilla


  • Carona

    yummy he is gorgeous love his smile and his eyes totally smashing

  • Het, hetare, hetast.

    You’re killing me with your beauty, Alex!

  • Asa

    Alex looks really happy here. Perhaps he found someone new. Hope so!

  • Kim kardashian

    Alexander is normal

  • Fashionista

    Alex looks great. Very handsome. The tux is a perfect fit.

  • tula

    Michael Polish probably thought he looked kind of good in his suit..until Alex walked in the room…got that has to just kill KB…

  • I luv twilight

    Yes he has found someone new someone called………….. Elizabeth Olsen 23 or 24 years old( ? )………There is an article on an old Alex post they were together at the pre Oscar party and she was with him at the vanity fair party there is a picture of her………….

  • knackered giraffe

    That is one tall drink of water, right there. Good grief, he looks good!

  • Don’t think

    @I luv twilight: I don’t think they’re together if that’s only based on the fact they were at awards-time parties and events, also having a conversation. If you forget, Elizabeth Olsen was on the cover of Vanity Fair for the “upcoming” actresses cover and was very close to being nominated. Of course she’d be invited and be there, as she would be for other parties. Who knows but saying two people at a party had a conversation, especially when a number of those parties are about networking, isn’t really anything big. Poor dude can’t talk to any female without immediately getting the “are they/aren’t they” question.


    Is he dating someone new or isn’t he….I don’t care. Does he look good? Hell yes! Both physically and emotionally. He is smiling more freely now. He looks like the world has been lifted off his shoulders. Let him live his life folks the way he wants and don’t be so quick to assume things from a rumor here and there. He wears the unattached look well.

  • GF Rumors

    Did he really hop from maybe holding Lucy Griffith’s hand at the Golden Globes to maybe dating Elizabeth Olsen in one month? Come on now… Also, he hasn’t been seen out and about a lot for the last six months or so and I think people are getting antsy and want to start stuff about him, just to have something to talk about.

  • Jeez

    Not only has he been linked to 25 year old-Lucy griffiths nothing went on except a co star situation and all over again the speculation is starting again someone even younger then Lucy 23 year old -Lizzie olsen based on a tweet of them spending the whole night together talking at a pre Oscar party and then a report comes out stating they were only talking for about an hour a romance is brewing WOW Alex moves fast in an hour for them to have a romance.
    And now there both at vanity fair party again there a couple arriving seperate poor Alexander cannot even talk to a women without being accused of dating, hooking up, sleeping together the lists goes on and it
    And gets boring round and round in circles.

  • OK

    @GF Rumors:

  • smiles1_9

    like a BOSS. as per usual. :)

  • Lilla

    He’s going to be linked to anoyone he breathes near. Who cares who he talked to, focus on the important things. Like him in that tux!! Yum.

  • Margo


  • Alexander Skarsgard is balding

    @I luv twilight:
    I’m glad he’s found his “soulmate” in the form of little Michelle(s) from Full Hose’s baby sister. He must like the taste of young poon, not the old ones. Didn’t he screw some 18 year old during the shoot of Straw Dogs?
    If you thought Kate Bosworth is a bad person look at who is acting like the famewhore now showing up to all these recent award show after -parties.

  • Alexander Skarsgard is balding

    @GF Rumors:
    Look, he has been on record as saying he like to fcuck for fun. So even if you think the rumors are not true, think again. He seems to like to fcuck the pretty young ones, too.
    Maybe, he and Gerard should become “soulmates” and work on some threesomes together.

  • true

    @Alexander Skarsgard is balding: ahahahah…so true! yes, he f*uck with 18 year old willa holland during “straw dogs” and Evan rachel wood and bosworth

  • CasC

    @Alexander Skarsgard is balding
    Funny how you two pop up with there might be gossip involve you really must be in love fanboys your love for him is castrating common sense. In the end E Olsen ain’t no pup and so what?! Hef has more than enough 18 year old at his play pen and he gets celebrated for it. So what is your point. It’s not like Alex was alone with Willa even it was a group outing. God you people are moronic.
    Second it’s Oscar week bradley Coop was spotting hugging and kiss Scarjo and chatting while Zoe was doing whatever so gossip there. People gather, talk and drink if they were so into each other the reporters would said they left together which they didn’t. On the older Alex Trend there are post that E Olsen was there with some other dude but carrying on with your moronic posts it entertaining to read that people are indeed this stupid.

