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Alex O'Loughlin: Shirtless in Hawaii!

Alex O'Loughlin: Shirtless in Hawaii!

Alex O’Loughlin shows off his fit shirtless body as he leaves a 7 Eleven store with some cold beverages on Tuesday (May 1) in Hawaii.

On the latest episode of the 35-year-old actor’s hit series Hawaii Five-O, a crossover storyline with NCIS: Los Angeles was introduced!

In case you missed the episode, make sure to visit to catch up and then check out this week’s NCIS: Los Angeles for the conclusion of the story.

Next week on Hawaii Five-O, McGarrett (O’Loughlin) finally gets to Wo Fat and is stunned to learn that the Japanese Yakuza wants them both dead.

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  • Henry


  • Hawaii 50 not need on x over

    Y do they use crossover when NCIS LA when they did not need Hawaii50
    Team they figured it out on their own STUPID! Glad that Alex is back!
    Season finale!

  • futuremrsdicaprio

    Pretty bummed McGarrett missed the crossover. It would have been fun to see him butt heads with Callen! And why didn’t they take Kensi and Deeks to Hawaii? @Hawaii 50 not need on x over: It’s a show, pure entertainment. Why not combine two great casts?

  • Jessica

    I want to suck on his toes!

  • 2 minutes with Chin and Danno

    Future Mrs Caprio because the whole NCIS LA was with their OWN CAST .

  • Desiree Lee


  • Glad to have Alex back

    Guess rehab worked !

  • megan

    so hot!

  • Me2

    OMG!!… he’s so hooooooooooooooot!!!… thanx JJ!!… ok so I’m in the middle east and since we’re kinda behind on tv shows I haven’e seen the cross over. does that mean that there’s no H50 season 3?

  • Me2

    BTW,JJ, please post Alex O threads . Don’t make it all about Gerard Butler, Emma Roberts, jessica simpson, Vanessa Hudgens, etc… ALex O has fans too :)

  • Me2

    I meant ” post more Alex O threads”.

  • Jerry

    Didn’t he miss the crossover episode because he was in rehab at the time?

  • brr

    he missed crossover episode because he was in rehab, and there is season 3!!

  • Me2

    @brr:. i miss understood and thought that there would be no H50 season 3. Thanks 4 clearing things up

  • futuremrsdicaprio

    @2 minutes with Chin and Danno: I think you think the two casts are now on one show. They still have their respective shows, they just worked together for two special episodes. @Me2: Each show will have its own season.
    Do people not understand what “special crossover episodes” means?

  • Me2

    @futuremrsdicaprio: I asked a question and I got my answer,Why are you so pissed off about it?

  • futuremrsdicaprio

    I said “people,” because it’s not just you who didn’t understand what was going on with the two casts. I’m not pissed off about it. People not understanding crossover episodes does not piss me off. I also asked a question.

  • Me2

    @futuremrsdicaprio: My apologies then.

  • kelly

    Jesus, that man is hot!

  • wywh


  • chilij

    I’ve been wondering why Alex O has been MIA on 50; thanks for the info. Anyone know why he needed rehab?

  • chilij


    do you know why he was in rehab?

  • kelly

    @chilij treatment for prescription pills but looks like he’s doing really well now.

  • eerie.

    awww he’s so sweet posing with a fan :)

  • km

    Does anyone else fantasize about this man while making love to your husband, or is it just me?

  • Lee

    HOT! I want to f*ck him soooo bad! <3

  • AOLfan

    Yummy! Next time lose the pants :)

  • Sam

    OMG ! He looks terrible. I cannot believe people is so blind and call that healthy. I don’t think 30 days on drug rehab helped much. Probably just enough to make him able to film the 2 finale episodes CBS needed. He should go back for a longer needed treatment or he will relapse soon.
    And the tattos just make him look like a bum. He should wear a shirt like normal people, he is not 25 anymore . Yes, classy.

  • GKC


    I agree.

  • jess

    I think the tats r each his/her own I suppose
    As far as his health is concerned, none of us know how he really is doing, but he definitely looks much better than he did b4 rehab so that’s a good sign. Hopefully his troubles r behind him. SEXY as HELL!

  • ali blue

    How come all the shirtless dudes at my local 7 Eleven are fat & have back hair? I’m moving to Honolulu ASAP! Hot!!!

  • kikki

    @km: Totally!!!

  • Amy

    He looks like a drug addict. No wonder CBS chose DDKim to go to the White House dinner and to do all the promotion of the show. Alex is classy, no doubt. This guy needs to go back to drug rehab ASAP.

  • Mary

    Some people here are BLIND
    This man is HOT, SUPER HOT and if you think he’s not… poor your guys… i imagine how they could be or are… that’s jealous people… maybe you prefer Justin Bieber or Robert Pattison… Don’t like… Don’t comment… as simple as that
    look and dream that you have one of this…
    Team Alex here… Aloha!

  • trish

    he’s looking so healthy!!! i hope he’s feeling well and happy. I had my own prescription drug problem but when you catch it early and you have a family and friends around you, you can get better pretty soon.

    i love skinny guys but alex really scared me when i saw those episodes in which he looked so ill! i almost wanted to go to hawaii to help him get better… even the cast around him looked at him with ‘worry eyes’ during those episodes before rehab… it was such an awful situation for a man who deserves the best!

    i wish him all the happiness in the world and i’m so happy he’s gonna be a dad again!!!!

    love you alex!