  • ladybug

    @Alexander Skarsgard is balding: I know I’m breaking my own rules by responding to the troll but … “Look, he has been on record as saying he like to fcuck for fun..” Isn’t that usually why people do that, for fun and enjoyment? Or shall we read that statement as further insight into your sad pathetic mind?

  • Lilla

    Well, winters in Sweden are long & boring.

  • hehe

    Never thought I see the day that Skarsgard is being compared to Hef. So is it agreed that he can be a horn dog at times?

  • Stacie

    He’s so beautiful . He makes me wish I were a pretty girl . Love him .

  • Stacie

    @TEXAS SWEDE: I totally agree with 100% of what you said . Let him live his life people . : )

  • Lilla

    He never hooked up with Willa, that was a set up photo shoot.

  • No baldness here.

    @ Alexander Skarsgard is balding:
    You know, your posts reeks of jealousy. Question is, are you jealous of Askars or are you jealous of the girls he’s been hanging out with? I put my money on the girls. Oh, wouldn’t you like to be in their place, to have the attention of the mighty viking God! From reading your earlier posts I understand that you’re totally obsessed with him, but you try to hide your secret crush under snarky remarks. So obvious! You can fess up. We won’t think any less of you. ;)

  • yeah right

    @33- sure it was ;) .

  • Average Jane

    I have no idea of what he is like as a person, or what he does in his personal life, but my god he is handsome. If Michelangelo had met him, the statue probably would have been called “Alexander” and not “David.” In all seriousness, this man is walking art, especially in a tux. On my bucket list: have a man as dashing as AS take me to a black tie ball and dance with me all night :) A girl can dream, right? PS Stellan is no slouch either!

  • CJ

    I LOVE Alex. He is the hotness.

    Is this his “new” standard pose? It reminds me of his blackbook pic in the tux. I don’t like how he stands with the one bent leg and on a lean! Yes, I am a fussy b*tch. Just stand there man with straight legs!!!

  • CJ

    @Average Jane:

    On my bucket list AS and I would not be dancing! Ha ha! Sorry but the man brings it out in me!

  • Lilla

    @yeah right: it was in an interview.

  • youyou

    alex is hoooooooooooooooooot damn man i can’t belive it he is getting better every time

  • yeah right

    @35- no it wasn’t. Facebook.

  • yeah right

    oops -lets try that again @39 -no it wasn’t. Facebook.

  • Rachel ()

    Whatever, he looks pretty. She’s a little young(& you ppl are making a HUGE stretch), but I would totally be good with them as a couple. As Seth Rogen said, she really is the best Olsen. = )

  • Rachel ()

    @Rachel (): Oh, and E Olsen was totally at the Spirit Awards w/ some dude. They walked in together and everything….also, Willa Holland is gorgeous and charismatic, but AS said that he wouldn’t date a girl more than 5 years younger than him. Could’ve just been saying that, but…..

  • Chatting

    @Rachel ():
    he was with her at the VF too there are pics, it was just a chat people get over it. Plus Alex seems to have gone with his swedish buds or brother and there were swooning girls. E Olsen doesn’t speak swedish especially after one night lol.

  • GreenCAT


  • ladybug

    @Rachel (): I suspect the Willa Holland pics were AS being very flirty and goofy, which is his natural self. He wasn’t necessarily flirty with intent, as it were.

  • blah

    @Rachel (): IIRC he said 10 years younger to 15 years older. KB was 7 years younger, so…
    But that statement was also made before he had vagina flung at him wherever he went, so…
    Lord knows I’d probably fling mine at him if I saw him.

  • Macy

    The man looks gorgeous, but he doesn’t know how to do his hair to save his life. I don’t know why he’s taken to combing it like that, but I don’t like it when it’s combed straight off his forehead and upward. I like it more natural at the sides by his temples. I dunno, I’m just nitpicking but he did that in NYC this summer too and I wish he wouldn’t. He looks fantastic in that tux though and it’s so good to see him smiling. Must have been weird since the life partners were there too. Hopefully they didn’t have their paths cross. Maybe it was like the SD premiere when he came and left all before she got there.

  • LaLaHollywood

    I like his hair like this. He really can’t go wrong, imo. :)